Seduced By An Entity Ch. 05


Gina laid in her bed smiling as she dangled the ruby red necklace over her as she watched how the light made it sparkle. She quickly got up and hid the necklace deep in her toy box. "No one will find you in here," she said then going back to her bed when she heard someone coming.

Cheyenne walked into the room seeing the child lying on her bed crying." Are you ok sweetie?" Cheyenne asked sitting on the side of the bed stroking Gina's hair as she lay on her stomach crying.

"Why did she have to go to heaven for?" she asked Cheyenne.

"That is where good people go to live when they die here on earth." Cheyenne explained to her.

"Leave me alone I don't want to talk to anyone." Gina told her.

Cheyenne left her alone as she went to her room where Hank was sitting." Who would kill a child?" he asked trying to find an answer.

"Someone very sick or very evil did this." Cheyenne told him.

"Have you had any visions?" he asked her.

"No not this time." She said sitting on the bed with her head down as she failed an innocent child whose life was taken before her time was up on earth.

"Why did I not get a vision? Why was that child sacrificed to evil?" she cried out in pain as tears streaked her face.

"I am going to go shower," she told him patting his hand letting him know she was ok. As the hot water ran down her face it felt so relaxing as she opened her eyes the water had turned to blood running down her body.

" Oh my God!" she said realizing it was an illusion trying to tell her something. I need to go look around the area where the child was murdered. She thought to her self. The water began to run clear then. Realizing this is what something was trying to tell her." ok I got your message loud and clear." she said as she finished showering. Cheyenne grabbed a pair of black jeans, a white blouse with black stripes; she put on a pair of black boots that just fit around her ankles. She wore her hair up a ponytail as she noticed her hair was starting to turn dark brown. "Want to ride with me to the crime scene Hank?" she asked as he was lying across on the bed on his back in just a pair of blue jeans and white sneakers.

" Sure let me put a shirt on." He told her putting on a blue t-shirt.

As they were going out the door she grabbed his ass." We may not make it to the crime scene you keep that up." He said smiling at her.

As they drove to the school, Cheyenne thought to her self what am I suppose to find. They saw Roger and Saunders standing by their car. Cheyenne got out of the car walking up to the two men." May we see the crime scene?" she asked as she saw how disturbed they were by the looks on their faces.

"Yeah maybe you can figure out who did it so we can accidentally slip a rock into the monsters skull!" Saunders told them hoping that Cheyenne would see something they could not.

As the four of them walked to where the murder happened Cheyenne saw the rock was still there that had been used to kill the child. The crime scene unit had not removed it yet, she bent over to pick it up. As soon as Cheyenne picked it up she suddenly fell to the ground backing up as fast as she could as if she was trying to escape from something horrible, she began screaming and covering her head with her arms as if to stop something from hitting her." No! Please!" Cheyenne began screaming, her body jerking uncontrollably then she past out as a trickle of blood ran down from her mouth.

Hank held her in his arms." She must have seen something that scared the hell out of her." He told them trying to revive her.

"Out of all the years I have known this feisty lady, this is the first time I have seen her so scared." Roger said feeling relieved when he saw she was coming too.

Cheyenne opened her eyes they were wide full of fear as her body was still slightly shaky." It was a demon." She told them as she cried feeling the pain of the little girl.

"Why were you so scared?" Hank asked her.

"I went into Sammy when she was being murdered, she was so frightened." Cheyenne told them as tears fell from her eyes." It was so ugly, green, with red glowing eyes, it had fang like teeth, long fingers nails, it just kept bashing at her head, and it took a necklace off of her neck before it finished killing her." She said crying as she saw the death." I guess I past out because that was when she died." She told them using the hanker chief Roger handed her.

Cheyenne stood up looking around the woods.

" Where ever your hiding demon from hell I plan on killing you slowly before sending you back to the fires to burn for eternity!" she yelled almost as if she wanted it to appear so she could battle it now." I will have my day with you since I have seen you! Appear before me I demand you!" she said looking around." You coward! Your not even worthy of being a demon!" she yelled trying to provoke it to appear in front of her. Tears ran down her face out of anger, frustration and pain from the small child's grizzly murder.

