Seduced By An Entity Ch. 05


Kimberly was tied to a bed in a room where the queen of darkness came to her with a plate of spleen, hearts and intestines." I have brought food for my child to feed on." she told her.

"Your child? No, it is my child." Kimberly told her.

"You fat ugly bitch that child you carry was fathered by Fredrick to be the ruler of the dark side." She yelled at Kimberly as she grabbed her face digging her nails into her flesh.

"You've made a mistake; the father is James Weston from Tennessee." She told her crying.

"No you ignorant sow; it was Fredrick using another human form to impregnate you." She told her. "I will take great pleasure in killing you myself tonight after my child is born. Now eat!"

Kimberly looked at the human organs on the plate and began to gag.

" I can't eat that!" She cried pushing the plate away from her.

"Yes you can and will!' she yelled shoving the heart into her mouth.

" Now eat it or I will kill you now!" she ordered.

Kimberly tried to eat it, she gagged with each bite feeling as if she would vomit at any second as the woman kept shoving it in her mouth.

"You will eat every bite of this food, and then we must prepare you for its birth" she told her shoving the intestines in her mouth." Eat it!" She yelled grabbing her by the face digging her long sharp black nails into the sides of her cheeks again. The woman grabbed a glass of blood after she ate everything on the plate." Drink this; it is the blood of her father... Fredrick." She told her pouring the glass of blood down her throat. The Queen of darkness ordered her people to take her to cleanse her body so the birth may begin.

Kimberly began to cry." It's not time! I am only six months pregnant, you will kill the baby if you take it too early!" she pleaded trying to spare her life as well as her child's.

"Shut up you fat ugly cow!" the woman screamed at her. "Now take this repugnant creature so my child may be born."

They took Kimberly to a room full of lit candles, she was placed on a table screaming, and under it was a large circle with a star in the middle. Kimberly was crying hysterically as they gagged her mouth and tied her arms and legs apart on the table. The people in the room surrounded the table as they began to chant words that Kimberly could not understand.

The Queen and Prince of darkness stood beside the table in long black robes with hoods over their heads. "Let us begin the birth of the child." Otis spoke in a demonic voice.

Kimberly began screaming as the large knife began to cut into her flesh, the pain was unbearable for her, her screams could be heard through out the entire house and woods. It was not long before they lifted the child out of her womb and wrapped it in a black cloth. The Princess of darkness turned to the unconscious Kimberly with the large dagger and with one swipe slit her throat. "Feast my people and rejoice the Princess of darkness birth," she said holding the baby in the air over her head. Kimberly's lifeless body was then devoured by the demonic creatures surrounding her.

The Queen of darkness held the child in her arms proud that she had gotten what she wanted most ." you my child will rule all of the dark side bringing death, plagues, chaos amongst the earth." She said feeding the child from her breast that had filled with milk." Yes my little princess feed from mother." She told the baby as her eyes glowed

It was time to go to the old mansion to do battle with the demons; the ride was quiet as they prayed to the heavens protect them. They parked the car on the side of the road by the woods as they began their journey. As they were walking all of their flash lights went dead." What caused that to happen?" Norma asked.

"Evil is trying to stop us." She told them as she kept walking.

"How will we see our way through the woods?" Saunders asked he was unable to see two feet in front of him it was so black.

A brilliant light glowed above them as Cheyenne motioned for them to follow her. She led the way to the abandoned mansion. They were following her through the halls until she disappeared from sight.

"Where did she go?" Hank asked trying to find her.

"Where she is needed the most." Aggatha told them. "We must hurry." She told them.

They could feel the evil around them as they walked down the hall to a large wooden door. Aggatha opened it slowly." Their in there, Norma no matter what, keep this door locked letting no one out. Here is a vial for you, do not use it all at once, a few drops on their skin will release them from the bodies and back where they belong." She said handing each one of them a vial with the potion.

They entered the room; the demons began walking slowly towards them, hissing at them with their distorted faces. Aggatha began repeating a verse." With this potion, send these demons from whence they come, setting their trip to hell in motion." She kept repeating it repeatedly.

