I run a small import export business and when I hired my newest assistant to replace the girl I fired, my prerequisite was to find a naive and submissive young woman. I thought the last one fit that description but it didn't take long to find out she was good at faking her demure personality and she soon became difficult to control and way too demanding.

Pam is the "new" girl and in the 2 weeks she has been with me it appears I have hit the jackpot. For a 20 year old girl she acts like she is 16; all giggles and shy looks and a total lack of or understanding of her sex appeal. How she got through high school I will never know.

Each day brings me a deeper understanding of her lack of social skills and innate trusting nature. She listens to every word I say like it is the gospel or written in stone.

Pam was still having a difficult time remembering to enter pertinent information into my daily calendar and I needed to stress the importance of her task. I watched her from my office typing away at the computer and decided today was the day to test her resolve. Rising from my chair I casually walked towards her.

"Pam," I said, "I am very disappointed in you." The look on my face was one of pretend annoyance and displeasure mixed with a hint of anger.

"Oh no," she said, "I am so sorry, what did I do?"

Her pretty face displayed honest shock, her eyes wide open along with her luscious mouth. It was one of the first things I noticed about her, those full lips that would so good around my cock. Well, maybe not the first thing as her perky breasts seemed to enter the room 5 minutes before she did.

"You missed putting my 3 o'clock appointment into my calendar and now the buyer is going elsewhere!" I exclaimed. "That mistake will cost me thousands of dollars!"

What Pam didn't know is I had erased the appointment from my calendar and that it wouldn't really cost me anything. I already knew the buyer had decided to go somewhere else; but I wanted to see how easily I could manipulate Pam.

"Oh my goodness, oh my, I thought I had entered it." Pam's face was fully flushed and I could see she was on the verge of crying. "Thousands of dollars?" she mumbled. She didn't know where to look, at me, at the floor, at her desk.

"I think I know what the problem is," I said in my most serious voice. "What size are your breasts?"

Pam bowed her head down and her face turned an even redder shade of pink. "Um...they are 38 DD, why?."

"Stand up and face me."

One of my office policies was Pam always had to wear a dress or skirt, no pants. As Pam stood up I could see how her summer dress clung to her body showing off her large breasts in contrast to her slim waist. She really is a very beautiful young woman with a nice hour-glass figure.

"You know I have seen this happen in a select few women before. It appears your bra is affecting your memory. I don't know why it happens, maybe it is too tight and causes you to squirm and get distracted. I noticed that you do seem to squirm a lot when you are typing." My poker face was at it's best as I stared into Pam's eyes.

"Really? I never even thought about that; I do squirm a lot but I thought it was just because of my new thong panties. I am trying to be a grown up woman now and all the girls seem to be wearing them. "

My poker face was quickly dissolving and I knew I only had a moment or two before I completely lost it.

"Hmm...that is very interesting; I never knew about the thong panties. Are you sure you have them on properly?"

"There is a right and wrong way? Oh my, I didn't know that!"

"That's okay I don't mind checking for you." I replied quickly. Holding Pam by the shoulders I quickly swung her around and pushed her down so she was leaning over her desk with her ass towards me.

"Now Pam, I would never do anything that you didn't want me to so you are going to have to ask me nicely to lift up your dress and check out your thong."

It was now or never, would she really ask me to check? Surely she couldn't be that naive.

"Oh JJ, I don't know if I could let you see me like that! You would see my privates."

"Pam, don't you wear a swim suit to the beach? It is no different than that. Look I will have a quick look and then you will know for sure whether it is your bra or thong that is causing your memory problems. After all you did cost me a lot of money today and I know you can't afford to have it taken out of your salary."

"My salary? I never thought I would have to do that. Are you sure it will only be a quick look?"

Touchdown! She is going for it!

"Remember you have to ask me nicely." I almost gloated as I said the words.

"Okay, JJ will you please lift up my skirt and check to see if I am wearing my thong right?" Her voice was so soft I could hardly hear her.

"No, Pam. You will have to speak louder and ask a little nicer; after all I am helping you to do your job better." How I didn't break out laughing I don't know.

