tagIncest/TabooSeducing Mom & Dad Ch. 01: Mandy & Davey

Seducing Mom & Dad Ch. 01: Mandy & Davey


Davey had no idea how long his sister was standing there watching him. She'd been at college for two years now, so he wasn't used to having her at home. Mandy spent the summer at the Shore after her freshman year, so she'd really only been home during short holiday breaks. But this summer Mandy needed to save money after running up the parental credit card, so she was living back home and working.

Davey knew his parents were out, and their younger sister, Emmy, was almost never home, so he thought he had the house to himself. He was meeting the guys out later and decided to rub one out before hitting the road, just in case they met some girls. Davey was so focused that he almost missed his sister there. It was a quick motion in the corner of his eye that made him look over and see Mandy.

"Shit, Mandy, how about knocking?"

"You left the door open. I thought you usually locked the door when you beat off." Mandy sounded amused and invited herself into her brother's bedroom.

"I thought I was here alone. Do you mind?"

Mandy pointedly stared at her brother's cock, steely in his fist, and replied, "I don't mind at all, big brother."

Davey turned red, catching his sister's reference. Mandy had always been brazen, so he shouldn't have been surprised, but he didn't expect her to come into his room while he was jerking off. He didn't go soft under his sister's gaze and threw a sheet over his lap.

"You don't have to cover up on my account," Mandy said, standing beside her brother's bed.

"Don't be a perv, Mandy."

"Why? Only boys can be pervs?"

"Hey, I know girls get themselves off these days. I bet you've got a sticky hairbrush handle or two."

Mandy laughed. "I use my fingers if I don't have a toy available."

"Good for you."

Davey put on a good front, but all he could think about was his sister on her back, rubbing her cunt. Mandy was cute. She looked a bit like their mom but had light brown hair instead of being a blonde. Mandy was taller too, with the kind of curves that a guy shouldn't notice on his sister. Their mom also had nice curves, which also hadn't escaped Davey's notice. Mandy had a rounder butt, but that was because their mom had become a workout fanatic in the past year. Every morning, she was either out running or at the gym taking a spin class. Mandy was only 21 and active. She didn't have to work that hard to keep her trim figure. She was also a couple inches taller than their mother, who was only about five-foot-three.

Mandy flicked her long chestnut hair back over her shoulder and sat on the bed beside her brother. Her eyes kept going back to where his erection tented the sheet. She didn't quite consider herself a slut, but after dating the same guy for the last two years of high school, Mandy enjoyed playing the field at college. She'd been with her fair share of guys, always older, and her younger brother compared well. She'd caught him jerking off once before, but Davey scrambled to cover up then, and Mandy left his room laughing. She didn't get such a close up look at his dick. Now she wished she'd paid more attention. It was okay. She could make up for lost time.

"So... what are you jerking off to?" Mandy asked.

Davey's blush deepened, if that was possible. It was bad enough that his sister caught him jerking off and wouldn't leave him alone, but now she was getting really personal, asking questions he would never—could never answer. He refused to make eye contact with Mandy, but that meant he kept glancing at her chest, and he couldn't help noticing he peaks of her nipples poking through the thin material of her off-the-shoulder blouse. He did not need to see his sister's nipples right now.

"Go away," he mumbled.

"It's okay, Davey. I know what you're up to. I've known what a while now."

His eyes went wide and he finally did look at his sister. Her emerald eyes sparkled, and her smile was as wide as he'd ever seen it. Did she really know? How could she? Davey tried to think of a way to escape, but he wasn't getting up while his prick was so hard.


"I get it, Davey. Mom's hot. If I was you, I'd be jerking off to her too. But I don't know if I'd be stealing her panties."

"It's Dave, remember?" he corrected. Davey had been trying to transition to the more adult 'Dave' for a while, but his family struggled with it. He knew his sister in particular still called him Davey just to annoy him.

"Sure, Davey," she snickered.

Mandy reached behind her brother and snatched the panties from where he'd tried to hide them under a pillow when she came into his room. Davey wasn't nearly as slick as he thought he was. It was a frilly little pair of white panties, with a wide lace band at the waist, and not much to cover the butt. Mandy knew their mom had nice taste in underwear because she did too, and their mother had never discouraged her from getting the good stuff.

Davey grabbed for the panties his sister held aloft, but she snatched them out of his reach. He wasn't thinking, he just dove for the panties, jumping at his sister. Mandy fell back onto the bed and Davey landed right on top of her. The siblings squirmed together as they fought over their mother's panties, until Davey realized his very hard cock was grinding right into his sister. He froze in place.

"It's okay, Davey. I kinda like the way it feels."

