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Seducing Jack



When the condo doorbell rang, Jack was sure it was some bible thumpers; who else would it be at 10 o'clock on a Saturday morning? So, he couldn't have been more surprised or pleased when he opened the door to a blond goddess. She was tall, athletic, stacked, and just damn sexy in white shorts and a white blouse.

Unfortunately, she was also seriously pissed off.

Before he was finished looking her over she physically assaulted him, beating on his chest with the meat of her closed fists and calling him all sorts of obscenities. He just absorbed the attack until she cried, "You bastard. Why did you abandon me?" At that point, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. She began sobbing and he stroked her hair as looked down at her in his arms and said, "Hello, Kate. How's my little sister?"

After she calmed down, he helped bring in her luggage, enough to hold everything she could possibly own, and showed her to the spare bedroom. He let her freshen up a bit while he made two quick phone calls from his office and then came out to make them some green tea.

They spent the rest of the day catching up. Jack had "abandoned" her when he turned 18 and enlisted in the army, never to return home. When Kate turned 18, she also left home to pursue a modeling career in New York. And then, just a few weeks earlier, during their weekly phone call, their mother casually told Kate that she had finally heard from Jack and he was living in California. That was all Kate needed to hear. She immediately "retired" from modeling and went in search of her brother.

Their life experiences were certainly different. Jack had toured south Asia after his military service and then earned his college degree, started his consulting business, and created what he thought was a full life for himself on the west coast. Kate, on the east coast, became a popular bikini and lingerie model but found herself adrift among people she didn't even like.

Jack kidded her, "Are you saying that you couldn't find a man in all of New York City? I have to say, you're not the little girl I grew up with; you've developed into quite a stunner. I don't believe you can't have just about anybody you wanted."

She bit her lip as he spoke and when he finished she smiled and said "Thank you, kind sir. I think the problem was that I never could find someone I really wanted. The men I dated were happy enough to be seen with me but were real duds in the bedroom. Or worse, they were real wimps, too in awe of me to even try anything. I need someone who will spank me and use me properly."

Jack spluttered but recovered quickly. He joked, "Well, if the men you met were so bad, maybe you should have gone on the wild side and tried your own sex."

Kate laughed. "Don't think I didn't. But it was the same problem with the ladies. Even the doms wanted to be my subs. A girl just can't win."

They both laughed but Jack quickly changed that topic of conversation. They had always been close as children and Jack really cared for her and always watched out for her as they grew up and he really wasn't interested in hearing details of her adult sex life.

She, on the other hand, had always looked up to him as some sort of demi-god. With this mutual admiration it wasn't surprising that they really enjoyed each other's company once Jack steered the conversation into calmer waters. The day went by happily and quickly and the sun was setting when the doorbell rang again. Jack stood up and headed for his office, "I've got to take care of something, could you get that?"

Kate gave him a quizzical look but merely nodded and headed for the door. She opened it and stood eye-to-eye with her half-Asian counterpart, a stunning dark-haired beauty with dark bronze skin, an athletic build, high firm breasts and beautiful almond eyes. But, just like Kate earlier, this girl looked like she was seriously pissed off. "Who the hell are you?" the girl demanded.

Jack quickly joined them, laughing, and said, "Amy, this is my sister, Kate. Kate, meet my girlfriend Amy. She's usually not so nasty to people."

The two women made nice but were still assessing each other carefully when Jack continued, "I made reservations for three if you two would like to join me for dinner."

Kate had already noted Amy's tight black dress and left the room saying, "I'll be ready in 20 minutes." While she was gone, Jack quickly explained the situation to Amy who seemed slightly put out by her boyfriend having a long-term roommate. Kate dressed quickly and half an hour later, she came out in her own tight dress, only hers was white.

From Jack's viewpoint, the meal went exceptionally well. When they arrived at the restaurant, all heads turned as they walked in, and the owner himself made sure they had a prominent table where everyone could see the kind of guests who patronized his little place.

