tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSecretary Taught a Lesson Ch. 01

Secretary Taught a Lesson Ch. 01


Please read my elevator story first before commencing, to understand people, places and descriptions. My sincere apologies if this is a somewhat tedious task, but it will help a little.


The following Tuesday morning, 7.30 am.

Oh how I dreaded that alarm clock in the morning, the constant buzzing whizzed through my ears and Marcus, my boyfriend, barely moved an inch even though thirty five or so unwanted decibels were bellowing out. I pulled the quilt back looking at my lily white skin contrasting with our flowery quilt and pink sheets, I climbed unwillingly out of our king size divan. I covered Marcus with the quilt as it was his day off and took a quick look in the mirror at my tiny frame, what a mess!

I must eat more I thought, much more! I looked down at my body thinking why am I not perfect, why have I tiny boobs, why are my arms so skinny, why are my teeth crooked? A smile came to my face though when I saw that protruding mound in my panties where my thick bush was hidden and that thin landing strip was totally visible leading up to my navel.

I loved the way my shapely pussy would show through all my ultra tight low cut jeans, where the denim material would cut up into me revealing that deep crevice between my thighs, my thick lips bulging with my dark curly pubes, the lovely sexy shape of them. I loved the feeling when guys would fix there eyes down there as I walked past them in the street, knowing they could see the perfect outline of my bulging snatch.

What increased my desire was if they were arm in arm with their forlorn girlfriends or wives. Wow, that made me horny!

There were actually a few things I liked about my body I thought. My long legs, my rounded hips, my ultra tight waist and my silky flat belly. Come to think of it I guess all girls and guys liked and disliked many things on their bodies.

This Tuesday morning I had the misfortune of having Hector taking me to work thanks to my boss who insisted as my car was being serviced and Hector living only fifteen minutes from me was the logical solution, being the subway would take almost an hour due to engineering works.

Hector was a grossly impertinent man who was disliked at work by the majority of employees, his attitude was so annoying at times. He managed the accounts section for three sister companies covering 4 floors of the building. He was married and around 40, over six feet in height, always wore silk suits and thought he was gods gift to the female! Which I might add he was not. There was something about him though that always started my dignity twitching on occasion.

I dragged my limp body to the kitchen, still in my white transparent undersized lace hipster panties just about hanging on my petite yet peachy ass, even if I say so myself! I always wore those to bed, I just disliked wearing the same underwear out and then to sleep in, don't ask me why, I just don't know. Oh and tiny white and pale blue ankle socks, yes, I know, how sad a girl who wore socks to bed. Did I really care? No.

I whisked some milk up and gently added vanilla powder to make a delicious shake, a girl needs her vitamins. I looked at the kitchen, what a mess! My red patterned dress and my beige 20 denier pantyhose were all screwed up on the blemished light brown floor tiles adjacent to the stove. Also on the floor was the red silk thong, all three were the remains from the night before, a result of a one in million occasion where Marcus surprised me by just taking me and having his selfish wicked way with me with his tongue, without I may add, fucking me senseless afterwards to totally satisfy my desperate sexual needs.

I should have guessed that he wouldn't have slipped his inadequate cock in me for the first time in weeks, in retrospect I should have also thought myself lucky to even have had him flicking my wanting clit with his lizard like tongue. The only benefit being he actually managed to bring me off with this slithering mouthpiece while I was on all fours facing the small plasma watching a repeat of the baseball. I did actually hear him relieve himself simultaneously with his hand with no intention of feeding my starving slit with his manhood. Typical! Marcus is thoughtful and loving though so I must not complain, relationships are not all about the bedroom.

I gulped my shake down and looked in on Marcus, he was sound asleep, I wandered across our huge lounge and pulled the curtains back, the piercing light from the morning sun pelted my eyes so much I just squeezed them tight for a moment, still seeing the delayed images from the second before. On opening again I looked out to see Jasper, our docile inhabitant from next door leaning into his car hood, he was around 35 years old, aesthetically very pleasant and sporting a plump face with the most ugly of beards. He had a very pretty and doting wife, Rebecca, of thirty one, whom I socialized with on occasion.

