tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSeducing My Massage Therapist

Seducing My Massage Therapist


I'm a long-haired Native Indian who in recent years has let himself go. There used to be a time when I practically lived at the gym and you could see me jogging around the park every morning. I stand five foot six with large shoulders and muscular legs from decades of jogging. I have always been proud of my legs. It was always the one asset I relied on to get me laid. Girls always told me I had a tight butt. Then one day I looked at myself in the mirror and I saw a paunch where my hard abs used to be. My shoulders were getting soft and I was getting man tits where my hard sculptured chest used to be. I wondered what happened to my muscular body. I began a workout schedule that same day.

After a couple of months I began to get my body back; fat was melting away and the muscle memory was restoring itself. It didn't take long to get back in the groove, but I noticed that warm up and cool down took longer, and I needed to stretch more or I would hurt like hell later that day and the next.

I began seeing a massage therapist on a regular basis. We agreed to meet every Thursday night at 7 p.m. She was usually closed at that time but she and her team of therapists often made special arrangements to suit their clients' needs. I worked all day so I couldn't get to her within her usual hours. It worked out fine for me though.

Her name is Lisa and I had known her for many years. I used to work across the hallway from her studio where I was a computer geek for a company I can't mention by name. I always had a small crush on her. She has curly reddish blonde hair and the cutest freckles above her innocent smile. When I first met her she was considered fat. I didn't think so at the time because she had such a beautiful smile and had such a beautiful way of greeting me that she made me feel like a man. She always made me feel special.

She was, and still is a crotch watcher. Whenever I wear my black jeans or shorts to work she always stares at my crotch and she doesn't care whether I know or not. It's not just me. It's all men. She likes to size them up.

Several years back I went to work on a Sunday afternoon to install high-speed networking cables through the ceilings. I was wearing yoga pants and a ratty t-shirt but they were the only expandable clothes I had for climbing ladders and crawling through ceilings and such. I changed at work and when I noticed she was in her studio I decided to go without underwear. I wanted to give this crotch-watcher a show she would remember.

After an hour I worked my way into the hallway between our work places. I rubbed my cock into semi-hardness and hiked up my pants before I climbed the ladder. I had to snake wire all across the ceiling. Eventually she came out to check on the commotion. My head was in the rafters as I tied down the cable. I pretended not to notice her and I could feel her eyes staring at my crotch. I farther arched my back so the fabric of my pants would stretch and outline the head of my cock for her. She would be able to see how large I was and the size of my head in more detail like that.

I came down from the ladder and pretended I didn't know she was working. I apologized for making so much noise and hoped I didn't disturb her and told her I was almost done. She said, "That's such a rickety old ladder, I should keep it steady for you."

I only had to climb the ladder three more times so I agreed. I didn't have a full blown hard-on but I was in a constant state of arousal and it was indeed arousing knowing she was lusting after my cock.

I measured my cock once in high school with the other members of the soccer team. There was nothing gay about it, but there was one guy on the team who we called 'Pipe' because he had the hugest dick ever. Someone asked him how big it was. He didn't know but someone whipped out a ruler from their locker and he measured it for us. It was nine inches flaccid and when he made himself hard it tipped past the ruler. We all measured ourselves and I came out with a respectable 9 inches. Not the biggest in the locker room but certainly not the tiniest at a miserable 5 inches. I had one thing to be proud of though. My cock was as thick as Pipe's; thick enough I couldn't touch my thumb to my fingers when I jerked off.

Lisa must have thought I had a huge porno cock because at a completely flaccid limp state it must have measured a good six inches but now my cock was engorged with lust and desire. She didn't know I was semi-hard and I didn't let on that I knew she was staring at my cock every time I climbed the ladder. When I got to the top of the ladder I would thrust my cock forward and frame it between the two top rungs.

Unfortunately, nothing came of that day. I was about to invite her over for a coffee so I could seduce her but the client she was waiting for suddenly showed up. We both had to go back to our respective jobs and finish whatever we were working on.

That was the last time I saw her for years as I got a high paying job in a different city and moved away. I returned back to the city with another high paying job though and when I returned I booked my appointment with her.

She was even more beautiful than before! She, too, started working out recently and it really showed. She was proud of her body and wore tight white slacks that accented her new tight butt, as well as a clingy shirt that was cut high and low to accent her new tight abs and generous cleavage. We met in front of the building so I was able to watch her ass as we ascended the stairs. The first thing I noticed as we were going up was that she wasn't wearing any underwear! Her slacks were transparent enough to see a hint of flesh underneath and there was no tell-tale sign of a whale tail. No bra strap either.

She directed me to her massage table and told me to get undressed, but to leave my underwear on. Meanwhile she went to get changed into her massage therapist uniform which was basic hospital scrubs.