Hank put his hand on her shoulder. "It's not going to appear Cheyenne." He told her trying to calm her down.

"It killed her over a damned necklace!" She told them." I plan on giving it a necklace to carry to hell with it." She told them, she felt so angry.

Gina heard Cheyenne summoning her to appear before them and hid from her.

Hank took Cheyenne back to the house where the others were waiting. Cheyenne looked at the other women." we have a demon that killed a child over a necklace. I want this one so bad I can taste it!" she told them as she was filled with anger.

Gina sat at the top of the stairs listening then hurried back to her bedroom." Cheyenne can not find out it was me, not until I am older then I will destroy them all." She said to herself sitting on her bed grinning as she thought of their destruction." I will revenge my parent's death and rule my kingdom as it is meant to be." She said lying down on her bed." I will have to create a diversion." She said smiling so evilly.

The next few weeks everything was quiet even Gina who was being very well behaved. Cheyenne and the other women worked out everyday to keep them selves in shape. A young man with black hair, blue eyes and muscular build, came up to the house with his shirt hanging out of his tight blue jeans, his cowboy boots had cleats on them. He singled Cheyenne out of the group." I was wondering if you had a few odd jobs I could do and a place to lie down at night, the barn would be great." He said looking deep into her eyes like he was reading her soul.

Cheyenne felt herself not being able to take her eyes away from his as if he was putting her in a trance as she looked back into his eyes her words were slowly spoken. "We can find something for you to do here," she said still not taking her eyes from his.

"May I sleep in your barn?" he asked as he smiled showing the whitest teeth she had ever seen.

"Yes of course you may." She answered as she was acting even stranger now.

He held his hand out for her to shake it; as soon as their hands met she had a tingling sensation going through her body." Thank you misses. Sorry I didn't get your name," he told her.

"It's Cheyenne," she said still in a trance like state.

"If it would not be too much trouble could you show me where I will be sleeping and what ever you wish of me to do for you?" He told Cheyenne as he eyed her body up and down smiling as if he was taking her clothes off.

"Yes come with me." She told him as she walked to the barn as he had his hand on the small of her back.

The other women watched as Cheyenne walked away with the man.

" We better go tell Aggatha, Cheyenne acts like she has been put in a trance or something." Gloria said worried about the presence of this man.

The women ran to the house where Aggatha was cooking dinner

." Aggatha! Something is wrong with Cheyenne! This guy came up here and she acted like she was in a trance as soon as their eyes met, she is letting him sleep in the barn and work here." Gloria told Aggatha talking so fast the woman had a hard time comprehending what she was saying.

Aggatha looked strange at the women." Oh no it must be a warlock sent here to destroy Cheyenne since she is our strongest with the most powers." She told the women. "Are they in the barn now?" she asked in an agitated voice.

"Yes." The women said in unison.

Aggatha ran to the barn where she found Cheyenne in the arms of the man as he was kissing her and holding her body tightly against his. Running his hands down her back, pressing her hips against the erection he was getting.

" Take your hands off of her Justin!" Aggatha demanded.

Justin looked up at Aggatha from kissing Cheyenne who did not try to break away from him." I don't think she wants me to let her go mother." He said smiling down at Cheyenne as she was breathing heavily looking at him as he pulled her tighter to him and she began to lick his neck. "Can't you see your stopping me from giving her what she wants?" He taunted Aggatha as he laid Cheyenne down on a haystack and placing his body on top of her.

"I should have destroyed you when I had the chance!" she told him.

"You couldn't kill your own son now mother could you?" He said taunting her even more. "But if you want to watch us take a seat." he told as she was kissing his neck as she ran her hands over his body.

"You have her under a spell take it off of her now Justin!" she

ordered her son.

"You should have joined forces with me and father instead of taking the side of the white light!" he yelled as he flew Aggatha up against the wall with one swipe of his hand.

"This is your strongest warrior and I am going to make her my bride to lead the Dark Side by my side." He said running his fingers down Cheyenne's cleavage as she moaned from his touch.

