Secrets & Revelations Ch. 02


", do it now," she begged trying to pull him off her breast so she could maneuver Lawrence atop of her.

Reluctantly, Lawrence released her nipple and removed his hand from her sopping pussy. He spread her thighs further apart as he swung himself over and between those crimson soaked legs. He felt the tacky sensation of her dead lovers blood stick to his outer thighs but his throbbing cock cared less. It had one purpose, to forcefully drive into her sheath, to bath itself in the hot feminine oil waiting to glaze its hard flesh.

Stevie wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders as he settled between her legs. She moved a hand between them, wrapping her fingers around his cock guiding the bulbous head through her searing lips into her very center. "Ahhh....yesss....oh my God yes!" she screamed as he thrust into her, burying himself completely within Stevie. She enfolded her legs around him, locking her slim ankles in the small of his back. Their bodies thrashed on the bed, their battle of sexual confrontation at its height.

Lawrence made no sound but Stevie was explosive in her sexual reverberation. She screamed, she cried, at times she cursed him as she beat him with her fists, gouging him with her rapier-like nails.

Her husband took the abuse, excelled in her violent treatment. He had no thoughts; he was nothing more than basic animal instinct, one sole mate with his woman. He slammed into her, a deep visceral grunt emanating from her lips with every plunge. He could feel it, he was close. She sensed his need, his build-up and clenched his cock with her vaginal muscles.

Suddenly, he made one last violent drive screaming her name. Her back formed a perfect hollow as she bent upward beneath him. Stevie howled and bit his shoulder, drawing blood as he released. She felt exquisite heat saturate her womb as his ejaculate burst within her, her own body exploding into a mind numbing orgasm. Like iron, his body tensed before he finally succumbed to his discharge and fell on top of her. After several minutes, he lifted his head and stared into her eyes. He said only one word, "Forever."

Thirty minutes later, a non-descript older model silver Oldsmobile Cutlass left the motel parking lot. No one observed their departure; if they had...they wouldn't have cared.


But with one exception—death, nothing ever remains unchanged. Such was Lawrence and Stefania St. James's fate. Two years after their confessions to one another, their atrocities were discovered. A prostitute was found stumbling along a dark street, the black and white that found her, close to the vicinity of her escape. Before either husband or wife could leave, the police had arrived on scene; however, too late for Stevie's date. After a lengthily and sensationalized trial, both were convicted of multiple homicides receiving the penalty of death by injection.

Their final appeals were unsuccessful.

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