Seducing Carmen Completely


I smiled brightly; my ears rang with the pounding of my heart. I was certain she could have a whiff of me ... I did.

"Well of course you can Carmen! What is it you wish to ask?" Please, let it be what I pray it might be.

"Umm, it's a bit difficult and embarrassing, actually. I've had the thought that, if you are ... umm, that is to say, I never gave thought, ever that you could be ... but perhaps, if I haven't made a total ass of myself, I might like to find out what the girls from college teased me with and the two them on the page spoke of ... would you teach me?"

"Teach you?"

"Could you show me how a woman loves another woman, Michelle?" Oh lord.

"You're sure of this Carmen? I could hurt you badly if it doesn't go well -- your heart I mean; and as your boss, there's some risk for me; I could be accused of seducing someone who works for me. You're sure this is what you want?"

I could see in her eyes she hadn't thought of what I'd mentioned. I could see her wrestle with the yesses and the noes; it took a while before she spoke. Her voice trembled at first but there was resolve in it; she'd made her decision.

She took my hand and held it as she looked at me and spoke. "Yes, I'm quite sure now. I want to do this -- tonight!"

She actually nodded as she finished - as if to punctuate the sentence with feeling. I smiled as I watched her eyes.

"Yes, I should very much like that. I'm honored, in a way. It's very sweet, what you've asked me to do." I kissed her again. This time it lingered; it was very much a kiss on both our parts. We smiled, sat quietly; the check was taken, the card run, and when it was brought back to the table, I signed. We both finished our wine and stood. This was it; yes or no. I looked at her while I put on my coat. Her head was down; she was, it seemed, coming to a final decision. When her head came up, her eyes found mine, and she smiled. Absolutely, heartbreakingly dazzling and precious -- that smile. We turned for the door. "One last question -- may I invite you back to my place?" No hesitation in her answer.

"Oh my yes, I would like that. Lead on." Just cute as can be, she slipped her arm into mine and we walked the couple of blocks to where I live. Five floors; the elevator took us to the fourth. I took out my keys; my hand shook a bit. We walked down the carpeted hallway. The lighting was muted. She took it all in. I slid the key in the door, turned it, and the door opened. I pushed the switch on the right to turn on the lights. She entered, I followed. I closed and locked the door. She stood, hands in front on the strap of her purse. Her face and eyes showed nerves. I smiled warmly to try and get her butterflies to flutter in formation. I took her coat and hung it up; did the same with mine. I switched on a lamp.

"Please Carmen, come sit. May I get you something to drink?"

"Um, I don't mean to be forward Michelle. May I ask? Could we just get to it? I'm nervous enough as it is." Oh my!

I wanted to say something but my feet moved, on their own it seemed, and I closed to her. Her eyes were warm. She licked her lips. I slipped my arms around her waist and bent to taste her. Her eyes closed as we kissed. Her lips parted -- this time in open invitation. I was leading, yes, but she gave as well as received. This woman is a virgin? Lordie! This was not the kiss of an inexperienced fawn. It seemed to go on and on. I would pull away a bit, only to have her bring me back. She would pull away, I resisted. When we finally broke the kiss we were both quite breathless and flushed. She smiled brightly. I could only stare in amazement.

I simply had to have more of her. Her arms went round my neck. I finally made a move. I slid one hand up her side, fingers trailing lightly over the fabric of her blouse. I wasn't touching anything yet, just slipping up and down her side. She didn't tense, didn't pull away. Next time down, I slipped over the outside of the swell of her breast. Even with that I got a sense of how full and fabulous it was. As I touched her, her hand went from my neck to the back of my head. Her fingers slipped into my red hair and brought us a little closer. Hmm. Okay!

On the next pass my fingers stayed on target. I played with the peaks; they had turned hard and sat high. The first hint of a moan from her -- oh, it truly was glorious. I moved my fingers to slip over the buttons of her blouse. She begged me with her quickened breathing. I opened one. My fingers moved over her skin lightly. This next was -- oh god. She unbuttoned the blouse completely and pulled it from the skirt. I moved from our kiss. Her eyes were hot. "Please?" I bent to the swell in the red silk. I licked and kissed. I felt her head loll back. I would keep her here in the foyer for a bit longer ... the rest of her taking would come in my bed. Her back arched as I kissed her cleavage. I would not do what her body begged for. I found the zipper at the side of her skirt. I tugged at it, it slid; my reward was another moan. It fell past her hips; she moved to press herself to me. Oh my yes!!

