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Spent some time with a co-worker with her family in a cottage on the island a few summers ago. We had a great time, a lot of swimming and sun, the neighbours were nice and we were out and about almost every night or had people over. It was during one of those bright summer evening that it happened.

My co-worker, her husband and a few of neighbours sat at the large pine table; candlelight and a kerosene lamp cast a pleasant glow across the table and the meal we'd prepared.

Opposite me sat my colleague's eldest daughter, Linda. She was simply beautiful with her brown hair, blue eyes, small upturned nose and freckles.

I looked at her and sipped my wine; her eyes were so striking and glittered every time she laughed at something. Every now and then our eyes met across the table and we trade a small smile each time. We exchanged pleasantries and as i leaned closer, engrossed in conversation with her, my feet brushed hers under the table. Without a second thought, I stroked the arch of my foot teasingly against her calf. She smiled shyly but didn't pull away.

I felt that I was warm the body, not just the wine, or that we were so many in the room, there was something else too ...

The noise level was high and we laughed and joked, but under the table I pointed my what to Linda's smooth soft legs.

I could see how she swallowed, but pretended that nothing happened.

It went around in my head.

What was I doing?

How could I?

She was 19 years old, and I was almost twice her age...

I should know better...

Oh my God, I could be her mother...

But she was irresistible; her gently rounded breasts that stood out through the white tank top that exposed her flat, tanned stomach. I cast a fleeting glance at her face again and found her watching me closely. She moistened her full lips with the tip of her tongue; i nearly gulped the rest of my wine as I tried to keep my nerves under control.

Our eyes met again, and now I felt a familiar tingling sensation in my body. We continued our covert flirting under the table throughout dinner. I felt the emotions rise in me, feelings that I should not have had for her, but I knew that I wanted her and I would have her.

The night passed and the guests began to break up in order to go to their homes that were within walking distance. It was just the elderly couple who remained. My colleague refused to let the man get into the car, but insisted that they would spend the night to go tomorrow.

"No problem," I heard myself say, "I can share a bed with Linda, so you can take my bed ..."

My colleague asked if it was really ok for me and I said it would probably be fine.

I glanced at Linda as she sat with one curled under her bottom and the other dangling off the sofa; she took a few sips of wine glass, but didn't interject.

Linda was already in bed when I tiptoed into her room, I closed the door. Outside the window, it was dark and I could hear the sound from the others in her family.

For a moment I hesitated, but then I crawled into bed beside her.

She lay on her side with her back to me, her hair was so soft and she smelled good.

I let my lips brush against her neck, her skin was so smooth, so warm and she smelled of sun-warmed woman.

"Turn around," I whispered to her and she did as I asked.

We lay still for a moment, her hand resting on my hip; she seemed a bit unsure of what she would do.

My lips brushed against hers, soLinda's lips sought mine and we touched each other's lips.

It's wonderful to kiss a girl's soft little wet lips. Her tongue met mine and we kissed.

For a second I thought of her mother and father, what would they say if they knew?

We lay it for a while. Cautiously we kissed each other. Linda was inquisitive, challenging and I knew it was the first time that she'd kissed another woman. We began touching, our hands searched and explored each other. Her skin was warm beneath my hands, golden and sun kissed, as I stroked her breasts and revelled in the change of her breathing.

"Is that okay?" I asked she nodded in reply; her soft hands caressed my breasts gently through my T-shirt.

I was excited now, horny, hot, wet.

Linda's kisses were deeper; her hands fervently trying to discover my body, our tongues licked more than kissed. I stroked her flat firm belly, I loved her young body.

I scooted up chemise over her chest and toyed with her perky nipples.

It was hot now under the blanket, I pulled it aside, her body silhouetted against the sheet. I stroked a stray lock of hair from her forehead. I straddled her and started pulling her cotton panties down over hips before tossing them aside. Gently, I kissed her feet, my tongue played with the soft pink skin as I felt her shudder.