Jack couldn't help noticing some of the women checking him out, and he speculated that they wondered what kind of man deserved these two beautiful women. So, when they were done, Jack suggested they extend the evening by going clubbing and was a little disappointed when Amy immediately said she was ready to go back and Kate agreed.

When they got back to Jack's place, Kate said she was exhausted and needed to get some sleep. While Jack helped her get settled in, Amy headed right for his bedroom. She started searching under the bed until she found what she was looking for. She pulled out a toy box and was a little embarrassed to find it completely covered with dust. The "toys" had been her idea, but she never really felt comfortable using them. Now, though, things were different.

She searched through the box and quickly found what she was looking for. It was a metal bar with four soft cuffs with velcro closures. The two larger cuffs were at either end of the bar and the two smaller ones were in the center; just your typical spreader bar.

She quickly stripped, sat at the end of the bed and fastened the two larger cuffs around her ankles. She flipped herself over so that her ass was in the air, then pulled her knees up under her. She scooted down until her feet hung over the end of bed and then extended her arms down between her legs toward the two smaller inner cuffs. She cuffed her lift wrist and then secured the other cuff into a small circle that she could barely wriggle her hand into. It wasn't a true cuffing, but it would have to do. Then she waited.

When Jack finally said goodnight to his sister, he went into his bedroom to find Amy offered up to him in a sort of triangle. Her face was forced into the mattress by her arms pinned down between her legs. Her ass was up in the air at the end of the bed and her legs were spread wide making her fully accessible. He walked over and softly stroked all of her exposed parts noticing that her ass glistened with lube.

He moved to the side of the bed and leaned over to look her in the eye and said quietly, "You know, this position gives me ideas."

She dropped eye contact in submission and murmured, "Use lots of lube."

His already hard cock jumped. He knew that she hated anal. The first and only time they had tried it, she cried in pain until he was fully in her and she was only able to get through the experience by rubbing herself constantly. They never tried again, so this was a very big deal.

He practically used the whole tube of lube on her and over his entire cock before stepping up behind her on the bed. He placed his cock head against her now-slippery anus and began to slowly push in. She buried her face in the mattress to muffle her cries so that Kate wouldn't hear her pain because it did hurt. He kept pushing until he was fully seated inside her and then he paused, leaned forward, and gently asked if she wanted her hands released so she could rub herself.

She said, "No. This is for you. Don't be afraid to take me hard."

Well, of course, this made his cock jump again which only added to her pain. He began to move inside her, first slowly and then, holding her by the hips, faster and faster with greater force as he became more and more aroused. He could hear her muffled cries of pain, but she had granted total permission, so he let the sounds wash over him and add to his pleasure. He didn't try to prolong her agony but he did take her thoroughly and his orgasm was massively intense. He staggered away from her when he was through.

He quickly released her cuffs, gathered her in his arms and kissed her passionately, wiping her tears away. After a few minutes, she went into the bathroom to clean up and pull herself together. He left her alone and only went in himself when she was done.

When he was done, he returned to the bedroom and climbed into bed and pulled her close, looked her straight in the eye and asked, "What just happened? What's going on here?"

Her response was primal, "She can't have you. You're mine and I won't let her take you away."

That was truly the last thing he expected to hear. He was totally confused. "Do you mean Kate? Kate? Really? That's my sister you're talking about. You certainly have nothing to worry about on that score. My sister? Damn, you can't really believe I would even think about fucking my own sister. Do you really think I'm some sort of pervert?"

Amy was stubborn. "Did you hear even one word that was said at dinner? She's madly in love with you. She wants you and she won't be satisfied until she has you. It doesn't bother her that you're her brother. It's because you're her wonderful, marvelous big brother that she wants you. ... Sometimes you can be just so blind to some things." She turned her head away from him.

