tagGroup SexSeducing Coach Ch. 01

Seducing Coach Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Dee and Bobbi

Bobbi and Dee were sitting around in Dee's house, bored on a summer afternoon, unable to think of anything fun to do. They had graduated a month earlier, and while they were happy to be rid of the drudgery of school, they missed the structure it had given them. They had both been athletes the entire time, and the absence of the physicality and regimen of daily practice and weekend games was beginning to be keenly felt.

"I miss hanging out with the team," Bobbi admitted. "It really kinda sucks that we have to leave that all behind now."

"I know!" Dee added. "I feel like we're never going to see any of them again. I miss the coaches already."

"You mean you miss Mr. Evans," Bobbi corrected, "I do too."

Mr. Evans had been their coach, and was a favorite of just about everybody. He had a good rapport with the kids, and was funny but in control at the same time. He was only in his mid 30s, so he wasn't so old as to be disconnected, but he wasn't as close in age to the kids as most of the assistants. Both Bobbi and Dee had been pals with him more than some of the other girls, and had spent much of their four years joking around with him before and after practice.

"We don't have any excuse to hang out with him any more," Bobbi continued, "We should find out where he lives and go see him."

"I know where he lives. He just moved over kind of where you live. But what are we gonna do? Just go over and say 'Hi, coach, we miss you and wanna hang out,' you know, don't you think it would be kinda weird?"

"You mean weird-weird, or you know, like really awkward weird weird?" she said, looking Dee in the eyes so she'd get her meaning. Dee returned the look and thought for a second.

At various times they had discussed that they thought Mr. Evans was cute. Not like their boyfriends were cute, but in an older man, inaccessible, unrealistic kind of way. They'd both caught him glancing at them in their uniforms in what could possibly be construed as something of a leer, but they never busted him on it, and he probably didn't even know they'd seen him. He was always professional around them, and they felt safe, as did everyone, that the line would never be crossed, or even considered. It just wasn't part of who he was. But still, they were pretty close with him, and more than once his fleeting glance was seen wandering.

They knew they were both thinking of this, when Dee let her smile show. "We should go see him," she said playfully, "What do you think?"

Bobbi was a little surprised by the direction she thought Dee might be headed. "Uh, you mean like really go over to his house and say, "Hey, wanna hang out?" What are you thinking, you little perv?"

"I dunno," she said coyly. "Maybe we just go over there and tease him a bit. You know how he likes these shorts," she added, smiling. She was wearing the super high spandex shorts they used to wear at practice, and a t-shirt. Bobbi, by contrast, was wearing her baggy basketball shorts and a tank top.

"Oh, you are SO bad. But what do you think that'll do to him. Don't you think it's kinda cruel to tease him like that?"

"Oh, come on, let's go over there. He'll be happy to see us; you know he will. Plus, you know you like him too, right? Let's go."

They got into Bobbi's car and drove over to the street Dee had seen him moving to on her way to Bobbi's a few weeks earlier. "There it is I think. Hey, there's his car out front! Sweet, this is going to be so much fun!" She was fairly jumping out of the car.

"Man, you are way too looking forward to this," Bobbi said as they walked up the walk. "I think it's mean of you to lead him on like this."

"Who says I'm just leading him on?" Dee quipped without looking at her as she rang the bell. Bobbi's mouth fell open in surprise as she stared at her friend while the door opened.

"Hey, coach," Dee said in her most unassuming tone. "We found out you had a new house and we've come over to make sure it's the right place for you."

His face lit up in surprise, happy to see his favorite girls unexpectedly on his doorstep. "Hi, guys. How's the summer going? Have you really got so little going on that you had to come find me for entertainment? How sad," he joked, opening the screen door to let them in. "You alright Bobbi? You look a little lost," he said, innocent of the situation. He was happy for what he could only guess was a cordial visit (although his eyes did find Dee's shorts right on cue). The truth was, he had been afraid he'd never see them again, like most of his athletes who'd moved on.

"Uh, no, I'm fine." Bobbi said, walking in. "Cool place, when did you move in?"

"Right after the season ended. It seems like all I've been doing since then has been trying to get settled in. Have a seat."