I had been to her massage studio before but I was seeing a different therapist at the time. I knew the drill anyway. Get undressed, leave the underwear on, and cover up with a thin white sheet. The therapist will keep you covered except for the body parts she is working on all for the sake of the client's modesty and warmth.

I chose my underwear carefully and changed into them just prior to our appointment. I was wearing a white spandex/lycra blend bikini that tightly hugged my butt. The front part of the underwear was completely transparent and showed off my penis and balls. My cock is very dark and I have very few pubic hairs. Full-blooded native men have very little body hair; no leg hair, no chest hair, a wisp of underarm hair, incapable of growing a beard and a tiny wisp of pubic hair. I could see my cock fully underneath the thin white stretchy fabric. I could see the tiny thatch of pubic hair and could possibly count them too. They were sexy underwear for a crotch-watcher.

It was a very professional massage. I booked her for an hour and told her over the phone she would need to concentrate on my legs because I wasn't stretching long enough after my workouts. As need required she rolled my underwear up or down depending on which part of my butt she was massaging. Then she asked me to roll over so she could massage my thighs. I was already in a state of semi-hardness. I shouldn't have been. The blood should have been rushing all over my body, my back, my shoulders, my butt, my legs. It was not even a sensuous massage the way your girlfriend gives you in front of the fireplace, it was a hard deep muscle massage.

My eyes were closed and I turned over quite dreamily with a content smile. She re-arranged the blanket to cover my chest and legs and slowly rolled the sheet up as she worked her way towards my thighs. When she reached the top of my hips she peeled back the bottom part of the sheet as though she were opening a present. I pretended I was falling asleep. My eyes were closed but I can hear a subtle audible gasp. My cock was a little more than semi-hard, a heartbeat away from full-on hardness. For a moment she doesn't even move, a pregnant pause of pure wanton lust, but she collected herself and started to work on my leg.

I noticed there was a difference in her massage technique. Instead of the deep harsh muscular digging she was becoming more sensual and erotic, more like a lover than a professional therapist. She pulled my underwear down slightly to get to the top of my thigh bone and she ran the back of her fingers and nails along the top of my pubic muscle to reach the other thigh bone. It was definitely not a professional massage method but it felt so sexy and wonderful and my cock grew a little thicker. She snapped back my underwear and began work on my right upper thigh and pulled up the underwear to expose more flesh. She 'accidentally' rubbed my balls as she massaged my muscles.

My semi hard-on strained the fabric, stretching it. She grabbed underneath my leg near my buttocks and worked upwards. When she massaged her way towards the top of my leg she skillfully ran her fingers beneath the elastic of my shorts brushing my balls. She pushed in enough that I could actually feel her knuckles underneath the tip of my cock. Her fingers were soft, silky, and oily and she lingered ever so slowly in one direction and then the other with her other hand. That's all it took! My cock grew instantly erect. At first my hard-on tented the material, but it quickly worked its way out the top of my underwear snapping back the elastic and pushing it down to the base of my penis trapping my scrotum.

I looked down and gasped, "oh my." I tried to stammer out an apology but she wasn't even listening to me. My hard-on was at its full 9 plus inches pointing up straight to the ceiling. Her eyes were glistening with lust and were devouring my penis. She\ licked her lips, her chest heaving, she was like an animal ready to pounce. She didn't even look up to see if I was watching her. She didn't care and she probably couldn't tell you my name at that point.

She grasped my hard-on with both hands and began to stroke it alternately; one hand going up as the other went down. She was sweaty and her breathing was already in the beginning throes of an orgasm. Pearl drops of sweat dripped into her cleavage. I could see her huge nipples poking out from her pale blue uniform. Normally she would be wearing a t-shirt under her scrubs but not at that moment. She wasn't wearing a bra either and her top was soaked from anticipation; clinging and cupping her ample breasts like she just walked out of a wet t-shirt contest.

I don't know how long she stroked my penis. It seemed like forever and all this time her eyes never left it for a second. Then a bead of pre-cum poked out. She didn't lick it but touched it with the tiniest tip of her tongue. I have never felt anything like it before. It was a teeny tiny tip of a wet tongue. She suddenly erupted in a standing orgasm and her knees buckled and her left hand grabed my right thigh to keep from falling to the ground. Her right hand grabbed the base of my penis. Her hands were muscular and strong from years of massage therapy and I can feel the muscles tensing, choking my dick like a vice, her head fell between my legs and she screamed, "Oooooohhhhh! Ooooooooh! Aaaaaaah!"

I didn't know what to think at that point. I couldn't even orgasm if I had wanted to. There must've been at least an inch and a half of space between her thumb and fingers but her grip was incredibly strong. The trapped blood further engorged my cock; it was swelling larger than I have ever seen it before. If I came then, it surely would have hit the ceiling.

