Seduced by a Billionaire


I felt very self-conscious about sitting so close to Jackson in the hot tub. Our legs were touching and I would have never sat that close to a guy unless it was very crowded or something. But, I sat right where Jackson wanted me to sit.

Soon, under the water hidden by the bubbles, Jackson grabbed my hand and put it on his dick. My cock got hard as soon as I touched it. I could feel that big thick monster getting hard in my hand. I looked around the hot tub hoping that none of the women talking to Jackson could see what I was doing.

I kept rubbing the big cock and was getting more and more excited. My cock felt like it would bust out of my bathing suit.

Jackson casually leaned over to me and said, "Take my cock out."

I didn't know how to do that without it being obvious that I was playing with his crotch. I thought about it for a minute and then slid into the middle of the hot tub for a minute and when I returned to my seat I put my hand up the leg of Jackson's swim suit and pulled his cock out of the leg of the suit. You need a big cock for that to work, but Jackson's bare cock was now in my hand.

I loved it. I was jacking off Jackson's hard cock under the water while he talked to a big group of women in the spa. I thought one woman looked at me a little funny, but I did not slow down.

I was really enjoying myself when Jackson turned to me and said, "Joe, I will buy drinks for us and all of these ladies if you will run over to that bar and find the waitress."

I did not want to stand up out of the water with my hard cock sticking straight out. However, I felt like I couldn't say no in front of these people. So, I let go of Jackson's cock, tried to move my hard dick to the side and stood up.

I tried to move quickly, but I am afraid that several of the women saw my hard-on as I went to the bar. I found the waitress and we all started drinking. Jackson provided the entertainment for the entire hot tub. I provided Jackson with a hand job as he spoke to the group. His thick cock felt great in my hand.

After a few drinks, Jackson and I were sitting on the edge of the hot tub talking to the women. Jackson leaned over to me and whispered that he wanted me to go to one of the dressing rooms with him. I nodded yes.

We stood up together and Jackson directed me to one of the dressing rooms right off the pool area. The doors were visible from the hot tub and pool. I had a raging hard-on and I knew that Jackson's cock was hard since it had been in my hand a minute or two before we stood up.

Jackson had his hand on the small of my back directing me. I felt like this was an action he would do with a girl he was escorting. It made me uncomfortable for all of my business associates and their wives to see me walking like this with Jackson. As we walked toward the dressing room, I knew that I would soon be sucking Jackson's big gorgeous cock.

We walked to one of the doors to a dressing room and went inside. The room was very small. It was about the size of a changing room at a clothing store.

As soon as we closed the door, he said, "Suck my cock, Joe."

I was worried about what everyone would think after seeing us walk into the little dressing room together. But Jackson said, "Pull out my cock and suck it, Joe."

I got on my knees in front of him and pulled down his swim suit. His huge cock was only partially hard, but still almost hit me in the face. I started licking it.

I knew that it was obvious that something funny was going on when two men went into a small dressing room together, but I wanted Jackson's cock so badly I did not care. I slipped the head of his hard cock into my mouth and began to suck.

I pulled my hard cock out of my bathing suit as I bobbed up and down on Jackson's dick. I loved having his fat cock in my mouth. I was focusing on trying to take as much as possible down my throat.

As I sucked his cock, Jackson said, "You are becoming such a good cocksucker!"

I moaned as he called me a cocksucker. I felt my dick stiffen as he said it.

"You like being a cocksucker, don't you, Joe?"

I tried to say yes, but with his big dick in my mouth, I could only mumble something that sounded vaguely like yes.

"You love being on your knees like a faggot, don't you, Joe."

I moaned again and tried to answer yes. I did not know until that moment how much I liked being called names as I sucked a cock. Of course, I was new to sucking cock. The humiliation of having a dick in my mouth as I was called degrading names was so exciting for me that I was on the verge of cumming every time he called me a nasty name.

"Tell me you are my cocksucking faggot."

I pulled the dick out of my mouth and said, "I am your cocksucking faggot."

"Tell me you will do anything for me."

I pulled the dick out of my mouth again and said, "I will do anything for you, Jackson." Then, I lost my head and said, "I love you Jackson!"

