tagGroup SexSecretary in the Elevator

Secretary in the Elevator


My first attempt at writing, please note that contraception is always used by myself for casual sex, so simulation may arise during this story. I received help with editing from a work colleague in changing some of the more intimate words which are taboo in my vocabulary normally.


Before I commence, I am 5'8, have strawberry blonde dyed very long straight hair which originally is very dark. My boobs are a petite 32b but they suit me because my back is very narrow and although not protruding they kind of slant slightly upwards at the ends. I have a 23 inch waist, 34 inch hips, long slim legs, too damn long! My ass is small but sticks out from my waist and is ultra feminine in tight, low cut jeans.

I have small delicate hands, soft lily white skin with freckles all over, dark eyes and pouted lips. My teeth are slightly crooked but very white and I have a ski jump nose. I wear jeans and t shirts the majority of time, but have to wear skirts and blouse or a suit to work. I am 24.

It was a hectic Friday afternoon in the office, I was itching for seventeen hundred hours to ping up on the little clock in the bottom right hand corner of my computer monitor enabling me to place this tedious eight week nightmare behind me. We had four temps in for the last eight weeks, geeks with eyes in the back of their heads and although I loved the extra eyes stalking my thighs around the office I was relieved it was nearing its end.

I momentarily thought back to when Oliver, 22, the youngest of the quartet actually had a full view of me and possibly found out that my hair was actually dyed blonde. I had a little careless moment while swaying my chair towards the printer allowing the whole isle opposite a full view of my dark, bushy mound totally visible through transparent panties. Only the gullible Oliver happened to have his eyes in my direction so I was hoping only he had the unfortunate sight of me. I think the word spread through the office though, probably by email or cell phone because I received so many dirty looks from all my work colleagues, guys and girls, for the rest of that week.

At last it was five and time to leave, I grabbed my short navy jacket from the back of my chair and slid my long skinny arms in to it, I loved this jacket because it was so short, not even reaching my waistline although on this occasion I wished different as a coffee stain was visible on the front of my blouse from the bottom two buttons down. What the hell, who cares I thought, I only have the journey home and so what, a coffee stain, big deal I have had worse.

"Bye Rachel, have a nice weekend." Jason yelled as I walked across the office, my navy skirt riding up as I walked because it was so damn tight. I knew that it was revealing my ribbed elastic panty line, suspenders and stocking tops with every stride I took, did I care?

"See you Jason, you too." As I looked over to him I felt the whole office glaring at the lower half of my slender one hundred and twelve pound, five feet and eight inch frame.

"Fucking hell, I wouldn't be long coming if I was in that ass, for sure!" I heard vaguely from somewhere in the accounts section, guessing it was probably Hector, a middle aged manager who's wife was caught on her knees with a mouth full at his daughters wedding reception three months back to which the whole company loved knowing. She was the stuck up perfect wife type who supposedly did no wrong.

On hearing him say this I briefly stopped to say goodbye to my friend Jennifer at reception, gently leaning over the desk knowing full well my skirt had just risen up revealing my stocking tops and the creases at the base of my pert ass to the whole office. It served desperate Hector and all those in there right, for watching me depart. Dirty bastards!

Meanwhile I could see the embarrassment on Jennifer's face so I wished her a nice weekend and made my way to the elevator which I just managed to catch, squeezing through the closing doors, my jacket just flicking open as the front of it caught the left hand door pulling my body slightly to one side and tugging my blouse tight, sliding my scarlet red low cut bra to one side revealing my pert 32b pancakes to all in the elevator. I say pancakes, but most guys I have known have loved them because they have a nice shape giving them a very innocent if not sexy look. Who cares!

On the normal two minutes or so from floor fifty two to the ground I usually got the average looks, glares whatever you want to call them, I always seemed to get the same bunch of guys in there? For some strange reason girls hardly ever ended up on my trip, maybe because I was ultra hasty in departing from the offices every evening as soon as the clock struck five and most girls used the bathroom to touch up their make up before leaving.

We stopped at floor thirty nine, I couldn't believe it, there was a group of African guys who I later learned were representing their company in some conference. They always held conferences on thirty nine, there was a huge complex area there which was used for events such as so.

