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Secret Valentine


Roger got off the school bus and made his way to the patios outside his school’s buildings. That’s where most of the students hung out before school. But he wasn’t going to join up with his group of friends today. Today was Valentine’s Day.

Every year since he had been 8 he had asked girls to be his Valentine on Valentine’s Day. He gave them poems, Valentine cards, flowers, and candy. He had always asked really nicely, but not one girl had ever said yes so far. He was now 18-years-old and a senior in high school. He really felt that he couldn’t afford to fail this time.

Roger wasn’t a geek or ugly. In fact he was quite handsome and had several friends. He was a little taller than average with light brown hair and deep blue eyes. He was kind and positive. People in general liked him and he had a reputation for being a nice guy. But he was quiet and shy. He also lacked confidence. Girls thought of him as the guy to have as a friend, not the guy to date. He had heard the line, “Let’s just be friends,” too many times.

The girl he was going to ask out this time was Nancy. She was nice, pretty, and smiled a lot. Nancy was actually younger than him, being a freshman. He thought that gave him a better chance of going out with her. He had to try.

Roger spotted Nancy, swallowed, and headed toward her with some flowers he had picked and a Valentine card. As he walked in her direction he failed to notice a couple of girls he knew watching him and giggling to themselves. He reached Nancy. She looked at him and smiled.

“Hello Roger.” She said.

“Hello Nancy.” He said. “These are for you. Will you be my Valentine?”

She looked at her gifts and then at his face. “Oh, thank you Roger. But I have a crush on someone else. We can still be friends though, right?”

As Roger had done so many times before he quickly hid his sadness and hurt and said, “Yeah, sure.”

“I’m sorry.” She said.

“That’s alright.” He said.

“Well happy Valentine’s Day Roger. I have to go now. See you.” She said.

“Bye.” He said and turned away with his head down.

The two girls that had watched the scene now approached Roger. “Hello.” They said together.

“Oh, hi Cindy. Hi Wendy.” He said trying to be cheerful.

“We’ve got a surprise for you.” Wendy said. “We think you’ll like it.” Cindy said as she revealed a big heart shaped Valentine she had been hiding behind her back. “It’s not from us.” Wendy said.

“Who’s it from?” Roger said with curiosity.

“That’s a secret, and we’re not telling.” They said together. “But you’ll find out later.” Cindy said with a grin. “Well we’d better go now. Our boyfriends are going to give us our presents. Bye.”

“Bye.” Roger said as they left. He stood there stunned for a moment and then opened up his first Valentine ever. This is what it said inside: “You are so sweet, as sweet as candy. It’s a shame no one has ever feasted upon your sweetness before. What a shame, but no more. Tonight you will receive all the attention you deserve at last. After school dig a hole behind the one yellow rose bush in front of the school. Dig where the earth is soft and you will find a clue. There will be more clues to search for. Follow them to their end where you will reap the rewards.”

Roger was deeply interested now. He had a secret admirer. He never had before. In fact, he never even had a girlfriend. It looked like that was going to change now. He was excited and even a little bit aroused.

Later, when school let out, Roger went to the yellow rose bush, found the tender spot in the dirt, and dug. He soon had in his hand another card, although this one wasn’t heart shaped. He also found a small bag with 35 cents in it. The card told him to go to a certain newspaper machine and check the insides of the display newspaper. It also had a time in it, 7:00 p.m. It said he needed to finish with the clues by then.

Roger hadn’t had the money for a car yet so he had to use the public bus to get around town. He had to wait for his bus connection. By the time he had made it across town to the location of the newspaper machine it had been an hour. He found the machine, put in the coins, and found the next card in the display newspaper. It told him to search underneath a park bench on the east side of the lake in a certain park. It was on the other side of town. He looked at his watch. It was 5:30 p.m.

It took Roger 50 minutes to get to the park using the bus. As he made his way to the lake in the park he noticed the fiery reds and rich pinks of the Arizona sunset. He found the bench and another card taped to the underside of it. He was hoping he was finished and read the card. It told him he didn’t have to search for cards any more and that at the next place he was going to he would meet her. It was the town’s finest Italian restaurant. He was to arrive there at 7:00 p.m. and tell them he was there to see “The Mistress of the Night.” He raised an eyebrow when he read that name.

It wasn’t far to the restaurant and he made it there with 5 minutes to spare. At precisely 7:00 p.m. he walked in. Looking around he was immediately humbled by the appearance of people there. Everyone was really dressed up, especially because it was Valentine’s Day. He was only wearing his school clothes. He got a few looks telling him he didn’t belong there.

