tagRomanceSeducing Louisa

Seducing Louisa


Louisa turned around and looked into the deepest brown eyes she'd ever seen. Slowly she became aware of the fact that they belonged to a tall man on the other side of the counter. He was leaning against the counter, with a smile on his face. His hair was almost black and cut very short, and despite the early hour he had a five o'clock shadow on his face. He was wearing a long black winter coat and underneath it she could spot a black jumper with a V-neck that exposed some of his black chest hair. She smiled at him.

"How can I help you, sir?" she asked.

"I'd like a cup of coffee," he said, revealing a faint Eastern European accent.

"What type of coffee?" she asked, motioning with one hand towards the board that listed dozens of different varieties.

"Just a regular cup of coffee."

She poured him a cup and handed it to him. His hand brushed past hers and she felt a jolt of electricity through her body. Her nipples stiffened and the tingles went all the way down to between her legs, giving her that slightly forbidden and pleasurable moist feeling.

"What's your name," her customer asked as he sipped his coffee.

"My name is Louisa," she replied.

"Louisa," he tasted her name. "It's a very beautiful name for a very beautiful woman. I'm Stan."

"Pleased to meet you, Stan," she smiled at him, wondering how long he intended to stay, hoping that nobody else would come in and want coffee and drive him away. She couldn't quite explain why this man she'd never met was having this effect on her, it was a completely foreign feeling, but she didn't want it to go away. She didn't want him to go away.

"And may I ask why are you serving coffee here on a cold morning like this when you should still be tucked up in bed, in your lover's embrace?"

The intimacy of the suggestion made Louisa blush. "I'm a student," she said, "and this is the only way I have of earning some extra money."

"Oh, a student," he said wistfully. "With nobody to take care of you?"

"My father died when I was 12. My mother is ill. I've taken care of myself for a long time."

They were interrupted by the sound of the bell, announcing that someone else had walked through the door. It wasn't another customer, but a short, stocky man looking for Stan.

"Hey Boss! We gotta get going or we'll get stuck in rush hour traffic."

"Duty calls," said Stan regretfully. "I have to leave you. Take care, fair Louisa."

Louisa watched him go, with a longing smile on her face. Never before had she reacted like this to a man. Her entire being was on fire for him and it was all she could do not to throw herself in his arms earlier. She wondered who he was and if she'd ever see him again. She'd been working in this coffee shop every other morning for the last three years and she'd never seen him before, and she was on a first name basis with most of the regulars.

A week later Louisa opened the shop at 5.30 and within minutes the tall figure of Stan made his presence known. Once again Louisa experienced the tightening of her nipples and fire between her legs. She had to pinch herself to stop herself from throwing herself into his arms.

"Good morning, Stan," she smiled. "Would you like a regular coffee?"

"You remember my name, Louisa," he said with a big smile, revealing impeccable white teeth.

"And you mine."

"How could I forget it? This last week all I could think about was the beautiful brown haired girl with the clear blue eyes in the coffee shop. I came back the day before yesterday and I rushed over here yesterday morning, but you weren't working."

His revelations did nothing to abate her growing lust. "It was my day off."

"I know," he smiled, "the girl told me. So I set my alarm to be here first thing today, because I wanted to speak with you."

"Oh?" she couldn't think of what to say.

"Yes, Louisa. I can't get you out of my mind. Please make me the happiest man alive and agree to accompany me to dinner tonight."

He was asking her out on a date! Louisa wanted to dance around with happiness. "I'd love to."

"Wonderful! Now please give me your address and I'll pick you up at 7 o'clock, if that's alright with you."

Louisa gave him her address and instructions for how to find it, but before they had a chance to get better acquainted another man, as tall as Stan, but blonde and much more muscular, walked in.

"It's time boss," said the new arrival. "We have to get going."

