tagBDSMSecret Smiles and Three Little Words Pt. 33

Secret Smiles and Three Little Words Pt. 33


Chapter 39

"Good afternoon," the desk clerk said to them as they approached. "Welcome to the 2 inn 1, Kinsington."

"Good afternoon," Gavin smiled weakly. The trek through the brush had exhausted them. Their bodies demanded two things. A hot shower and a soft bed. And they were barking for them right now.

"Dr. Gavin Steward," Gavin told the man wearily.

"You look exhausted," the clerk told them as he punched in the name. "Long flight?"

"Not yet," Alex smiled. "Long road from Tanzania."

"Wow!" the man marveled. "Missionaries?"

"Doctors," Gavin told him. "Working part time with Doctors without Borders."

"Much needed up there," the clerk nodded as he pulled the electronic room key to program it.

"Absolutely," Alex agreed looking at the fine amenities of the hotel.

It was a stark contrast of what they just had for the last two weeks. For two weeks they had the bare minimum. The necessities, and not the necessities most people would think of. Hot showers, hot foot, clean rooms. Those were a luxury in the hell they just came from.

Necessities included, water, food and a place to sleep. The bed they had was a luxury as well, but even it wasn't as comfortable as the mattress they had at home, or even the mattress they were sure to get in this opulent hotel.

This hotel promised to return them to what they were used to, the lobby alone was luxurious, inviting and cool. The air conditioning making the difference from outside heat to cool comfort inside.

"Your room is ready," the clerk told them with a smile. "If there is anything you need, just let us know."

"Thank you," Gavin nodded.

They found their room which was more like a bungalow than a hotel room. They dropped their bags on the sofa and looked out the back terrace. The pool had a soft glimmer of sunlight reflecting off of it. It looked really inviting.

"Perhaps a shower first?" Gavin suggested as the two of them looked at the water in a exhausted state. Alex nodded.

"When is our flight?" Alex asked him.

"A couple of days," Gavin frowned. "I figured we would need a day to recoup from the drive, then I thought we would take another day to see some of the sights."

"Always thinking ahead," Alex admired. "You want to shower first?"

"Kinda thought we would shower together, sort of a, you wash my back, I'll wash yours?" Gavin grinned. "If you are up for it that is, I would understand if you just want to shower and hit the bed for a good night's sleep of not worrying about refugees, shots or bugs!"

"No," she shook her head. "I definitely need some help in the shower!" she grinned.

Turning on the hot water the steam rolled out of the top of the stall. The shower was a stand-alone type, with tile walls and was large enough for both of them to enjoy. There was a small seat in the corner of it and she smiled as the hot water hit her body.

It was the first hot water to hit her body in over two weeks. Showers at the camp were from water poured into a makeshift shower consisting of just a curtain and a big bag that held water. You would have to hold the nozzle open to wet your body. Then soap up without water, then rinse again holding the nozzle open. The water warmed by the African sun so it was never really hot, just lukewarm. Unless you showered in the morning, then it was ice cold it seemed.

Now it was scalding hot, but she didn't care. She had two weeks of grime that the makeshift shower couldn't clean. This shower had the water needed to get her back to human! She closed her eyes and let the water cascade down her naked body, starting with her head as she dropped it back and let it hang there.

She felt his hands on her but she didn't jump. They were soft and gentle. She lifted her head and looked to him. Draping her arms on his shoulder as they stood there in the hot water. Her head on his chest listening to his heart beat against her ear. The hot water running over them.

"I missed this," she admitted. "Hot water."

"Yeah," he agreed. "It's amazing how the creature comforts stand out after you lived without them for a while!"

"Agreed," she smiled as he began to massage shampoo in her hair. She let him pamper her with her eyes closed.

His lips on her chin caused her mouth to smile. He nibbled gently while he worked her hair, the soap foaming and running gently down her back with the water from the shower. He tilted her head back with his lips and let the water rinse her hair as he gently nibble on her throat.

The conditioner was next, while he gently worked her hair, she let her hands wander his body. His firm muscles flexing under her fingers while he massaged her scalp and hair with his hands. Her eyes fluttering open for a few brief seconds only to close them in the gentleness of his touch.

