tagErotic CouplingsSeduced by an Experienced Woman

Seduced by an Experienced Woman


After two years in the Army, one in Korea, I came home to my bride of three years. Two months later she asked for a divorce. What I didn't know then was that she had turned into a bi-sexual slut. She had multiple partners while I was overseas, men and women. Later she re-married but divorced that poor guy within a few months. She ended up a lesbian.

At the time I was starting a career in real estate. One of my first clients was a middle aged woman name Ann. I say middle aged; she was 37 and I was 25. I must have shown her at least a dozen properties and bought her lunch a couple of times when late one afternoon, after a showing she asked if I'd like to have dinner. I declined because I was short on cash. She insisted saying I had spent so much time with her she felt she owed me and wanted to cook dinner for me; I reluctantly agreed.

She revealed she had two daughters and needed a few things from the store. It looked like it was going to be a business thank you and nothing more.

Ann introduced me to her daughters Leanne, Joanne and her sitter Kate. She apologized to the sitter for being late. but her sitter just smiled slyly and said, "you kids behave" as she left. In hind sight I think she knew what Ann had on her mind.

Long story short, I played with her daughters, they were 12 and 10 at the time, while Ann made dinner. She made a delicious meatless pasta, salad and garlic bread. Desert was lemon sherbet. During dinner she apologized saying she was a vegetarian and hoped I didn't mind.

I complemented her cooking profusely and sincerely. After dinner I finished the game I had been playing with her kids while Ann cleaned up the kitchen before excusing herself to go upstairs to "get comfortable."

She was gone for about ten minutes. When she returned she was wearing the same skirt and blouse but I could tell she was no longer wearing pantyhose, shoes or a bra. Things were looking up!

The four of us played one more game of "Sorry" and then Ann told the girls it was time for bed. They resisted as most kids do but quickly put the game away and politely excused themselves giving me a shy hug before going up to their room.

Ann smiled as they left and offered, "There's a bottle of wine in the fridge; why don't you make yourself comfortable and pour us a glass while I go tuck them in?" Things were moving much faster than I was used to.

Ann had left two wine glasses on the counter next to the fridge. I opened the wine and poured, filling each glass about one third full. I took them to the living room and took off my sports coat. (This was the mid seventies, things were a little more formal back then!)

When Ann returned I was seated on her couch. She went to her "entertainment center;" back then we had TV's, record players and radios all in one huge piece of furniture and put on some soft piano music, "Ferrante and Teicher" I think. She sat next to me.

"Fred," she took my hand and held it tight. "Please don't run out of here screaming."

Now I was worried. "I don't understand."

"You told me you are getting a divorce." She looked strange, unlike any woman I'd ever been with. Not that I had been with very many.

"I did but..."

"Let me finish." She interrupted. "You know I'm divorced." She spit it out like she was in a hurry.

"I do."

"Fred, you've been a perfect gentleman. You were a sweetheart with my kids while I made dinner. You've never even hinted that we have anything other than a business relationship."

"Ann, I don't know what you're saying." I was truly oblivious to all the signals she was sending.

"Please don't run out on me, Fred, I'm just going to say it, I want to fuck you."

I must have looked like a deer caught in the headlights. "Say something, Fred."

"I'm not even divorced yet!" I blurted not knowing what else to say.

"I know, but I want you now, tonight." She said as she pulled my arm over her head and snuggled against my chest. Silence. It seemed like forever but it was probably only a minute or two. "You're still here." She whispered as she began to loosen my tie.

I gently lifted her chin and kissed her tentatively. Before I could kiss her again she sat on my lap with her skirt pulled up around her hips straddling my legs. She impatiently worked on my shirt buttons as she locked her lips on mine. There was nothing for me to do except hold her. She pushed herself away, "Get out of that shirt ." It was a command from a woman on a mission.

With her on my lap it was a struggle but I was starting to feel the urgency too! She loosened my belt and undid the button on my slacks, I leaned forward and she pulled my shirt and undershirt over my head. Raising her blouse she arched her back and whispered, "Kiss my tits! Lick'm, suck'm, squeeze'm." She pulled my lips to her chest. "Nibble'm, lover boy!"

I like tits as much as anyone, more in fact than most but Ann liked sharing hers more than any woman I've known before or since. And they were nice tits, beautiful tits, surprisingly firm for a woman her age with two kids.

She held my lips to her breast, first one then the other and moaned in approval as I worshiped them. Her breaths became shorter and quicker as she began grinding her vulva against my crotch. Even through my trousers it felt incredible and I swear I could hear my heart beating as my excitement grew.

