Seduced by his Student


I had to admit, as much as I loved getting sucked, I really wanted her hot pussy on my shaft.

"Ahhh.....Of course. You want me to fuck you!" She said quietly with a giggle. "I felt you squeeze my ass when I suggested that."

She pulled slightly away from me and began backing around my desk, her hand in my underwear acting as a handle to pull me with her. She backed herself around my desk to my chair and then knelt down, sliding my briefs down as she did. "Such a nice cock. You don't mind if I suck it just a little bit first, do you?" Her lips already moving toward the head of my cock.

"No, that's fine!" I groaned quietly as she wrapped her lips around my engorged head and slid her mouth down my shaft, her tongue teasing the bottom of it as she went. I felt my head reach the back of her mouth and then slip past the restriction and into her throat, her nose soon touching my belly as she took my full length into her mouth.

"Mmmmm you are a big boy. I almost couldn't get you in all the way." She said breathlessly after pulling her face from my shaft. "But I know what this will fit sooooo nicely in!" She cooed as she stood up and pressed me back into my chair. I sat down heavily in my office chair as she moved closer, stepping herself over me until the arms of my chair were supporting her. "I hope you like this as much as I will." She panted as she used her hands on the back of my chair to balance herself; her thighs on the arms of the chair. I watched as she slowly sank down, my dick disappearing bit by bit into her wet tunnel.

"Oh God." I groaned as I felt her wet tight pussy slowly expand and envelope my cock.

"Hmmmm so good." She cooed as she settled down on me until my shaft was pressing into the end of her tunnel. "You have me so completely full. I knew you would feel good inside me."

"OH fuck!" I groaned as she started to rock her body, using her thighs on the arms of the chair as a pivot to ride her tight pussy up and down my shaft.

"Yeah, that's it. Ohhhh so fucking good!" She hissed as I reached between us and let her clit slide up and down my fingers with each stroke she made on my shaft.

I cupped one of her bouncing breasts in my hand, squeezing the firm orb gently as I leaned my face forward to close my lips around the hard nipple and large pink areola. I allowed my tongue to swirl around and around the nipple as I suctioned the end of her firm sweet breasts, pushing her growing climax closer to release.

"Yes Yes Yes!" She moaned, as she ground herself down onto my shaft, her whole body trembling and shaking as her orgasm washed over her and her juices washed over my balls and dripped onto the chair. I was so close myself, and wanted to finish desperately. I released her tit and leaned forward, wrapping my arms around her and gripping her firm ass. It only took me a moment to stand up with her and set her ass on the edge of my desk, her legs spreading wide for me as she felt the cold hard surface of the desk under her firm butt. "That's it. Fuck me!" She encouraged as I started stroking my shaft in and out of her with abandon, my hips slapping into her thighs and my pussy slicked shaft driving in and out of her like a piston in an engine.

"Oh fuck! I'm going to cum!" I grunted between strokes.

"Do it! Fill my pussy with your fuck juice! Cum in me and fill me with your cream!" She coaxed in a horse whisper.

I felt the head of my cock swell even larger as my balls tightened up and the tingle of my climax began flowing through my groin. My body jerked convulsively, driving my cock as deep into her as it could go and spewing a gush of hot cum into her pussy. My mind saw stars as my body jerked again and again, each new jerk adding to the volume of cum that had surged into her tunnel, each new jerk accompanied by a groan of pleasure from both of us.

After what felt like an hour, my mind began to slowly regain control of my body and I looked down at the incredibly sexy young woman wrapped around my deflating shaft. Her firm round tits moved up and down rhythmically on her heaving chest, and only now I realized that there was not tan line on her entire body, including her shaved pussy; a pussy that was looking so inviting. I pulled my shrinking cock from her pussy, unleashing a gush of cum that leaked out of her and onto the office floor. Sitting down in my chair I scooted closer to her and lowered my head between her tanned thighs and gently licked my tongue between her spread lips, tasting our combined juices as I flicked her hard clit with the tip of my tongue.