He didn't know what to say. The concept was just too silly to contemplate. He cared very much for his sister and he was extremely happy to have her in his home, but he had absolutely no sexual attraction to her at all. He said as much to Amy and hoped she could that see he spoke the truth. He held her close until she was completely calm and drifted off to sleep. Only then did he close his own eyes.

* * * *


When Amy opened her eyes the next morning, Jack was already up. This wasn't unusual. Throughout his life he was always the last to go to bed and the first to get up. She focused on her mission and quickly took a shower before returning nude to the toy box looking for two specific items.

Jack certainly needed his alone time that morning. He sat with his morning tea sorting through all that had happened since his sister's arrival and he found himself to be a little frustrated. Was Amy right? Kate had been unhappy in her modeling and even said that the last time she had been truly happy was before Jack left and that was why she had come to California looking for him. But, was there something more to it he wondered.

And what about himself? Did he harbor some secret desire for his sister? She was an intelligent, beautiful and sexy woman, but was she someone or something he wanted sexually? He prided himself on seeing things as they truly were, without sham or pretense, but was he missing something here that Amy was seeing? It all left him disturbed and confused.

He heard the shower in the master bedroom and knew that Amy was up and would have to leave soon. She was a highly successful real estate agent and probably had an open house that afternoon. But after half an hour, it became obvious that she wasn't coming out. He stood up and went to see if there was a problem.

When he walked into his bedroom, his cock went instantly from flaccid to rock hard. Amy was kneeling with her back to the bed, with her hands cuffed behind her back and a ball gag in her mouth. Drool had filled her mouth and overflowed down over her breasts and stomach. She never lifted her eyes.

He quickly stripped, remembering this very well. Oral sex was a standard part of their sexual routine and Amy was well skilled, but this was something totally different that had been a special birthday present to him nearly a year ago.

He walked over to her and carefully raised her head before removing the ball gag. He then placed the tip of his cock between her lips and she coated it with her saliva. He pushed in a little farther and she continued moistening more and more of his cock until it was fairly dripping from tip to root.

He straddled her kneeling figure, placing his knees down on the edge of the bed. He entwined his fingers through her thick, black hair, immobilizing her head, and then he took possession of her mouth with his cock. It reached the back of her throat and she gagged slightly. He pulled back and entered again, pushing slightly deeper, feeling her throat begin to open to him. He pulled back again and then thrust his entire length all the way into her and began to rhythmically pump in and out of her tight throat with her face being jammed into his pubic bone.

Anytime she made an effort to turn her head to the right, he knew she needed to breath, and he would pull out, pausing momentarily as she gasped for air before he returned to his own need, thrusting a little harder as a sort of punishment for interfering with his pleasure. When he did cum, he came hard, holding her face tight against his pelvis, rocking his cock deep inside her, and his load went straight down her throat. Finished, he slowly pulled out of her mouth leaving it in long enough to make sure she tasted him and cleaned his cock head.

He opened the cuffs and helped her to her feet. She hurriedly cleaned up, dressed and prepared to leave since she did have an open house to manage and needed to change clothes at home. She gave him a tight smile as she went out the door and said, "There, now maybe you can resist your little sister until I see you tomorrow." Jack could only shake his head in continued confusion.

* * *

It was afternoon before Kate got out of bed. She was still tired from her journey, so they spent a quiet afternoon and evening watching television together.

When they were kids, Kate used to sit close to Jack while the family watched television and would often press herself into his side especially if they were watching some scary movie. So, just as she had always done, she immediately sat next to him on the sofa, getting as close as possible.

Of course, things were different now. The gangly pre-teen with braces and a giggly laugh was now fully blossomed. It wasn't sharp elbows and the smell of bubblegum he was now trying to avoid but full breasts and the slight scent of vanilla. Jack wondered if Kate was aware of how things were different. Was she just re-living the past or, perhaps, planning the future? It really was damn confusing.