Pam wiggled her bottom and seemed to be hesitating. "JJ, will you pretty please left up my dress and inspect my thong to see if I am wearing it correctly. I am sorry I messed up today and I don't want to have it happen again."

This time it was nice and loud and best of all I had it recorded on my phone.

"That was better Pam, and yes I would be pleased to have a look at your thong to see if you have it on correctly. Now, lean over more, that's it just like that. Are you comfortable?"

"Yes, JJ." she said demurely.

The moment was so sweet, my new assistant leaning over her desk with her ass pointing up at me, her big firm tits squashed against the desk. I picked up the lowest edge of her flowery summer dress and slowly pulled it up; making sure to drag the material over her legs so she could feel it the whole way. Higher and higher I pulled, her tanned thighs now coming into view. I stopped there for a moment.

"Pam, your legs are nicely tanned do you spend a lot of time in the sun?"

"Um, I guess so; the deck on my apartment is very private and I like to tan in the nude. Oh gosh, why did I tell you that?"

"Why you little tease, nude sunbathing; I thought you were such a good little girl. Are there any other secrets you are keeping from me?"

At this point her dress is over her ass and resting on her back. Her tanned ass is so full and perfectly formed and there is only a glimpse of the red thong between her cheeks and I can see that she has a very, very hairy pussy.

"Okay Pam, you just relax and I will give you a little massage while you tell me more of your secrets." I place my hands on each of Pam's ass cheeks and gently rub them in and out; pushing her cheeks together and then spreading them apart.

"JJ please, you said you would only have a quick look."

Even though Pam is objecting I can see a small wet spot forming on her thong.

"Pam, don't make me ask you a second time. Now, tell me some more of your secrets."

My fingers are digging deeper into her ass with my thumbs coming closer and closer to her pussy.

"Oh JJ, oh, not so hard. Please...okay I will tell you some of my secrets." she whimpered. "Oh, oh, I play with my privates when I am suntanning! "

"You are a little naughty little girl," I said, "now tell me do you just use your fingers or something else?."

My thumbs are now under her thong, one pushing right into her pussy and the other one playing with her puckered asshole. Pam is nice and wet and my thumb enters her pussy with no restriction.

"Oh, oh...usually just my fingers." Pam whispered. She is trying so hard not to wiggle but her body is starting to respond.


"Sometimes I use a rubber penis."

"Hmm, that sounds like something I would love to see you do."

My fingers grab the sides of her thong and gently pull them down to her knees, her hairy pussy now on full display.

"Oh JJ, you said you would only have a look. What are you doing?"

"Shh Pam, I am just inspecting your thong to see if you have it on backwards."

"Now, tell me another secret." My left hand is gently rubbing her tight tanned ass and I put two fingers from my right hand into her wet hairy pussy. My fingers easily sliding in and out as Pam lets out soft little moans.

"Please JJ, you shouldn't be doing this. Oh my god this is so dirty! It's the middle of the day and anyone could come in the door"

Pam is right it really is a risk, I don't usually get clients just walking in but you never know. My fingers are going all the way into her pussy now and I don't feel any obstruction.

"Are you a virgin?" I whisper softly into the air. My guess is she lost it by mistake to some domineering young teenage boy.

"Yes JJ I am still a virgin, at least I think I am, Becky said I would be."

"Is this another secret?" I said.

"I guess so, no one knows about it except Becky and, and her boyfriend Rob."

Pam is trying so hard to carry on a conversation with me like nothing is happening. I feel for her G-spot and caress it gently with fingers, the effect is immediate as she wiggles and pushes her ass up to meet my movements.

"Well why don't you tell me all about Becky and Rob and how you lost your cherry...also tell me why don't you shave your pussy like most girls do today?"

"Please JJ, oh, I can't think when you are doing this to me, my tummy is full of butterflies."

"Okay, here is what we are going to do, I am going to lock the front door and you and I are going into my office and sit on the couch while you tell me your story." I reach down with my foot and slid her thong the rest of the way down her legs. "Step out of your thong you won't be needing that for awhile."

I pull my fingers out her pussy, all wet and covered in her juices, I slide her dress back down her legs and help her stand, swinging her back around to me. Her face is beat red and she can't look me in the eyes.