I was just about to turn when I saw him look up in astonishment at me, there I was in my panties and socks, not that he could see my socks due to the height of our window ledge. He had full view of my panties though and with the sun bouncing off my skinny white freckled body his eyes were fixed upon my exposed flesh.

My tiny pert boobs were on full show and although barely visible to the naked eye they sported my dark rather large nipples which were poignantly visible to any eye. I put my arms high and straight above my head and yawned pretending not to notice him, stretching my slim frame so much that my panties were helplessly drawn downwards enough to expose the dark curls of my girly garden.

I lingered there for a few moments loving the fact that I was being ogled at by this married man knowing that his eyes were darting all over my body from my tiny boobs right down to my transparent white panties. My pussy instantaneously became damp. What a slut I thought, a teasing stupid little slut! I glanced back out of the window and saw the gullible Jasper with his mouth half open glaring in my direction, he immediately dropped his head in what it seemed was shame or total embarrassment and carried on looking under the hood of his vehicle.

I smiled to myself hoping he would remember me later in his thoughts when he dipped into his wife's panties with my image etched in his mind whilst looking at the ceiling pounding her probable shaved pussy shamelessly. What a horny thought! God I was a tease, but I loved it! Who cares!

I then moved swiftly out of view thinking back to reality. Oh my god! He saw me, my see through panties, my boobs, he lives next door, what was I doing?

I gathered my immoral thoughts and whizzed off to the kitchen. I was just looking for cereals when the doorbell rang. I quickly ran through to the bedroom and slipped on a little white top and returned to the front door, where I looked through our spy glass to see who our visitor was.

It was Jasper!

Oh hell I thought, what shall I do? I was standing there in my white lace panties, a tiny yellow top and stupid little socks. Oh its only silly Jasper I thought and he had just seen me nearly naked so I thought I would quickly pull the door ajar a little to see what he wanted at such an early hour.

"Oh hello Rachel, I'm sorry to bother you but our telephone is out of order and my car is troublesome, would it be at all possible if I could use your telephone to call the garage?" He asked very politely in a pleasant soft voice. As if he never had a cell phone I thought!

"Sure Jasper, come right in, its through there in the kitchen by the refrigerator." I said as I opened the door, knowing I was not exactly dressed for visitors, but did I really care?

He was on the telephone for 5 minutes or so and was genuinely talking about his vehicle. I stood at the other end of the kitchen looking for my cereals again.

"Thank you very much Rachel for that, evidently they been inundated with calls this morning regarding breakdown for some strange reason and will be with me within the hour." he said as he stared at me standing there looking in the cupboard above our stove in my white panties which had ridden right up my ass and my stupid bed socks. Oh hell I thought, what do I look like?

"Ok Jasper, you are most welcome." I replied without looking at him. I carried on searching for my breakfast and there was total silence, I kept my eyes in the cupboard and briefly looked down on the floor noticing all my clothes, my red dress, soiled red thong and pantyhose! What must he have thought, he must have noticed my intimate belongings down there.

"Where is the charming Marcus this morning?" he hesitantly asked.

"Oh he's still asleep, he has a day of pleasure today, but I have to work still." I replied looking over at him this time, his eyes were fixed on my ass, either that or he had a fixation for stoves I thought! I was feeling unusually stuck for words and I actually loved the fact he was this close to me with a full view of my ass and him knowing what the panties would reveal if I turned to face him. My dark bush glowing straight through them!

"Do you want coffee Jasper? I am just about to make some." I said the first thing that entered my head.

"Yes, yes please Rachel." he replied in a millisecond!

"Please excuse all my dirty clothes everywhere, they should be in the laundry basket."

"That's ok, I think they would look better on you than down there though if you don't mind me saying, better on you than on Rebecca even." he cheekily said.

I started to feel frisky at the thought of this docile character in our kitchen, his doting wife yards away. I leaned over our clothes washer purposely knowing my panties would pull tight up between my legs and hug my now damp pussy lips. Something came over me I don't know what but I was feeling really daring, with Marcus just one room away and Jasper's wife probably wondering where he disappeared to.

