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Seduced with Kisses

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As a commercial fisherman I was making a good living fishing with my nets in the tropical rivers and lagoons at night and sleeping by day…

On my 40th birthday I decided it was time to provide myself with some of the comforts of life. I had never married. Fishing had been my whole life since age 16. I lived and worked on the boat .I sold my fish in the local tourist town.

My life was taken up by sleeping during the day, or drinking rum with a beer chaser at the local pub near the fish market.

The old girl behind the bar at the local told me of a property developer who was strapped for cash and was trying to flog his luxury houseboat in a hurry. The boat had a permanent mooring was connected to all services. Its location was central to everything, yet in a secluded spot on the river.

The day I looked it over, the owner and his wife were there arguing over the sale. She wanted to keep it. He said let it go and the sooner the better.

It was a Taj Mahal compared with my old fishing rig...

His wife, who introduced herself as Annette, showed me around.

Microwave, full size freezer, TV. shower and spa, a lounge room, two bedrooms, one with a large double bed , washing machine ,carpets and tiles .flushing toilet etc etc

“This is a beautiful boat but the best thing is its position. It so private no one knows you are here”, Annette said, as she sat on the edge of the bed giving me a good view of her magnificent cleavage and a pair of legs unhindered by her mini skirt.

“You can park your vehicle in the resort’s car park, walk a hundred yards down the lane and you are on the water away from all prying eyes” she went on with a smile.

I was mesmerised. Her rich perfume filled my nostrils My eyes roamed over her body. It was a dream I knew I looked like an old perv, but I didn’t care, I was completely captivated.

She took hold of my hand “if you buy it I will come down and help you settle in”…..I was too slow and tongue tied to respond but was saved from making a mug of myself by her husband, who burst in offering to do a deal on price if I bought today.

A couple of hours later I was the proud owner of a house boat.

Moving in wasn’t a problem as all I had to do was tie my old rig up along side?

My old boat’s shower was over the loo and it was not connected to services like the houseboat so water was scarce.

The luxury of space and unlimited water including hot water was all I could think of as I returned from the fish market after selling my catch .It was mid morning and I was half undressed as I pushed open the house boat door.

The first thing that hit me was the smell of cigarette smoke. .I swung around and leaning against the bedroom door was Annette …My memory must have let me down because I had forgotten how stunning she was.

Her tight white short shorts, her red halter top that hugged her large firm breasts, her dark brown tan, and her ruby red lips topped off with long shiny jet black hair made a breathtaking sight. Especially for a fisherman who was not used to being so close to a beautiful woman.

“I have been waiting for you, where have you been?” she purred.

I quickly explained that I was generally free between about 10 am when I finished selling my catch and 5 pm when I set off for a nights fishing.

She didn’t seem to take much notice other than to tell me to shower and clean myself up, as she wanted to explain the workings of the house boat.

Standing under a steady stream of hot water, I started to wonder whether this lady was for real ….was she just a kind helper… what should I do to thank her... My previous sexual experiences with women amounted to two ….both when full of liquor and both one night stands...

I didn’t really know how to chat up a woman; I had never learnt how you went about trying to get them to sleep with you.

In fact I was completely stunned that Annette had seemed to take an interest in me.

Annette called from the lounge, “you need new towels… your clothes are a mess, I can’t find any after shave or cologne, what have you been using all these years”.

I shaved, rubbed myself down, put on my only decent pair of shorts before venturing out into the lounge.

Annette had been busy, the place was tidy, coffee was steaming in two cups, and she sat smoking looking like a million dollars.

She looked me over. .I knew that I brushed up ok. I carried no fat. I was 6 foot, well built, good muscles from hauling fishing nets, tanned, with a slightly receding hairline, no oil painting but nothing to be ashamed off.

Annette studied the hard tan body...HMMM she thought he is nice…. Shy….. But physically tough…. not soft like my husband and his buddies. . She studied him closely Yes he is different all right … not just physically different. He really is older and innocent

“That’s better” she said, “I knew when you came down to buy the boat that under that scruffy outfit there was potential”.

I got out a bottle of OP rum and poured a slug into my coffee, I looked at her she nodded so I topped up hers.

For the next hour or so we talked and drank, finally getting around to my lack of social graces and what she called my poor quality of life.

Rum is a warm drink, if you are not used to it, it can hit you hard. Over Proof rum is more dangerous. As the morning had progressed the coffee ran out. We had been drinking straight rum and had nearly finished off the second bottle.

Annette did not have my experience with rum. She was making more and more visits to the head. When she returned she sat next to me .Whilst discussing my lack of social skills, we gradually slid together

As the alcohol took hold, I tried to kiss her. I made a proper mess of it. Our noses seemed to hit, our faces didn’t seem to fit.

