tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSeduced by a Sri Lankan Secretary

Seduced by a Sri Lankan Secretary


This happened when I was doing my articles at a firm of Accountants. She was 22 and I was a 19 year old guy. There was this important report that I had to submit which was typed by this horny young 22 year old sexy secy. I collected it from her and ended up misplacing it two days later. I went and told her this and she said she cannot waste time re-typing and would report me to our boss. I pleaded with her not to do so and then she said "OK I will re-type it Friday evening provided you stay back in office". I gladly agreed

On Friday after working hours she started re-typing the report and wanted me to sit next to her in the computer room and check the accuracy of her typing on the computer screen. By 6.30pm everybody had gone off and the keys were handed over to us to lock up when we finished our "work".

She finished typing the report by 7.00pm and said "what will you give me in return for wasting my time over this report all over again?"

"Anything you want" I replied. Then she said "remember what you said - anything, I will print the report for you only after I get everything"

She then got up from her seat and on a table and told me "strip your clothes". I was reluctant to strip when she was fully clothed. Then she barked at me "strip you bugger and live up to your promise, be a man". I slowly took off all my clothes except the underwear.

She then sat at her seat again and told me "get under the computer table, remove my shoes and kiss my toes". I did as I was instructed and also slid my had up her inner thighs. She looked annoyed at this and said "look you do what I tell you only".

With that she got up and dragged me into the Ladies Toilet. She told me lie down in the bathtub. She then lifted her skirt and straddled my face. I was pleased to see a wet patch on her pink cotton panties and I knew she was in the game! She lowered her panty clad pussy to my mouth and said "kiss it and smell it". Her aroma got me a real hard on. She then asked "do you like it" and the answer was an obvious "yes".

She then said "I wanna pee now, and right into your mouth, I want your blood stream to digest some of my pee and circulate for the rest of your life". I hesitated 'cause I never ever thought of pee drinking. She slapped my face and said "open your mouth" with that she pressed her pussy real hard against my mouth and started pissing. The hot golden juice was bitter and tasty. I had no other option rather than drink it. Then she peed all over my face and body. She lied on top of me and kissed my lips tasting her own pee and while doing so she peed on my cock through the under wear.

She then moved again to place he pussy on my face and shifted the panty crotch to a side and told me "fuck with you tongue" While I was tongue fucking her she masturbated me but ensured I did not cum. Finally "aaaaaaaaaah" she ejaculated her love juice all over my face. I licked all her juices and it was real sweet and bitter.

We showered together but she said "you are not going to cum today" I was frustrated. She said "if you wanna cum come to my apartment tomorrow night"

Well thats another story.

Readers please e-mail me and encourage me to share all my experiences.

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