tagBDSMSecrets Ch. 03-04

Secrets Ch. 03-04


Wednesday Morning

Wednesday morning arrived with clouds of water and wind. Soon lightning would be striking. He did like the sound of thunder. Once, years ago, when he was, 'younger' he'd made love to his girlfriend under a pine tree in the front lawn of her house. No one had seen them as the tree was shaped so oddly it hid the occupants inside from the outside and it had been dark.

The idea thrilled him as he closed the car door and tucked an umbrella under his elbow, in case it started to rain before he left the restaurant. He really hated to have wet clothes to teach in. Comfort was something he appreciated and something he'd worked his life to possess.

He gazed across the street at the restaurant and was surprised to see her leaving with a large package tucked under one arm and her umbrella already open atop her head. Now where might she be heading?

She climbed down the steps and started walking. The wind tossed her hair around like a fan in motion, but she never stopped to fix it. With determination in her step she continued walking, passing the restaurant in less then a minute.

Without really giving the idea much thought Bruce stepped in behind her and matched his walk to hers, allowing a lengthy distance. If he got too close she'd recognize him and he couldn't have that.

Droplets of rain began to fall after they'd walked only a few blocks. The neighborhood was intermixed with small businesses and residential homes resembling a patchwork quilt if it could be seen from above.

As they walked, he opened his umbrella, and began to read the signs as they progressed: 'White Cottage dishes and parties', 'Is it YOUR wedding day?', 'Jean's fabric shop', Computers are US', the signs continued, but he stopped reading.

She turned the corner and the neighborhood suddenly changed. This was a part of Chicago he'd never been in. It made him think of the red light district back home. A section of town he'd never even driven through for fear of being mugged. Yet, she walked down its street like she owned it.

He stopped walking and leaned onto the intersection sign post arguing with himself. Just at that moment the sky let loose. Rain, lightning and thunder assaulted him in waves of misery.

"Great," he sighed as his coat and pants became drenched with water. In the distance he watched her open the door to a shabby looking house and entered.

"What's inside?" He wondered and waited a few minutes, hoping to see.

"Stupid, how will you explain being here, on a street corner, just standing around, in the rain, should she suddenly walk out right now?"

He glanced towards the house again. The door stood stubbornly closed and showed no signs of opening soon. He started to walk back the way he'd came and realized that he hadn't been paying attention. He'd been so absorbed in her behind and that package under her arm that he had no idea where he really was.

He sighed again and started walking. Maybe he could find one of the shops he'd passed that'd help him find his way back to familiar ground. Anything was better than standing in the rain. After a few minutes he realized that he'd read so many store signs that now they all looked the same.

He crossed the street and saw a pub. That was as good a place as any to get in out of the rain. He opened the door and strolled inside.

"Coffee, sir?" a passing waitress inquired as she picked up a new pot steaming with the brew and began to circulate.

"I don't think I'll ever think of coffee in the same way again." he said to himself and replied, to the waitress, "no, a soda please." He moved toward the bar and folded his umbrella. Two other businessmen seemed to have been caught, much like he'd been, in the rain and were drying out at the bar, as well. Both wore business suits and carried large bags.

"Nasty rain we've suddenly been assaulted with," one of them said to him as he sat down and took a sip of his cola.

"Yes," he replied and smiled. Both businessmen dug into their bags and withdrew paperwork, which they started on like there was a race between them to see who finished first.

Bruce just drank his cola and gazed out the window, located just to his right. Images of her silky hair breezed through his mind like a memory from yesterday. Her arms were soft and warm to the touch. Yet, he wanted more then just a memory that was unreal. Her laughter seemed to surround him it was so pure and free. The sound of it felt like she was right there...in-the-room...

He glanced up and realized that she was right there, in-the-room. She was standing just inside the door and laughing her head off.

Her hair hung like a water slide and deposited its load to the floor. Her waitress dress dripped all around her, resembling a merry-go-around with out horses. Her appearance wasn't the same as it was when she was working she seemed open and full of life.

Several of the employees had surrounded her and were talking to her as well as helping her dry off.

"Was John there?" a blonde lady inquired as she handed the dripping waitress a dry towel and waited for her reply.

"Yes," came her excitement-filled reply. "He said that he might consider me for one of his ladies," gently as she twisted the towel around on her damp hair and moved out of the wet circle her dress had made on the floor.

"That'd be an honor, that would, indeed," said a black haired lady who began to wipe up the floor and readjust the dripping umbrella to a dry towel.

"I know, few women can even catch his attention let alone be considered to be one of hs's ladies," a red head replied as she moved into the bar area and motioned for the group to go behind the counter and disappear into the back.

"NO!" he wanted to scream, but held back for fear of appearing stupid. This wasn't the time nor the place for such an outburst. What would he say anyway?