Lisa's head was still resting on my thighs but her left hand went south to tweak out the last of her orgasm. She must have spent another five minutes holding my cock and pleasuring herself without ever letting go. Finally she rose and fell against a chair along the wall. Her legs were splayed out and weak and there was a large dark patch of wetness between her legs on her uniform.

"That was years of masturbation coming out", she heaved, "whenever I jerk off I think of your penis. There was that day in the hallway when you were installing the internet a few years ago and I was staring at that huge bulge in your sweat pants. Whenever I jerk off I think of how much I want it in me.

"When I first started massaging your back tonight, I was already coming in my pants, my white hands on your dark Native skin made me so horny. I was having such a hard time keeping it professional. You have such a beautiful body I couldn't help myself. The reason why I touch you and stroke your braids every time we meet is because I imagine I am stroking your big cock. And I go home and jerk off some more. I know that's not very professional for a massage therapist to say, and I have never had sex with a client but when you phoned me up a couple of weeks ago to make an appointment, I knew this might be my only chance to fuck you."

"I think we both know there was always sexual tension in the air between us," I admitted, "but one of us was always involved with someone else. The timing was never right. I would have asked you out years ago."

"I wish you would have anyways. I would have dumped any man just to be with you. Just to have sex with you for one night."

"Well, we can have sex now." I pleaded. My penis was beginning to droop a little. "We can fuck now or we can pick up a bottle of wine and go to your place."

"Let's do both."

She got up quickly and stripped off her clothes just as fast. Ha! I knew she wasn't wearing any underwear! "Fuck me now. I want you in me." She ripped my underwear from my body and threw it to the ground.

"How do we fuck on a massage table?"

"There's enough room for me to get on top. I want to bounce up and down on your cock until I cum." She demanded.

She jumped on the table, straddled my cock, and guided it into her wet cunt while I massaged her ass and played with her tits. She gripped my hard cock with her tight cunt lips and rose up and down real slow. Her upstroke went high enough that my cock head almost fell out. There was a strange erotic tension that it might. Her rhythm increased and her muscles contracted. Her pussy was still sensitive from her last orgasm and it didn't take long before she had another one, screaming even louder. That didn't slow her down. She rode her tight pussy up and down my rod swiftly until she came again and again. She let out a long protracted series of screams, "Oooooh God. Ooooooooh. Oooooooh!"

I was still waiting for my orgasm and I knew it was going to happen any second. Her vagina tightened and pulsated in the aftermath of her lengthy orgasm. She stopped bouncing and collapsed on top of me and hugged my shoulders, quivering in ecstasy. She kissed my neck and licked my ears and stuck her tongue down my throat hungrily. Her breasts mashed against my chest. I could feel her pussy juices flowing all over me. She was so incredibly wet.

"I could sit here all night, but I want to taste your cock and I want to swallow your cum."

She jumped off me and immediately wrapped her mouth around the tip of my cock. She couldn't quite swallow my whole cock but she tried. One hand was wrapped around my penis. Her other hand explored my balls and my ass and ran up and down my leg. My legs fell to each side of the massage table as did my arms. I gave myself completely over to her. She was almost facing down with her ass right beside my left arm. I slapped her ass playfully and explored her pussy sticking a finger inside of her, tweaking her clitoris. She did something I have never felt before. She wrapped her top lip around the base of my penis head. I could feel her top teeth scraping my helmet. Her long tongue massaged the bottom of my penis. Lick, lick, lick. Her tongue slapped the bottom mushroom part of my penis as though she was trying to coax out my come.

Her tongue ran up and down the shaft of my swollen cock. She licked the most sensitive part of my penis. And then suddenly I exploded, I shot everywhere; into her mouth, on her face, her hair. She licked it all up and swallowed every bit of come. And then she milked me for a few more beads of tasty cum. She moaned is sexual delight.

I was dried out but that didn't mean I was done. I got up from the massage table for first time in two hours and threw her on the table. I grabbed her ass towards me and I licked the inside of her thighs and stuck my tongue directly into her wet pussy and asshole. She wrapped her legs around my shoulders and grabbed my head with her hands and pounded her pussy with my head. I had no control. My face was literally being pounded into her pussy. Her juices were flowing liberally. She was squirting and I wondered if all white chicks were like this. Her pussy was so wet. I licked it all up and the more I licked the more she squirted. This seemed to last forever. I bit her pussy lips to try to make this stop but she came even harder. It was like biting into an orange and getting sprayed by juice.

I had to peel her off the table and we collapsed on the rug. She was completely satisfied but was still stroking my hair and body. She was re-living her orgasm and making sexy sounds. Her fingers were running through my hair and brushing along my skin.

We had sex all that night back at her place. I fucked her pussy, her ass, and her mouth. We were drenched with sex and lust. Pure sex has a beautiful smell, it has the smell of achievement and accomplishment. There is no other smell like it. We woke up early and agreed to meet next week for our appointment.

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