Jasper said nothing but I knew he was standing there in our kitchen in his scruffy denims and green sweater with his eyes glued to me. I looked over at him as I asked him if he took sugar with his coffee, he said he did whilst fixing his eyes on my red thong on the kitchen floor, the dirty little man! I saw a bulge in his denims, I knew his cock was growing, the poor bastard had to visit me instead seeing to his wife to get his shaft in a hardened state I thought.

I leaned over more, right over our stove, my panties were riding way into me by now. He must have known I was putting on a show surely, or was he that gullible?

For a split second I got daring.

"Do you like what you see Jasper? Do you like my virgin ass in these soiled white panties Jasper? If you do Jasper then feel free to pleasure yourself as you imagine these panties around my ankles Jasper. You know what's under these panties Jasper, you saw through our window, I know you did."

He amazingly said nothing! Instead I looked over and he had began rubbing the bulge through his denims, the dirty cheeky little bastard, what a nerve!

"Pull it out Jasper, pull it out, show me what's under there, show me what Rebecca doesn't get from you anymore!" I said still leaning over our stove and trying to pour the water in the cups.

He was braver than I had imagined, I looked over and his throbbing member was in his hand and he was jerking away with his eyes fixed on my pert ass. I leaned back up and was standing with my pussy pressed against the stove with one of the hot ring buttons protruding, I could feel this pool ball sized button digging into my mound.

I started moving my hips into the stove, the button gliding up and down tickling through my white lace panties, tickling my clit, tickling my wanting pussy. I heard him breathing heavier, much heavier, this man whom I had never held a decent conversation with standing there in our kitchen jerking his cock off with no shame!

I moved my hands behind my back and slid my fingers under my panties, I started peeling them over my now sticky ass as he jerked away freely. The geeky Jasper said nothing! I looked over again and he was tugging on his most adequate of cocks.

"Pull it for me Jasper, pull it hard, think of your cock sliding over my ass and under these panties Jasper, think of it piercing into my tight virgin ass, bareback! Forget about Rebecca, think of me Jasper, come for me, come all over our floor, pump your load everywhere."

I peeled them over my ass and down my thighs to my knees, pressing my soaking wet pussy on the stove button. My legs began to open, imagining it was a little plastic cock trying to fuck me. Jasper moved over behind me, jerking his thick circumcised weapon, the huge head of it glistening.

"Lean over the stove Rachel, please, oh please just lean over that stove again so I can see right into that plump sexy ass." His first words for ages.

I leaned further over the stove kicking my red dress across the floor and turned round to look at him, the bastard had my pantyhose from the floor in his hand, holding them to his face, jerking his cock at a frantic pace.

My panties hit the floor and joined my white and pale blue bed socks, I leaned more over, pushing my starving slit into the stove button, riding it hard! I placed my hands behind my back and grabbed my ass, opening it up for Jasper, I was standing there at 8 am! Marcus one room away! My long skinny legs on full show, my tight ass opened up and fucking my own stove!

Then it happened, over he came, I heard his heavy breath, I heard him grunting with my pantyhose in his hand. My tight hole was there waiting! I felt his cock glide across my gaping ass, I now knew he wasn't just there to jerk his cock. He slid his cock over my tight anal passage, then gently slid into me a few inches, he then withdrew and came back with stronger thrust, in he went, it was a tight fit but he drilled his cock right into my ass. I moaned so loud, I was biting my lips with the combined pain and pleasure of this docile bastards tool inside me. My hips bucked back at his throbbing rod as he began to tear away at me. His politeness gone, the real man shining through.

As he rode me my body rose up onto the stove with the pressure from his cock, my feet left the kitchen floor, my legs were wide open , he was holding me up with his cock and with each stroke my pussy was grinding the stove button. He started to moan and groan, I knew he was near.

"Please don't come inside me." I asked, as I moaned away not giving a thought for poor Marcus in the bedroom just feet away.

Then his legs went like jelly, but he still kept pumping away on me, I felt his cock seem to get even larger, my hands slid down from my ass and onto his hardening balls. He screamed a loud groan as I grabbed them tight. His rhythm changed.

"I'm coming, Rachel I'm coming!"

I was so far gone those words were like heaven to me, I bucked my hips back on to his cock hard. I then felt the gush of hot cream enter my ass, the warm sensation as it flowed all round inside me. Jasper's body jerking away helplessly as he lost control of his movements. He came inside me the bastard! Typical!