He led them to the living room where he sat down on one end of the sofa. Bobbi sat cautiously on the other end while Dee continued to walk around the room checking things out. They chatted about what they and other members of the team had been up to since school ended. Dee ambled about, making observances that kept her back turned to him, arching her back ever so slightly so that her cute little butt poked out from beneath her untucked tee.

Bobbi followed his eyes surreptitiously and confirmed that Dee's ploy was working, but she wasn't quite sure what to make of it. Mr. Evans was clearly trying to keep himself from being distracted with these two athletic young ladies in his living room. But while he generally maintained his professionalism at all times, it would have been all but impossible to not recognize their attractiveness. And since they had left and moved on into the adult world, he found himself in a bit of a quandary over how to behave. Dee wasn't making it easier for him.

She had made her way over to the couch, and it appeared she was about to sit down between them when she bent over to look at the sports magazines on the coffee table, turning slightly toward Bobbi. This put her posterior right at head level and facing Mr. Evans, who, in distress, was trying not to stare right at it, but obviously wanting to. It was Bobbi who bailed him out.

"Dee, get your ass out of his face, you little tease, you're wrecking his concentration."

Mr. Evans blushed a crimson shade, and for the first time since they'd know him seemed to be at a loss for words. His genuine embarrassment endeared him to Bobbi, making her think he was probably a decent guy after all, however the afternoon played out.

Dee bounced upright, giggling a little. "Oops, sorry coach. Didn't mean to force you to look at my butt like that," falling onto the couch and glancing at Bobbi. "It's a cute butt, though, don't you think?" she added coyly.

"Um,...yes?" Still a little flustered, he was trying to shake it off.

"See, I told you," Dee said.

"Wait, what! Told you what??" Mr. Evans interrupted, looking at them cautiously, wondering if he'd somehow just been caught at something. "What have you been talking about?"

"Oh nothing, really," Bobbi said. " We were just trying to figure out earlier if you were a boob man or a butt man. I wasn't sure, but Dee swore you'd go for butts."

Mr. Evans did his best comedic double take. "I'm not sure we should be talking about this..."

"Oh, come on, coach," they both protested. "We're all friends, right? Besides, you're not our coach anymore, so you don't have to be all politically correct around us. And it's not like you don't know we talk lik this, duh. We used to all the time at practice." She paused. "So, you gonna answer the question or what?"

He was trying to play it cool, but his face was still slightly red. "What you guys talk about is your own business, and my personal preferences are mine, thank you very much," he said with a false air of sincerity.

"Ha! Whatever," Dee mocked, "I know you're a butt man. I've seen you checking'em out at practice. You're a terrible liar, Mr. Evans." He blushed again. "See!" she said, lighting up with a smile.

"Wow," he said, giving up. "How awkward is this? Ok, fine. Yep, you're right, it's butts for me, thanks. And I'd appreciate it if you kept that to yourselves. Man, I shouldn't have let you in," he again joked.

"There, there, coach, she said patting his knee, "doesn't it feels good to be honest? Your secret is safe with us, no worries." She left her hand on his leg just a little too long, rubbing it slightly as she lifted it.

The conversation came to a halt for a moment, Mr. Evans staring at the carpet, his mind beginning to reel a bit, while the girls looked at one another.

"Hey, can we have a tour or what? Bobbi asked.

"Right. Yeah. Good idea." he said, standing up and stepping away from the couch. "Come along then."

He led them from the living room through the dining room and into the kitchen. Pretty ordinary. He pointed out the basement, which was finished but didn't have any furniture in it yet.

"Party room, eh?" Bobbi said, looking down the stairs at the empty carpeted space.

"Oh sure. You know me. 24/7, hittin' it hard style," he said with obvious sarcasm. "I party nonstop. I think you know that about me."

"Coach, do you ever really party, or do you just come home and do nothing all the time?" Dee asked. He couldn't tell if she was serious or not, and the question hit him funny, since he didn't know if it was true or not.

"Hm, bummer. I guess maybe I do. That's lame, huh. My advice? Don't grow old. I'm trying so hard to resist!"

He led them down the hall off the living room showing them his office, the guest bedroom, the bath, and ended up at the door to the master bedroom, thinking the tour would end and they'd return to the living area. Dee walked right on in.

"Wow, so this is the coach's lair. Very single white male."

"Hey now, be nice. What did you expect?" he defended.

She walked across the room and jumped up on the bed. Bobbi followed her in and sank down in the oversized chair in the corner.

