tagGay MaleSecrets of a High School Jock Ch. 02

Secrets of a High School Jock Ch. 02


What had once been one of Trent Baker's favorite parts of the day had become something to loathe; hitting the showers after football practice. It wasn't that he'd suddenly lost his secret interest in all the hard bodies of his fellow teammates showering and changing all around him. In fact, it was the exact opposite.

The desire had intensified.

Trent had come to realize the feelings that brought a stir in his eighteen-year-old testicles had increased in direct proportion with his lack of an outlet for the urges. He used to handle that by sporadic visits to the out-of-the-way restroom some miles out of town in the corner of Shady Grove Park. It was there that he would go to anonymously give blow-jobs through a glory hole between two of the bathroom stalls. Despite the feeling of disgust with himself that he'd always experience after the deed, it was enough to hold him over and keep his homo-erotic desires from surfacing at school. The last thing he wanted was his teammates to know, or his girlfriend Shannon, the head of the cheerleading squad.

But Trent hadn't been to Shady Grove Park since the middle of September. It was now the end of October and the Meadville High Rabid Wolverine's winning season was coming to an end, thanks in no small part to Trent, the star wide-receiver.

'And you can't go back there.' Trent thought to himself as he continued to aim his face up into the massaging stream of steamy shower water. He began to recall in his mind just exactly why he couldn't go back there, when he felt a shove on the shoulder and opened his eyes. Looking over his shoulder, he saw Tyrone, the running back, standing behind him. A white towel was secured around his teammate's toned mid-section.

"Yo Baker, you gonna stand under the shower all day or you coming with us to Denny's?"

Realizing that he had zoned out in thought, and becoming embarrassingly aware that the trail his thoughts had led him down had begun to coax his dick into a hard-on, Trent hoped Tyrone would chalk his reddening face up as a result of the hot shower water. Trent continued to look over his shoulder, not daring to turn around and risk Tyrone seeing his boner.

"Oh- Nah man I have to go see Mrs. Turner." He tried to sound as cool and casual as possible. Tyrone was already heading out of the group shower room and back towards the locker room, shouting over his shoulder.

"Dog you better not be failing physics! We need you in the playoffs!"

Trent's mind raced to think of something cool and reassuring to say back, but all he could think about was how as a result of failing to turn in a lab report last month, he may in fact BE failing physics, and thus not be allowed to compete in the post-season. Tyrone was off getting dressed to leave with the rest of the team before Trent could think of anything to say in reply.

Trent turned his face back towards the pounding water for a few more moments, giving the team enough time to clear out of the locker room before he headed out to change. All the while his mind drifted back for the hundredth time in the past month, to his last clandestine visit to the secluded restroom at Shady Grove Park.


It was just two days since the last time Trent had gone straight from practice to the rest room and blown a random stranger through the hole between the stalls. He usually waited at least a week. However, he was getting less and less satisfaction from fucking Shannon regularly, and needed another release.

He got in the last stall like he always did and waited only a few minutes before someone else came into the bathroom. As always two different parts of him battled in his head. One part hoped whoever it was had for some reason stopped in this well out of the way bathroom just to take a leak. The other part of him craved for the person to get into the stall next to him, knock purposefully three times on the partition, and Trent would be able to anonymously suck another man off.

The three knocks came, and Trent hesitated just a moment before knocking back three times. He heard no zipper coming down or pants shuffling to the grimy concrete floor. Instead whoever had gone into the adjacent stall immediately exited it, and pounded hard twice on the door of Trent's own stall.

Trent would never forget the next thing he heard, and the pounding in his heart that followed.

"This is the Police, open the door and put your hands where I can see them!"

Mind racing, Trent could think of no other way out than opening the door, all the while dreading what this most probably meant for his life from this point on. He unlatched to door and swung it open, immediately putting his hands up. On the other end a uniformed officer, hand on the gun at his belt stared back at him. Not only that, but Trent recognized the handsome officer, because he was the father of a junior varsity member of the Meadville High football team. The officer recognized Trent also, and proceeded to inform him how much trouble he could be in.