He went up to the hostess and told her he was there to see “The Mistress of the Night.” She led him through the restaurant to a room in the back that had been cleared except for one person, a woman in a shimmering black dress.

“Hello Roger.” She said with a beautiful smile.

“Belinda!” He exclaimed. “The last time I saw you was when you were graduating two years ago.”

“Please, sit down and order. Don’t worry about paying. I’m handling the expenses.” She said. She looked gorgeous with long auburn hair and emerald green eyes. She had a very nice figure with shapely hips and a large bust.

Candles and a crystal chandelier dimly lit the room. It was private and romantic, and the air was full of delicious smelling Italian foods. Roger looked at the menu and ordered mushroom filled ravioli.

“I thought you were really serious with that guy Bob.” Roger stated.

“I was until I found out a couple of months ago that he was having threesomes and hadn’t included me. I’m over him. Tonight’s about you. You were always so sweet and I have to admit I really was attracted to you. I set up the whole secret admirer thing. It took me a week to plan it. I got Cindy and Wendy to help.”

Roger grinned and said sincerely, “Thank you for your effort. It’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me.”

“No problem.” She said.

“You really went all out. This place costs a fortune. How can you afford it?” He said.

“I’m the assistant manager here.” She said with pride.

“Really? Amazing! Good for you.” He said.

“It pays really well, and I can eat here for free anytime I want.” She said.

Their food arrived and they fully savored and enjoyed it. They talked about lots of different things, but eventually the conversation turned to romance. Their looks at each other became deeper, their voices more relaxed, and their demeanor more inviting. Suddenly Roger was aware that Belinda wanted him. He leaned in toward her, pulled her face to his and kissed her full rose red lips. Although he had never done it before it was clear he was a good kisser. They left in her car for her place.

Once inside she instructed him to just stand there. She pulled off his shirt and kicked off her high heels. Then she made numerous sensual journeys with her mouth from his face to his chest and even his back. She was really turning him on with all her affection. He decided he should make a move now. He grabbed her arms and kissed her on her lips once more. Then he helped her out of her dress. She was wearing black lingerie underneath. Roger’s virgin fingers reached out and explored her bare skin until they needed to feel more secret territories. Together they removed the rest of her clothes. He peeled his remaining clothes off too.

They fell as one to the floor as their fingers moved across each other’s bodies. Roger found her nipples and tweaked them both at once as he kissed her deeply. They began to stand out more and become harder. Becoming bolder his left hand made its way between her legs where a furnace was burning. Soon one of his fingers was inside her, then another, and another. They were now soaked and blanketed in her warmth. He moved them in and out of her. She broke their kiss as soft, but deep moans escaped her lips.

“More lover!” She gasped.

He withdrew his fingers and sucked off her sweet juices. With inhibitions lost he crawled down until his face was where his fingers had been. Her musky scent overcame him and fueled his desire. He planted a couple of loving kisses on her pussy and then began to eat her out. Her moans became louder and her breathing a little deeper. His tongue lashed out into her hole then along her pussy lips and then her clit. He noticed an enthusiastic response when he reached her clit. So he lingered there for a while, traveled back inside her, and returned to her clit.

Both his hands were massaging her ass while her hands were lost in his hair. He kept eating her out like a pro and intensified his treatment as juices freely flowed from her pussy. Her moans kept getting louder and louder and then her body tensed up and her back arched as she let out a gasp. Sugar poured from her now as he eagerly lapped it all up.

“That was amazing Roger!” She panted. “I’ve never had it so good. You’re a natural.”

Roger blushed and said, “My pleasure baby. I’m glad I could bring so much joy to the woman who chose me.”

They both smiled and Belinda said, “Now make love to me. I want it doggy style. Do you know what that is?”

“Yes. I know.” He said.

Belinda crawled onto her hands and knees and Roger got on his knees behind her. He had been rock hard for quite a while now and entered her wet hole easily. Having her warm wetness envelope his cock for the first time was an interesting and erotic feeling. He began to pump in and out her. She reached up and braced herself with her hand against the couch for support. They both began to moan and pant as they fucked there in her apartment. He kept up a steady pace for several minutes. Then Belinda’s moaning got louder and deeper. Roger knew she was getting close to coming. He quickened his pace and soon he was near climax as well.

“Come with me baby!” She nearly screamed.

A powerful orgasm rocked Belinda’s body as Roger shot a massive load deep into her. They both fell into each other’s arm again embracing and kissing.

They continued to make love and explore each other’s bodies well on into the night. Roger finally had his Valentine. He was alone no more. He had someone to love and to love him. He had failed so many times to find love and romance. In the end it had found him.

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