"Uh, go ahead and make yourselves at home, ladies." With feigned perturbance.

"Thanks!" Dee squeaked. "Hey, nice bed!" She bounced around on it for a bit then settled onto her stomach, propping herself up on her elbows. "Use it much?"

"Uh, yep. Just about every night."

"'Just about?'" Bobbi asked suggestively.

He blushed again. He was standing in the doorway, unsure of what to do next. It was obvious now the two of them were flirting with him, and it was of course having the desired effect upon him. But with girls this young, he wasn't sure either how far along they were going to take it, or whether or not he should let it proceed. The answer to the first question was only a few moments away.

From the bed Dee looked right at Mr. Evans with her alluring innocence and said, "I bet this bed has seen plenty of action, hasn't it." He sort of smiled, both nervously and expectantly, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

"I bet there have been many a happy woman up here enjoying you and your cute butt. Oh, did we forget to mention? We like butts, too. And we think yours is super cute."

Bobbi joined in, in a fake low voice, trying to imitate how he would talk to them at practice. "Come over here and turn around so we can see it, mister."

There it was, the invitation to the opportunity, or the point of no return. 'Well, here goes,' he thought to himself and walked across the room to stand between them, spinning around to give them the requested view. They both reached out and ran a hand gently up and down each jean-clad cheek. Dee gave it a little smack.

"Not bad, mister. But there's something I want to know. Who's do you think is cuter; mine or Bobbi's?"

He was looking back over his shoulder at the two of them caressing his butt, his cock already beginning to strain in front. "Well, hm," he was having a hard time concealing his excitement. 'It would be tough to say. I mean they're both so nice."

Bobbi stood up from the chair. "Sit here. Get up, Dee, we'll do a side by side comparison for him." Dee hopped up and stood next to Bobbi, their backs to him as he sat back. Both girls arched their backs and shook their hips playfully at him. "Well?"

They stood there before him. Bobbi, about five foot six and of medium build. Thin waist but wider hips, although by no means over weight. Dee, almost tiny, was barely over five feet tall and couldn't have weighed more than 110 pounds. She was diminutive in all respects, and had a small yet perfectly round tight butt.

"This comparison's not really fair. Dee's got those tight little shorts on," he said looking at Bobbi. She let out an exasperated sigh and pushed her basketball shorts off her hips letting them fall to her ankles, revealing her cute, striped cotton panties underneath.

"Oh, now, that's much better," he said. "Wow, Bobbi, those are really cute undies..."

"Hey, no fair either!" Dee objected, wriggling out of her spandex to show off her thong. "I have cute undies too," she pouted.

"Well now, this really is becoming a tough decision," he said earnestly. "I'm going to need more information. May I touch?"

"I suppose so," Bobbi said smoothly.

He reached out to each girl, running his hands up the backs of their thighs. On his right, Dee's ass was smooth and tight under his fingers, just as he'd imagined it. He ran his hand across to the other cheek and gave it a good hard clench, making her exhale and giggle. Meanwhile his left hand had slipped under Bobbi's panties to explore her soft, ample buttocks, letting his fingers slide between them. His thumb eased forward between her legs to her soft, fuzzy pussy, rubbing it back and forth as he grabbed her cheek.

"Mm, they're both so nice. It's really hard to say. They're even so far," he pondered. "but like I always used to tell you, ladies, competitions usually come down to who wants it most. So, who's willing to give the extra effort?"

Almost in unison both girls slipped their thumbs under the waistlines of their panties and eased them over their hips, bending forward while sliding them down to their ankles.

"Mmm," he praised their determination. "I always knew you both had the competitive fire burning in you."

He moved forward on his chair and leaned first towards Dee, his actual favorite, who was still fully bent over and looking back at him eagerly. With both hands he massaged her perfect little ass, finally able to do what he'd wanted to for years. With each circular squeeze he drew her cheeks apart, exposing her adorable little anus and, to his delight, a completely smooth pair of small, pale pink labia. It was all he could do not to shove his face deeply into this glorious visage, but he maintained is calm and continued to fondle her, letting his thumbs brush open her lips, and tickle her puckering hole.