The thought ran for a moment; this one has dreamed of this for some time. I would give her a full dose of fulfillment of what she had, I thought, yearned for. New treasures were mine to explore. I did. I circled the top of her panties, never doing more than that. She shivered with it. All at once, my hand moved to cup her. She broke the kiss and cried out at it. One finger pressed where she needed it. She shuddered. It was delicious to watch. My hands moved to each side of her face as I kissed her again. Her moan might have been in frustration; it might have been in bliss.

It was time. When I broke the kiss I took her hand and led her to my bed. I threw back pillows and blankets. She lay on her back. "Watch me Carmen." The city's ambient light let me see her eyes as I took off my clothes -- slowly. Her eyes ate me up; I was a puddle. It had been a long time since a lover's eyes devoured me as completely as hers did. 'No! She is too young; she is your employee.' I would not allow myself to think of it. This was but a lesson, an awakening. This would only be tonight. The voice said, 'Unless she asks you for tomorrow as well.' I blushed; she thought it was from being under her gaze. Yeah, okay, that too! Everything but my panties -- I stood and let her drink me in. I skimmed my hands to my breasts, cupped them, threw my head back and moaned. I bucked my hips, licked my lips. I moved my fingers through the silk of my panties, mimicking the movements I teased her with. I moved to the bed and lay with her.

Her voice was soft. "Is this part of it Michelle?" I kissed her. As I lifted from it I smiled and nodded.

"You are so beautiful Carmen. Yes, dear, loving takes many forms. Some are hot and quick, some wonderful, long, and soft in their torturous delights. It's all a matter of the mood, the moment, and the lovers. The dance is always the same and always so wonderfully different. What feels right for the two dancing is how they dance." I kissed her. My hand moved to the front clasp; I set her breasts free. She gave her thanks in the intensity of our kiss. There was but one gateway left to remove. She would beg me to remove it. I took her!! I danced with my lips, fingers, tongue and teeth. Whatever was there I took, completely ... or not. I teased -- here, there, everywhere. She grew frantic in not knowing. I exulted in her erotic confusion. Each flail of her limbs as she tried, hopelessly, to capture me, was met with an escape -- to move quickly to the next target of my choosing. I lapped at her atop the silk that covered the prize. She bucked, moaned and begged.

I moved to kiss her; her mouth ate me up. I breathed into us, "Do you understand yet baby?" Her moan was of want not understanding. "This is how we love; it is glorious to love your mirror." There were still areas yet unexplored; I tore my way through them; lapping at the valley of her hips, licking from the sopping center up, past her pubic bone, further north past her belly button, laving her heaving belly, slipping between those glorious breasts. Finally I gave them their due. In doing so I both pleasured and tortured her. I thought she might well peak; I did my best to lead her to the edge while not taking her over. When finally I gave myself over to loving her breasts, her reaction was to thrash wildly under me. My god, this one craves attention to these glories. How fabulous for her!! They shall be both beacons and sirens. They will serve her well as both. Serve them well I did ... as best as I could as she writhed beneath me. I finally had to hold her arms over her head and throw my leg between hers to gain some control over her. Oopsie! The press of my leg led to her bucking furiously as she drove to attain her goal. I smiled. She was glorious.

I hated to -- but she called to me with her want. I slipped the soaked silk from her hips and drew it over her legs. Once gone, I slipped between her thighs; unbidden, she lifted herself to me. Her prize, my goal, was bare, beautiful, and sweetly scented in the glorious aroma that is a woman. I bent to give her release. I had foresight enough to hold her hips with my hands. As I took her with my mouth, the explosion as she came round was quick and glorious. I saw her hands flail in the air ... I looked over the peak of her pubic bone as it bucked, her mouth was open, head whipping back and forth. She keened a high pitch cry. My thumbs teased and tortured, my nails dragged and skimmed her clit. I dragged her from pillar to post, up, over, round about, repeat. I did -- she followed. How much could she take? I would do my best to find out. Young as she is, I would do my best to wear her out. Just when it seemed she might be spent, there was still more hiding, begging to be drawn from her. I did and her cries of joy thanked me.

Still one barrier to be tested -- I worried over it even as we were making such wonderful love together. If it's there I would like to be the one who takes it from her. My fingers moved to her lips, full with blood, scented in the glorious aroma of her arousal. Try as I had to drink it all in, more of her juices had pooled. I pressed two fingers into her. She screamed in delight. I slipped in and out; young and inexperienced perhaps but, under the influence of what raged inside her, she drove her hips to take. Back and forth I sawed, a little deeper each time. She lifted her feet and drove her heels to the bed to give me access and herself purchase. Ah, yes! There it is; she knew, and demanded that I take it. Only one word, "Please!" said in a breathless tone that spoke of need and ache. I sawed deliberately in and out, and one push -- she knew and met me headlong with the thrust -- it gave way.