As Trent toweled off and dressed in the empty High School locker room, he remembered the exact words of Officer Ramsey back in September.


"So you some sort of queer or something? I bet you got the hots for my son too! I bet you get all hot and bothered watching the boys get changed in the locker room! You make me sick!"

"Sir please-I- Please don't..." Trent tried to defend himself but couldn't find a way to form complete sentences, and the officer kept interrupting him.

"Not only should I take you to the station, but I should expose you to the community, the school, and the team for what you are!"

Trent truly believed on that day, that he would have a heart attack at the tender age of 18. All he could get out was a meek "Sir- please don't..."

The officer didn't seem to be listening as he reached for his handcuffs. The next thing Trent knew he was being told to turn around, and Officer Ramsey was putting pressure on the back of his knee to get Trent down onto the floor of the stall. With a hand on the back of his neck, the officer was pushing Trent forward towards the toilet. With his other hand, he tightly secured a cuff around Trent's wrist. Before he was sure what was happening, Trent was on all fours in front of the grimy toilet, his hands cuffed around the back of the bowl.

"Sir- I don't understand..."

"Shut up boy!!!" The officer shouted, and Trent half expected to be kicked from behind. Instead he felt the officer's hands at his waist, reaching around to the front of his jeans.

"I- I don't have any weapons I swear..."

"I said SHUT UP!"

The officer's fingers found Trent's belt, roughly undid it, and then quickly went to work on the button and fly of his jeans. Trent's mind swirled as he strained to keep his head up out of the bowl of the toilet. The officer pulled Trent's pants and jockey shorts down to his knees and then Trent listened, unable to turn around far enough to see what was going on, as the officer apparently worked on his own belt and zipper.

"What are you-" Trent's frantic question was cut off by a stiff, air stealing kick to the ribs.

"You best shut the fuck up son, before you have a serious injury you have to explain to the coach!"

Trent listened while the officer got down on the ground behind him; felt him looming over him from behind. Felt his breath on his neck. "You should like this, queer boy..."

Trent listened to the officer spit, and heard a wet slurp sound as the officer's wetted palm met another part of his anatomy. The cop spit into his palm again, and this time Trent jumped as a cold hand touched his ass cheeks and pulled them apart while another slick hand wiped up and down his puckered anus.


Fully dressed now, Trent shut his locker and slung his book bag over his shoulders. He shifted the boner in his jeans so it wasn't noticeable before leaving the locker room and heading back towards the school for his meeting with Mrs. Turner, his physics teacher. On the walk, his mind returned back to his final trip to the Shady Grove Park rest room, where Officer Peter Ramsey prepared to enter Trent's virgin asshole from behind.


It started with a lot of pressure as the cop pushed his spit-wetted cock head against Trent's tight hole. "You better be all clean in there faggot." Ramsey grunted. Trent was too shocked to speak, and was convinced by the pressure he felt outside his asshole, that however big the officer's unseen cock was, it wasn't going to fit.

Just as the head began to press onward and inward, Trent was met with searing pain and the urge to push the invading cock out. The pushing motion served to open himself up, inviting the spit-slick cock to slide further in. Trent fought the urge to scream. "Wow you are tight. This your first time taking it up the ass boy? Do you like it?" The cock reached around and grabbed hold of Trent's flaccid dick and balls and jiggled them in his hand. "Does it make you want to get hard you fag?"

Despite the pain and terror, Trent did in fact feel a stirring in his balls. The officer pushed in further until Trent felt the cop's pelvis press into his own bare ass cheeks. Trent felt full, pained, and excited simultaneously. The officer's rigid cock was pressing against his insides, stimulating some mysterious part of Trent's body that sent pleasure coursing directly to his own manhood in an entirely new way.

