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Sedation Gynecology


"Ruby, the doctor will see you now."

Ruby nervously got up from the waiting room chairs and headed towards the back of the office, following the nurse into a small exam room. As they stepped inside the room, the nurse said, "Okay, put your purse down and hop up onto the table." Ruby quickly followed instructions.

The nurse opened her chart and looked it over. "Ahhh, I see this is your first exam. Don't worry, Dr. Levenston is very gentle...he'll make you feel comfortable."

"Okay," was all she said in return.

The nurse took her temperature and blood pressure, making notes in Ruby's chart. "How tall are you?"

"I'm five-foot-seven."

The nurse took a moment to write. "And weight?"

"About 110." More notes. "Blonde hair, blue eyes," the nurse kept writing. "Ahhh, and you just turned 18, I see! Happy Belated Birthday!"

"Thanks," Ruby answered sheepishly.

The nurse finally set her pen down and reached into the drawer, pulling out a paper gown. "I'm gonna step out," she said as she gathered up Ruby's chart in her arms, "you go ahead and remove all your clothes, put on the gown, and the doctor will be in shortly, okay?"

Ruby nodded.

Shy and embarrassed, she quickly removed all her clothing, setting it on top of her purse, and slipped into the paper gown. She instantly felt very cold and very naked. She just wanted to hurry up, get the exam over with, and go home. She wouldn't even be here if it weren't for her stupid swim coach insisting she have a full exam before the start of the next swim season.

Ruby sat on the exam table for what seemed like hours to her, but was really only 20 minutes at the most. There was a knock on the door. Before Ruby could reply, a tall man with salt and pepper hair, stunning light blue eyes, and a bright smile entered the room. Ruby guessed that he was probably in his late 40s, but he looked quite a bit younger. He was wearing a long white coat, carrying her chart. "Hello there! You must be Ruby! Very nice to meet you! I'm Dr. Levenston," he said, reaching his hand out to her.

"Nice to meet you, too," she said, shaking his hand but staring at the floor.

"Staci, your swim coach, told me a lot about you. You're her star swimmer, I hear!"

"I love to swim," she answered nervously.

"And I'm told you're rather good at it. It's very good to finally make your acquaintance. Let's get started, shall we?"

Ruby nodded.

"Staci just likes to make sure all her girls are healthy before the start of their senior year, so today I'm just going to do a basic external and internal exam, okay?"


"Are you comfortable? Can I get you anything?"

"I'm freezing," Ruby said aloud.

"No problem," he said, reaching into the very bottom drawer. He pulled out a small blanket and handed it to Ruby. When she took it, she couldn't believe how warm it was. "It's always cold around here, so we keep blankets in the warming drawer, just in case," he said with a wink.

Ruby covered herself with the blanket, feeling much better already. Dr. Levenston seemed really nice, and she was already more comfortable. As she tucked the blanket around her, Dr. Levenston asked her several questions about her family history. They soon discovered they knew a lot of the same people. Ruby was at ease as she chatted away with the doctor...until he came to the questions about her sexual history.

"So, Ruby, how many sexual partners have you had?"

Reverting back to her shyness, Ruby answered quietly, "None."

"You're a virgin?"

"Yes sir."

"You're absolutely positive? It's okay if you're not, but you need to tell me before I begin the exam."

"No, I'm positive I'm a virgin. I've never had a boyfriend."

"Okay then," he said, making a note in her chart. "Lie back on the exam table and let's begin, shall we?"

Ruby scooted back on the table, taking the blanket with her, and layed down flat on her back. The doctor came around to the side of the table, carrying a pillow, slipping it under her head. "Comfy?"

Ruby nodded.

"Okay, Ruby, I'm going to start with the breast exam, so I need to move the blanket and lift your gown up, ok?"


Dr. Levenston gingerly slid the blanket off her and helped her lift the paper gown up towards her head. "Lift your arms up above your head, please." She immediately did as instructed.

He'd been practicing for almost 20 years, but Dr. Levenston had to take a moment to admire Ruby's beautiful, young breasts. They were perky, round, and just perfect for a girl of her size. Her pink, puffy nipples quickly became hard as rocks in the cool office air. He shifted his weight back and forth between his legs as his cock stirred in his khakis. His hands gently touched her breasts and she jumped. "You okay, Ruby?"

"Yes, sorry doctor."

