tagLoving WivesSeducing Brian

Seducing Brian


I had to go to Sacramento for a surprise party and my husband wasn't able to go. It was to be the biggest surprise for my mom's 60th birthday. I was going to stay with my brother at his house until the night of the party. Well, when I got to Joe's house I was unaware that his best friend Brian was also still living with him, since he was supposed to have moved out a couple of weeks earlier. I used to baby-sit my brother and Brian when they were younger (I'm 5 years older than them). I hadn't seen Brian in almost 10 years and he really turned into a hunk. My husband and I had fantasized about me fucking another guy while out of town or away from each other and this started me thinking about that fantasy. I was going to be setting up Joe's house for Friday night, and after he got off work around noon we would go and get all the food.

I got up early Friday morning and started to do dishes that Joe, Emily and Brian had racked up over a two day period. I took an early shower and shaved my legs and pussy extra smooth, and I put on my shortest shorts and crop top (this shows of my flat stomach and belly button piercing and the tattoo I have on my lower back). I wore my high-heeled sandals, which I get plenty of looks with, and waited for Brian to wake up. He got up around 8:00 a.m. and his tongue almost hit the floor when he saw me in the kitchen. I said "good morning" and he couldn't stop from looking me up and down. I offered to cook him some breakfast and he gladly accepted. I kept making all kinds of body gestures to give him good views, like bending over to get things out of the cabinets and getting up on my tip-toes and stretching for high items.

I knew he was ready when I saw his cock growing inside his pajama bottoms. I let him eat and sat next to him swinging my foot and watched him follow my foot like a pendulum. I then asked him, is there anything or anyone else you would like to eat? I thought he would pass out. I told him how good looking he had become and that I would love to fuck his brains out. Brian stood up and I grabbed his cock, which was now fully engorged, and he gave out a low groan as I felt it pulse from my touch. I pulled his pants down and dropped to my knees, wrapping my lips around the head. I sucked his cock for about five minutes and then went to work on his balls, which to my enjoyment were shaved clean, as I prefer.

I then led him to the couch and sat him down, as I sucked and licked his balls while stroking his cock with my hand. Brian started to come when I crouched down further and began to lick the area behind his balls. I did this for about a minute when Brian stated he was cumming. I wrapped my lips around the head and Brian held my head as his hips shot forward and sent long streams of cum to the back of my throat. I love the taste of cum and I didn't miss a single delicious drop, and Brian watched as I placed my tongue against the vein. From his balls, I licked upward toward the head, pushing up any remaining cum out of the tip and then licked that off.

I then got up and undid my shirt revealing no bra, and then turned and seductively wiggled my ass out of my tight shorts and bent over in front of him showing him my shaved pussy. Brian jumped off the couch and dropped to his knees and buried his face in my pussy and began eating me from behind. When his tongue hit my clit, I came immediately and tried to pull away from the overpowering sensation. Brian had other plans and flung me onto the couch and pulled my legs apart, buried his face into my pussy, and ate me out to four more orgasms. I begged him to fuck me, so he put his cock against my wet pussy and used his weight to plunge his cock all the way in, causing pain and orgasm at the same time.

Brian held my ankles for support and plowed into me for about ten minutes, causing me to cum an unknown amount of times. Then he pulled out and flipped me over and hung me over the back of the couch, then grabbed my waist and shoved back inside me. He pounded my pussy hard and fast, causing his balls to slap my clit, which caused me to orgasm about every 20 seconds. Then he grabbed my shoulders, which caused my back to arch and allowed his cock to hit other erogenous spots, putting me on the verge of fainting. I begged him to cum, because I couldn't take much more of his awesome fucking abilities. Brian then put his chin on my shoulder and whispered in my ear that he wasn't through with his little fantasy.

He pulled out of me and grabbed me, throwing me over his shoulder like a fireman and carried me upstairs. I was a little scared, but also excited to be treated like a warrior's prize. Brian threw me on the bed and forced my legs open, then pushed his cock back into me. He held my legs apart with his arms, and I could feel his balls slapping at my anus giving me more pleasure. Brian then whispered that he was close to cumming. He had always wanted to fuck the shit out me for the way I used to tease him as a child, using my tight little body. Then he tried to kiss me and pressed his lips to mine and forced my lips open. When his tongue hit mine I was his. I began to feel other desires inside me and I found myself kissing him back. He was a great kisser!