Mandy did, indeed, enjoy the feeling of her brother's big cock rubbing against her bare thigh. Her cut-offs were very short, giving them a lot of skin-on-skin contact. They both had hands on their mother's panties and they held hands through the thin silk. The siblings stared at each other, both breathing hard, and Mandy leaned up and kissed her brother. Davey didn't hesitate, kissing her right back. She flicked her tongue at his, and Davey responded hungrily.

Davey was so horny he didn't think. He kissed his sister hard, like she was any other hot girl. Her tits were pressed against him and his hard-on pulsed against her leg. It was only when reality smacked him in the face that Davey stopped himself and pulled back. This was his sister he was kissing like that. When he looked down on Mandy, her freckled cheeks were just a flushed as his.

"Shit, sorry Mandy." Dave rolled off his sister, surrendering his mother's panties. He scrambled up to the head of his bed, away from Mandy.

"I'm the one who kissed you, remember. And I'm not sorry. It was nice. You could use a little work, but you're a good kisser, little brother."

"Mandy, come on. Stop. This has gone too far."

"Not yet, but it will, Davey. You've been perving on Mom for years. I've seen the way you look at her."

"You're crazy!"

Mandy held up the panties. "Am I? It's natural, Davey. A lot of boys have a thing for their mothers. It's so old the Greeks even wrote about it."

Davey was silent. He knew he'd been found out. The only thing he could do now was try for damage control. He stared at his sister. She did look so much like their mother—only Mandy's tits were probably bigger. Mandy was staring at him queerly. It gave him a funny feeling in his stomach. It was the way he'd wished his mother would look at him all those time he was jerking off to her.

Davey's thing for his mother went back a few years, even since his best friend Jaxon had a crush on her. Jaxon would go on and on about how hot she was. Davey was used to friends crushing on his sisters, he didn't expect it for his mother. Jaxon kept telling him she was the ultimate MILF. Jaxon always said, If I had a shot with Carol, I'd fuck the shit out of her, man. You're so lucky you get to see her every day. Do you ever catch her coming out of the shower? I'd make it happen, man. It worked on Davey's brain, and soon he was seeing his mother just as his friend did. Seeing his mother in her tight workout clothes, or in bathing suits on vacation didn't help. Beating off to fantasies of his mother became a regular thing for Davey, but he thought it was his dirty little secret—until now.

"You don't think she knows, do you?" he asked.

"Mom and Dad are oblivious. They're way too into their own lives to notice anything like that. Mom would never think her sweet little Davey wants to fuck her brains out, anyway."


Mandy laughed. "It's true. Not that you're so little anymore. It's a shame Mom hasn't noticed. I have."

"Mandy... What are you doing?"

"From what I felt, you could use some relief. And this is your lucky day, baby bro."

"Come on, Mandy. Don't."

"I know I'm not Mom, but I can still make you feel good, Davey. Just close your eyes and pretend I'm her."

Mandy pulled away the pillow Davey held over his crotch. His cock sprang right out, and she grabbed it. Davey weakly pushed at her, but once Mandy was stroking him, her brother sat back with a sigh. His cock was very nice, and Mandy was tempted to push this much further than her plan. The plan was still forming, it had only come to her when she caught Davey, but she knew if she gave him too much tonight it might be hard to push him later. Davey had to keep his edge. Mandy sat back on her heels and stroked her brother's thick 7 inches, and it didn't bother her in the least.

Mandy realized years ago that she was a little off. She'd been sexual from early on, and the things that turned her on were out there. The more taboo the better. She felt her first sexual stirrings sitting on her daddy's lap. She loved to be spanked and used. At only 21, Mandy felt like she'd barely scratched the surface of her kinks. Her high school boyfriend, Andy, did everything she asked for, but Mandy didn't want to have to ask. Andy was a good guy, though. It amazed Mandy that no one noticed how much he looked like a young version of her father.

Those feelings always made her feel dirty, until she caught Davey looking at their mother. She knew that look. Apparently, their family had a pervert gene. She wondered if their sister Emmy had it too. It could be fun finding out, she thought. But right now, she was focused on her brother. His cock felt good in her hand, and she felt her pussy getting heated from jerking him off. She wanted to play with herself but was afraid of what might happen if her shorts came off. She would have to wait until later.

"Uhn... Mandy..." Davey groaned.

His sister felt like an expert at this, and Davey wondered how many cocks she'd handled. He knew she wasn't slutty in high school, but he had no idea what she'd been up to in college. He closed his eyes and pictured his mother doing it to him, but realized it was more fun to keep them open and watch his sister. Davey was ashamed by what was happening, just like he was ashamed every time he jerked off to his mother's panties, but he didn't have the willpower to stop it. He was a horny 19-year-old. He wasn't stopping anything. He watched the braided friendship bracelets on Mandy's wrists move as she wanked him, but then his gaze trailed up and he watched her tits jiggle as she moved her arm.

"Show me your tits," Davey said, without thinking.

"Kinky, little bro. I like it."

