Seduced By An Entity Ch. 21


“Thank you.” She said smiling at him.” By the way what is your real name?” she asked since everyone referred to him as the one who ate the evil souls.

“George is my name and that is how I got this name. Who would fear me as George?” He asked smiling. “Go your highness this is no place for a lady.”

Mystic Shadow smiled as she vanished promising never to reveal his real name. She appeared as everyone stood where she left them.

“Who will be our council?” Aggatha asked

“What is the number that I, the seven witches, the three warlocks and your self make?” she asked

“Twelve.” She answered.

“We were supposed to have been given our rightful places as council, something else they neglected to tell us.” She told them watching the expressions on their faces. “And we are redesigning these counsels out fits; I can’t go around looking like Cleopatra.” She told them smiling. “We will meet in the council room in one hour where everyone will be handed their level in the council. We will still battle against evil with our warriors.

Sitting in the council room she made new outfits they would wear when they were in the palace where they would be living. Ninja was ecstatic running through the palace even though he missed his old friend Ralph who died twenty years ago. Mystic Shadow believed Ninja gave his old friend extended life for as long as he could. She gave Ninja a white diamond collar to show his royalty not wanting him to feel left out. She smiled as he ran from room to room in the palace.

When the others walked in including Mystic of the white light, they were surprised to see her in her new outfit. She had on a sheer white long sleeve shirt, white vest and matching skirt above her knees with matching white boots just below her knees, Mystic caster’s was identical to Mystic Shadow’s, except the skirt came to her mid thigh, her boots were thigh high. Aggatha wore a long white dress, the sleeves were long and sheer, white ankle boots. The six other witches had skirts that went to their calves, sheer white long sleeve shirts, with white boots that went to their calves.

Tammy looking at what they had to wear, she smiled at Mystic Shadow. She did this so Roger would find me UN attractive and never come back to me. She thought to her self.

“He was never yours to lose Tammy.” Mystic Shadow told her with a serious look on her face. Tammy did not realize she was reading her mind, feeling embarrassed her looked down at her lap. ” The reason I chose these outfits is because we can not look sleazy, we have high standards to retain while inside of the palace and that means we will no longer be running around here half dressed as we did in the other places that we lived in.” Mystic Shadow told the group looking directly at Tammy. ” this is our entire home, but the palace does have rules. We are to use our spiritual names here, but you will be called by your birth name that your parents at birth gave you, for those who were not born into the white light we will change your names to what the Higher Power has gave us. Besides, it gets to confusing with all the casters for example light caster and lightening. So we are going to change where at the end of some names it will be shadow some will have caster. “She explained to them.” now back to our dress style in the palace. For the men’s wardrobe I chose these.” She said putting Murkcaster in a white three-piece suit, white shirt, white tie with matching white slacks and dress shoes. She put Roger and Saunders in white jackets that hung loose, white shirts with white ties, white loose fitting slacks with white dress shoes. “You look absolutely great!” She said looking at the three of them.

“I have also made new warrior uniforms that will be worn by all warriors of the white light. The females new look.” she said standing up wearing a white tight fitting leather bustier top that had straps around the neck, the top laced up with white leather strings, a short white leather skirt just below the buttocks with very short white leather shorts attached . White thigh high boots. “I see by the men’s expressions it past. What do you ladies think?” she asked turning around and bending over to show the shorts intentionally in front of Roger knowing it would irritate Tammy. Tammy was going to have to get over or have chaos in the council and their battle against evil.

“ for the men, Roger stand up please .” she asked feeling Tammy fuming as Murkcaster smiled knowing his wife was going to bring this jealousy that Tammy had to a head.

Roger stood up wearing a white leather vest that fit tight across his chest and waist, white leather pants that were tight, but they were made to fit to move any way he had to maneuver his body, white army boots that fit high above his ankle. “This is the male warriors. Do we have any complaints?” she asked.

They all loved the new warriors look, especially in white since they were after all the warriors of the white light.

Your birth names given to you by your parents are as follows , Patty Coral shadow, Tammy Jada caster, Gloria Crystal caster, Alicia Destiny shadow , Margaret Dream caster, Lindsey Enchantress caster, Aggatha named by her parents Guardian caster. Now for the men you my darling will remain Murkcaster since it was both of my parents names combined and a great honor to carry. Roger Knight Shadow, Saunders Rain Caster.” She told them. “From now on you will be called by these names.” She told them as the women smiled feeling honored to carry the names that their parents gave them since they died for them so they could live.