The drops hit each demon; they fell to the ground returning back into the women who were abducted. When Hank hit Otis with the potion who was now in his pure demonic form, with huge ears, his body was like a lizard with a long tail that he would whip around his body, smoke rose off his skin as he screamed out in torment then burst into flames. They saw Cheyenne's body fall to the floor before they could hit the Queen of darkness with the potion, Cheyenne had been able to pull the evil witches soul from her body and they battled. The Queen of darkness was trying to destroy her so she could remain in Cheyenne's body.

The Queen of darkness was throwing balls of fire at Cheyenne and at everyone else in the room. They sought cover from her. Cheyenne began to repeat the verse that Aggatha was repeating as she raised her hand with a snow-white glowing ball in her hand hitting the Queen of darkness with it causing her to explode into a ball of fire, all the demons followed her into the ball and exploded.

They all watched Cheyenne's soul hovering above her body lying on the floor then slowly she went back into her body. She laid their still without any movement from her. Hank ran to her picking her up into his arms." Don't you leave me now Cheyenne, come back baby I love you." He said cradling her in his arms.

Cheyenne looked up into his eyes smiling; she was weak from her battle." I love you Hank," she whispered wrapping her arms around him." I felt so much love coming at me from all directions making me stronger to beat the Dark Side." She told him with her eyes closed a look of peace on her face.

Hank looked at Roger." It was mine and Rogers love for you that you were feeling that gave you the strength." He told her giving Roger the credit he deserved.

Hank helped Cheyenne to stand up and she hugged Roger, "I will never let you take that love away from me, as I will never take my love that I have for you away." She told him kissing him softly on his lips. She looked over to where Kimberly's mutilated body still lay on the table." Oh sweet Jesus!" she cried out." They killed her, I wasn't in time!" She cried into Rogers's chest.

They heard the baby crying under the table.

" It's still alive!" Aggatha said as she reached under the table." We must get her to the hospital quickly." She said looking at Cheyenne.

" You my child have been chosen to watch over her and to protect her."

Cheyenne smiled taking the tiny infant in her arms." I will protect you little one, we all will be here to protect you." She said smiling down at the newly born infant not weighing more then a pound.

They all waited at the hospital where the baby was placed in NICU until they could get her weight from 2 lbs to 5lbs before she could leave the hospital.

As they were leaving the hospital Roger looked at Aggatha." Where do you go from here?" he asked looking at the sweet old woman.

"As it turns out I am seeking a nanny job." She said smiling at Hank and Cheyenne.

Everyone yelled at one time." Your hired!" they all began laughing as the other women's families showed up to be reunited with them.

"Remember we all must keep quiet of what really took place." Aggatha told them." Or they may remove the child from us and that cannot happen if we are to protect her."

Hank, Cheyenne and Aggatha went back to the house Aggatha looked at Cheyenne from the back seat." Cheyenne we will need to talk because my child your life is no longer as it once was. You and the other women have been chosen to fight off evil for ever, not just this one time. Every day that passes you will notice more powers given to you." She said trying to break this to her easy.

Cheyenne turned to look at Aggatha from the front seat. "What are you trying to say Aggatha?" she asked feeling this was something she really didn't want to hear.

"I was around when Fredrick killed his family those many years ago." She told her seeing the confusion in her face.

"Your over two hundred years old?" Hank asked with a look of disbelief.

"We will talk more at the house." Aggatha told them.

The rest of the ride was silent as they each wondered what was going to happen to their once normal lives.

Once inside the house they all sat at the table, Aggatha taking a deep breath." The good thing about this Cheyenne, you and the other women will never age. You have been chosen since birth to defend goodness against all evil." She said trying to make this is easy on her.

"Never age? But we all age, how else do we grow old and die?" she asked her beginning to understand, but not really wanting to accept what has happened.

"Yes mortals live and die while there are some who die and are chosen to come back to conquer evil." Aggatha told her wishing she could take her into her arms.

With a look of fear on her face. "I am dead is what your telling me?" she asked.

"You were dead, but you were sent back with certain conditions and powers." She told her.

"What about Hank? I will have to go through eternity without him?" she said as tears came to her eyes.