His attention went back to her soft, subtle breasts. He was actually only half examining her. Sure, he was feeling around for abnormalities, but every now and then he'd "accidentally" stroke his thumb over her nipple and her breath would catch in her throat as her nipple would rise again. Her reactions, in turn, made him react. By the time he had her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, his cock was already stiff. He pinched her nipple several times more than necessary, loving the way she was so sensitive to his touches.

"Okay, Ruby, everything seems normal with your breasts."


Dr. Levenston moved down to the bottom of the exam table and sat in his chair before she could take notice of his stiff member. "Now, scoot down the table so that your bottom is right on the edge, then put your feet in the stirrups."

Ruby knew this was going to be the hardest part of the exam, being naked in front of a male stranger probing at her "girl parts". She began to scoot down the exam table. As she did, her hand caught on the paper gown, tearing it in half. "Oh no!" she exclaimed.

"It's okay, Ruby. Do you want me to get you another one? Or you just wanna cover up with the blanket?"

"I'll just use the blanket," she said as she removed the rest of the paper gown and brought the blanket up around herself. The blanket felt better against her skin anyhow, she decided.

As Ruby scooted to the very edge of the table and was about to put her feet in the stirrups, Dr. Levenston stood up quickly and said, "Oh! I almost forgot!"

"What?" Ruby asked as she jumped.

Dr. Levenston asked, what Ruby thought to be, a very random question. "Have you ever heard of 'sedation dentistry', Ruby?"

"Ummm, yeah, I think so. It's like when you go to the dentist and he puts you under a little bit 'cause you're nervous."

"Yes, exactly. Well, we have a LOT of patients that get nervous about their gynecological exams, so we've begun offering something similar here. I've started letting my patients know about the option last week...at least the ones who'd find it the most...beneficial."


"Yup. You can just take a little nap and by the time you wake up, the exam will be over. What do ya say? Wanna try that instead?"

"Definitely!" she said excitedly. She'd been worried about this exam for WEEKS, but to know now that she'd just be able to take a nap, wake up, and have it over with was a huge relief.

He reached into a drawer and pulled out a prescription bottle. After removing the cap, he let one tiny pill fall into his hands before replacing the lid and putting the bottle back in the drawer. He grabbed a cup from the sink, filled it with water, then handed both the cup and the pill to Ruby. "Here ya go, sweetie. Take this little pill, then lie back on the table. You'll be feeling sleepy in no time."

"Thanks Dr. Levenston."

"I'm here to do whatever I can for my patients," he told her as he patted her on the shoulder. "I'm going to step out of the room for a few minutes while you relax, then I'll be back to do your exam and wake you up, okay?"

"Yes sir," she said, putting the pill on her tongue and swallowing a gulp of water.

"Good girl," he said, smiling, as he took the cup from her. "Now lie back, put your feet in the stirrups, and I'll see you when you wake up."

With that, he closed the door behind himself and let out a huge sigh. Staci's done it again, he thought to himself, as he smiled like a Cheshire cat.

Dr. Levenston usually waited a good 20 minutes for the sedation to take effect before returning to a patient's room, but he couldn't wait for Ruby to fall asleep entirely...the anticipation was too great.

After only 10 minutes, he entered Ruby's exam room, carefully locking the door behind himself. The first thing he did was look over her entire body from head to toe. Her head turned to one side, eyes shut tight...her tone, tan, curvy body had become uncovered and her blanket now rest on the floor...nipples still taut in the cool air...long, lean legs spread wide in the stirrups. She looked completely ripe for the plucking. She'd apparently just begun to doze off because she was still stirring a bit. So there she was, this gorgeous teenage goddess, almost out cold, completely naked, and best of all, a virgin. It was Dr. Levenston's wet dream come true!

He walked over to the exam table. She stirred slightly. "Ruby?"

"Hmmm?" she asked opening neither her eyes nor mouth.

"Go to sleep, baby girl."

"Mmm-hmm," she answered, just barely.

He couldn't wait. He reached down to touch her breasts again. Gingerly at first, carefully running one finger over them. He then licked the tips of his index fingers and rubbed over Ruby's nipples. Not only were they instantly rock hard, but she moaned...loudly.

Dr. Levenston smiled down at his young patient. He pushed her knees apart, then ran one finger along her slit. Wet. Juicy. Soaked, in fact. Oh yeah, she was going to be his fave, no doubt about it.