“Now as it is known I am the High Priestess by blood, Murkcaster by marriage, so of course our duties will remain the same. Mystic caster you are second in command since you would be the next High Priestess at my demise. Dream caster you are to work with Mystic of the white light so when they need us you will send out the appropriate female warriors, Destiny shadow you are over the female warriors keeping them in shape assigning them to their duties and the evil they are to vanquish, Crystal caster you are to track the evil and inform Destiny shadow of their locations, Jada caster you are in charge of tracking evil mortals and deciding if it is to be given to Mystic of the white light or if it goes to Destiny shadow, Coral caster you are in charge of tracking the internet for the supernatural or mortal forms of evil. Enchantress caster you are in charge of the security making sure it remains safe and Guardian caster you will continue your work as you always have. Knight shadow you are second in command , Rain caster you are in charge of the male warriors keeping them in shape assigning them to the ones they to vanquish and sending those needed by Mystic of the white light.’ She told them taking a deep breath.

“I am now going to right a wrong I summon Fredrick to appear before the council.” She said standing up.

Fredrick appeared looking puzzled at everyone in the room.” Where is the council?” he asked her.

“You’re looking at it.” She told him as he was even more confused.” I have sent for you to right a wrong that was done to you many years ago” She told him placing her hands on his head restoring the memory that had been stolen from him.

Fredrick dropped to his knees crying.” I was not evil because of me! But because of them! They made me kill her! Oh my sweet, sweet love, please forgive me.” He said crying into his hands.

A white light appeared before him.” I forgive you Fire caster.” Charmelmystic told him helping him up off the floor.

He took her in his arms as they hugged he looked into her eyes.

” Thank you for your forgiveness.” He told her feeling the goodness and love that he had when he was a great warrior.

She kissed him with tears in her eyes as she vanished.

Mystic Shadow stood looking at him.” I can not give you back life, but now that you are the great warrior in spirit as you were in life I am placing you with Mystic of the white Light to be by her side to rule with her over the spirit warriors of the white light.” She told him as tears rolled down her face.

Mystic of the white light stood by his side.” We will be great together.” She told him smiling taking his hand.

“Yes I think we will.” He told her as they vanished.

Mystic Shadow and the rest smiled knowing they recovered a lost warrior who was never evil only made to think he was. “The meeting is over.” Mystic Shadow told them. “I want to talk with you Jada caster.” She told her looking serious.

“Yes Mystic Shadow, how I can help you?” she asked in a cold voice.

“Look if you want we can battle it out! If it gets it out of your system.” She told her not wanting there to be any ill feelings between them.

“Why don’t you get out of his system?” Jada caster asked her with anger in her eyes.

“Look damn it! I can not help that he has pledged his heart to me! I too have pledged my heart to him, But I took vows with Murkcaster!” she told her getting angry.

“And Knight Shadow will become your pledge if anything happens to Murkcaster!” She yelled at Mystic Shadow.

“For your information it was Murkcaster who chose Knight Shadow to be second in command along with his name because he knows he is in love with me! He knows I love him as well and chose him to replace him should anything happen to him!” she yelled back as this shocked Jada caster to hear it was Murkcaster and not Mystic Shadow.

“I am sorry. I thought you were trying to have your cake and eat it too.” She told her.

“I do love Knight Shadow, but I am bound to Murkcaster for eternity.” She told her hoping it was over with.

Jada caster began to laugh realizing the only reason she wanted him was because she knew he would never be hers.” I am so petty! I could not ever have him and it made me want him even more. Even though I do not really love or want him.” She told Mystic Shadow as she slowly walked up to her wrapping her arms around her, hugging her tightly as tears fell down her face.” Thank you for making me see what I was actually doing. “She told her kissing her cheek.

“You and Knight Shadow are to much a like, neither one of you want a real commitment.” She told her smiling at her.

”your right and I have been checking out this hot warrior, he is so tall, tanned, blue eyes, blond curly hair and muscles that ripple all over his body! I think I will go watch him work out.” She said smiling.

“Wait! I forgot to show everyone the new work out suits.” She said as Jada caster looked at the white latex one piece suit. The top half looked like a tank top cut low, the bottom half had long pant legs fitting tight against the body.” I think you will like his when you see his body, I mean suit.” She told her winking with a sly smile.

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