"Only after he lives and dies from old age, you will be able to live a normal husband and wife relationship until then." She told them.

"How will I know when I get these powers and how to use them?" Cheyenne asked.

"You will know when you obtain them and it will be natural to use them to you as if you always had them." She explained." We will tell the other ones tomorrow. Oh and we all must relocate to another location." she told them as it all sank into Cheyenne's and Hanks minds." As for the child we must be grateful that she did not have time to suckle from the breast of the Queen of darkness other wise her blood would have been past through the milk to the infant and we would have had to kill her." Aggatha said as the thought was distasteful to her." Even though Fredrick's blood flows through her body he was not always evil, there was a time he was good and the only woman he ever loved through all these years was a powerful warrior of the white light as he him self was." Aggatha told them as tears wailed up in her eyes. "Then he became greedy and wanted more and turned to the Dark Side as their leader.

"What became of the one he loved?" Cheyenne asked Aggatha.

"His love for her was not strong enough to keep him from killing her." Aggatha said thinking of that horrible night." Enough, you will learn more later." She told Cheyenne.

Cheyenne and Hank retired to their bedroom, Cheyenne was reluctant to have sexual relations with him after her ordeal with the demons sexual rituals they had put her body through, she could still see Gore warrior's face pleasuring himself using her body to do it.

Hank became upset with her resisting him. "Are you trying to tell me I remind you of him?" he asked feeling angered by her refusing his sexual advances.

"No damn it! I do not want sex with anyone!" she yelled smashing her vase with the carnations with just one glance at it. "Well I guess I have a power now!" She said going to the patio to sit and think.

Roger lay out on the couch listening to the argument wishing he could comfort her, but knowing he could not do anything without provoking Hank.

Six years later.

The whole household was preparing for Gina's birthday, Norma baked her a birthday cake in the shape of a teddy bear. The other women were busy decorating the house with streamers and balloons, the men had bought her a brand new bicycle, with a baby doll in a small cradle .Aggatha brought the child down stairs dressed in a white lace dress, with white anklets around the tops of them, her long brown hair was in long curly ringlets.

"Here is the birthday girl." Aggatha said as she brought Gina to the kitchen where her cake was waiting with six candles on it.

Gina looked at the cake smiling as they lit the candles for her." Do I get to blow them out now?" she asked so sweetly.

"Yes Gina, blow out the candles then make a wish." Norma told her as everyone stood around the table singing happy birthday to her.

Gina blew out all the candles on the cake then sat in a chair for her cake and ice cream.

" Hurry so I open my gifts." She said smiling.

Norma fixed everyone a plate of the cake and ice cream, as everyone was about to eat Gina threw her plate on the floor." I hate strawberry cake you moron!" she yelled at Norma.

"That is enough Gina!" Cheyenne yelled at the little girl with a very stern expression.

"I am so sorry Cheyenne." She said looking at her sadly.

"Maybe we shouldn't give you any gifts for your actions here at the table!" Cheyenne fumed as she scolded the child.

Gina looking at her lap with tears flowing down her cheeks." Please Cheyenne please! I will eat the cake. I am sorry grandma for being bad." Gina said looking up from her lap.

"You better eat every piece of cake and ice cream, then maybe and only maybe you can have your gifts." she told her.

"Now before you eat you will clean up that mess you made." She told the child pointing at the broken plate on the floor.

Gina cleaned up the mess she made from her temper tantrum; she then sat at the table eating her cake and ice cream. After everyone had finished they led Gina into the living room with a scarf around her eyes so she could not see her gifts waiting for her. Gina opened all her gifts with excitement; she hugged the baby placing her in the cradle. When she saw her new pink bike that had a bell , a white basket and pink and white fringe hanging from the handles she was very pleased." Oh thank you!" she said with a huge smile." You're the best family!" she told them looking at her new bike. "May I ride it now?" she asked them with an angelic expression.

"Change into your play clothes first." Lindsey told her.

"Alright!" she yelled excited to be able to ride her new bike.

The rest of the afternoon Gina rode her bike around the grounds of the farm. She would laugh as she tried to run the chickens over with her bike. She spent the day tormenting the animals when no one was watching her, Ralph and Ninja lay under the tractor growling and hissing at the child.