"Open your mouth and clean my fingers." She closes her eyes and sucks on my fingers like it was my cock, is this the shy girl I thought she was or is she playing games with me. "Go wait in my office and I will be right there." I watch as she walks away her ass swaying so sexily.

Wow, this is turning out way better than I ever expected. I knew there was something different about Pam from the first time we met, now it is time to find out all her secrets. I walk over and lock the front door, adjust my cock and pick up her red thong on the way back to my office. When I enter Pam is sitting upright at the far end of the couch with her hands clutched in her lap. She looks up as I enter and sees her thong in my hand, I raise it to my nose and inhale her pussy juices deeply.

"Was this a gift or did you buy it for yourself?"

"Becky gave it to me the day she left for college."

"Does your bra match the thong?"

Poor Pam, it seems like everything I ask her causes her to blush furiously. She looks down at her hands and doesn't seem to know what to tell me.

"Yes," she says so softly I almost missed it.

"Stand up, I want to see if you are telling me the truth." Her dress has a zipper in the back and I hug her into my body while I undo it. I can feel her breasts against my chest. Suprizingly she has surrendered herself to me and her head is resting on my shoulder. I take a half step back and pull her dress off her shoulders and slide it down her arms until gravity takes over and it falls to the ground leaving her in only a red lacy push-up bra.

"Hmm, very nice. I'm glad you didn't lie to me, that would have made me very unhappy. You want to make me happy don't you?"

"Please JJ what are you doing to me? I, I...yes I want to make you happy." Her breath was shallow and rapid, her breasts rising and falling quickly almost in a musical rhythm. This time she was looking me in the eye and the look of excitement and anticipation she expressed was quickly causing my own heart rate to rise.

"Undo your bra and show me your breasts, show me what you look like fully naked."

Without breaking our eye contact she reaches up between her breasts and undoes the clip, one arm covering her breasts and the other one pulling the straps off her shoulders. She lets the bra fall to the ground on top of her dress, her arms by her side completely naked in front of me. Her blond hair is a little messed up and she licks her full lips in a come kiss me gesture. I gaze at her body, so perfect in so many ways. My hands reach out and cup both of her breasts, my thumbs flicking her nipples watching as they grow so magically. I love her little moans and the unconscious swaying of her hips towards me.

I sit down on the soft tan leather couch and pull Pam down onto my lap, her legs over mine along the length of the couch. I can feel my hard cock under her firm ass getting harder by the minute.

"So, what am I going to do with you now?" I said, "why don't you tell me some more of your secrets while I play with your body?"

Pam has her arms around my neck and her soft breasts pressing into my chest. She looks up into my eyes and stares for what seems an eternity.

"What do you want to know?" She says.

"Everything, tell me everything, all your little secrets, all your dirty thoughts, I want to hear it all but first tell me why your pussy is so hairy."

"Becky said all virgins don't shave until they have had a mans cock in them, so I have been waiting for the right man."

"How did you lose your cherry?"

My right hand reaches down to her pussy and Pam opens her legs for me giving me full access. I slip two fingers in and rub her clit with my thumb.

"Becky was the head cheerleader at our school and I was the outsider, a very shy girl, she took me under her wing and made me feel special. We would hang out after school at her house and study or listen to music. One day she showed me her mom's rubber penis. I was so shocked I didn't know what to say. Becky said she sometimes used it on herself and asked me if I wanted to watch her 'do it'. I didn't want her to think I was a nerd so I said sure."

"You watched Becky fuck herself with her mom's dido?" Now that was something I wasn't expecting. "How often did this happen?"

"Well after the first time she would 'do it' every time we went to her house. She would get all undressed and lie on the bed naked with her legs up in the air pushing it in and out of herself until she would scream she was coming. Sometimes she would make me push it in her pussy when she got tired. I always had to stay on the bed with her but I never took my clothes off."

JJ was deep in thought as he tried to visualize this shy young girl learning about sex from an obviously hyper-sexed young girl.

"Go on." I said.

"One time Becky said she needed me to clean off the, um, cock before we returned it to her mom's night-table. I was heading to the bathroom like always but Becky said no she wanted me to use my mouth. I was so scared, I didn't want to lose her friendship but it sounded so gross. Becky said if I was here 'real friend' then I would do it."