He began to wash her body, starting at her neck and working down. Her body responding to his touch as he went. Her nipples hardening when his fingers brushed them as he lathered her up. Cupping her firm breasts, then using is thumb to rub around her taut nipples.

He sat on the corner step while he began to wash her stomach, his hands gently massaging her skin on her hips then her upper thighs. Her legs opening willingly letting his hands soap up her sex then her inner thighs causing her to sigh blissfully at his gentle touch.

Down her legs to her calves, lifting one foot then the other. Lathering as he went. He produced a razor and spread shaving cream on her legs. This was something she didn't do very well in the bush. Now she watched him gently shave her legs lovingly. His hands steady and loving. Making sure he shaved them completely.

He gently turned her, beginning to work her from the back. His hands lingering on her ass made her smile.

"What are your thinking?" she teased as he began to kiss and nibble on her firm cheeks. His hands pulling them apart so he could gently stick his tongue into her taboo, making her gasp. He continued to wiggle his tongue in her causing her body to warm and shudder slightly.

He pulled his tongue out and she whimpered at his exit. She wanted him to continue, but he moved on, soaping her ass before massaging and washing her back at the same time. Soon he had her fully lathered and he was standing again. His hardened cock pressing tightly against the crack of her ass, teasing her with thoughts of her birthday.

He turned her and rinsed her back off, tilting her head to rinse out the conditioner in her hair. For the first time in two weeks, she was clean. Really clean. Squeaky clean as her hair was completely washed and conditioned. Her body was steam cleaned with the nearly scalding hot water that lasted forever. Her legs properly shaved as she liked them.

She draped her arms around his neck, her eyes catching a glimpse of her ring which made her smile. It seemed to captivate her anytime it caught her eye and it did often, especially when the light would hit it. It was just the most perfect ring she could imagine.

It's bright square stone, surrounded by smaller stones. Giving it a halo look. The silver band was shiny and bright. The stones casting off sparkles anytime she moved it. It covered at least half her finger, knuckle to knuckle. It was much larger than she was comfortable with, but she wasn't about to complain!

"I can't believe I'm going to be your wife," she said softly. "I'm going to be Mrs. Gavin Steward!"

"Why?" he smiled.

"Things like this...I'm just not used to them! Ever since you came into my life it has been one fantastic dream after another!" she raved.

"You...are the dream," he countered. "A dream I hope I never wake from."

"I have a couple of requests," she whispered. "Sir."

"And they are?" he smiled.

"I would like to go off my birth control," she told him. "I want to have your baby."

He stroked the side of her face as he smiled down on her. He hoped she wanted a baby soon. He did.

"A month before the wedding," he conditioned. "I don't want anybody to accuse us of having to marry because of anything other than the love we have for one another." Alex frowned and turned her head. He hooked his finger under her chin and turned her back to look at him.

"What?" he asked her.

"My gynecologist said that it could take months for the birth control to clear out of my body," she said softly. "Longer sometimes depending on how long I have been taking them."

"I understand," he nodded.

"That means it could be years before we have a baby," she pointed out. "I don't want to wait that long."

"What happens if you get pregnant right away?" he asked her. "Before the wedding?"

"Then we fly to Vegas," she grinned. "Nothing is more important to me right now than pleasing you in a way no one else has. That is giving you a child. I don't give a damn what anybody thinks of why we got married. We have the truth, and that is we are hopelessly in love with one another."

He stared into her eyes as he thought about it.

"Please?" she begged softly. He smiled and shook his head, she was just too perfect to deny.

"As you wish," he agreed.

"Thank you Sir!" she said happily. Nearly tapping her feet in excitement in having the honor of his child. A child they would raise together, showering it with love.

"Your second request?" he asked shaking his head as he recognized her excitement.

"In a few minutes," she told him. "Let me bathe you."

She took her time, slowly lathering his hard body with soap, her fingers running along his muscles. His body responding to her fingers. Her hands meeting to take his cock in them, tugging on it gently as her soapy hands pulled on him bringing him to a full erection in the shower. Her hands drifting under him to massage and clean his balls.

