You are my secretary and I come into my office to find you playing with yourself. I startle you and you get up to run, but I grab you and pull you down into my lap. I slowly slide your skirt up over your ass. I begin to caress your ass and thighs with my warm hand. I can tell you're enjoying it because you are beginning to grind against my leg. All of a sudden, I bring my hand down onto your soft, smooth tender ass with a hard SLAP. You squeal. I continue to alternate caresses and SLAPS until I can feel your juices on my leg. I pull you off my lap and as I stand, I throw you back into the chair. I tie your lovely legs over the armrests and your hands behind the seat back. Your skirt is bunched around your waist and your panties are dangling from one of your ankles. You are such a naughty little secretary and you must be punished. I begin to lick and suck your juices from your quivering thighs. You struggle and writhe against your restraints. My mouth and tongue get closer and closer to the source of your sweet juices. I reach up and begin to unbutton your blouse. I slide my hands into your bra and pop your beautiful breasts from their confinement. Your nipples are rock hard. While continuing to suck the juices from your thighs as they stream out of your soaking little pussy, I begin to rub, squeeze, pinch and pull your nipples. At the exact moment that my mouth reaches your steaming pussy, I twist your aching nipples. You try to protest between moans. This just makes me lick, suck and nibble your throbbing clit even harder.

I want to work you into a frezny. I'm going to be fighting the constant battle of licking up every last drop of your hot juices before I move on. I do know that I'm getting so hard tasting you that I'm going to need some relief, but I'm not sure when I want to give my cock to you. I think that first I will unbind your hands, keeping your sexy legs tied wide, wide apart. I want you to follow my directions to play with yourself. If my instructions are not followed specifically, I will spank your hot little ass. I'm instructing you to caress your sweaty little body. You begin to explore yourself completely. I make your trace your nails down your neck, between your aching tits and down your belly. I command you to run your nails down your legs. I want you to feel how slick your thighs are, having been soaked by your delicious juices. At this point, you are squirming in your seat, aching to touch yourself and get some relief. I have you lift your breasts to your mouth so you can suck your aching nipples. I want to build you into a state of insane pleasure. I make you continue to play with yourself until you are begging me to let you cum. You are straining against your restraints trying to rub your thighs together so you can get off. Your juices are running down your legs, dripping onto the floor. Keep in mind that the entire time, my face is just inches from your aching clit. You are able to feel the warmth of my breath on your pussy, but unable to satisfy yourself.

You are quickly reaching the point that no threat of spanking will prevent you from fingering yourself. I realize that I must retie your hands because I'm done playing yet. Because your hands have been tracing your sexy body, you are covered with your juices; your neck, your arms, your tits, your belly, your sides and your legs. I decide that I must clean you up a little. Of course, I must do this with my tongue. I commence to lick and suck you everywhere, taking great care not to let you cum. Baby, you taste soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. I continue to this until you are absolutely crazed with lust and are ready to explode. You are begging, pleading with me to give you the relief you are aching for. I'm losing the battle to clean you up as your juicy pussy is flowing way faster than I can lick you off.

We're getting closer to us both getting off. I untie you from the chair, which is now soaking with your juices. I tie your legs together and arms behind your back. I throw you over my shoulder to move you to my desk. I drop you onto my desk and my shoulder and chest are covered in your juices. As a matter of fact, my entire office reeks of your pussy, what a wonderful smell. I lift you by your hair and make you lick your juices off of me. Your tongue and mouth feel so wonderful; my cock is throbbing from your touch. Now the fun will really begin. I untie your legs and retie them wide apart to the ends of my desk. You are still begging to cum. I take off my tie and blindfold you with it. You are so completely helpless and controlled to serve my every whim.

I lower my pants, my cock is so hard that I think I may just cum without even touching you. I begin to trace your body with my cock. I rub your cheek, down your neck. You are now being covered not only by your own juices, but also my precum. You look soooooo sexy and dirty right now. I brush my cock against your lips, your tongue and mouth try to inhale me, but I grab you by the hair and pull you back, I'm not done teasing you yet.
I begin to slide my cock down your body, between your tits, grazing your nipples, over your belly and to your thighs. You are so soaking right now, that my cock is leaving streak marks on your slick thighs. Your frilly garters and stockings are saturated by now. I lower down and begin to suck your juices from the silky material; I don't want a precious drop to go to waste. Your thighs are trembling. I know that any touch is in danger of making your explode all over my reports and work papers.

I rise up and trace my cock around your sexy asshole, it's sooo lubed with your pussy juices. I continue up and tease your pussy. It's contracting, trying to suck my cock in. I continue to my way back up your body, leaving my precum as I go. I'm almost as insane as you right now. I come back to your mouth and give my throbbing cock to you. You attack it with a fury I did not know was possible, your head is bobbing back and forth, faster and faster. The moistness of your swirling tongue and mouth is incredible. I reach down with my hand and begin to rub your aching throbbing clit. Immediately my hand is soaking from your steaming pussy. Your moaning feels soooooooooo amazing on my cock. You explode almost instantaneously. My work is ruined.

My cock is bouncing in your mouth and this whole scene along with your incredible mouth has me ready to explode soon. I grab your head so I will control my release. I just haven't decided if I'm going to let you suck me down when I cum or if I'm going to shoot my load all over your face and tits. I can't stand the pleasure of your tongue any longer, so I grab your hair to steady your mouth on my cock, you have felt my swelling and know I'm cumming. I shoot the first hot stream of my cum down your waiting throat, you suck harder and harder, trying to milk my cock with your sexy slut mouth. I then remember my ruined work sticking to your ass and pull you off my cock and shoot the last couple of streams of cum into your face. You moan with delight. I give you MY empty cock to clean off; you lick me clean with a sexy smile on your face. You are quite a sexy sight, covered with your cum, my cum, skirt bunched around your waist.

I tell you that you've ruined a great deal of my important work and if you do not wish to be dismissed from my employ, you will need to stay at the office late tonight in order to help me recreate my reports. You look down to the floor and say that you're sorry for causing so much extra work and you will do anything to keep your job. I tell you appreciate your attitude of teamwork, slap your sexy little ass and tell you to return to your desk after you clean up, it's going to be a long, long night of work ahead of you.

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