Aggatha picked herself up summoning the other women who appeared by her side." You must destroy him to break the spell he has put on Cheyenne." She told them.

He laughed at them." You bitches could not hurt anyone," he laughed as he licked Cheyenne's neck while she was becoming limp in his arms.

"Cheyenne Hank loves you! Fight for him if nothing else!" Tammy yelled at her seeing she was becoming weaker in his arms.

This angered Justin he turned towards her sending her flying through the air in to a wall." Shut up you bitch!" he ordered as he turned demonic looking.

The other women began to walk toward him when they saw Cheyenne began to move, her eyes then opened as she looked at Justin." You have just met your match mother fucker!" she yelled at him then sent him into the wall behind him with using both of her hands without touching him. Not giving him a chance to get his senses, she sent him flying across the room. With one leap she jumped up in the air flying on top of him where they fought, as he got on top of her with his hands strangling her Tammy flew through the air hitting him directly in his head with her feet sending him flying off of Cheyenne. The women all stood together in unison." return to the lake of hell where you whence came never to return to a place that the good and innocent dwell." They said as they held their hands straight out at him watching the flames of fire suck him into its hole.

"Why did you not kill him?" Aggatha asked Cheyenne.

"He is your son; if you couldn't destroy him then don't expect us too. He won't come back here again." She said as she looked disappointed at Aggatha." Why did you lie and tell us we were Guardian angels when in fact we are witches?" She asked the elderly woman.

Aggatha looked at the women." I did not think you could handle knowing the truth, but there are good witches who help the innocent mortals and supernatural beings that are not evil. How did you figure it out?" she asked

"I have all my powers now that is how I broke his spell on me." She told her.

"Cheyenne you have been chosen to lead the good from birth. None of your parents were normal mortals that is why they took you eight because you were meant to be powerful warriors to save us when the time of the war of good verses evil." She explained.

The women looked at each other." but they can place spells on us?" Lindsey asked.

"We are just as vulnerable to spells as any other person or witch." Cheyenne told them." Let's go to the house." She told them as she walked with her head down.

At the house Cheyenne was angry with her parents." Why didn't they tell me?" why did they leave me in an orphanage?" she asked aloud.

All the women realized they were all placed in orphanages." Why did our parents give us up?" they asked.

Just then a bright light came into the room it was the parents of the eight women." oh, our sweet daughter we had to place you there before we were destroyed that night. We did it to protect you as did the others parents place the other girls. Fredrick had us all destroyed except for Aggatha who they let live thinking she was one of them. She did well keeping her secret until she knew you were ready to take over then moved you here." Cheyenne's mother told her.

"To Salem for Christ sake where they killed people who they thought was witches? This is where you had her to bring us?" Cheyenne cried out.

"This was our home at one time and this is where you eight girls had to come to get your powers. Someone leaked it out to the Dark Side you girls are here. But who?" her father asked wondering who could have betrayed them.

"I suppose the one who I will be doing battle with in the future." Cheyenne told them." Some where there is a Princess of Darkness I will be fighting, just when I do not know." She told them.

"We must go now; take care of your selves more will come to stop you." Tammy's mother told them.

The women looked at each other knowing the truth, but it did not make it feel any better. Cheyenne went to the basement where she found a hidden door inside were oils, charms, candles, the tools that they would need to help them survive. She felt like she had been here before for it seemed so familiar to her when her cat Ninja ran up to her rubbing her legs." Well boy they say witches have black cats and here we are." She said picking the cat up in her arms.

The other women came into the room with her." Wow look at this place." Alicia said touching the oils.

"We use a drop of the oil in our baths it will help to give us protection against our enemies." She told them.

"Why didn't it protect our parents?" Gloria asked.

"It was meant to be." Cheyenne said as she found charms.

" These must be meant for us since there are eight of them here." She said handing each one to the women.

"Another form of protection for us." Lindsey said." It makes me mad that we were lied too." She said placing her charm on her neck, as did the others.

"When do you think it will take place?" Tammy asked.

"In ten years we go to battle." Cathy said.

"And they will keep coming before that time to destroy us." Patty told them.

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