She pushed herself away feverishly pulling my trousers down to my knees. I was hard as steel and like a young stud ready to mount a mare my cock was pointing straight and proud but she did the mounting and began to ride.

The smile on her face as she lowered herself balls deep on my cock wasn't hiding the pure pleasure she was feeling. She grunted and giggled as she squirmed plowing spots that had been neglected. "Oh, Fred you naughty boy, why did you resist for so long?" She really didn't want an answer or expect one; she just used my cock to scratch an itch that needed scratching.

"Ann," I pleaded, "slow down I can't keep up!"

She stopped all movement and looked down at me with a wicked smile on her lips. "I don't care! You'll do better next time!" She started again pounding her pussy on my cock. "How long?" she hissed.

"Soon," I gasped.

"Not when," she laughed, "since you fucked your wife or anybody?"

I hesitated.

"You can tell me, I won't judge you! It's been four months for me."

Talking about it distracted me enough that I was finding the will to hold out. "It's been since Valentines Day." I admitted breathlessly.

"You poor boy, that's almost five months. When was the last time you jacked off?"

I didn't answer. I was shocked at her question. I was embarrassed to even talk about it.

"You do jack off don't you, most men do you know." She closed her eyes and raised her head shuddering. "That was amazing! You're a good fuck, Fred." She rolled to one side and my cock popped out of her pussy. "See lover, you lasted long enough now let's do something about that. She sat next to me with her skirt around her waist, her legs crossed immodestly and her pussy glistening in the soft light from the kitchen.

"Don't be shy, Fred. I want to watch you jack-off." She picked up her wine glass and sipped silently.

I was dumbfounded. I wanted to but I was too ashamed. I grew up with the knowledge that masturbation was a crime against nature. A man's seed was to be sown in a woman's vagina.

She sipped her wine again and guided my hand to my crotch. "I know you know how... show me." She nuzzled my neck behind my ear and whispered, "How about this? I won't watch while you start." She kissed my neck and stroked my chest gently twisting my nipples. "Do you like me playing with your tits?" She giggled.

The truth was I did like it and I started petting my penis shyly. "Let me know when I can watch, Fred, I want to see how far you can shoot."

I suddenly realize I wanted her to watch me. I always wanted a woman to watch and she wanted to. She wasn't shocked or disgusted. I closed my eyes and held my cock in my hand, "It's OK, Ann." I whispered.

"Spread you legs, Fred." Her hand moved from my chest to my belly. "Your cock is beautiful, Fred." Her hand squeezed my thigh just below my balls. "Can I rub your balls?"

She didn't wait for an answer. Her fingers gently massaged my family jewels and I never felt more connected to a woman. "They're so tight," she giggled, "are you ready?"

"Not yet, I want this to last."

"So do I, Fred, but it's getting late and the girls have school tomorrow." Her hand returned to my chest and my balls tightened. "Do it now, cum for me lover, cum for Ann." I was saddened by the thought the evening would soon be over but at the same time I wanted release. She pinched my tits and whispered, "Cum for me Fred!"

I arched my back and felt my cock grow like it wanted to burst and seconds later cum was coating the hand on my chest. The second spurt filled my belly button. The third drained weakly from the tip of my angry looking cock head. "That was beautiful, Fred. I loved it, thank-you." She pulled my head towards hers and we kissed long and hard. My cock wilted as we kissed, she produced a towel from behind a pillow and cleaned up the mess we had made.

She stood up and adjusted her skirt. "Let's get you out of here, I've got an early morning." She handed me my jacket and guided me towards the door. As she opened the door she grabbed the lapels of my jacket and pulled me close. Naked from the waist up she pulled my lips to hers, "That was wonderful, Fred. I hope you liked it!" She didn't let me answer as she continued, "I'll be out of town for the next three days but I'll be free all day Friday if you want to find some properties for me to consider." She kissed me one last time and then admonished, "Don't you dare cum while I'm gone!

"What!" I'd heard her but was surprised by her command.

"You heard me, Fred, no jacking off while I'm gone. Now get out of here, it's late."

As I walked down her steps her neighbor was coming home. Ann stood in the doorway and didn't even attempt to cover her breasts. "Hi, Rosa, beautiful night isn't it?"

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by Anonymous

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by Dynamohum2505/31/19

Hot - Very Hot!

There's nothing like a hot woman with great tits that wants, needs and demands to get fucked by you. Love girls like Ann!!!

Who are you 0ra11yfix8ed?

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by luedon02/03/19

A woman who knows what she wants

a fair enough story. I do like older ladies granting younger gentlemen the benefit of their experience.

But did Fred sell her a home?


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by Pijaconcha02/03/19

Great story

I do hope they get together again. This time was hot. I want to sell houses.

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