Toweling one another off had their bodies disregarding the pleas from their brains to sleep. They would sleep after they had satisfied the one primal need that wouldn't be denied at this time. That need for one another.

She left him and went to her bag and retrieved something and went to the bed. Kneeling in front of him she lowered her head and held out the flogger. He smiled.

"I angered you, by forcing my way with you to the village," she told him with her head down. "I would prefer your hand, as I desire to have your hands on me, but I understand you may not wish to make this pleasurable."

"I want to make everything pleasurable," he told her taking the flogger out of her open palms. "So how about both? Ten with my hands, ten with the flogger."

"Twenty sir?" she asked him. She was thinking ten.

"What you did was a repeat offense," he pointed out. "Punishable by twenty." He said sternly. "And now another twenty for a second offense of questioning me."

Fuck, she thought to herself. Way to go!

"I'll start off with twenty for right now," he told her. "Then another twenty tomorrow. Rise and assume the position."

"Yes Sir," she said softly standing and putting her hands on the bed. She shifted her feet to give her a firm base and prepared herself.

The crackle of the flogger on her skin had her flinching and hissing.

"One," she said firmly. Again the crackle of leather on her skin which caused a sizzle of her flesh.



"Four," she continued to count them out.

Her fingers clutched the covers tightly as the pain began to build from the center of her cheeks outward, like a small brush fire catching and exploding. After ten he abandoned the flogger and moved along side of her and sat.

"On my lap," he commanded. She released the covers that were clutched in her hand and stood. The sharpness of the sting in her cheeks had her hissing slightly. She stretched out onto him, her body laying over his thighs, her ass tilted slightly up. Her face on the bed.

His hands gently moved across her cheeks, feeling the heat radiate off them. He let his fingers dip between her legs and felt her sex. It was hot and moist. She blushed slightly as he felt how excited she was to be spanked.

His hand lifting off her skin let her know he was about to strike. The loud clap of his hand striking her backside filled the room and had her jumping as the heat doubled in the one strike.

"Eleven," she whispered.

"Louder," he commanded.

"Twelve!" she said louder after his hand caused her ass to sting with a prickly feel of needles.

"Thirteen!" she gasped after the next strike. She felt a small trickle down the inside of her thigh.




He finished his twentieth with a firm clap. Harder than the previous nine with his hand causing her to yell out in surprise. It also let her know, he was taking it easy on her. Her cheeks were now a bright rosy pink. Nearly a dark red.

"Sir," she whispered as he rubbed her backside gently with his hand. "Will you take a picture and show my how my butt looks?" She lifted off him and then returned to the position of palms on the bed. He took a couple of pics with the camera and showed them to her.

"I know I shouldn't be happy," she told him with a wicked smile. "But that turns me on to see my ass like that!"

She took the flogger back to her suitcase and returned it to the pouch. She then pulled something else out and returned to the bed. She crawled on the bed, leaving her ass to him. He admired her from behind.

She handed him the lube she had kept in her bag.

"Sir," she smiled seductively at him. "Will you please, fuck my ass?" He looked at her with a sinister smile crawling across his face. "Please?" she begged softly.

"You are just so incredibly sexy when you beg like that!" he told her. "I have concerns."

"I do not," she countered. "Last time I know you were happy, but now I want you to fuck my ass. I want the wolf to be fully satisfied, not holding back. I want to feel you the entire flight back!

"Lay on the bed," he told her. She flicked her brow wondering what he was going to do but did as she was told.

He crawled in behind her and rolled her to her side so he could 'spoon' her from behind. He began to slowly nibble on her neck and shoulder as he lay there. He took some of the lube in his hand and gently rubbing it into the valley of her ass. His finger rubbing the outside of her anus slowly before gently putting pressure on it and feeling her ass accept his finger, her anal ring collapsing around his digit.

She tensed ever so slightly so he didn't move his finger for a few moments, allowing her orifice to adjust to his intrusion there. He began to slide his finger slowly in and out of her causing her to moan slightly. The subtle burning moving to the side after a bit as her body adjusted.