Then he pulled his mouth off of mine as I tried to reach his lips and cried out that he was cumming. With about ten hard thrusts, he made me cum again. He held me still as his cum shot into me, causing one last orgasm as he filled me with his juices. He lay on top of me for a few minutes and then got up and left the house. I stumbled to the bathroom on weak legs and took another shower. Afterwards, I pulled on a simple red sun dress with spaghetti straps that covered my legs to mid-thigh. Underneath I wore a matching red lace bra and thong. I slipped my feet into strapped red sandals that exposed my toenails that were painted bright red.

When Brian came back and saw me, his handsome face smiled, and I knew he wanted it too. He looked so sexy in his dark jeans and tight t-shirt. I could almost picture him naked. I walked around doing my best to walk sexy. I felt his eyes on my small ass, as I walked to the counter in the kitchen. I pulled my self up onto the counter and sat facing him, swinging my legs. He looked me head to toe and told me I looked good enough to eat. I gave him the naughtiest look I could muster and said I hoped he would say that. As he sat staring at me, I began to raise my dress up my silky smooth thighs. I pulled it up enough for him to see my red thong and I spread my legs for him.

By this time he appeared to be breathing as heavy as I was. I could tell by the look in his eyes and the sudden bulge in his pants that he was going to give me just what I wanted. He walked forward and I felt my pussy get even wetter in anticipation of his touch. He kissed me hard on the lips and grabbed a handful of my long thick ash blonde hair. I moaned into his mouth and then sucked his tongue, showing him exactly what I wanted to do to other parts of him. I told him that I was sick of being a good girl and that tonight I was going to be so naughty just for him. I told him I wanted to try everything, and he just nodded. At first I thought he was apprehensive of Scott arriving tomorrow. The look in his eyes was so intense.

But then he ordered me to slip the straps of my dress down my arms. I did and the top of my dress puddled down to my middle, where I had gathered the hem. Now both my thong and bra were exposed. Brian told me that I had a beautiful body and I thanked him by unhooking my bra. When he groaned, I knew that he liked my tits. My rosy pink nipples hardened as he stared at me. When he got closer and began to suck my nipples, I couldn't help but cry out. He played with my breasts and teased the nipples by tugging them into little peaks. My pussy felt like it was electric by this point. I just kept moaning and begging him to do everything to me.

Next, he slid his hand into my thong and slid a finger into my hot pussy. It felt so naughty and so delicious. He moved it around until he found my clit. I almost jumped off the table in a wave of pleasure! He told me to slide my thong and dress off, so I did. Then he quickly removed his clothes. My imagination did not do you justice. His body was so big and toned, and I never could have imagined that his cock would mature to be so big and thick. He ordered me to lift my heels to the counter and spread my knees apart. This way I was completely open to his gaze. Brian stared at my pussy, and I felt like such a bad girl when he told me that it looked ripe like a peach; so juicy and pink.

The minute his tongue touched my swollen clit I was in heaven! Brian licked up and down my slit and even stuck his tongue inside me. I remember I thrashed and cried out until I had my first orgasm. Then he kissed me and I could taste my hot sweet juices on his tongue, which made me want to taste him! I hopped off the counter and took his rock hard cock in my hand. I licked it gently at first, and then I began to really get into it. I took him faster and deeper into my wet hot mouth. I could feel him fill my mouth and throat with his cock. I could barely take it he was so big. But then Brian stopped, saying that he didn't want to cum yet.

Instead, he asked me to turn around. I did and he cursed and said I had the hottest, roundest, firmest little ass he'd ever seen. He told me to bend over and I did. Then he put me back on the counter and spread my legs. He began to rub the head of his cock up and down my slick pussy making me crazy. I couldn't believe I was now BEGGING him to fuck me. I couldn't believe the words coming out of my own mouth. The next thing I know, his hard cock was sliding into my little wet pussy inch by slow inch. I remember he actually growled out the words, "Fuck, you're tight!" He began pumping into me slowly while rubbing my clit. Pain turned to pure pleasure as I matched his thrusts, as he fucked me harder and harder.