"Oh God!" she squeaked as her whole body tensed at the new sensations expanding from her clit across her body. Again and again I licked up between her lips, and each time her body shuddered pleasantly as my tongue bounced over her stimulated clit. With a grin I slipped two fingers deep into her tunnel and curled them up against the top of her and found that special place each woman has. Her whole body stiffened as my finger tips ran back and forth across that nerve bundle, her legs quivering and shaking as my tongue attacked her clit, driving her whole body wild with stimulation. I heard her squeak something unintelligible as her legs clamped around my head and her pussy juices gushed from her, almost as forcibly as my cum had been only minutes before. My mouth was practically filled with her cum as she squirted her juices forcibly from her pussy at me, drenching my face with what didn't make it into my mouth.

"Oh God!" She panted. "What did you do to me?"

"Just a little stimulation." I said as I looked around for something to wipe my face with.

"God, was all that from me?" She asked as she slid shakily off the edge of my desk and crouched down in front of me to bring her face even with mine. She looked into my eyes for long seconds before she moved her face close to mine and gently kissed my lips, tasting her cum on my them. "Is that what I taste like?" She whispered as she began kissing and licking around my mouth and chin.

"Uh huh." I answered as my cock began to grow again as I felt her lips kissing my face. My hands snaked out and found her full breasts and played with them as she moved her body in closer to mine, my hardening cock pressing against her. She pushed me back in my chair and leaned against me, her tits pressing against my thighs and trapping my hardening cock between them.

"I bet you like this." She said quietly as she began to rock slightly, my cock sliding up and down between her breasts as it grew even harder. She leaned her head down and allowed my head to enter her mouth with each stroke she made, her tongue expertly swirling around the under side.

"Oh shit." I groaned as she worked my shaft, her saliva adding more lubrication to her leftover pussy juices. "You have me so turned on again! I'm about ready to just bend you over the desk and pound you!"

"So what's stopping you?" She asked me as she let go of her tits and pushed herself up. She turned around and bent over, leaning her arms on the desk in front of my computer and pushed her ass out at me; her pussy staring at me from between her slightly spread legs.

I got out of the chair and stepped behind her, rubbing my head up and down her sopping wet slit.

"Yeah... stick it in me!" She cooed as she played briefly on my computer.

I was just pushing into her as the main screen of my computer flashed up with a video screen showing my web cam, sitting on my desk, aimed straight at her hanging tits. She looked over her shoulder and grinned at me as I started stroking in and out of her wet tunnel, her tits swinging and jiggling on the monitor in front of her.

"That's it baby...fuck me!" She begged breathlessly as I pounded into her, my hips slapping noisily into her firm round ass. "Fill me with your cum again! I want to feel your hot cum squirting deep in my pussy!"

"Ohhhhhhh" I groaned as I alternately watched her tits swinging on the computer screen and my cock pistoning in and out of her wet pussy. "Oh shit. I'm gonna cum again!" I grunted between strokes.

"That's it baby! I want to feel your cum pumping into me!" Amber panted as she played with her own clit. "Ohhhh here it cums! Cum with me!" She cried as her whole body trembled and twitched.

"Uhhhg!" I grunted as my body spasmed, slamming my cock hard into her and lancing a huge gush of cum deep into her pussy. "FUCK!" I grunted as her pussy clenched around my spasming shaft, milking me as her own climax washed over her. My legs trembled, threatening to give out. I wrapped an arm around her slim waist and pulled her to me as I fell back into the chair, my cock still twitching and buried inside her as she sat on my lap.

"God that looks sexy!" Amber cooed as she looked at herself in the computer screen, her completely naked body sitting on my lap glistening with perspiration.

"Hell, you are sexy." I answered as I panted for breath.

"I'm glad you think so!" She said as she leaned away from me enough that she could turn her head and kiss me. We sat, kissing until my shriveling cock slipped from her pussy. "I think maybe I better go now. While you still have the energy to go home."

"Yeah. That would be a good idea." I answered, wondering how I was going to get the smell of pussy off of myself.