That night Gina was to start school the next day, which the rest of the household was grateful it meant they would have a break from the high-strung child.

Morning soon came and time for Gina to get ready for her first day of school, Norma dressed her in a red corduroy dress that buttoned at the shoulders, a white long sleeve shirt, with white knee high socks and black paten shoes, and her hair was pulled up in a pony tail. When Gina entered, her class she was seated next to a little girl with blond curly hair named Sammy who was dressed in a pink ruffled dress, pink anklet with black paten leather shoes.

Gina saw the little girl's necklace with a ruby stone and Gina wanted it." I'll give you this candy bar for your necklace." She told Sammy.

"No my grand ma gave it to me before she died last year." She told Gina.

Gina gave Sammy a dirty look for she wanted that necklace. At recess, Gina played with Sammy on the swings when she saw some woods.

" let's go into the woods and look around," she told her new friend.

"Ok, but not too far or we will get into trouble." Sammy told her as they ran into the woods just as the recess bell rang for them to return to class." we have to go." She told Gina turning around to go back to class.

"Wait what is over in that tree?" Gina asked walking over to it as Sammy followed behind her.

Mrs. Harris came to the edge of the woods "come out of there and return to class!" She yelled into the woods.

Gina came running out of the woods." Sammy is still in there, I told her to come on but she went running deeper into the woods!" She told the teacher acting so concerned.

"Well come on Gina, I will tell the principle he will go find her." Mrs. Harris told her as she put her hand on Gina's back leading her towards the school building.

As they were walking Gina looked back over her shoulder." I wonder what she is doing in there? " Gina asked the teacher.

"Getting into trouble that is what she is doing." Mrs. Harris told her.

Once back in class Gina kept looking at the door but no one ever came in. the school bell rang at the end of the day." Why didn't Sammy come back to class Mrs. Harris?" she asked her teacher as she was grading papers.

"She probably spent the rest of the day in the principles office." She told her not looking up from her paper work." Now go on your parents will be waiting for you." Her teacher said never looking up once.

"See you tomorrow Mrs. Harris." Gina told her with a huge smile on her face until she ran to the hallway where she saw three police officers standing in the hallway. Gina quickly ran out side to catch her ride home with Hank.

Hank saw the police cars as he pulled up in front of the school; he waited outside the car until he saw Gina." How was school today?" he asked her as he opened her car door.

"Fine I got to swing on the swing set today. Do you think we could get a swing set at home Hank?" she asked him as they drove past the police cars.

"We will see what kind of grades you have on your report card and if they are good then yes." He told her as they drove home.

When they pulled up in front of the house Roger was sitting on the front porch." Gina I need to ask you a question." He told her.

"What do you want to ask me Roger?" she asked him as she sat next to him on the bench swing.

"You told your teacher you saw Sammy running deeper into the woods at recess." He told her taking her hand.

"Yes we heard the bell and I told her we better go back, but she went running more into the woods saying she saw something, then Mrs. Harris called and I told her Sammy just kept running into the woods." She told him with wide eyes." is Sammy in trouble?" she asked him.

"No Gina, Sammy is not in trouble, did you see anyone else in the woods?" he asked her looking at her face.

"No Roger I didn't see no one else." Gina told him with a curious look.

"Sammy got hurt in the woods today and she won't be going back to school anymore." He told her as he was filled with sorrow.

"Why won't she be going back to school?" she asked Roger looking even more curious then ever.

"Sammy went to heaven today." Roger told her as gently as he could as tears came to his eyes remembering how her tiny body laid lifeless and mangled.

"No! She was my friend!" Gina yelled as she ran to her room slamming the door behind her.

Hank looked at Roger, "what happened in the woods?" he asked knowing there was more to it then Roger could tell Gina.

"Someone with brut force smashed that child's head in with a rock." He told Hank shaking his head." you could hardly tell she was human. Her tiny face was smashed in so badly." He said breaking down into tears." I am going to find that bastard who did this to that kid and I pray he tries to smash me with a rock!" Roger said with his hand on his gun and the look of hate in his eyes.

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