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Security Theater


I was in for it, I knew. Joshua was going on a "business trip" to Atlanta, which meant he was going to have drinks and steak and play golf with some rich pigs and probably hire an escort to take care of him while he was away from me. That's what had happened the last time; I knew because he told me. After the girl left, Josh had called me up and told me how good she sucked his cock and how I had better try extra hard when he came home. And I did, and he noticed. But this time I couldn't take it. He would be gone for a week, this time, and though he'd given me detailed instructions and a diet sheet, I knew I wouldn't manage. So the night before his trip, I bought a ticket. It was so expensive I wanted to tell him then, so he could get some sense into me, but it was supposed to be a surprise. So I went to sleep with knots in my stomach.

He was sitting at the Starbucks outside the security checkpoint, with his coffee that was eighty percent steamed milk. He checked his phone and frowned, and I could tell he was annoyed I hadn't texted him yet. I gripped my carry-on tight and stood a distance away, afraid to approach. The Starbucks was crowded and people were milling about, passing between us. Before I could work up my nerve he glanced up and saw me. My throat seized as if he were choking me. He stared, and didn't take his eyes off me, and without doing anything he told me to sit down with him.

"What are you doing here," he demanded flatly.

"W-well, I...I wanted to...to come with you, Master." I spoke the last word in a hushed tone, and leaned forward towards him.

He put his hand on my forehead and pushed me back. "That's not going to happen, Holly. Go home." He didn't even threaten a spanking or tell me I was going to be sorry for it later. He was going to let it rot inside me for the entire week.

My hand squeezed the straps of my bag. "I wanted to surprise you."

"You did; good job."

"Are you mad at me?"

"I'm very mad at you. I'm very disappointed in you." He sipped his stupid steamed milk drink and glared at me over the lip of the cup.

"Josh, I already bought a ticket."

"What was that?"

"I already bought a ticket. Last night."

He pulled his chair in further. "What did you call me?" He straightened out his leg and pressed the heel of his shoe hard against my pussy.

I bit my lip. "Master." He bent and straightened his foot like he was pumping the brakes in his Mercedes, stamping slowly on the front of my panties. "Master, people are watching," I squeaked.

"You already bought a ticket, did you? How much was that? Must have been a lot."

I nodded, my face reddening.

He was grinning, really enjoying himself. I wanted to look beneath the table to see if he was hard. "Well, what'd you pack, Holly? Did you bring sunscreen?"

I nodded again and licked my lips.

"What else is in there?"

"A swimsuit...my red bikini."

"I should check and make sure you packed everything you need," he said. He put both feet back on the ground and reached for my bag. I closed my eyes. I wanted so badly to snatch the bag up before he could get to it, but I held my body rigid. "Oh, wow," he said loudly, so that other tables could hear. I opened my eyes and he was peering inside, shuffling his arm around roughly so that the sound of clacking plastic and metal racketed out of the bag. "Looks like you planned quite a trip, Holly!"

"Master, please," I begged. My chest was aching with embarrassment. "May I please have my bag back? Please." My eyes jumped around the Starbucks. People were definitely watching us. They could hear me calling him 'Master,' could hear the sore, swollen edge to it.

"Say 'pretty please,'" he said, sneering.

"Pretty please, Master, may I have my bag," I whispered.


"Hey, is there some kind of problem over here?" A big thick man dressed like a cowboy was standing by our table. "Ma'am, is this guy giving you trouble?"

"She's fine," said Josh.

"I'm not talking to you," said the cowboy. He looked at me and bent down. I was shaking, and he could see it. "Ma'am, do you need help?" Behind him, Josh slowly opened the bag wider, spreading it to reveal my long metal vibrator and leather cuffs and anal beads.

"No, I'm fine," I said, in a very un-fine voice.

"Are you sure? My wife and I are sitting right over there, you don't have to let him hassle you."

I clenched my jaw. "I'm fine. Please mind your own business."

He straightened up. I shot a pleading look to Josh, and he closed the bag as the cowboy turned around. "You leave her alone, you hear me?" he said gruffly, poking at the space in front of Josh's chest.

"Sure thing, pardner," Josh grinned. The cowboy looked like he wanted to punch him, but he stomped away instead. "That was a close call, wasn't it?" He handed the bag to me and I set it down softly. "He almost saw what a dirty slut you are." The words squeezed my gut and I shuddered. Josh finished his drink. "I'm off," he announced, and stood up.

After all that, he was going to leave me behind anyway. I grabbed my bag and got out of my chair. I had spent almost five hundred dollars on my silly, insolent plan, and I needed to get on that plane with him.

He took my arm and squeezed hard. "I'll see you in a week, Holly." He kissed my cheek like I was a dead person. "Make sure you follow your instructions. I'll be calling to check up on you."

"I have a ticket," I insisted.

"I don't care," he said, "you're not using it. Be a good girl and go home."

"I...I spent the money I was saving for the new couch," I said, looking down at my blue wedge heels.

"Well, I guess you won't be seeing me around your dump of an apartment, then. Go home, before I get really mad."

