Seducing Mother & Daughter


"We'll both have spumoni."

"Yes sir," He avoided staring and left. We had our spumoni and I suggested a walk along the river. I took her bra and put it in the car. The river was below the restaurant and there was a walk that went along the river for several miles. It was a warm evening and various couples were strolling along the river. With my arm still around her I said, "give me your sweat shirt." Without comment she took it off and handed it to me. We walked arm and arm. "How do you feel?"

"Wicked, bold and in love."

People walking by avoided staring, for the most part. I caught some men covertly glancing at Sybil's lovely chest. So did I. "Sybil, I want to fuck you in the ass."


"Where do you want to do it?"

"At your place."

"How about at your place?"

"Cheryl is home."

While holding her hand I said, "lets do it at your place."


We went back to the car and she directed me to her home. It was a single family home in a nice neighborhood. We walked to the front door.

"What are we going to say to Cheryl? This has happened awfully fast." No kidding.

"I'll take care of Cheryl."

We walked in the door and Cheryl walked in from the den. "Wow, the two of you are together. I thought you would hit it off. Mom didn't I tell you he was special"

Holding her hand I whispered to Sybil, "stand here and don't move or talk."

Sybil stopped and waited. I walked over to Cheryl and said "coma." I caught her as she collapsed. I laid her on the floor. I went back to Sybil. "How are you doing?"

"What did you do to Cheryl?"

"Nothing special, I conditioned her to maximize her exercise and that enables me to control her. She is fine. Do you think it would be erotic to fuck next to Cheryl's unconscious body?"

"I said that with my arm around her."

"I guess so, would she know what is happening?"

"No, she won't have a clue. To maximize the effect I'll have her naked." All this while still holding her.

"Cheryl, take your clothes off."

Cheryl stood up and stripped. "Now go back to sleep."

Her naked body slowly collapsed in a heap.

I reached under Sybil's sweat pants and checked her pussy. I wanted to see how she was taking all of this. It was absolutely a sauna. She was aroused. She moaned when I put my hand up her.

I gently pulled her pants and panties off and she pulled off her top as she stepped out of her pants.

"Get on all fours next to Cheryl." She did. I entered her pussy to lubricate my cock. I then slowly pushed it into her ass. There was resistance because it was incredibly tight, but she didn't resist. I fingered her clit as I pushed into her. My right leg was touching Cheryl's naked body. It was incredibly erotic. When I was all the way in I started to slowly pump. She would push back against me as I fingered her clit. Soon I felt my self coming. "When I say cum you will have an orgasm."

"Cum." This one was smaller, she moaned loudly and shook, but not like last time. My orgasm was wonderful. We collapsed with me on her back. We laid like that for a few minutes next to naked Cheryl. Soon Sybil rolled away and looked at me.

"Mike, that was wonderful, but can we leave Cheryl out of it next time?"

We dated for a year and I never did anything with Cheryl again. I had wonderful times with Sybil, though.

* * * * * *

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