She was breathing heavier now, her body swaying to the rhythm he dictated, letting out small sighs whenever he hit her hot spots. His grasp became more urgent for a few moments as he let himself enjoy his long yearned for prize. He reeled his hunger back in with the satisfying revelation that things were just getting started; he could take his time. He gave her butt a swat, watching as its firmness barely allowed a giggle.

Bobbi had stood back up and was watching his obvious desire for her friend's ass. She knew where his favors lay, but that made her more determined to win him over. She let her hands roam over her own smooth, full bottom as he turned his attention to her, looking him straight in the eyes.

"I know you have a thing for perky little butts like hers, coach. But you should see what mine can do for you." She reached her hand to the back of his head, and as she pivoted away and bent back over, she pulled his face right into her exposed crevice. Immediately his hands were on her hips, pulling her to him. His mouth found her neatly trimmed lips, his nose pressing into her anus. He grasped her full soft cheeks and spread them, licking her fully up and down, devouring everything in his view.

"Oh, my gosh,...!" she blurted, as his tongue explored alternately in and out of her holes. She looked over at Dee with eyes half open, trying to convey how good it felt to her friend. Dee moved over to the bed opposite her, leaning on the edge, her hands slightly caressing herself as she watched.

His tongue was now lapping forward to tickle Bobbi's hidden button, then back over the length of her lips, occasionally pausing to satisfy his desire to thrust his tongue into her ass. He loved getting his lovers off by sucking on them, but he also loved the feel of their tight little hole both enveloping and resisting his tongue.

As Bobbi became more and more aroused, she developed less control over her legs, and eventually fell forwards towards the bed next to Dee. She collapsed to her knees, her face resting on the edge next to Dee's thigh. Dee put her hand on her head, stroking her hair gently while Bobbi caught her breath and regained her senses. She hadn't cum, but she was fully committed to the idea.

As Mr. Evans stood up, Dee pulled him over by his belt and said, "It isn't fair, either, that you have all these clothes still on." She undid his jeans and pulled them down along with his underwear, reaching in for his hard cock as she did so. The feel of her small, delicate hand on his fully erect and dripping dick was almost overwhelming, and his knees buckled a bit as he stepped out of his pants. Dee's hand slicked itself with his pre cum, and he was instantly receiving an incredible hand job from this happy pixie of a girl. He almost came at the very thought, and had to grab her hand to stop her stroke.

The girls worked out of their shorts and scampered on to the bed, Bobbi still in her tank, Dee in her tee. He pulled off his own shirt, and completely naked, climbed up on the bed with them.

Dee returned her attention to his hard penis as he sat between them. She stroked it idly, leaning in to gaze at it. A nice, filling size, she thought, and rather long. She ran her loose fingers up and down its length, getting them remoistened with his slippery drops. She tickled the underside of the tip, alternately squeezing and stroking the firm head. With her other hand she held the base and began to massage his balls. She leaned in for a closer look.

He would have been mesmerized had he been watching, but Bobbi, sitting opposite Dee, had placed a tentative kiss on his lips. Soft and gentle, she smelled clean and fresh as her tongue found his and electrified him. These two sweet girls were so beautiful and seductive, he again found himself overwhelmed by the moment. Bobbi's hand was stoking his chest as she leaned into him, pressing her own chest against his side. He could feel the softness of her breasts, loose under her tank, on his arm. He reached across with his other hand to her waist, finding the skin beneath her top, and let his hand move upward to find the firm full weight of her perfect handful of a breast. Gently cupping and pressing, he teased her nipple with is fingertips, as she exhaled softly to his face. Then he felt Dee's mouth slip over the head of his cock.

"Oh my god,..." was all he could say as he looked down. She stroked his cock further and further into her mouth. He could feel her tongue circling about as she let her saliva coat him thoroughly, the excess washing over his balls, now wet in her hand. She glanced up to make momentary eye contact, and he had to throw his head back and shut his eyes. If it's possible for a girl to smile with a mouthful of penis, then she gave it her best shot. The three of them, in these initial moments of realized and unleashed desire, were each incredibly happy.

The sense of warmth and pleasure soon escalated to heat and lust. With his head still tossed back, Bobbi pushed him onto his back. "You need to pick up where you left off," she said giving him a purely devilish look. Her hand pressed him to the bed as she swung her leg across his chest, straddling him, her knees under each arm. His hands held her hips, although more to brace himself than to be in control; she was obviously calling the shots now.

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