Mandy felt vindicated. She knew Davey was as perverted as she was. She stopped jerking him off long enough to pull the cold shoulder top over her head, leaving a white lacy bra that pushed her tits up invitingly. Davey stared at them, and the tingling in her pussy turned into an intense rush. She didn't wait for Davey to ask for more. Mandy took off her bra.

"Mmm, nice," Davey moaned. He openly stared at his sister's pale tits, capped by stiff little pink nipples. They were so perfect and firm. The last couple girls he'd been with weren't nearly as hot as his sister. One had a great body, but tiny tits. The other had bigger tits, but they weren't as perky as Mandy's. He realized he wanted more than a handjob from his sister.

"Davey...what..." Mandy gasped.

Davey grabbed his sister's tits and teased her nipples. When he pinched her nipples, she moaned with pleasure, but sharp pain followed when he was too rough. Davey had nice hands, but he needed more experience. If he was going to fuck their mother, he needed to know what he was doing.

"Gentle, baby bro. You don't have to rip them off," she counseled.

"Sorry, got a little over excited."

"You're not a virgin, right?"

"No way!" Davey protested.

"I wouldn't mind," she clarified. "I'd just like to know."

"I'm not, Mandy."

"Good. Play with my boobs just like that. Pinch my nips, but not too rough. Mmm, there ya go, like that."

Mandy scooted closer, giving Davey better reach. It also let her play with his balls while she stroked his cock. She warred with herself internally, wondering if she should blow him. His prick was awfully inviting. Mandy was good at sucking cock, and she knew it. One of her older men at college taught her just how to do it. Her mouth hung open. She was so tempted. It would blow Davey's mind if she sucked his cock, and she wanted to do it. Mandy inched closer.


It was the closest thing to a warning Davey could give her. Before he could say more, he came with a strangled cry. His first couple blasts caught his sister in the face and in her hair. His cum shot right across her nose and eye. He shot lower next, onto her lips. And finally, Davey blasted the last of his load onto his sister's tits. She kept jerking him the entire time, like she didn't care about her cum bath. That just made it hotter, and Davey groaned, staying half-hard in his sister's hand.

"Damn, Davey. When's the last time you came? That was a huge batch," Mandy giggled.

"It's always like that. Sorry, Mandy." Davey sat back against his pillows with a sigh. He felt a little dizzy.

"It's cool. I didn't say I didn't like it. You're not the first guy to come on my face."

Davey just stared at his sister. She shouldn't be telling him such things. And those things shouldn't be so hot to him. Mandy's tongue darted out of her mouth and licked his cum from her lips. Davey just about died. Fuck, she's a hot little slut. Davey had never been with a girl who would do that. The couple girls who would swallow it at all only seemed to do so reluctantly. Mandy cleaned her lips but left the rest on her face and tits. He didn't realize he was staring.

"Take a picture, it'll last longer," she taunted.

"Can I?"

Mandy weighed his request. She didn't like giving guys nude selfies—she knew the risks—but her brother wasn't about to go showing them off, was he? "Okay, you little perv," she agreed. "But NO ONE better see it."

"Who the hell would I show it to?"

"I don't know. Your buddy Jaxon is just as pervy as you are."

Mandy realized there was a small chance Davey would show Jaxon, but it was too late. Her brother grabbed his phone and snapped a topless pic of her. It was okay. It would further cement their bond. Mandy was serious about her plan. Well, it wasn't quite a plan yet. She had no idea how they were going to make it happen, but they would. Mandy was determined, and she knew Davey wanted it as badly as she did.

"I promise. I won't show anyone else."

"Okay, Davey. I'm trusting you. Doing this stuff requires a lot of trust."

"It's just between us," Davey swore. And then he thought about what she said. Doing this stuff. That implied this wasn't a one-off thing. Davey didn't know how he felt about that. It was so wrong, but damn his sister was hot. If she wanted to turn this into a regular thing, he knew he wouldn't stop her. Even now, he couldn't stop staring at her tits. He was fully hard again, and he wanted to fuck his sister. Davey reached for her, but Mandy hopped off the bed.

"Should I take care of you?" he asked.

Mandy smirked. "I can take care of myself, probably better than you can do it, I bet. But don't worry, I'll teach you a few tricks. You're gonna need them."


"We're a team now, Davey. This is your lucky day."

"You don't have to tell me." Davey laughed.

"Not because I jerked you off, dummy. I told you. We're a team, and I have a plan."

"What's that?" Davey couldn't wait to hear it.

"You're going to get what you've always wanted. Me too. We're going to seduce Mom and Dad."

Davey's jaw dropped. She couldn't mean it. That was...crazy. But didn't Mandy just prove she could be pretty crazy?

Mandy loved the shocked look on her brother's face. She blew him a kiss and ran to the bathroom. She had to clean up before someone came home. And god, did she need to come!

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