As the words left my mouth, I regretted them. I had just lost control for a second and let my inner most feelings out. Jackson gave me a funny look and rammed his big dick back in my mouth. I decided I didn't care that I had just told a man that I loved him despite the fact I was married to a woman I loved. I sucked quicker and harder trying to please Jackson with my mouth.

"I am going to come all over your face, faggot"

I moaned again as he called me a faggot and I was pleased that I was about to make my man come. Then, his cock came out of my mouth and sprayed warm cum all over my face. I felt so feminine and submissive as I let him cum on me with his big beautiful cock.

I am not sure when, but sometime or another, I came all over the floor of the dressing room. I was so excited by this activity and being called names that I could not come close to controlling myself.

I started to wipe the cum off of my face when Jackson said, "Stop, Joe. I want you to go back to the hot tub with my cum on your face. People will know you are my bitch."

I felt my cock twitch as he called me his bitch, but I could not go out to the pool area with cum on my face. I worked for these people. It would be humiliating.

"Please, Jackson," I said, "I will do whatever you want, but don't make me go out there with cum on my face."

I was terrified that Jackson would make me talk to my business associates with his cum on my face. I felt like crying because I knew I would ultimately do what Jackson wanted. However, he must have realized how frightened I was because he gave me a break.

"Just swallow the cum off of your face in here," he said. "You will feel like a whore licking up my cum."

I eagerly started scooping his sperm into my mouth and eating it. I was so relieved and I loved his cum in my mouth. Jackson watched for a few minutes smiling and said, "You are such a little slut!"

With that, Jackson pulled up his swim suit and walked out of the dressing room. I pulled up my suit and tried to wipe up my cum on the floor and the remaining cum on my face with my hand.

I was worried that everyone at the pool knew or could guess that I had been sucking dick. I was afraid I would be fired or at least branded as a cocksucker for the rest of my banking career. The thought crossed my mind that maybe I would be protected by some law or company rule that prevented discrimination against gays. Then, I thought, "I am not gay! I am married!"

Then, it crossed my mind that some of my bosses would be pleased that I was sucking the dick of a billionaire. I knew I had to go face the music and just hoped for the best.

I took a deep breath and walked out the door hoping that I had eaten all of Jackson's cum on my face and in my hair. As I did, I was relieved to see Jackson standing at the bar. I quickly walked over to join him hoping that nobody would notice me coming out of the dressing room.

"Joe, that was great!" said Jackson. "Here are our drinks. Head over to the hot tub and I will join you in a second." He then answered a phone call on his cell phone.

I took a big drink of my cocktail and headed toward the hot tub full of company people. I saw all of the women who had been chatting with us. I then saw my boss' wife. I was dying.

I quickly sat in the hot tub and tried to avoid eye contact. I felt humiliated as I got some funny looks from some of the women. The older, attractive woman who seemed so interested in Jackson was talking and laughing with my boss' wife, Carol.

I sat there not talking to anyone for a few minutes when Carol said, "Joe, can we speak to you over here for just a second.

I didn't want to go, but I didn't want to make a scene by refusing to go. When I got near them, the older attractive woman said, "Joe, you have sperm on your face. After you go down on a guy, you need to look in the mirror before you go back in public."

I said, "I didn't go down on anyone!"

Carol laughed and said, "Joe, honey, you went in a dressing room with an attractive man and you came out with cum on your cheek and in your hair. It is pretty obvious what you have been doing. We were just trying to help you by letting you know you need to clean yourself up."

I felt myself blush. "Thanks." I said. "I appreciate the thought. Please, don't tell anyone what you saw."

Carol said, "We don't care what you do in private, Joe. Does your wife know you are gay?"

"I am not gay!" I whispered.

"Okay, Joe." Carol said. "Does your wife know you do things that cause you to have another man's cum all over you?"

I couldn't argue with that question and quietly said, "No, I didn't know either until this trip."

Carol smiled and said, "A handsome guy like that has caused a lot of people to get down on their knees."

"Please don't tell anyone, Carol."

Carol looked around and said, "Joe, a lot of people probably saw you go into the dressing room with Jackson. It is probably too late."

The other woman laughed and said, "Don't worry, honey. My husband runs the bank and he wishes more guys would suck off rich hedge fund managers!"

I looked at her in shock and said, "Are you Mrs. Goldman?"


I closed my eyes and saw my career flying out of the window as I said, "Great. I may as well resign."