Without hesitation, he leaned down and took one of Ruby's nipples between his lips, sucking on it as he continued to run his finger up and down her wetter-than-wet cunt. She continued to fade more and more, but nonetheless, she was still arching her back just a bit as if begging him to suck her tits...and her hips were ever so slightly bucking into his finger. Little moans were emanating from her throat. It was clear to Dr. L....Ruby had a body that was made to be fucked. She might be a shy little girl personality wise, but it was plain to see that her body wanted...no, no...NEEDED to be fucked.

The doctor let her nipple, now covered in his saliva, fall from his lips and stood up. He pulled his finger from her slit and looked at it...very damp, glistening with her juices. Dr. Levenston's cock surged against his pants again. He couldn't help himself...he had to taste. He quickly shoved his finger into his mouth and sighed. Her juices were so sticky sweet...he could barely tell the difference between Ruby's wetness and a spoonful of honey. She was divine. A small moan escaped his lips before he could stop it.

Immediately, he grabbed his chair and situated himself at the end of the table between Ruby's legs. He switched on his exam light. He pushed her knees apart and gasped. She had the prettiest pussy he'd ever seen in his life. His cock immediately stood at attention. Her pussy lips were so very puffy and bright pink, just like her nipples had been. Her lips were tightly closed, obviously untouched in the past. He knew swimmers were often hairless all over their bodies and Ruby was no exception. The most gorgeous thing of all was the thin layer of wetness that spanned the entire length of her bare slit...the very same wetness he'd just tasted. He just sat there for a moment and watched her sweet juices drip down the outer folds of her cunt. Finally, he couldn't take it any longer. He leaned in to taste the juices right from the source...one long, slow lick from her virgin vagina right up to her soon-to-be climaxing clit. The doctor returned his tongue to his mouth and swallowed, savoring her. His dick continued to push against his khakis.

As he leaned in again, Dr. L. pushed her legs apart wider and scooted his chair in. He sank his tongue in again...this time into her waiting hole. Her tiny vaginal canal was even tight around his tongue...he'd never felt anything like it. As he stiffened his tongue and began to fuck her with it, he brought his fingers upward and started to rub just around the outer rim of her teeny tiny little clit...small, but full circles. He moved his tongue in and out of her slick tunnel, sucking her wetness past his lips and into his mouth as he felt her little nub get harder and harder. Even though Ruby was out at this point, he could feel her body reacting to his touches...her muscles tightening, her body shivering. Ever so slowly, he let his tongue travel up her slit, only to settle over her hard little nub. The doctor started licking slow, wide circles over her clit, inserting one finger inside her as he did. The walls of her untouched young pussy gripped his finger snugly and sucked it in deeper until it was pressing against her hymen. It was by far the tightest pussy he'd ever examined. His tongue flicked faster, making wider circles, as he finger fucked her little twat harder and harder, pressing against her cherry, threatening to pop it at any second.

Suddenly, Ruby's entire body stiffened and she moaned deep in her throat. The doctor was very pleased as this river of sweet, sticky, delectable juices seeped into his mouth and dripped all the way down her cunt to her sweet little ass. He kept licking until he'd captured and swallowed every drop he could. Finally, he pulled away from her and sat back. He knew then he had no choice...he HAD to fuck her tiny twat.

Sitting up in his chair and licking his lips, he donned a smile. He looked up his patient's body...from her curvy hips to her tiny waist to her perky, round, teenage breasts with perfectly pink, rock hard nipples and a mouth that could make any guy cum in seconds. There's nothing more a doctor could want in a patient he was molesting.

She was still laying in the same position...except there was a small smile across her plump little lips. His mouth was in heaven having tasted her sweet cum from the very source, but his cock was screaming. He sat back for a moment, simply admiring her hot, gorgeous little pussy. That soaking wet slit...hard, little throbbing clit...those pink, puffy lips just BEGGING to be penetrated. Enough was enough...he had to have her.

A pang of guilt hit him momentarily for what he was about to do, but as he looked down to see her wetness glistening under the bright exam light and his cock surged against his dress pants for the umpteenth time, the guilt was quickly replaced by animalistic lust. He carefully removed his lab coat and hung it on the back of the door. He then reached down, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and pushed them to the floor along with his boxer shorts. As he expected, his dick was standing out straight, stiff as a board. He walked closer to the exam table and spread her legs as wide as they would go, fully exposing her body to him. He then grabbed the base of his cock in his hand and pushed the head up against Ruby's wet slit. He pushed his hips forward until his cock was just lightly resting against her slit. He started to rub the head of his throbbing cock up and down the full length of Ruby's pussy. When he pulled back again, he could see it glistening with her sweet juices. He felt he could just about cum right there, but of course, he didn't. Instead, he pushed forward again, still holding the base, and aimed at her hole. Ever so slowly, he eased his way inside her...centimeter by centimeter he penetrated her tiny little pussy.

