tagFirst TimeSeducing a Friend Pt. 02

Seducing a Friend Pt. 02


This is Part 2 of my story of seducing a friend of mine. This is basically about two boys discovering each other's bodies for the first time.

The next day, as usual we got up for our run. He just kept looking away all the time. He wouldn't meet my eyes at all. Finally when the day ended and we were alone, he mustered up enough courage to tell me that we should not do this again.

I just smiled and said OK. I then told him point-blank that I will do that again to him this night as well and if you really mean to make me stop - you won't let me go ahead. Just as I predicted, the next night too was spent in me pleasuring him with my hands and he didn't stop me. After he finished I whispered to him asking him if we want to take this a notch further. At first he was just too dazed to respond and then finally he slowly started to smile. His smile kept getting bigger and bigger and finally he started to laugh.

I couldn't help myself and I started to laugh as well. Finally after about 15 minutes, he conceded. He told me he "didn't mind" what I was doing to him. I told him I wanted to take a shower and I wanted him to join me. He tagged along. We took off our clothes, right down to our undies. I guess we were still bashful enough to keep our undies on. We both stood under the shower and looking at each other giggling and no clue what to do ahead. He then started describing this XX movie he had seen with some of his class mates where there is a similar shower scene and the girl starts to kiss the boy on his neck, chest and all over his body. I took that as a hint and kissed him on his neck, then on his neck again under his chin and as we were kissing our hips touched. He pulled my hips closer - close enough that our cocks were rubbing against each other thru our undies. Both of us were in white undies, so things had become quite transparent under the shower.

I kept kissing him on his neck, shoulders, chest going down until I reached his belly button. I played around with his belly button for a while with my tongue and slowly went down to his briefs. I was going completely on instinct now. I started to run my tongue along the waistline of his briefs and by now he was moaning out aloud. I started to gently caress his cock with my hands as I kept kissing his hips. That's when I noticed his cock was throbbing. I was just fascinating to sit there on my knees and see that. I slowly put my hands on his waist and tried to pull his undies off. I really and I mean really wanted to see that cock of his throb free on his undies. But he stopped me saying that was going too far. But by then I was like a tiger who had tasted blood. I looked up at him and asked (or rather whispered) for him to trust me.

He still had his reservations, but he slowly allowed me to pull his briefs off him...I slid them down till his knees and looked up. Sure enough there was his rigid and erect cock literally jumping up and down. I gently put my hand on it caressing it as gently as possible. He was moaning loud enough to wake up people in the room next door. So I reached up and turned up the water, hoping it would drown some of his moans.

I don't know why, but almost by instinct started kissing the tip of his raging cock and gently wrapping my lips around it. I wrapped my lips around the head and gently sucked on it. I kpet all my attentions to just the head of his rock hard cock. It was as though for that moment my entire universe was centered on the head of his swollen and raging cock.

He was by now leaning back on the bathroom wall for support and his palms were banging on the wall moaning. He was literally begging me not to stop. Suddenly he pulled himself out and turned away from the wall...screaming and I saw his hips bucking up and down...I for a moment could not believe my eyes that someone could orgasm so hard.

He almost collapsed on the shower room floor and I just hugged him tight with the water cascading down on us until he recovered. We went back to the bed still dripping and got into bed naked. We lay there side by side wide eyed. Finally he started to caress my face and stroke my hair. I moved in closer and kissed him softly on the lips. He blushed at first and slowly allowed me to kiss him more. Finally his hands slid down between my legs caressing me. He kept stroking me as we kept kissing. I kept moaning slowly as I felt his warm hands caressing me between my legs and finally ending with a satisfied sigh.

Basically those 10 days we had left, we somehow found a way to be alone even for 15 minutes and pleasure each other. Once we went back to school. We kind of made sure we met during each lunch break to be alone with each other in the school bathroom. Sometimes we could find alone time sometimes we could not. It just meant that our next meeting would be that much more intense.

We were on and off for almost a year. After that he and his family got transferred to another state and he had to leave. Of course our last time together was again in the shower. We pleasured each other off until we both literally could not stand up straight. And then they left the next morning.

- The End -

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