After a minute or so of his finger there, he pulled it out and poured lube into his palm and copiously lubed his rock hard shaft. He guided it to her anal ring and held it there for a few moments watching her.

"Are you sure?" he asked one last time. His voice breaking slightly with the desire he had for this.

"I'm ready for you," she smiled over her shoulder. "Fuck my ass please, Sir." He nodded and pressed his hips forward forcing his cock to press against the anal ring, meeting the resistance. He continued to apply pressure, watching her carefully.

The slight 'pop' feel of her ring giving in to his invasion caused her to gasp then hiss as her ass exploded in fire. Her hands squeezing the bed covers as the pain rippled through her body. He stayed motionless allowing her body time to adjust to his size. He continued to nuzzle her gently with his lips.

She still couldn't believe that even after all the preparation, she was still feeling this burning pain. She hoped it would fade into oblivion like all of her other fears but this one was still affecting her.

"Are you ok?" he asked her.

"I can't believe even with all the anal plugs and everything, this still feels like this," she hesitated to say pain as that may stop him completely and she didn't want that. She wanted to feel him again. To watch the pleasure of his desire wash across his face, then out of him and into her.

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked her.

"No," she said firmly. "I want this, I'm just surprised."

"Little One," he said softy. "This may always hurt a little, your anus was not designed for sex. It may always be uncomfortable for you."

"I know," she smiled. "But you love it so much."

"I love you so much," he said kissing her. "Do you want me to stop?"

"No," she said firmly. "I'm just going to ask the wolf for a little mercy?" She looked over at him and he shook his head with a smile.

"I am always going to have your safety and pleasure in mind," he told her. "So, yes, I'm going to take it easy, but I do appreciate the desire you have to please me!" He kissed her lips and began slowly thrusting into her, causing her to hiss. He tilted the bottle of lube to pour some more on her and that seemed to help. He began a steady thrust into her, watching her expression.

As he began a steady rhythm she began to realize, this session was not as painful as the last. Perhaps she was getting used to it. Then she remembered he warned her there were more comfortable positions than the one she used that night she tied him to the bed. Perhaps that was a factor.

Laying here spooned up, his cock in her ass in a slow steady rhythm, his lips biting her shoulder gently. She was relishing in the thought that he was going to cum hard again. She was going to please him, more than she normally did. Perhaps that wasn't true, but she imagined it was. He was an ass man after all.

He slid his hand up her body to her breasts and began to tug on her nipples. Pinching them sharply causing her to gasp as he held his fingers pinched, she winced and looked down at his thumb and forefinger pinching her nipple. Squishing it in between. First one, then the other. Holding it tightly for a few seconds before going to the other.

His hips began to drive farther and faster into her causing to yelp, his hand on her throat had her eyes fluttering closed. His grip began to squeeze around her. The sides mainly, only slight pressure on the front of her throat.

She began to gasp audibly as his cock reached deeply into her, all the while his hand held her throat causing her to shudder in pleasure. His pressure on her throat, increased anytime the speed of his hips did.

The sharp burning in her anus never subsiding, but she adjusted to the constant fire there. She turned her eyes as best she could to look at him, but his hand on her throat kept her from turning her head to look at him. His mouth was locked on her upper shoulder, this teeth sharply digging into her sweet flesh. His mouth filling with her soapy taste.

Her hands dug into the covers on the bed, the pain radiating outward from her anus to her entire ass. His body slapping against her cheeks let her know he was fucking her ass pretty hard, but not as hard as he had Elizabeth that night, but harder than she was able to fuck herself on her birthday.

She reveled in the look in his eyes as he squeezed tightly around her throat, his hips driving hard then suddenly stopping as he drove to his maximum depth, she turned her eyes as far as she could, but his hand kept her from looking fully. She saw enough of the expression to make her smile as his cock bucked against her tight lining as he filled her with his cum. His growl letting her know he was immensely please to deposit his seed in her ass.

Yes it hurt, not as bad as the last time, but it still hurt. His expertise obviously helped, the lube for sure, and the way he positioned her. All helped to make this anal experience better. While she didn't get to cum, she reveled in the knowledge that he fucked her ass. That he came hard. That he was fully satisfied.

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