There were already four guys and myself in the elevator, and maximum allowance was fifteen.

"They won't all get on here." I quietly said to the guy standing next to me. As I looked at him for a reply I saw his eyes looking down towards my waist, the damn cheek of it! I looked down and saw my skirt had ridden way up due to my brisk walk from the office, showing the dark toppings of my opaque navy stockings and black suspender clips.

He quickly looked up and replied, "No, no I don't think its appropriate for so many to get in."

"Hurry up, are you getting on or not!" Came a loud shout from guy behind me, I noticed straight away his annoyance in them being there. The Africans seemed hesitant initially, whether due to this guy being somewhat impertinent in his manner, or whether because I was standing right at the front with my jacket open. My red bra was drilling through the white cotton of my tight undersized blouse with the buttons almost bursting, which is the way I like them to be, revealing what huge boobs I did not have but huge nipples I did have and knew full well this thin bra had no chance of hiding. Who knows why they were hesitant but after a brief stall they all started to push their way in nevertheless.

There must have been twenty of them, I thought hell, its too many, way too many, the elevator can only take fifteen, but before anyone could say wait, stop or excuse me, they were in with us, all crammed together.

"Excuse me people there's way too many in here." I said. On which I was pushed right back towards the rear of the elevator feeling bodies pressed up against me.

"Yes, don't press the button some of you must exit before we go down." An older guy shouted, I noticed him from many other trips down and also from our bosses office on the monthly review dates, he was around fifty, very posh sounding but rugged looking, with balding hair and an unusually red leather briefcase, very classy! Snob!

It was too late, the doors went across, I thought oh hell!

The elevator jolted and started its descent, I looked around and knew we were way over loaded. I felt a little scared, I disliked confined spaces and as I looked around I saw man after man, most taller than myself jostling to get some space.

I heard the new additions mumbling to one another in their native language I presumed, and then noticed a few of them turn around and gawp in my direction. This elevator, although being around ten by ten feet, suddenly seemed tiny as their eyes were fixed upon me. They could only see the top of me I thought, its so packed.

I was standing in front of the original four guys and had the others pressed up against me pushing me further back. Then the guys immediately in front of me turned their necks around and were only inches from my face, I felt their breath on my face, the smell of strong coffee lingering across my tiny turned up nose, I felt my thick pert lips very dry, my pale pink lipstick nearly worn away and felt helpless for a second, then one of them politely smiled and I knew he had manners.

I felt like I was being invaded by their darting eyes, them being so close I must look a mess, my eyeliner smeared, I had not touched it up since lunch, what do I look like? Then they leaned to one side allowing a gap to form in front of me and I felt some fresh air, phew, I felt better straight away! I noticed all the Africans leaning over to the clear gap peering in my direction their eyes glaring up and down my body. I knew I was on show, my skirt still riding quite high, the bottom of my blouse scruffily protruding with the coffee stain obvious and I knew some skin was visible, I knew they could see the outline of my suspenders because the skirt was so damn tight!

"Oh fuck oh look at that!" I heard one say

"How did they know such words?" I thought

More leaned over getting a better view, secretly I kind of loved it, but showed no mannerisms to this feeling, I merely looked up to the ceiling of the elevator acting inhibited. I then felt a hand from behind sliding over my lower back down to the top of my skirt. I moved forward a little but in doing so felt the back of my skirt pull away from my thighs, the owner of this hand had grabbed my skirt the bastard!

As I went forward it rode up my legs revealing firstly, the tops of my navy stockings, then the freckled white skin of my long slim thighs and my lacy black suspenders, it all happened so quickly. The back of my skirt had whipped up, I knew my ass was there for any voyeur to fix his eyes upon. Then the front of my skirt raised too, everyone could see, the Africans in front of me were dumb struck, I quickly moved back but it was way too late, they saw almost everything I had on, from my red bra visibly transparent through to my blouse to my stockings and suspenders. The only thing not on show were my see through bright red silky panties, the ones which were easily a size too small , the ones that cut right into me, the ones which would ride up into my swollen lips and my ass when I walk and stay there for the rest of the day! Yes, they were the sort of panties that made you want to walk and walk all day long feeling that lacy cotton sliding back and forth along the avenues of slippery skin deep down between your inner thighs.