He was shocked when he felt the head of his cock rest inside her. He couldn't have fathomed how perfect it would be. She had the wettest, tightest, warmest pussy he'd ever imagined in his wildest dreams. He'd never in his life felt anything more amazing.

Slowly and steadily, Dr. L. pushed his throbbing cock into Ruby's tiny twat until he felt her hymen, then he stopped just short. He debated with himself a moment. I could probably get away with fucking her and still leave her virginity intact, he thought to himself. But, as he looked down to where their bodies were connected, he realized that he was only a little over halfway inside her. He needed more. He couldn't stand to stop now. He had to have his entire cock buried in this perfect young pussy and he had to have it now. Fuck it!, he decided to himself, both literally and figuratively. Then, without waiting a moment longer, he rammed his cock the rest of the way inside her, breaking through her sacred barrier in one push.

When he was finally all the way inside her, he didn't move again for a few moments. He reveled in the way her pussy gripped his cock like a fist, squeezing the cum from deep within his balls. He'd never been inside a woman this tight...hell, he'd never even dreamed a woman COULD be this tight. Ruby was the first virgin he'd deflowered since he was a teenager. At this moment, he wondered what had taken him so long to fuck another one. I don't know how I could possibly go back to fucking used pussy, he thought to himself, this new model is pure heaven.

Speaking of heaven, he looked down at Ruby and couldn't help but smile...she looked like a sleeping little angel. The doctor leaned down and took one of her nipples between his lips again and sucked on it. He loved tits to no end. They made him hornier than any other part of a woman's anatomy. In fact, as he lay on top of her, sucking on one of her nipples and pinching the other between his thumb and forefinger, he could feel his cock grow thicker and harder insider her. The walls of her canal were pressing against him making her passage even tighter. He couldn't delay any longer...it was time to fuck.

The doctor stood up on his own two feet again and looked down between them...he wanted to see every moment of this fuck. He began pulling his cock from within her ever so slowly. He enjoyed watching it reappear from within her inch by glorious inch, covered in a beautiful mixture of her cum and blood. He started fucking Ruby slowly, taking it easy on her delicate little cunt at first. He loved the way her pussy walls gripped his dick. Every time he pushed himself inside her, his balls would surge and he could feel his cum flowing through his shaft. He'd never felt such a sensation in all his life. He wanted to immerse himself in it as long as possible...which, unfortunately for him, wouldn't be all that long. He was picking up speed now...moving in and out of her slippery, warm sheath. His cock was harder and thicker than ever before. His balls were full and ready to explode. He could feel their weight each time they slapped against her hot little ass. He was nearing the edge when something occurred to him...where was he going to cum? He certainly couldn't cum inside a fertile teenager. It was then he caught sight of her right hand...it was balled up into a fist. Perfect! he said to himself.

Regrettably, he pulled his cock from within her perfect pussy and grabbed her small hand, pulling it down towards him. He forced her fingers open, situated his dick onto her palm, and then let go. To his delight, she instantly balled her hand into a fist again, grabbing onto his rod. With his hands down on either side of Ruby on the exam table, Dr. L. started fucking towards her body, letting her little fist clench his cock tight against her stomach and jerk him off. His hips moved fast and he fucked against her body hard. Even her hand around his shaft felt tighter than most pussies he'd been inside. The doctor fucked against her limp teenage body with all his might until finally he was right there on the edge again. He could feel his cum shooting up from his balls and through his cock. He looked down just in time to see his cum shoot up her body and land all over her stomach and tits. He kept pumping and pumping his hips...he didn't think he'd ever stop cumming. Soon, though, he was spent. He hopped off the table, releasing himself from Ruby's grasp, and made his way over to where his pants were lying in a heap on the floor. He slid into his pants again without washing up, put his lab coat back on, then looked over at his patient. Her little body had been jolted sideways and there was cum strewn all over her beautiful little tits and flat stomach. He took a moment to admire his handiwork. To him, he'd never seen a more gorgeous sight as long as he'd lived. Then a thought occurred to him...why not memorialize her beauty? He took out his phone from within his pocket, walked over to Ruby, opened it up, and snapped a few pictures of her naked, cum-covered body. Wait until Dr. Stevenson sees THESE!, he thought to himself.

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