As he withdrew his spent cock my hips slid down the stove and I felt the cold floor again through my bed socks as my feet met the tiles, my legs were like melting jelly. Jaspers load started to pour out of me, down my inner thighs. I felt satisfied for once!

"Oh thank you so much Rachel, you won't say anything to Rebecca will you, please don't! When I saw you through the window today I thought how dirty and sexy you looked. I always think of you when I fuck Rebecca, especially as I come, I think of you out in your yard doing your flowers in those tight jeans! Oh thank you so much." he said at a frantic pace!

"Your welcome Jasper and no I won't say a word, and please keep your voice down because Marcus is asleep, we must not wake him because its his rest day." I said hoping Jasper thought I was only worried about Marcus being woke and not worried about being disloyal to Marcus in letting him fuck my ass.

I picked my white panties off the floor and slid them on and let the docile Jasper out, he thanked me many times as he was leaving. I was more worried about tidying up before Marcus woke or the dreaded Hector arrived!

I shut the door and thought what happened with our coffee and my cereals? Since when was sex more important than coffee? I wandered into the bathroom and turned the squeaky chrome hot faucet anti-clockwise and let the water flow into our cream cast iron bath which was situated in the centre of the room.

I then peeled down my panties noticing the juice from my pussy and maybe the cream from my sore ass, also the imprints from the elastic they had left in my delicate skin. I pulled off my socks and threw them into the sink. I climbed in the bath still thinking of Jasper, the poor guy! First of all, seeing me half naked at our window in transparent underwear and then entering our duplex and plugging my innocent little ass! Whatever next!

The water was hot and relaxing, I let my body sink under the petal pink bubble bath with just my toes and thighs visible, although as I looked down I could see the dark shadow of my triangle which I have now trimmed down a little due to remarks made from certain work colleagues regarding some rumors flying around the office, I don't particularly mind nicknames but being approached by people I don't know and questioned on why others call me the bush was needless to say somewhat embarrassing.

Nevertheless, on trimming myself I still kept the majority of my proud dark mound which covered my dignity in its own feminine way and I adored the fact it rendered my panties helpless in their quest to hide my always aching pussy. Not that I walked about in just my underwear but there would always be a time, like with the curtains that morning when I would accidentally reveal my dark secret to whoever had the misfortune to be present.

I woke to the doorbell, again! Hell I fell asleep in the bath as per usual! I was always doing this. I lifted myself up and grabbed a towel and covered myself, I whizzed across our slippery wooden hallway floor to answer the door.

"Good morning Rachel, I hope I'm not too early?" said the creepy Hector in his sarcastic but playful tone.

"Sorry Hector I dozed off in the bath, make yourself some coffee and don't worry about the time, you are late nearly everyday anyway." I replied, knowing he didn't really care about being on time. He was such a hypocrite due to the simple fact in his mind everyone arrived late at work except him!

"Don't be so cheeky you young mare!" he swiftly commented.

I scrambled off to get my clothes while Hector slipped into the kitchen, I saw him glance round trying to peep no doubt as my towel barely covered my wet dripping body. Dirty bastard I thought!

"Do you want coffee?" he shouted.

"Yes please, black with no sugar." I quickly blurted back. What a nerve he had, his first visit here, straight into our kitchen making the damn coffee!

"Ok, take your time we are in no rush, as you have already implied my dear." he answered in a somewhat hesitant but cheeky tone.

I then realized my clothes were still all over the kitchen. Oh my god, the dreaded Hector in my kitchen seeing my underwear, what would he think? I paused for a moment then thought, if he had seen my photos around the office then what's a thong and pantyhose to shout about.

Marcus was still sleeping, I slipped on a clean pair of navy panties followed by grey hold ups, I then slipped into my cream low cut bra. My left hold up was loose and immediately began to fall away, so I pulled out my sky blue suspenders from the third drawer and began clipping them on.

I heard the wooden hallway floor creek in doing so, I looked over into the mirror and in the reflection saw that dirty bastard Hector peering through into our bedroom. I was sat on the bed with my back to him, he was standing there just staring in. I pretended not to notice and carried on fixing my suspenders wondering what to do? If Marcus were to wake he would go crazy!

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