"You can't leave. I want to know where you've been and how much, if any thing that you've had to drink. I want to know this mostly because I want to give you more so that you will talk to me and sleep with me and let me fall in love with you...

He stopped thinking suddenly. Fall in love? Was he falling in love with a drunken waitress, who he didn't even know? How crazy was that?

Without further ado he stood, picked up his umbrella and marched out the door. That was it, he'd had enough.

The last word he heard from her mouth caused him some wonder, 'Master,' and he wondered who'd go by a name like that, for just a moment...


Chapter 4

Thursday Evening

"I'll have the special, thank you," Bruce said as he handed the menu back to the waitress, smiled and got up to get the local paper from the bin, beside the door. This was going to work out just fine. All he had to do was sit in someone else's area and he'd soon forget all about miss tits.

He was due to go home tomorrow and he was looking forward to those relaxing nights with papers to grade and a good game on TV. Who needed...

He swallowed hard and tried to look away. He realized, however, that wasn't going to happen. There she was walking down the aisle he was sitting in wearing blue jeans and a tight V necked sweater. The clothing seemed to hug her body in such as to suggest they were in love. He already knew he was and they'd never spoken.

As she walked passed she pulled her car keys from her purse and dumped half of its contents on the floor in the aisle beside his table.

"Oh no," she whispered and bent down to pick everything up.

"Here...uhh...let me give you a hand," he volunteered and slipped from the booth to the floor beside her, already reaching under the table to get her lipstick and a notebook.

"Thank you," she replied and smiled at him. He was sure his heart would burst from all the excitement, of that first smile, but he contained himself well.

"Its no bother, happens to me all the time at school." He handed her the items trying not to touch her, but failing. Damn, she was so sexy. For a brief moment he found his hand reaching towards her hand and recovered before she noticed by picking up a stray catalog and several pieces of notebook paper with dates scribbled on them.

"You almost missed these," he remarked and placed the lost items into her outstretched hand.

"You attend school?" she asked him.

"I teach," he responded, "I'm here for a short term teaching assignment. It ends Tomorrow." He stood and dusted his jeans off not so much because they were dirty but because it gave his hands something to do.

"High school?" she asked seeming almost interested.

How much he wanted her to be interested. He placed his hands into his pockets because now they were shaking.

"College professor," he answered and hoped he could get away without shaking her hand.

"I see," she replied and stood beside him falling short of his height by many inches.

A look of distance crossed her face and entered her eyes and then suddenly she replied as if it were important she be polite.

"Thank you so much for your help. I have to go now." She started walking. "Perhaps I will see you tomorrow for breakfast?"

"Yea," was all he could manage to say.

"That went well didn't it?" He moved back into his booth and flopped down in the seat like a high school boy who'd just lost a date with the most popular girl in school. "How could it get any worse?"

He glanced downward filled with regret. "What's that?" Lying on the floor, just under the table, was a ticket of some kind. He got up and had to craw under the table to get it. About that time his food arrived so he reseated himself and allowed the waitress to place his food on the table before him.

"Thank you," he remarked politely. The food looked and smelled good.

The waitress just smiled and continued to walk further down the aisle to server yet another customer.

What was the ticket for? He opened his hand and gazed at the lettering gasping when he read the label.

Admit one guest pass, The Corral, we train 'em you ride 'em. She liked horses? He sighed and began eating. Perhaps he'd attend. The pass was for tonight at 7 p.m. and it was in one of the nicer sections of town.

Time passes slowly when you want to go somewhere and you're excited about it. The pass didn't have a name on it and appeared to be numbered 23 of a series. He felt assured, and didn't really know why he felt assured, that she'd be there tonight and he wanted to see what she did in her off hours.

With care he dressed in a more appropriate outfit and called downstairs for a taxi. He'd already turned in his car today, because he didn't need it tomorrow. A taxi would be fine. The front desk assured him that the cab would arrive within the half hour and they'd call for him then.

Dressed and ready to go all he had left to do was wait. So he picked up his camera and started flipping through the pictures he'd taken of her a few days ago in front of the restaurant. His mind wondered as he flipped through the pictures. Doin' it doggy with her would be so exciting. To look at her rounded ass in front of him while he got off in that pussy...he stopped looking because he didn't want to ruin the clothes he was wearing. Cum stains wouldn't look appealing in high society.

As he started to switch the camera off his eyes saw something strange in the image before him. Was that man handing her a note?

No one in the picture saw the hand as it passed a bit of paper into hers. Yet, it happened. The next picture showed the unknown man walking away. She gazed after him like a lost dog at the pound. What was up with that?

The phone rang and he almost dropped the camera, because it startled him so much.


"Yes, I'll be right down."

He cradled the phone and started toward the door stuffing the camera in his top pocket for safe keeping.

He wanted to ask himself why he cared, yet why ask something he already knew the answer too. This trip wasn't working out as planned. He was worried about what might happen next.

The Corral, it seemed like an innocent enough name right?

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