Stan said goodbye and promised to be at her apartment at 7 on the dot. Louisa felt as though the rest of the day went by in a fog. Half the time she was absolutely fascinated by this man who evoked reactions in her that she'd never before experienced. Half the time she thought she was insane for agreeing to go out with a man that she knew nothing about. The sexual attraction won the battle and shortly before 7 she inspected her image in the mirror. Her long chestnut curls had been stylishly gathered by a hairclip. She wore a moderate amount of makeup, bringing out her blue eyes. She'd put on some of her nicest clothes, a pretty white blouse and a knee length embroidered black skirt. She wore knee high boots and a green poncho to keep warm in the cold night. For the first time in her life she'd gone out and bought new underwear for a date so she had pretty black lace knickers and a sexy white, lace edged, bra that showed off her firm breasts at their full D-cup size without being too provocative. She felt confident that she looked good and her roommates gave her thumbs up as she waited for Stan to pick her up.

True to his word, Stan rang the doorbell at 7. Louisa opened and was thrown aback by his striking figure. He handed her a bouquet of red roses and she invited him in so that she could put the flowers in water. She felt proud as she noticed her roommates' reactions to Stan. He was looking incredibly handsome tonight, dressed in a dark grey suit, a crisp white shirt and a subtle red tie. He was freshly shaved and Louisa caught the masculine scent of his aftershave. It was almost too much to handle. She'd never been this attracted to any man in her life and she could tell that any of her roommates would have gladly taken her place tonight if she'd let them.

They walked downstairs to where he'd parked an understated black Mercedes and he opened the passenger door and made sure she was comfortable before closing her door and entering the driver's side. Soon they drove off and Stan chatted a little as he drove them to a fine restaurant, well beyond Louisa's budget. As he reached across her and unbuckled her belt he lightly caressed her cheek with the back of his hand.

"Don't look so frightened, my angel," he smiled. "There is nothing for you to worry about. I won't make you do anything that you don't want to do. You're absolutely safe with me."

Louisa smiled back at him. He knew exactly what was going on in her head.

Stan was obviously a respected customer at the restaurant. All the staff addressed him by name and they were given a private table in a corner. He conferred with the sommelier about the wine he was ordering and then he recommended food to Louisa that he thought she might like. There were no prices on her menu, but she was sure that it would take her a long time of pouring coffee in the mornings to earn enough money to pay for dinner in this restaurant.

The wine helped calm Louisa's nerves. She was 23 and a graduate student, but she'd never been much of a party girl so she wasn't particularly used to alcohol. The wine slipped down like the softest velvet and soon she felt herself relaxing and enjoying the evening. She found out that Stan was in his early 30s and a self-made business man. He'd emigrated nearly penniless from Eastern Europe 10 years earlier and built his own business empire. He was proud of his achievement, but modestly played down his obvious wealth, a trait that Louisa found extremely attractive. Louisa told him about how her father's untimely death and her mother's debilitating illness had made her more determined to succeed. She shared her worries about attending graduate school when she knew that she would have been able to afford better care for her mother if she'd gone straight to work after getting her degree, but her mother had insisted that she follow her dreams. Stan reached for her hand.

"So much responsibility for such a frail young girl," he said with warmth in his eyes as his thumb caressed her hand.

"I'm not that frail," she protested with a laugh. "I'm 5'9" and even though you can't see it by looking at me, I'm a champion kick boxer."

Stan laughed. "You're full of surprises, Louisa. I have to make sure not to get on the wrong side of you."

They had coffee with their dessert and when Stan had signed the credit card slip he walked her out into the cold night to where his car was parked.

"Angel," he said and caressed her cheek. "It's much too cold for you to be outside in that pretty outfit tonight, but I don't want our evening to end. Can I take you back to my apartment for a nightcap? I promise that I won't drink more than I'll be able to drive you home later on."

Anxious, nervous and excited about the prospects of being alone with Stan, Louisa nodded in agreement. He leaned forward and pressed his warm lips against her forehead before he opened the passenger door and helped her inside.

His apartment was only a few blocks down the road from the restaurant, in a part of town Louisa rarely had a reason to visit. She couldn't help but ask the question that was on her mind.

"Why do you come for coffee at my coffee shop? There must be something much more convenient nearby."

"There are many that are nearer," he smiled at her, "but none where I get served by the prettiest girl in town."