"Don't worry about it, Joe," said Mrs. Goldman. "Lots of women have done a lot worse to get a big client."

"I didn't do it to get business!"

The women looked at each other and Mrs. Goldman said, "So, I guess you just like to be covered in cum?"

I closed my eyes again and didn't know what to say.

Mrs. Goldman said, "It is okay, Joe. My husband will be thrilled that you are working on this relationship no matter why you are doing it."

"Can you please keep it to yourself?"

"We'll see." Mrs. Goldman said. I was sure I was going to be fired.

About then, Jackson came over and told me that we needed to go back to his room. I practically ran out of the hot tub to join him.

"Did everyone notice that you sucked my cock, Joe?"

I laughed and said, "I don't know, but the wives of my boss and the president of the entire bank noticed your cum on me."

"Did it make you feel like a little slut to have people see you with my cum on your face? I bet you liked having those women know that you are my cocksucker."

I hadn't really thought of it that way and I did like the feeling I got when I thought about people knowing that I was sucking Jackson's cock. I thought about it a second and said, "If I don't get fired, I may like the idea of people finding out what I have been doing."

"You won't get fired as long as you are my special friend," said Jackson.

He said it with such confidence, I believed it. I also knew myself well enough to know that I would not stop sucking his cock as long as he was offering it to me.

Jackson and I spent the rest of the day in our giant suite. We then had a nice dinner in one of the hotel restaurants. After dinner, we were drinking some more excellent red wine. I was never going to be satisfied with my $15 bottles I usually purchased back home again.

Jackson had me change into my white panties we sat on the couch with my head in his lap. Then, he said, "Joe, I have some more gifts for you."

He took me to the kitchen table where a stack of gift wrapped boxes were located. He told me to open them and said, "These are really gifts for both of us. I can't wait to see you in these!"

I opened the boxes and found 4 pairs of high heel women's shoes in colors to match my new panties. I also was given thigh high stockings in colors that matched my new panties and high heels. All of the gifts were obviously expensive and in my size.

I have always liked women in thigh high stockings and high heels. I bought some for my sexy wife. Wearing panties was surprisingly fun and I was pretty sure that I would like the new gifts too.

Jackson said, "Misty has arranged for a woman from the hotel's spa to come up and give you a shave. She should be here soon."

I didn't understand until Jackson told me that he thought I would look better with all of the hair below my waist shaved. I liked that idea, but I wondered how I would explain it to my wife.

A few minutes later, a young blonde woman came in and took me to the tub in the master suite to give me a complete shave. Jackson watched as she stripped me and shaved my pubic hair and legs. Then, Jackson suggested that she shave my entire body. I agreed, so the for the first time since puberty, my skin was smooth.

As soon as the spa woman left, I went to try on my new outfits. I picked the all white combination. I felt very sexy as I pulled on my new stockings. My cock looked great shaven.

Even I have to admit that I looked tall, slim and sexy in the high heels and stockings. My cock was hard as a rock. I came out of my room and modeled for Jackson. He loved the look.

It was hard to walk in the shoes, but the look was awesome. I was already pretty tall and thin, but in the very high heels, I looked like a high end call girl from the waist down. I noticed that Jackson's cock was hard. I was unreasonably happy that I made his dick hard.

We had a glass of wine or two and I confessed to Jackson, "I thought when I agreed to sleep with you that you were going to fuck me in the ass. I was really relieved that you just wanted oral!"

Jackson looked a little surprised and said, "So, when you said you would sleep with me you were saying that you were ready to be fucked?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Well, what are we waiting for? You look like you are ready to fuck and now I know you want my cock up your ass."


He took me to the bedroom and had me get on all fours on the bed. I was afraid his big thick cock was going to rip me in half, but I loved the thought of Jackson being inside me. He used lots of lube and was surprisingly gentle at first.

I don't know why I was afraid of anal sex, but I have always had a high pain threshold. The big cock hurt some, but I started to feel like it was a challenge like playing with pain in a football game. I took it like a man(or maybe like a woman).

As soon as Jackson knew that I could take it, he started driving that big dick deeper and deeper into me. I loved it. Even when it hurt, I loved it. I was being fucked for the first time. I started to moan and groan loudly.