"I'm using my ticket," I said, stomping my heel.

He stared at me for a moment, then took my wrist and walked off, dragging me. "You're just determined," he growled. "You couldn't wait a week, could you, you had to have it right now."

"I wanted to come with you," I cried. "I know what you do when you're away!"

"And I'll do it even if you come with me, little girl. Only this time you'll get to watch." Without checking for people, he pulled me into the women's restroom. It was empty, and I sighed in relief before he shoved me into a stall and followed me in. He pushed my cheek against the cold tile. "You were so concerned your redneck knight would see inside your bag, why is that?" He was breathing hot into my ear and I could feel his cock pressing into the back of my thigh. "So worried about him seeing, when you're going to run this bag through the x-ray and let all those high-school dropouts look at your toys?"

Josh unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it off of me, letting it drift down and drape over the toilet paper holder. He slid his hand under the right cup of my bra and twisted hard. I yelled in pain and he slapped me, knocking my head against the wall.

"You like that?"

I whimpered and nodded, tears dripping down my face. I was getting wet. Josh ran his hand down my bare stomach, down to my legs. He forced his hand between them. I held them together; he laid a vicious slap on my thigh. I squealed and spread my legs, my wood heels clacking on the floor. His fingers crawled under the front of my panties.

"You little sub freak," he seethed. He rubbed between my pussy lips with his index finger, glazing it in my cum. "You're a stupid little whore, you know that? You think you can just come here with a bag full of your disgusting toys and I'll take you with me? That I'll let you stay in my hotel room, pay for your meals? Here's a meal for you," he said, and wiped his finger all over my lips. I opened my mouth to suck but he pulled his hand away and slapped me again.

"Fuck me," I moaned. "Please, Master, fuck me."

"Fuck you? Why should I do that?" He hooked a finger around the back of my thong and snapped it at me. "Why should I do something nice for such a bad pet? If a dog shits on the floor, do you give it a treat?" He took a stronger grip on my underwear and pulled hard. It stretched and dragged across my cunt. With a harsh jerk he tore the thong, and yanked it out from between my legs. "No, you rub its nose in it." Master crushed my dirty panties over my nose and took a rough grip on my hair. I gasped, drawing in a thick breath of my scent.

He was breathing hard, and I could feel the blood pulsing against my ass. I pressed my eyes shut. He pushed the soaked panties against my face as if they were chloroformed. I felt dizzy just the same. I reached down to touch myself and he smacked my arm away.

"Tell you what, Holly, let's play a little game," he said into my ear, his voice shaking with arousal. "Let's play a little game with your toys."

"Please," I choked, writhing. "Please play with me, Master, please!"

"It's called 'Homeland Security,'" he said, leaning down. His hair brushed between my thighs and I almost collapsed. I could hear him rooting around in the bag. "We're going to put this," he held up my remote control egg, "in your little pussy."

I nodded breathlessly. I was burning up. I was light-headed, like I was in a shower with too much steam.

He pressed something metal to my lips. I licked it, feeling out the shape of my butt plug. "And this is going up your ass."

"Please, please put them in me."

Master pulled on my hair. "And then, we'll go through security," he muttered in my ear. "And that new machine will see inside you. And everyone will know."

I began to cry at the thought of it. The agents taking me into a back room, some strange woman poking at me, forcing me to take out the plug, her face wrinkled up and revolted as she zipped it up into a plastic bag. Maybe there would be a man, even. Watching it happen.

"Does that sound fun?"

"No," I said, trying to keep the tears out of my voice. He was so cruel. I just wanted to be with him. I just wanted to be a good girl, make him happy. And he repaid me with this. But the idea of it, the horrible shame and tight squeeze of embarrassment in my guts, made me love him even more.

"Here comes the egg, little bird," he said. The rounded point of it rolled across my clit, flicking it, making me moan. "Mhm," Josh chuckled. "You want to cum, Holly?"

"Yes," I whispered.

"Not until we're in the air. That's when you'll have my permission." He pushed the egg smoothly into my vagina. The pull cord hung out of me, obscene. Josh had a look at the remote, then turned the dial. The egg began vibrating, the motor inside spinning pulses through me.

I wailed, scratching so close to orgasm. But I couldn't. Not without his word. The bathroom door opened and I slapped my hands over my mouth. My head swam.

The egg was loud. Whoever had come in could hear it. "The hell is that..." she wondered. Josh took a pinch hold of my hand with two fingers. Slowly, he pulled, and my hands came away from my face and my moans escaped. "Ugh!" she exclaimed, disgusted. She was peeing in the stall next to ours. Josh dipped into me again, coating his finger, and ran it down from my pussy, up the cleft of my ass and to my hole. I gasped and smacked my hand on the wall. "Jesus," said the woman. She opened her stall door and the toilet flushed behind her. "You're a real sicko, you know that? People bring their kids in here." She washed her hands angrily and stormed out.

