Secretary Ch. 04


Vivian gritted her teeth as she walked through the office door, once again having to face her ever sexier secretary. Now, whenever she walked in she found herself the recipient of a sultry gaze from the brunette, a glimpse of thigh, the seductive poses... or maybe she was just imagining all of it but that was how she felt. Her crotch felt ridiculously tight... not only was her clit definitely growing, but the two bulges beneath it were too.

She'd almost given up on shaving her chest and belly, but stubbornly continued with it anyway. Her nipples had totally shrunk, they looked exactly as though a man's might... the hair that was growing around those sensitive buds had to be plucked. Getting a razor too near them was dangerous... and she'd rather put up with the pain of tweezers. There was no longer any way to fit anything into her pussy hole, it was too painful to try. She had cried again, the first time that urine had leaked out of the widening hole at the tip of her clit, but now she was getting used to it.

At least her voice was something she could hide. She hadn't known that was changing too at first, until one of her co-workers asked if she had a cold. Once she'd been made aware she claimed that yes she had a sore throat, and then made sure to talk in a higher register.

Possibly the worst part of it all was the morning she woke up and realized she needed to shave her facial hair.

Every day she woke up, expecting to find that this was all a dream, that she had dreamed every moment of her change... and every day she found that she'd changed a little more. It seemed to be getting more and more rapid now, sometimes she wondered if she could actually see her genitalia growing. She'd managed to pretty much keep everything a secret, but she'd still heard whispers around the office about her new butch 'look'. Smiling, she just gritted her teeth and ignored it. No way to tell them the truth. That she was practically a man.

The day was torture as usual. Brenda kept popping into her office, to ask questions or hand something to her, and it was all she could do to not grab the little slut and bend her over the desk... not that she had a dick. Not yet anyway... her mind grappled with the strangeness of the body that she was now inhabiting. Maybe she was getting used to the idea? Or maybe she really did need to be locked up in a psych ward.


A week later Vivian had her first wet dream. Her clit turned penis was now a whopping 8" long - she'd measured it - and a thick 2" around. Again, she cried. She was a man.


Brenda smiled as she dissolved the last pill into her boss's coffee. She was quite sure that Vivian was almost completely changed anyway - she'd spotted the bulge in Vivian's pants when she'd leaned over to give the boss a look down her shirt - but better safe than sorry. It was the last one anyway... and once she could be completely sure that the change was complete, she could start her seduction. That didn't seem that hard though, considering how often Vivian seemed sexually aroused around her. She was always catching the other woman - man - watching her as she bent over the copy machine or sashayed around the office.

"Here you go Ms. Schaffer," Brenda cooed as she bent over the desk and her shirt drooped to allow Vivian a look down it. The man's eyes almost popped, Brenda had forgone a bra that day.


As soon as Brenda left the office Vivian gulped the coffee, using it as a substitute for fucking her secretary... and she wondered at her secretary's behavior. The young woman didn't seem to find it strange at all that Vivian had become more and more masculine... was she doing a good job of hiding it? Or was Brenda just reacting to her masculinity as any woman would?

Vivian didn't know.

She started to wonder if she should continue to think of herself as Vivian when she wasn't really a woman anymore... and then she wondered if she was going crazy again.

"Vincent... Victor... Vernon..." she muttered under her breath as she bent her mind back to work once again.


That night Victor, as she - he - had started think of himself, explored his new body, touching everything. The hair was starting to grow back on his chest and around his nipples, a thick happy trail was springing up on his belly. With one hand he caressed the bulging sack beneath his penis, cupping the balls and squeezing lightly. They ached with pent up sexuality. His other hand moved up and down on the swollen shaft that jutted up towards his body, rubbing the head of it with his thumb. Victor's head dropped back... this was the first time he'd been able to play with himself since his penis had really become a penis... it felt fantastic. As good as it had when he'd been a women... faster and faster his hand moved, the friction feeling electric along his body.

In his mind he pictured Brenda, naked and bent over the copy machine, her hands trying to push herself back up as her breasts pressed against the cool glass of the copier. Picture after picture of her squashed boobs emerged from the printer as he fucked her hard, making her moan with pleasure.

For the first time he approached orgasm while fully awake and aware, he could feel his balls tightening, an unendurable pressure which threatened to explode inside of him. With a loud yell his hips thrust upwards and the pressure shot forwards, traveling along his dick in a rush of pleasure that made him light-headed as spurt after spurt of creamy semen sprayed his stomach.

Gasping, Victor took his hand away from the sensitive organ, shocked at himself... herself... himself...

Numbly he went to the shower, still unsure about these turn of events.

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