There was a sharp cry but it was lost as I pressed on, curling now to parts of her that she didn't know could give her pleasure. I drank fully and joyfully all of what she gave me. Again and again she crested -- not all of them were shattering, but all were pleasing. I bent my head to the pearl. When I took it fully in my mouth, my fingers moving deeper still in walls that clung desperately to them, she called out again and wildly bucked. This one took her savagely and gloriously. She grunted, she panted, and her hands tore at the peaks high on her chest. Her body went stiff as a board ... oh it was a glory to behold, then the lovely demon thing left her. It's my pleasure lover; the taking and the giving. This is to be my gift -- your lesson. Pass it forward. But tonight, we have danced!! I lay atop her as she recovered. I helped her back, loving her softly as she did ... it took a while.


It's past dinner time. When I finished writing last night I was a limp, tired mess. I feel I must confess: the writing of our loving that night wrecked me. I could barely sit still in my chair. All the feelings and emotions of that night came in a rush; they flooded and drenched my memory and yes, my river banks overflowed as well. So much so that it took quite some time to quell the storm between my legs. The memories, and my spends, were quite lovely. Oh my yes!!

All day at work I debated -- should I stop now or go on a bit? I'll finish this with how it ended.

Several months later, her cell rang. She answered, mouthing 'Mom' to me. She listened and turned white as a ghost. She began to cry. I rushed to hold her. She cried as she said goodbye and hung up. She cried and cried -- hot, tearing, gut-wrenching sobs. I held her. Her fists beat my chest. I let her -- it hurt, I didn't care. I led her to the couch. When finally she could talk she told me, "Daddy had a heart attack. The doctor's think he's going to be okay. My Mom was sobbing; she's so scared. I could hear my little sister in the background crying. I have to go home Michelle. I have to see Daddy. Mom needs me too." I nodded and held her. Poor thing; wrecked.

I drove her to the airport the next day; we had found an early morning flight home. The cost didn't matter. I paid it. She had to go. Not a word of discord. She called that night -- she spoke to me as if I were a trusted co-worker. I knew; it was expected. "Daddy is okay. He cried when he saw me." I was in tears at her words. Yes, of course, she could call me any time, day or night. Yes of course, she would stay until it was time to come back home. No, she was home. I was her boss. I knew how much sick time there was. I did what I could.

You can, perhaps, figure out how this ends. Home was home; Daddy had beaten the 'widow maker' but the heart strings tugged and won. Oh, she called a few times, especially early. Several times she wasn't around family -- those were more personal, intimate. But that changed and so did how often. Did she ever come back? She did, but only to tell me the movers would be coming in the morning to pack her things. She told her mother and sister she was saying goodbye to her boss. By then I knew. It had been coming; she hadn't known how to tell me. I hurt but it was okay. There was no reason for me to be angry. It wasn't 'love' between us. Could it have been? I think of that question when I think of Carmen. I know; it's a rather futile debate. But we all, I think, who have been a party to such things have the debate anyway.

The ember that was inside her had never gone out. When I was finally able to speak about Carmen I was asked, "Didn't she resist? When you had a hand up your skirt the first time, did you not draw back a bit, before giving in and pressing forward again?" Good lord yes!! I resisted vigorously -- for the full five seconds. Scamp! So? When it came to confront her - in the form of the dialogue and dinner, Carmen made the decision that was right for her. Besides, what is right and wrong? If the 'ember' was there all along wouldn't it likely have come to life another time, with another Michelle? I do believe it to be so in my heart! That heart was hurt when she left. She left a mark -- but it brings a smile to my face now. Was she the only one? Hmm, she was, I admit, the only virgin I've had. Okay, I should clarify, only virgin with her hymen intact. And, an important distinction, if only to me -- she was the only Carmen!!

This you should know -- we were lovers. It was but a few months and they were grand! Every woman who's ever crossed my path and shared a bed with me will always have a place in my heart. It's just me. And no, I don't keep count or notches or anything like that. As I write today my bed is empty. I only wish my heart to be ready when 'she' appears in my life!

I wish you could have known her. I wish I could have known her longer.

Author's Note: This is a flight of fantasy - fiction. If there is any resemblance to anyone walking among us I apologize. I hope you enjoyed my work.

This was not intended to be my first offering. It just happened that way. The germ came in a conversation with a close friend. It is a wonderful and lovely thing to use the word "friend." She is that. For all I owe her and for so much more, that which I hold closest to my heart is that we are, literally and truly, friends. To the other half who makes them both whole: Thank you as well, sis. Michelle and Carmen would be fortunate to have a love as sweet and rich as these two do.

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