He took me in his arms and picked me up, and I wrapped my ankles around his waist. Brian bounced me up and down on his huge cock until I was screaming his name and telling him that I loved having his big cock inside me. I rode him hard until we both came, and I could feel him fill me with his cum, all hot and sticky. He just held me to him and kissed me. When he asked if I would come to his room the next night for more, I of course said yes! When I told my husband what had happened, he fucked me just as hard and good, as always!

After Mom's birthday party, the three of us ended up in the hot-tub at Joe & Em's. The guys kept complimenting me and getting me drinks and soon I was starting to feel a bit horny and talk started toward sex. I had gathered that Scott had told Brian all about our secret trysts as a threesome with others, because Brian kept flirting big time, and as we were sitting quite close in the tub his leg kept brushing against mine, sending hot little twinges to my pussy. Afterwards, we headed back into the house. I told the guys that they must be pretty tired after being up all day and offered them a massage. Brian put his hand up first. I prepped an area on the floor in our room and told him to get undressed.

As the night was really warm, I said it was best if we all got naked so no-one felt uncomfortable. The guys thought this was a pretty good idea. I noticed they both had semi-hard-ons, yummy I thought. Brian lay on the floor face down, and I smothered him with warm soapy water. I gently but firmed started to massage Brian's back, slowly working my way down his legs and feet, then back up towards his shoulders. I asked if he had ever had a body slide before, and he reckoned he hadn't, so I straddled his back and started to rub my clean shaved pussy against his butt cheeks. I slid up toward his back using my tits and pussy. I moved around his body so he could feel my wet pussy.

I asked him to turn over, which he did to reveal a rock hard erection. I continued with the body slide and moving my body over his, making his cock tease the entrance between my labia, but not letting him in. The tease was agonizing and he was on the verge of cumming, but I stopped just before. Scott was sitting on the lounge chair watching the show while playing with his cock. I slid high on Brian so my pussy was hovering over his face, and asked him to start licking my pussy. He flicked his tongue over my clit and started nibbling on the hard button making me cum instantly.

I motioned for my husband to come over to me. I grabbed his cock in my hand and used my mouth to suck it, while Brian kept nibbling at my clit until I came again. I wanted to feel both of these wonderful cocks in me, but where to start. I gave Scott his cock back, but promised it would be just a minute. I got up and went to the lounge chair. I told Brian to sit in the chair. I slowly slid down on his cock; this was new and I had wanted this for a while, so I was savoring the moment. I asked Scott to kneel behind me so he couldposition himself to enter my pussy from behind. Suddenly we were joined by Harry, my brother's brother-in-law. I motioned Harry to stand next to me and I took out his cock and put it into my mouth.

WOW three cocks at once how awsome!! Soon we were all moving into a grinding rhythm, and before I knew it, I had cum about ten times. My two guys in me were cumming together in my pussy just as Harry blew in my mouth, and I swallowed it all and cleaned it up. I had my back arched so that I could take Harry's cock all the way down to his balls. I could feel his cock as it started to swell; his body trembling. He came all over my face and tits just as Brian, Scott and I climaxed together. The time to regroup and revive was spent by my tits getting sucked and my cum filled pussy finger banged. Soon enough the guys were all hard as rocks, and I moved over to the edge of the bed and climbed on top of my husband with my butt raised up on the air.

I guided our friend behind me and put both cocks in my pussy; that was the most incredible feeling I have ever had. Nothing matches the feeling of two cocks pumping inside my pussy at the same time! Needless to say the guys didn't last long as they filled my pussy full of cum. I was definitely full but not satisfied, and I didn't know when I would have this opportunity again, so I made the most of the night. I ordered my three guys around so I got to fuck them all and drink each one. I am sure they all had a good time and will fantasize about that night for a while.

The next night was basically a repeat of the previous. Joe and Emily had gone into town to catch dinner and a show and wouldn't be back for hours. We entered Brian's room this time and closed the door, immediately undressing. My pussy was dripping wet at this point and I wanted cock in me now. Skipping the foreplay, I climbed on top of Brian against the door and fucked him, being held up with his eight inch cock. We continued fucking as we moved to the bed, where he fucked me doggie style. I started screaming with pleasure, and then there was a knock at the door, and Harry came in. At first I was puzzled to why he walked in, then I just went with the flow and he started undressing. When he was undressed, he took the place of my new friend and started pounding my pussy from behind.