"Fuck me!" I said, this was really getting interesting. Just to make sure Pam stayed in the mood I kept up the assault on her 'virgin' pussy. "Go on."

" I did it JJ, I sucked the juices off the cock like she told me to. Before I knew it I had the whole cock down my throat and Becky screamed in joy. She said she could never get it all the way down and wished she was like me with no gag reflex. I didn't know what she meant but I was pleased she was pleased. After that it became our routine, until that is..."

"What you can't stop now, what else happened?"

"Well, one day she said she was really messy too and wanted me to clean up her pussy with my mouth. When I said no, she starting crying and said I wasn't a real friend. So when I said I would do it Becky grabbed my head and forced it into her pussy." Pam was blushing so hard her red cheeks looked like she had the mumps. I couldn't believe how naive she was.

"You cleaned up her pussy juices with your mouth?"

"Yes, she actually tasted really good and she would tell me what to do. If I didn't do it right she would make me practice and practice. I think I must have got good at it as she made me do it every time from then on. Sometimes she wouldn't use the rubber cock and I would just suck on her pussy and use my tongue until she came."

"One day she said we should both be naked. I was so scared but she told me she would never tell anyone. So I did that too. I was really embarrassed but she rubbed me all over to make me feel good. My breasts are much bigger than hers and she liked to hold them and pinch my nipples. She knew I was a virgin and said she would help me so my first time with a man wouldn't hurt me. I knew she wanted to put her mom's rubber cock in me...and, and I wanted her to. Oh it hurt real bad and I cried a lot but Becky held me close and kept kissing me."

"Becky broke your cherry?"

"I guess that's what she did. After that we were always both naked and we would take turns using the rubber cock on each other. Becky like to use her mouth on me too and my first time coming was in Becky's mouth."

"Wow, but how does this Rob fit in? You mentioned him too."

"Becky and I were at the mall food court one day and this really handsome guy was watching us and then all of a sudden he came over and sat down with us. He said his name was Rob and asked which one of us he would be fucking. I was so shocked but Becky just started laughing. Then he looked at Becky and said 'I guess you're the one'. He was quite a bit older than us, at least 25 and he was so confident. I couldn't believe he could just come out and say something like that! Becky was thrilled he was so 'mature' as she used to tell me. He offered to drive us to Becky's house in his truck and I couldn't believe she said yes. I told her I was going home but she said she need me there for support."

Pam had stopped talking for a minute and I could see she was reliving the whole scene in her mind. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her deeply, our tongues playing games while my fingers still played with her pussy. I kissed her neck and told her she didn't need to continue if she didn't want to. I could she her thinking it over.

"Oh JJ, there is so much more that happened, if you know what I have done you will never want me. I know it!" Now Pam was crying so hard I actually felt sorry for her.

"Go ahead Pam there is nothing that could be that bad, tell me more of your secrets."

"Well Rob, Becky and I got into his truck, it was a fancy black one with big tires and had a bench seat so we could all sit together. Rob grabbed Becky's leg and slid her closer to him, she giggled and said he was so strong. I could see his penis was getting hard and sticking up in his pants. Becky noticed too and said 'is that because of me?'. Rob said he was going to fuck her so hard that she wouldn't be able to walk for a week and Becky laughed again. Then he grabbed her hand and put it on his cock. Becky rubbed it all the way to her house and then invited him up to her room. I wanted to go home but Becky said she needed me to stay with her. When we got up to her room Rob and Becky started kissing and things, you know he was feeling her breasts and she was grabbing his penis and butt." Pam was having a difficult time telling me all this but my fingers in her pussy were making her relaxed and excited at the same time.

"The next thing I knew they were both naked on the bed and Becky said I had to lie next to her and hold her hand. I watched as Rob sucked on her breasts and then put his fingers in her pussy to make her wet he said. Then he got on top and put his penis in her pussy and started to go faster and faster. It didn't seem to take very long before he was yelling he was coming and then collapsed on top of Becky." Pam paused to catch her breath and give a little shudder as my fingers were making her very horny.

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