Jackson said, "Joe, you are officially a faggot now that you are bent over and taking a cock up your sissy ass! Tell me you are a faggot!"

"I am a faggot!"

Cum started involuntarily coming out of my cock when he jammed his cock deep inside me. I felt like such a sissy with my ass up in the air and my head down on the bed. I felt like a whore and loved it!

"I am your whore, Jackson! Use me, baby!"

He started fucking me harder and harder and faster and faster. I was moaning so loud that people could probably hear me outside the suite.

After I had cum so much, I could not possibly cum anymore, Jackson moaned and filled my ass with cum.

He rolled off of me and asked me to gently lick his cock clean. I did not hesitate to take his cock into my mouth and lick it clean.

For the next day or so, the rain continued and I practiced being Jackson's bitch. I hung around the suite almost all of the time and usually wore just panties, stockings and the high heels. I spent quite a bit of time trying to learn to walk in spike heels. It wasn't easy, but I was learning. I came to think that I looked good in the high heels.

Jackson came and went during the day. But when he was around, I would frequently suck or fuck him. I became obsessed with his big cock. Occasionally, I would wonder what in the world I was doing, but I liked that cock so much that it was all I really wanted. I was avoiding calls from my wife.

On Friday morning, I quietly got out of bed and slipped on my matching pink outfit. I had on the heels, stockings and panties. In the living room of the suite, I bent over the back of the couch with my legs straight and looked at mirror. The bottom half of me looked like a sexy girl in pink lingerie. My cock was hard as a rock and sticking out of my pink panties.

I called out loudly for Jackson without changing positions. I called several times for him. Jackson walked out of the bedroom naked. His big cock was soft, but swinging between his legs.

I said, "Please fuck me, Jackson!"

He replied, "You look nasty, Joe. I would love to fuck you, but I have a meeting in a few minutes."

"Fuck the meeting. You have time to fuck me! I will make you cum quickly!"

"Okay," he said, "But I don't think we have time for this."

"Just give me that dick, man!"

I jumped down on my knees and started licking and sucking Jackson's big cock. It was rapidly getting hard. I then started bobbing my head on his cock feeling like a submissive girl as I did.

After a few minutes of sucking, Jackson said, "Lie face down on the floor, Joe. I am going to pound your ass."

I quickly went to the floor. I loved the anticipation as Jackson pulled down my panties and mounted me. I felt his hard cock between my cheeks as he climbed on top of me. Then, he raised up a little and slowly put his cock up my ass.

This was the first time we had tried this prone position. I felt like I was being impaled, but I was so horny, I loved it.

Jackson was clearly horny too. He normally took it slowly at first, but this time he just started pounding my ass.

I loved the sensation of my hard cock getting jammed into the floor by Jackson's pounding.

"Tell me you are my whore, Joe!"

"I am your whore! Fuck me! Use me!"

I heard a sound near the door, but at most I figured it was Misty or the housekeeper. At that moment, I didn't care if they saw me or heard me. In fact, it crossed my mind that it would be hot if lovely Misty saw this.

I moaned loudly and screamed, "I am your faggot Jackson! Fuck me harder with that big cock!"

About that time, I felt Jackson slow up and raise up a little. I looked up to see Misty standing in the room with Mr. and Mrs. Goldman. They looked shocked.

Jackson said to the Goldmans, "Sorry about this. How would it be if I meet you in the lobby in 15 minutes?"

I panicked and started wiggling around trying to get Jackson's cock out of my ass so I could get up and run. After some struggle, Jackson figured out what I was trying to do and let me get up. However, getting up did not improve things. I was standing there in high heels and stockings with lace pink panties at my knees. My cock was embarrassingly hard and sticking straight out.

"Sorry Mr. Goldman! I did not know you were coming to visit. Let me go change and I will come to the meeting with Jackson."

I reached down to pull up my panties so that I could try to run in the high heels to the bedroom. Mrs. Goldman was staring at the hard cocks on display and smiling.

Goldman looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Don't bother coming to the meeting. I can't keep an employee when I know he is having sex with a client. That is especially true when the client is as important as Mr. Jennings. I can't look the other way when I have seen it in person. You will need to find another job, Joe."

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That was just non-stop, relentless, excellent filth! One of the best stories I have read on Lit. 5 stars!

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