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Seduce Me, Master Pt. 03


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This file is continuation from the Seduce Me, Master 02, a hypnotic erotica to be used with headphones or earbuds to get the full induction and program effects. This audio is designed to be listened to from start to finish. Listening to the complete audio will accomplish the deepest level of programming.



''Seduce Me, Master 03, is a continuation from Seduce Me, Master 02 continuing the journey into slavery and submission with your Master. Have you ever wanted to put yourself in the hands a Master, whose sole purpose is to keep your pussy wet? Do you want for a man to look into your mind and see your darkest fantasies? Thoughts so personal that you wouldn't even share with your best friends? Thoughts you are scared to admit which produce a swell of arousal coiled in your belly? Aching for a Master's face you have never seen, never knowing his true identity, arousing to even ponder his lifestyle or what he would do to you? This is the Sandman, the bridge between you and the Ghost Master. To please the Ghost Master, and gain the opportunity to beg for his collar you will be required to undergo much more than to simply be tied spread eagle and screwed deeply into the mattress. The Ghost Master has conscripted me to train an intelligent, creative, imaginative girl like you to learn the behaviors of a slave heart, to fall deeper into understanding, and acquire the mindset of a truly obedient and willing slave.


The Ghost Master expects nothing less than complete surrender, as he will train you, in a state of deep trance to react to his stimulation however he sees fit. He will seduce you turning your body into a living remote, using you for his pleasure and entertainment. Pressing your buttons in one erogenous zone to trigger the stimulation of another. All you have to do is lie back, listen, let go and relax. He will turn your body into a responsive remote that will experience deep arousal as his voice manipulates sensations though your nipples and clit, your pussy, and your mind. By the end of this you will be begging for him to release his wicked grip on one part of your body, only to crave it on another. Take this journey with the Ghost Master at your own peril, and only if you are truly ready to surrender and submit your heart, body, mind and pussy.''


The Sandman will give you the "received instructions" from the Ghost Master, before you may beg for his collar, he wants for you to form a link between remote erogenous zones (nipples and breasts) / sensitivity, and pain (NLP techniques), using your nipples as a trigger to twist and pull to increase your degree of arousal, the "CUM NOW SLUT" in audio 02, is reinforced several times throughout the hypnotic trance. A new plot idea is woven into the story line. Every time you complete a new "Seduce Me, Master" audio, a new tattooed imaginary "Letter", on your mound, above your pussy, will be imprinted into your skin (visible only to the Ghost Master, the letters will eventually spell a word, which over time will become more and more obvious). To prepare your mind, there will be an upcoming "branding scene", this is only used as a deepener, and will be an imaginary mark that is only visible to the Ghost Master, and is a spiritual mark that has no pain associated with it, because no physical contact is made to the skin, only the memory bank of the mind. Never less, the feelings and emotions will be felt.


I know that many girls request the long play audio, where it puts them into the deepest relaxed state. Like all programmed trances, the effects will diminish over time, and if a girl wishes to maintain the deep level for other audio's in the series, more frequent listening sessions are required. The program is triggered by my voice only, so there is no worry that you will be triggered by another person speaking. If you don't experience the triggered effect, not all inductions or programs work on all girls, but heavy sexual content is embedded throughout the audio, and will provide arousal and pleasure.


It is different than most audios that I produce, as this one experiments with the programming of a girl's remote aroused nipples using NLP (higher states of arousal), The audio has a multitude of tits and nipple play to an orgasm, reinforces the nipples as a trigger, and expands the idea of the control of a Master over a girl's pussy. All triggers will be reinforced in the ongoing series and builds upon itself. This audio will bridge into the next audio, where you will experience deeper training into the fantasy.


NOTE: The audio has a prerecorded deep bass line, so don't equalize the bass to high levels, but that is just personal tastes. I listen to the audio will maximum bass headphones and have adjusted. I can equalize the audio, but cannot compensate for all headphones; high bass can muddy the audio.


This is about the control over a submissive's nipples, programming a trigger for remote clitoral pleasure for the Ghost Master. This hypnotic audio is for entertainment only and is total fantasy, do not drive or operate any heavy equipment while listening. Listen at your own risk, this is for entertainment only,



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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/16/18

Thank you master. This makes my pussy swell.

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by Anonymous03/19/18

This audio makes my nipple sensitive in real life. Not just during the audio, but after too. Now I cannot even be as turn on as I can without playing with them. Master really did put that curse on me.

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