Brian watched with pleasure, while he jerked him self off. After a few moments, I got up and walked over to my new friend and climbed onto his throbbing cock, and started pounding him hard, then Harry came up behind me and started rubbing his cock against my asshole, piercing inside a few times while I fucked Brian. Finally, he pushed with all his might and entered my ass. Being fucked in the pussy and the ass is a wonderful thing, although I prefer both in my stretched pussy. I was going back and forth between the two cocks, in the pussy then in the ass, back and forth. I was screaming with unbelievable pleasure, knowing that the two cocks could feel each other between the thin membranes inside me.

I then climbed off Brian and turned around and faced my husband and climbed on his rock hard cock and proceeded to fuck the hell out of him, as Harry re-entered my ass. This continued for another ten minutes or so until Harry blew his load in my ass, withdrawing so his cum leaked out my ass hole and down my leg. And with a few more thrusts, my husband started to cum in my pussy. My body was going limp at the time from all the force my body had taken with two cocks fucking the hell out of me. With cum everywhere, we ended up in the shower; the four of us. It started all over again, with two guys going back and forth from my pussy to my ass, and back and forth between them too, and the third in my mouth. Thank God, Joe and Em have a large walk-in snail shower.

With the hot showering of the four of us, washing our cum away, we retreated to the living room for a beer. My eyes had fluttered closed, as I began stroking my clit while Brian and Harry watched, but quickly opened again when I felt a hot tongue slither me, chasing my fingers away. I looked down to see Brian's blonde head between my thighs.

"Tastes good, doesn't she?" Scott asked, as he began rocking into me again. His eyes watching my face, as I began moaning even louder. My body was thrashing on the couch and my hands found their way to my nipples, which I began twisting and pulling on.

"Oh, that feels so good," I cried out.

"What feels good?" Scott wanted to know, as he slowly slid in and out of me, careful not to dislodge Brian from my clit.

"How deep you are going inside me. Brian's mouth sucking on my clit," I panted.

Harry slowly pulled one of my feet up towards his mouth, forcing Brian to stop sucking on my clit. Brian was not to be put out though. He laid his head on my lower stomach and began licking my clit. One of my hands went to Brian's head, my fingers running through his short hair, as his tongue flicked across my clit again and again. Harry had the heel of my foot resting on his chin and my toes spread apart in ecstasy, when his tongue traced the arch of my foot. As Harry's tongue pushed its way between my toes, I could feel my pussy burning hotter and tighter.

"Oh, God, baby," I moaned, "Fuck me harder, I want to cum all around you." My hips were rocking harder and faster, wanting Scott to fuck me hard, fast and deep, but not wanting to lose the feeling of Brian's tongue against me either.

"Not yet," Scott said, as he pulled his cock completely out of me, leaving me feeling so empty, wanting desperately to fly off the edge he had left me on. My fingers pushed Brian's head harder against my clit, grinding him into my pussy as I sought my release with him, but Scott pushed him away too. My hips continued to rock, seeking what had been denied me, as Scott told Brian to lie on his back on the floor.

Scott sat on the couch and slapped my hands away as I tried using them to push myself off the edge he had left me on. "Trust me," he said, as he pulled me to my feet, "this will be worth the wait." Holding my hand, Scott led me around until we were standing next to Brian. "Now, lay on the floor right next to him, " my husband told me.

Unsure of what was going through Scott's mind, I cautiously lowered myself to the floor. I eased myself until I was flat on my back; close enough to feel the heat from Brian's body, but not touching him as Jeff stood over both of us. I gazed up at my husband's body with longing. His strong legs seeming to stretch up for miles before joining together, his hard cock thrusting out from his body, so powerfully commanding the attention it deserves. His hips tapering to his torso, covered in dark hair that ran up to his chest and the nipples, which stood out like hard little marbles. His lips were red and swollen both from our kisses and his habit of licking them when we make love and his eyes glittered with passion.

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