The officer began slowly pumping his hips. The pumps became faster and rhythmic, with each pump the pain subsided and the pleasure grew within Trent's loins. He felt the breath again on the back of his neck.

"That's right take my cock you little bitch. They should take you off the football team and put you on the cheerleading squad... I bet you take cock better than that slut girlfriend of yours."

Trent was too dazed with new feelings of perverse pleasure to be angered by the words. They in fact on many levels further turned him on. Despite not being able to touch his own penis, he felt it grow into a semi-hard state as it bounced around off the inside of his thighs and off the porcelain of the toilet in front of him. Officer Ramsey's ball slapped off of Trent's ass each time he forcefully buried his cock into the football player's hole. Both that and the sound of his pelvis slapping off Trent's ass cheeks reverberated off the concrete walls of the bathroom.

Trent turned his head sideways and let his cheek rest down on the seat of the toilet and let out a soft moan as his first fucking grew to a fevered pitch.

"Oh yeah, moan like a slut-bitch! Uh-Uh-Uh!"

The officer's big, strong hands squeezed painfully tight on both of Trent's hips as he railed himself into the wide-receiver. With each forceful hump into his ass, Trent could feel a sensation building within his groin. He sensed with just a slight touch to his own cock, he would explode into an orgasm the likes of which he'd never experienced before, but Officer Ramsey was paying no attention to Trent's cock. Perhaps, to his astonishment, Trent thought he might cum without touching his dick at all.

And then the cop's body pressed into Trent's own, and his cock buried deeper in the athlete's ass than ever, and Ramsey was grunting into his ear. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming," over and over again. And indeed he was cumming up inside Trent's anal canal. Trent actually felt each warm squirt hit the walls of his insides and fill him up even further.

As Officer Ramsey's cock twitched inside of Trent, the orgasm slowly subsided and for a moment the cop went lose on top of him. As cum oozed out from his stuffed ass and dripped to the concrete floor, Trent realized how close he himself was to spontaneously cumming all over the porcelain in front of him.

Then with one final jolt of pleasure Ramsey pulled his cock out from Trent's ass completely and stood up. Trent was left there on the precipice of an amazing orgasm, unfulfilled as the police officer pulled up his pants and zippered up. Trent's stiff member began to soften.

Finally the cop bent over and reached around behind the toilet to uncuff Trent. Trent rolled around and sat leaning against the toilet, panting and sweaty, his pants and jockey's still around his knees looking up at Officer Ramsey, who now had trouble maintaining eye contact.

"Your secret is safe with me son... but I better not catch you out here anymore, you hear? ... And- and stay away from my boy..." The officer looked directly at Trent long enough to see him nod in agreement and then looked away as he quickly made his exit from the bathroom.


Trent came down the empty hallway towards his physics classroom and again shifted the boner in his pants to make it less noticeable, pushing all thoughts of why he could no longer go to the Shady Grove bathroom to release his secret sexual urges out of his mind. As well as thoughts of the near-missed incredible orgasm he had experienced during his first and only anal sex act.

He stepped into the classroom to find Mrs. Turner talking to another student. He was a boyishly handsome dark haired kid who seemed to have trouble keeping eye-contact with Mrs. Turner even as they carried on a conversation. They both looked up as Trent entered the room, Trent had the feeling that he'd seen the guy before.

"Ah, Mr. Baker. I was just talking to Joey here about being your tutor."

That was it! Joey. A shy kid that had been in a number of Trent's classes over the years, including the physics class that Trent was currently failing. Odd how Trent never noticed how cute the kid was, or notice him much at all for that matter.

Trent stepped forward and offered a hand out to Joey. "Hey Joey, I'm Trent Baker..."

The kid looked down at Trent's hand and then kept his eyes there as he shook it meekly, rather than make eye contact with Trent. "Joey Benson."

Dirty thoughts already began to swirl in Trent Baker's mind.

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