My god he wants to kiss me, Annette though. What will I do now?

Annette had never really thought of cheating before, her husbands buddies had came on to her but she had laughed them off

I tried again to kiss her …

Annette did not pull away …her alcoholic impaired brain said this is not cheating this is fun. “Come here” she laughed reaching for me as I tried to launch another kiss.

.I loved kissing. On the few occasions when I was young that I took a girl out, most of my efforts went into kissing. I would kiss for hours. But I never knew how to turn kisses into the next step.

She kissed me pushing in to me, leading my tongue into her mouth her arms went up around my neck her firm tits pushed against my chest she seemed to open under me moaning and squirming.

The taste of her set my blood racing I fucked her with my tongue

I kissed her. Nibbling and sucking on her lips. I became warm my erection was throbbing. Not knowing what to do next, I concentrated on kissing, first her ears, then her eyes, along her forehead, down her nose on to her lips, down her neck and then back again, over and over.

My tongue worked overtime.

Her tongue joined in our mouths sexual dance. Her hands ran through my hair sliding down to my shoulders. She ran her tongue along my lips. Sucking my tongue into her mouth making noisy kissing sounds.

I took my hands from her face and slowly slid them up under her top.

I waited for her to react... When she didn’t I became more adventurous.

Her tongue struggled in my mouth as she took my head in her hands.

A mate of mine says “rum is a fighting drink” .He goes on to say “if you don’t fight on rum you are a dead set coward”.

I was full of rum, but never thought of fighting. I was thinking of fucking. My kisses became more vigorous and demanding.

I pulled and pinched one of her nipples. She seemed to like that as she moaned and pushed her self into my hands. Using one hand I dragged her top down to her waist. With her firm breasts free of restriction I took as much of her breast in my mouth as I could.

Sucking her nipple into my mouth I nibbled on it My hands raced all over her, touching, pinching, stroking. All the while I was grinding my now throbbing prick into any part of her that was near .I bit her neck .her ears. Her shoulder, any thing I could reach

All this time Annette was moaning and trying to talk, whilst twisting and turning to my demands She struggled with my shorts as I ripped hers down. I grabbed her legs, pushed them wide apart... Holding them up high as if ready for inspection. My prick was bouncing around stabbing everywhere and any where. Annette took hold of it and despite my frenzied efforts fed it into her warm wet hole.

At last!!!! At last!!!! My alcohol inflamed brain screamed I sank into her and heard her squeal I tucked her legs up on my shoulders and surprised myself by slowly, yes slowly, starting to push in to the hilt. Annette groaned “Christ you’re big” “go easy dam you”... “You will split me in two if you are not careful” I didn’t want to hurt her, but I was determined to fill her up. I grabbed her by the cheeks....I worked in further and further until I could go no more Annette cried out “that’s enough! Stop!”

I lay there fully aroused and fully housed Slowly she started to move and that was all I needed The rum was working. My blood was boiling My heart was thumping My breath was coming in gasps

My third fuck in 45 years was the daddy of all fucks I pummelled her cunt, my stomach and balls slapping against her body I couldn’t get enough of her. My hands were all over her so was my mouth and tongue. We were breathing hard, grunting and groaning. I could feel my prick grow as if I was about to explode…..

Close to Cumming …………. I spoke sense for the first time since we started kissing……: “I’m Cumming” “Are you on the pill” I cried. “Shit No! She replied, struggling to push me off “Don’t cum in me” she cried I could feel the pressure rising and thrust on I knew I had to pull out

Annette grabbed me by the balls …. Slipped her hand on to my cock... She held it and directed it as it spewed forth years of pent up frustration. My cum spat on to her breasts Then on to her cheek eyes and nose. Finally after seeming as though it would never stop it dribbled the last on to her navel I collapsed on the bed beside her. We kissed and kissed ….soft warm kisses I started again to caress her hot horny body; I smothered her with kisses cuddling her close to me.

She rolled over and lit a cigarette Christ she thought what am I going to do now … what a lover … I will be sore for a week.

Whilst she smoked, I studied her beautiful body…I started to think how I could thank her for a most wonderful experience….but I was unable to think of words that would not sound silly.

I lay there slowly kissing and stroking her face. I started on her ears kissing licking and nipping then moving to her eyes licking salty sweat from her brow. I kissed her eyelids closed and licked and kissed down her nose to her lips. As I licked and kissed her I started tasting my cum, she responded to my sticky cum soaked lips by stubbing out her cigarette and slowly inserting her tongue in my mouth tasting my cum and sweat. I was in heaven like a kid with a new toy...

This was an experience I would never forget

More to come

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