Then, to our dismay the elevator abruptly came to a halt. I quickly moved back and tugged my skirt back down looking back to see who had grabbed it. The four guys behind me looked as though butter wouldn't melt in their mouth. Dirty bastards I thought.

"We are at no floor!" A guy said

"It's too much weight, the system has failed!" The balding man quickly commented

"We will have to wait for assistance." He added

"Great, just great!" I said with much annoyance.

The balding guy pushed his way through to the keypad and spoke through to reception who replied saying the engineer from maintenance would swiftly be on hand.

It was quite a warm day and needless to say even warmer in there at that time with so many people.

I held my handbag close to my side as I felt a hand again on the side of my body, I saw the African guys looking at each other wondering what was wrong with the elevator. I then felt a hand slowly slide up my left thigh, I moved over to my right only to be halted by the guy next to me, being so crowded.

The balding guy then pushed his way back from elevator keypad, I saw him as I glanced away from the ceiling my for the first time, his eyes looked down to my tight navy skirt as this wandering hand gradually started pulling up the side it. They all looked on. I had my right hand on my bag and with my left hand I attempted to stop my skirt rising any further but it was so crammed in there, my skirt helplessly came up. My left arm was pulled behind me by someone and with my right hand I tried in vain to hold my bag.

Before I knew it I felt my skirt drift up past my bare legs, I knew they could see down there, there was a gap in front of me but a narrow one. Enough though for everyone to peer through but no room for me to move.

"Very nice, very nice young lady!" Said the balding guy in a creepy way as my skirt was hiked up reaching the tops of my thighs. I didn't know where to look, I looked up at the ceiling of the elevator again, almost out of embarrassment, but I was loving it. I never let on though.

"Fucking hell, look at that, red panties, look guys, red and you can see right through them, right fucking through them, what a slut!" An arrogant sounding man said loudly. I knew he could see my panties digging into my now drenched mound revealing all of its shape. I was sincerely hoping my dark bush was tucked away inside them but deep down i knew it wasn't, I knew it was curling its way out and around the tight elastic which barely held these micro sized panties around me.

They all pushed towards me and I knew my skirt was up showing all I had! I felt my skirt ride up over my 34 inch hips right up over onto my skinny waist knowing they could see all of my tiny panties clinging tight round my petite frame, I knew they could see my dark, indeed, very dark mound through them, knowing full well the blonde hair on my head was so very much fake!

I felt ashamed for one moment for being the peroxide blonde tart they all thought, but then my mind drifted as I felt hands on the front of my thighs, the dirty bastards, I kept my head facing up with my eyes shut, wondering what might happen or maybe hoping what might happen next. Then I felt a finger dip under the elastic of my panties, just to the left of my now dripping dignity, the finger slid under and over pushing its way across the dry skin of my outer lips and reaching the slippery middle where the juice was already flowing freely like melting jelly. I was so quietly horny!

"Oh, oh fuck miss, fuck!" I heard a guy say in an indescribable English accent. I knew it was one of the African guys. Then more hands darted inside my now drenched panties, I felt three or four prodding fingers meandering around deep between my legs, the silky juice mingling with those dirty fingers letting them slide effortlessly around my dignity.

"Tear those panties off, tear them down, let us see what she's got, let us see if the stories are true about her!" I heard in the same arrogant voice as before.

I then knew he knew something about me, who was this man, which office was he from, which part of the building?

I then felt them being peeled down and tugged very hard, they slid over my pert ass, I felt exposed and vulnerable as they went down over my suspenders. I felt one of the clips then ping off and the panties got caught, they were cutting into my legs the thin elastic almost slicing through my tender skin.

"Get them off, tug those beauties down, I want to see that tan lined thick triangle they all talk about in admin, the forest slut, the girl with the gaping dark hairy bush!" The same insolent man said with no decorum whatsoever.