Louisa blushed at his words. She wasn't used to being complimented like that. He drove into an underground garage and parked near the elevators. He swiped a card through a reader and the elevator took them straight up to the penthouse suite. Louisa gasped in amazement as she walked through the door. The penthouse had beautiful views of the city and it was furnished in understated luxury. Stan was obviously a man who enjoyed the finer things in life, but valued comfort before trends.

"Do you like it?" Stan had walked up behind her and he placed his hands on Louisa's shoulders as he asked the question, his lips inches from her ears.

"It's wonderful," she replied. "I can see why you'd rather return here than to my apartment."

The thought of her cheap student accommodation that she shared with three other girls made him chuckle. "I paid my dues in much worse places than that when I first came to this country, which is probably why buying this place was so important to me. I grew up with my parents and two brothers in a drafty one room apartment and the one thing I always wanted was a place of my own where I would be warm even in winter. Now, please make yourself comfortable by the fireplace and I'll pour you a drink."

As Louisa noticed that Stan was taking off his jacket and kicking off his shoes she felt free to take off her boots and tuck her legs in under herself as she warmed up by the magnificent fireplace. She placed her poncho on top of her boots and thought that she could absolutely understand Stan's need to feel warm in his home. Ever since she and her mother had to leave the family home where she was born she'd lived in houses that were impossible to heat in winter and that couldn't be cooled in the summer. Here she felt completely at ease.

He came up to her with two glasses in his hands and Louisa's eyes wondered to where he'd unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt, showing some of the mat of black hair that covered his chest. Rather than sitting down on one of the other two leather sofas he handed her a glass and slipped down right next to her, casually placing his arm around her shoulders.

Louisa wasn't sure how much time passed next. They both finished their drinks and she turned down his offer of a refill and they kept chatting. Stan's arm was starting to feel awfully comfortable on her shoulders and she found herself leaning against him. Then he looked into her eyes and leaned forward, carefully placing his lips on hers. His lips caressed hers until she slowly parted them. Then he slipped his tongue through, tasting her mouth, exploring it and playfully teasing her tongue. His hands had come to rest on her cheeks when he finally broke the kiss.

"My sweet angel," he whispered, "you taste delightful. Please tell me if I'm moving too fast."

"You're not," she whispered back, not trusting her voice.

He pulled her closer into his arms and devoured her mouth yet again. This time his hands started exploring her body, moving across her breasts, past her waist and over her hips and thighs. Louisa finally gained enough confidence to respond to his caresses by running her hands over his back and he interpreted her response as an invitation to use his hands more intimately. He cupped her breasts through the blouse and his thumbs caressed her hard nipples through the fabric of her blouse and bra. Louisa was on fire. She could feel the wetness between her thighs as her excitement grew. She'd been excited before, even made out with a few boyfriends, but never before had she felt passion like this.

Far too soon Stan broke the contact and they were both breathing heavily. She could see traces of her lipstick on his swollen lips and she imagined that her lips were at least as swollen and she could feel that her cheeks were flushed. He looked into her eyes and she could see the fire in his.

"Angel," he said softly, "I promised you that you'd be safe with me, and I stand by that. I'd love to take this one step further, but one word from you will put a stop to that. If you don't want to make love tonight, tell me now and I'll stop what we're doing, enjoy the rest of the evening and then take you home. I hope that you'll want to make love to me some time, but it doesn't have to be tonight if you don't feel ready."

"I want to make love with you," she confessed. "But..." Her voice faded away.

He took her hands in his. "But what, my darling?"

"I'm a virgin. I don't know what to do. I don't have protection and I would die if I became pregnant before I finished my education." The confession burst out like a waterfall.

Stan took her into his arms. "Are you really a virgin, my love? And you're willing to give that gift to me?"

"Yes," she whispered. "I've never felt this way with anyone before."

"Neither have I. I promise that when we make love I will try to make it as painless and enjoyable as I can possibly make it for you. I'm free from diseases, but I don't want you to worry about anything so I'll fully protect us both. I want you to be able to finish your education. You must be allowed to follow your dreams."