Jack wasn't even sure how his own body was responding to this stimulation. He felt funny, but that may have been because he was too worried about how he felt. His cock behaved itself, but was that because he truly had no sexual attraction toward his sister or simply because Amy had drained him enough to take the edge off? He remained in a bewildered state all day and well into the night.

* * * *


Jack sipped his morning tea and continued trying to make sense of what was going on and he thought he had found the key. He was overthinking the whole thing. The real problem was that Amy was simply a jealous woman. It didn't matter that the "other" woman was just his sister, she still acted as though there was some sort of competition going on.

Well, he wasn't going to complain about the competition aspect. Their sex life had been good, but this was sexual fantasy territory and he decided he was just going to enjoy that for as long as it lasted.

He reassured himself that he was quite normal and that his kid sister was just that, his kid sister. He would always watch out for her but in no way would he ever skeeve on her. He felt better than he had since this all started and went into his office to work on the financial project he had been neglecting due to all this excitement.

When he heard Kate moving around in the kitchen, he took a quick break to check on her. She said that she was still recovering from her journey and thought she might spend the day at the condo pool and get some California sun. He laughed and told her he was working but might join her later. She finished her brunch and went off to change.

She called out from the living room when she was heading out and he came to see her off. He knew she was a bikini model and would have access to the best fashions, but this was a revelation. What he saw was an icon of sex in a white halter bikini that looked as if it had been hand-crafted to perfectly fit and enhance her curves, creating perfect cleavage and accenting a perfect butt.

His cock twitched, but he was sure it was only because this whole package was professionally designed to make any male go weak in the knees. Well, actually, he hoped that was the explanation, but thanks to Amy's paranoia, he was now starting to feel guilty again. He managed to smile and promised he would join her later.

He returned to his office but found it difficult to concentrate and he was still in a somber revery when the doorbell rang. It was Amy and she was stopping by on her way to work just as she had promised.

She was dressed in her standard business attire. It consisted of a tweed blazer with a velour collar and a matching skirt that wasn't quite a mini-skirt but was still about two inches shorter than most business skirts. Beneath this she wore a satin blouse and black stockings. It was an expensive and classy outfit that hid a few suprises.

Amy stepped inside, looked around and asked, "Where's your damn sister?"

"Be nice. She's out at the pool."

"Good. ... In your office. ... Now."

Jack smiled to himself. Here we go again, he thought.

Amy was extremely happy that Kate wasn't there at the moment. At home, while she was dressing, it dawned on her that in all the other excitement, she had completely forgotten her own needs. And what she needed was a good fucking. She walked into his office, walked over to his desk and turned to face him as he stood in the doorway.

She removed her blazer and placed it over his chair. It was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra under her tight creamy blouse since it caressed her breasts and her hard nipples poked against the form-fitting material.

Without taking her eyes off his, she reached to the side of her skirt, unfastened the button and pulled down the zipper. She opened the skirt and let it fall to her feet. Underneath, she was wearing a red garter belt with long red straps attached to black stockings.

She wore no panties. The belt and straps framed her bronze skin and the groomed hair of her pubic area in a way that was a work of art. Stepping out of her skirt, she kicked it to the side. She leaned back against the desk, spread her legs slightly, and, pointing down between her legs, said, "Get your ass over here. This clit isn't going to lick itself."

Smiling broadly, Jack jumped to obey. "Yes, Ma'am," he said. He dropped to his knees in front of her and lifted his face into the job to be done. He licked her from bottom to top and then centered his mouth over her clitoris, pressing in and enveloping all of the flesh. He began to flick his tongue to form each of the letters of the alphabet.

Sometimes she made it to the letter "O". But not this time. Her orgasm was strong and she was quite vocal about it. She pulled his head into her crotch as she continued to quake and then pushed him away roughly when she was done with him.

Jack stood up and watched as she turned her back and bent over the desk. If the front view was a work of art, the back view was a carnal masterpiece of a peach bottom, framed by the garter belt and its two red straps with the black stockings below. Her pussy, centered in the middle of this display, was moist and glistening.

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