"Time for the plug," Josh said with enthusiasm. "Bend over." I did. He took the hem of my skirt and peeled it up to my back. "Show me that asshole." I reached behind me and pulled my ass open for him. My hair was in my face and I was staring down at the toilet tank trying not to cry any more. "Good girl," he praised, rubbing a dry finger over my anus. The egg continued doing its thing. I dripped, even as I worried he would push his un-lubed fingers into me. My lips parted as he touched the plug to my mouth again. "Drool on it, Holly." He pushed it in, forcing my mouth open. I gagged, but he kept the plug where it was. "You're taking this all the way down," he said, and slid it further in. The flat flared base pressed my lips painfully against my teeth. Tears dribbled out of my eyes. My throat pulsed and twitched. I felt Josh pulling it back out. He held the plug in front of my face, showing me the cobweb of saliva that trailed from my mouth. "Look at all that. You can't wait for this to go in your ass, can you?" A slick finger tickled into me, then swiftly pulled out, making me yelp softly. He spanked me hard and I shrieked. "You're such a nasty girl." He delivered three more stinging slaps to my ass, his breath panting ragged out of him. He wanted to fuck me. He wanted to shove his cock down my throat like he had the butt plug. Another heavy, cruel slap, and I came.

I went silent, and my legs gave out and I fell forward, catching myself unsteadily on the toilet tank. My butt bumped his legs and pushed him backwards against the stall door. My hand flew to my cunt and I rubbed hard, massaging the orgasm out of me. "Oh my God," I whimpered. "Oh, uhnn...."

"You little bitch," he growled. Josh pulled himself up and spun me around. I braced myself. "Alright, the game's over." He reached into his pocket and flipped a switch, and the egg stilled. He glared at me.

"I'm sorry, Master," I said softly. "It felt so good...."

"That's not my problem," he snapped. "You were supposed to wait, weren't you?"

"I'm sorry."

He grabbed my wrist and pushed my hand onto my face, smearing pussy juice across my mouth and my chin. "Right?"

"I'm sorry."

Josh slapped me. "Do it right." He held my chin in his hand, squishing my cheeks together the way he knew I hated. "Do it right, little pig."

"I'm sorry Pet was bad," I sniffed. "I'm sorry I came without your permission, Master."

He tossed me away. "Face the wall and bend over."

I set my legs apart and bent over, spreading my ass for him. "Please, Master, put the plug in my dirty butthole," I said, loud.

"Nobody's here. Nobody to hear what a little whore you are but me, and I already know that." Josh touched the end of the cold plug to my little wrinkled hole. He hooked a finger into my mouth. "Ready?"

Before I could answer 'yes', he rammed the plug into me. I screamed and cried, holding the toilet like an anchor, hunching my back in pain.

"Don't you dare take that out," he said. "Get on the toilet. Stand on it." I wiped my face. "Go on." Gingerly, I climbed onto the lid. "Bend over." I did, and heard the fake shutter of his iPhone snapping a picture. "Look over your shoulder." I looked into the black eye of the phone. "Smile, Holly. Smile. You love your ass being stretched, don't you?" My mouth twisted apart into a fake grin. "Good girl." He held the phone up for me. My plastic, dripping face, my skirt flipped over my back. The lip of my asshole sucked around the metal swell of the plug. "You're a good girl."

We got in line for the security check. "After we check in, I'll take us out for dinner," Josh said, his arm around me. "Get a bottle of wine...there's a jacuzzi at the hotel." He kissed my forehead and it was warm and sweet.

"What kind of car did you rent?"

"A Mercedes. Silver, like mine."

I grinned. He couldn't be away from it for a moment. We passed a sign listing forbidden objects.

"Did you hear about that woman who got stopped with breast milk?" Josh asked. "The TSA made her drink some to prove it wasn't a liquid explosive or something."

"That's kind of sexy," I said. The plug was inside me. I squeezed, enjoying the full feeling.

"It's fucked up." Some lady behind us looked scandalized at his language. "It's messed up, Holly. It's all just some sick game to them. Look at this. It's not keeping any of us safer." He lowered his voice and leaned into me. "Where do you think a terrorist attack would happen nowadays? In this clumped-up, slow-moving line. Where half the people don't even have shoes on. Hundreds of us." His breath was hot, rushing through my ear. My face warmed. The egg inside me pressed on my sweet spot. We moved forward in the line and the string swung like a pendulum. Josh watched my face and smiled a small smile. "You like some air, hm?"

He hadn't let me put on a new pair of panties before we left the bathroom. I was glad of it. "Yes, Master."

Josh looked at the backscatter. "So what's that thing even good for? Making sure old ladies can't knit on the plane?"

"It's good for this," I said.

He looked pleased. The TSA attendant sent him to the third line, and pointed me straight ahead. I took off my shoes, careful not to squat and flash the people around me. I put them in a plastic bin, with my earrings and my watch, and sent it down the conveyor with my toy bag. In front of me, an old man with brown trousers hiked up to his gut, with grey socks stepped into the x-ray and held his arms up behind his head like it was patting him down. The officer waved him through.

"You next, step in, keep your hands above your head."

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