"Thank you," she kissed him lightly and settled into his arms.

"Do you want me to take you home?"

Louisa's lip quivered. "I thought you wanted to make love with me."

"Oh, angel, I do! But I thought that maybe you'd rather wait until you're more at ease with me. I thought that maybe you'd want to wait and make sure that I wasn't just going to love you and leave you."

Louisa's eyes locked with his. "Please Stan, make love to me tonight. Make me a woman."

He stood up and without a word he took her into his arms and walked her into the master bedroom that had no furniture except a loveseat by the panoramic window and an enormous bed with navy blue satin sheets. He put her down by the side of the bed and she sat and watched as he undressed before her. The wardrobes were cleverly hidden as panels in the wall and he opened one, revealing a laundry hamper. He unbuttoned his shirt and shook it off, throwing it into the hamper. Louisa's eyes took in the soft black mat across his chest, thinning off like an arrow, disappearing down the waistline of his trousers. He soon unbuckled his belt and the trousers went the same way as the shirt, showing off a sizeable bulge in his briefs. He took off his socks and with a wry smile at Louisa's shy blush he stripped off his last garment, standing before her completely naked.

"Now it's time for you," he smiled as he pushed the wardrobe shut. "Please, let me."

He pulled her up on her feet and unbuttoned her blouse. He kissed her cleavage as her bra was revealed.

"You smell so delicately feminine," he said as he breathed in the aroma of her cleavage, while cupping her breasts.

Then he unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground. He took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. She could feel his hardness against her stomach and half worried about fitting the sheer size of him inside her tight space. But she was determined to trust him. As he kissed her his arms reached around her and unclasped her bra. He then slowly loosened their embrace, releasing her breasts from their confinement. He breathed in sharply as he took in their size and firmness. He cupped them with his hands and wrapped his lips around each nipple in turn. Louisa moaned with pleasure as she felt his warm mouth sucking on her erect nipples. She'd always known that her nipples were sexually sensitive, but not how much. Soon his thumbs disappeared into the waistband of her new knickers and he pulled them down. He took her in his arms and placed her on the bed and he soon followed, lying down next to her. He kissed her and caressed her breast with one hand.

"You're a hundred times more beautiful that I imagined," he whispered against her ear. "Do you trust me?"

"I trust you."

He placed a trail of little kisses down her chest and her flat stomach. Then he ran his lips past the trimmed triangle of chestnut hair before he parted her legs so that he could fit between them. Louisa had heard of this and knew what to expect, but that didn't prepare her for the delicate feeling of his lips parting her other lips. She gasped in bewilderment as his tongue softly caressed her clit. His tongue then travelled down her slit until it found the opening that was the source of her sweet nectar. She could hear him lapping up her sweet juices as his tongue circled her tight hole.

Then his mouth moved back to her clit, this time wrapping his lips around the engorged pleasure nub and flicking his tongue across it gently. Slowly he inserted a finger into her hole, gently teasing her until a second finger could fit inside. With his hand he slowly started penetrating her as deeply as he could, before withdrawing and then repeating the action again, faster this time, then faster, then faster. Louisa began writhing underneath him and he used his arms to keep her hips in place. She'd never imagined that a man could give her pleasure like this by only using his mouth and hand, and she didn't know what to do. She tossed her head from side to side and squealed in delight with every move he made.

Finally he had three fingers inside her. He was still teasing her clit with his skilful mouth. She could feel her own juices flowing down her crack as his fingers moved in and out the slippery hole. Then it was as though she lost control of her body. What started a shiver became convulsions, she cried out her passion as she was seized by her first ever full-blown orgasm. When her body made its final shudder he slowly pulled out his fingers and released her clit from the grip of his lips. He climbed up on top of her and settled next to her with one leg over hers and one arm across her breasts.

"You taste wonderful," he said, licking one of his wet fingers. He held out another for her to taste and she smiled at him, taken aback by the sheer eroticism of the act. Then he started caressing her breasts, while kissing her.

"Do you want me to..." Louisa's voice trailed off as she couldn't bring herself to say the words, her face was on fire with embarrassment.

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