I knew she was hot now, just as excited as I am. My tongue slipped between her toes and I drew her big toe into my mouth. In the semi-darkness... God, how I wanted her! I wanted to hug her, kiss her and show her how good six could be. I pulled her legs to the side, spread her apart and looked down at her lap.

She was shaved, just a dark streak of hair above. Soon I would lick her, love her. I heard her breathing in the small room, could feel the heat from her body, her sex.

I leaned forward between her legs, she was so smooth, so warm gently I stroked her with one finger; she was so wet.

I kissed her thighs searched with the tongue and lips forward and I could hear her gasp as her hands fisted in my hair.

My tongue slipped over her soft skin, enjoyed the feeling of her soft body. My tongue explored around her sex without really lick her, I felt her spread her legs more. Gently, I let my tongue brush teasingly against her swollen lips before brushing her clit. She gasped.

God she enjoys it, I thought proudly. The first time another woman loves her and she enjoys it!

I thought about what her family would say if they knew what was happening now, her father, mother ... What would they say if they knew that their daughter had sex right now?

The idea aroused me, it was so forbidden, so dangerous, she was so young and I was so much older, I should not ...

Linda's hips moved a little under me, her pleasure was my fuel as my own desire throbbed between my thighs. I gentled my licking, swirling my tongue around the little pink pearl hidden among her slick folds.

I had gotten off my panties now; maybe Linda knew that I wanted to enjoy, maybe she wanted to try to lick another woman. But without a word as I lay on the side, she moved and we came together in a 69 position. Her mouth was eager and hot. Her tongue explored curiously and i enjoyed the feeling of our skin against each other, her body was wonderful against mine.

I was at the bottom now and just licked her, listened to her panting deep breath and enjoyed the feeling of her mouth, lips, tongue and fingers. It was as if we could not get enough of each other, our lust, and our desire was unquenchable.

God how wonderful it was!

All thoughts of her family and the huge risk we took were blown away. The only thing that mattered was the two of us.

I looked up at her puckered little asshole, she was probably a virgin there... I groaned silently over my own filthy fantasies. Fantasies that I do not apologize for having. I bent forward and kissed her.

I kissed her asshole again, before I let my tongue brush against the puckered skin.

I heard her moan and gasp as she continued to eat my pussy. I could feel her body tense, her muscles coiled tightly as she came with a shudder, flooding my mouth with the sweetness of her arousal. I continued tasting her, I wanted to give her some of the pleasure that she gave me. My tongue found its way in between her wet swollen folds, found what I was looking...

Our bodies were hot and slick with sweat. My head spun with pleasure, i was delirious with my head firmly between her young thighs as we gave and took pleasure in turn. Her pussy was like a summer peach, firm and ripe and sweet to the taste.

With a loud moan, my orgasm washed over me, as Linda's tongue lapped eagerly at my pussy.

Afterwards she lay panting on the bed; we cuddled in each other's arms, enjoying the warmth of our bodies. We were a long time and kissed and caressed each other, I was really thirsty, but did not dare to go out and fetch water. What if her parents would be awake? I would not cope if they were. But Linda giggled a little to me, maybe she thought I was a bit silly; it was all right to love a girl, but feared getting something to drink. She pulled on her T-shirt and panties and padded out barefoot and brought both water and an open bottle of cool white wine.

We drank both and I kissed her, our tongues met again, cool with wine but hot and demanding new lust. Naked we hugged each other and I knew that I wanted her again ... and she wanted me.

There was not much sleep that night; the sun was up when we fell asleep, exhausted and utterly. It was an unexpected discovery, but Linda and i didnt let it go to waste. We spent the balmy summer evenings discovering each other until the early hours of the morning.

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You have a good story!

However it is ruined by the sloppy typing - words missing or mis-spelt.

PLEASE take the time to re-read your stories before posting them, it is, as I know from bitter experience,more...

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