Amber walked over to her backpack and dug in a moment and then came out with a package of baby wipes, she smiled as she knelt down in front of me and gently washed me, working her way around my cock and balls and then moving up to wash my face and hands. "There, that should take care of that!" She said with finality before getting up and stepping over to her pile of clothes. It was kind of disappointing to watch her get dressed, and she must have seen the look on my face.

"Don't worry, you'll get to see this all again!" She said with a grin.

"I'm not sure that is a good idea. In fact, this whole thing is not a good idea. It was wonderful and all, but you can never ever tell a soul about it, do you understand?"

"Oh, come on, it's not like students don't have sex on this campus!"

"I mean it Amber. This would get me fired if it ever came out." I said as I got up and shuffled over to where she was standing. "Please, promise me you won't tell anyone, ever!"

"Ok, I promise." She said with a grin and a quick kiss. "Do you want me to dress you before I leave or just walk out with your pants around your ankles?" She giggled.

"I guess I better get dressed." I admitted as I bent over to pull my pants back up. It was hard to believe we had just spent the better part of an hour fucking in my office.

She gave me a gentle wet kiss and then headed out of my office, taking the small black cloth down from the window as she opened the door.

I dropped into my chair after she left and wondered what kind of trouble I had just gotten myself into. I clicked off the computer camera that had my face staring back accusingly at me, and headed out the door to go home.

At least my wife hadn't noticed anything when I got home, but I still worried most of the next morning. I was just starting to think that things would be ok, when my grader came in. Pamela was a student from the previous year, and was a very good grader.

"Doctor C!" she said brightly as she stepped into my office and allowed the door to close behind her. "I graded the homework and the quizzes for you and put them in the book."

"Good, thank you!" I answered, my mind suddenly coming back to the quiz that Amber had turned in.

"I wasn't sure what to do with this one though." She said as she pulled Ambers quiz out of the small stack and held it out to me. It was most certainly Amber's quiz.

"I thought you might want to give her credit for the answer, especially after last night."

"What about last night?" I asked her suddenly very worried.

"Oh, nothing. Just that Amber is my roommate at the sorority, and well, when she came home smelling like sex and dripping cum, it wasn't hard to put two and two together."

"Ah." I responded non-committally.

"So when I asked her this morning how good of a fuck you were, well, I guess it just slipped out." Pam said with a sly grin.

"Oh?" I asked fighting the urge to fish for just how much she knew.

"Uh huh."

"So what do you intend on doing with that information?" I queried cautiously.

"Well, that depends on you." She responded matter of factly.


"Uh huh. The way I see it, you need to give me an orgasm like you gave Amber, and believe me, the way she was crowing to me about it, it must have been pretty spectacular!"

"Ah....I see. I do you or...?"

"Well, you never know who is going to hear about it if it were left to Amber to keep such a secret."

"One question... Why?"

"Why do you think I wanted to be your grader?"

"I thought you wanted the money."

"Uh uh... I was hoping that being in closer proximity to you would give me more of an opportunity to do this!" She said as she lifted her skirt flashing me her curly blond pussy hairs.

"Damn!" I whispered as I stared at her pussy.

"Didn't you notice I always wore dresses to class?"

"I did actually."

"What you don't know is that I almost never wore panties, even when it was snowing, just to I could try to flash you, but I never quite got up the nerve. After watching Ambers video last night...oh yeah, you don't know that she streamed that little session to her desktop computer in our room, did you? Yeah, after watching you two I decided to be a bit bolder."

"Oh shit." I mumbled, wondering if I should just go out and shoot myself now or wait for the cops to come drag me away.

She dropped the hem of her skirt and stepped close to me. Leaning down she kissed my cheek and whispered. "Don't worry, this will be our secret. As long as you promise to play with me."

"Do I have a choice?" I asked wryly.

"Not unless you want that little video to suddenly become the hottest clip in the sorority." She cooed.

"I promise." I whispered back, figuring there were worse extortion deals to be cut than this one.

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