My panties were pulled hard and I felt them rip and they were helplessly torn from my freckled white soft skin leaving my thighs bare, on show, naked! My natural dark brown curls visible to all those Africans and to all those guys from this building who might know me and although I disliked the remarks made about me by this stranger I didn't care, I was too far gone.

"Oh yes look at that! The dirty slut! Its true she doesn't shave and she does dye her hair! The stories were true, he wasn't telling lies, it was her in the photo's!"

When I heard this I thought that Oliver, the temp, from our office may have took a picture with his cell phone or something and had been saying and showing stuff, the little bastard! Although he must have cut out my face, but still he's a dirty little bastard!

I was getting pushed across the elevator, hands were everywhere. My skirt was right up round my waist and I then felt hands over my top, those bastards!

I felt my blouse being pulled and the buttons just gave way, it was forced open revealing my scarlet red bra, a hand quickly ripped that open too, my pert little boobs exposed with my large, erect nipples aching and feeling so large, larger and harder than I could have ever imagined. I was locked up in the situation, helpless, wanting, craving cock, but not just one cock I was aching for many!

My legs were so weak, I had never felt that way in any situation during my life.

I had felt horny and weak at the knees on occasions, as with my present boyfriend of that time Marcus. Well, I'd often think of a bunch of guys taking me while I sat on him and rode him hard, pumping my hips as I looked at the TV. Bucking away like a rampant little pony until he'd fill me up with his hot thick cream, then I would slide off of him and sway my hips up over his face and let him, no, make him lick me dry, while thinking of his mates taking me one at a time. Also on other times while out drunk I would often let the cab driver have his way with my wanting pussy instead of paying the fare, letting him pump me hard, no matter who he was, or how old he was or what he looked like, shamelessly letting him spray his load into me and then on my return home, again shamelessly, lure Marcus, my boyfriend, into sliding inside my panties with his tongue to lick and unknowingly clean up the cab driver's remains.

But even doing all this I must admit in the elevator I had never ever felt that horny in my whole life!

I felt myself being turned around as my bra left my body, I opened my eyes briefly seeing the balding snobbish guy facing me smiling, wondering if it was him who said those things? Was it him? Was it the same accent? Did I know? As I wondered I felt my body shiver! I then realized I had all those African guys behind me, I knew their cocks would be out.

I felt their hands on my soft skin, all over my back and sliding down onto my ass and under, yes under, right under to my craving wet love tunnel, finger after finger sliding under, those utterly dirty bastards. I heard heavy breathing and smelt the sweat of which seemed a hundred guys. I felt fingers glide over my virgin ass prodding in their tracks, my hips beginning to buck in motion, my mind thinking of their hot come bottled up inside them pressurizing their hard tools. I was loving the thought of the hot liquid flowing up their shafts, right to the top, waiting to pump, pump hard and fast, it was a lovely thought.

The balding guy who was now in front of me grabbed my arm and my bag fell to the floor, he forced my hand straight down onto his tiny cock which was slightly bent and very thin indeed, I grasped it tight and without any shame started jerking it, my tiny fingers easily smothering it.

"Pull it baby, pull it nicely for me! Make me come baby, make me come hard!" He muttered to me.

I realized then his was not the earlier abrupt voice that had commented on my hairy bush, definitely not, no way, he was posh but his accent was not so perfect and he was more polite in his manner.

I then felt something thicker than a finger gliding over my soft peachy ass, swaying across, side to side as if sizing it up, I glanced round and in doing so saw so many faces, sweating foreheads, glaring eyes, bodies pushing. I looked down and saw this huge black cock in this guy's hand as he slapped it on my innocent round and now sticky rear end, god I felt horny!

"Give it to her dude, sink it in that tight ass dude, bareback! Teach her, show her that flirty little teases get what they deserve!" Said the same voice from earlier.

I didn't think the black guy understood his English words, but just then I felt him lean towards me and I heard gasps all around, his huge member slid between my ass cheeks starting at the top and slowly gliding down the crevice of my tight, pert ass. My whole body went weak, I felt the pressure around my tiny virgin opening as he attempted to push in me, my hips were pushed up with the force, my whole body must have lifted 6 inches vertically, then it pierced through, his thick rod entered me.

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