tagIncest/TabooSeducing My Mother

Seducing My Mother


For the last couple of years I have had to listen to my mom and dad fuck in the bedroom next to mine. The more dad was away working the more mom got frustrated, and when he got home all they would do was fuck all night long, which had me jerking off listening to them. Every time I would see mom in anything revealing I would end up with a hard on and would have to go to my room or the bathroom to jerk off.

We live in a three bedroom house in Plattsburgh across the street from a graveyard. My mom Dana is 40, 5'4 in height and ways in at 140lbs with short brown hair with blonde highlights. Her breasts are 38C and are still firm and full for her age with nice big brown nipples that get very hard when aroused; as I have seen a few times when I have watched them fuck like rabbits. I consider my mom to be a real M I L F that knows it but is too afraid to explore it with anyone else apart from dad.

My sister Lilly moved out and in with her boyfriend about a year ago. Lilly who is 20 years old is two years older than myself and has the longest legs I have ever seen. She stands at 6' 2" and has short blonde hair and the deepest blue eyes that you could easily lose yourself in. Her legs are her best feature, though, as she doesn't have much in the breast department; about a 32B, going by what it said on her bra when I came across it in the laundry basket one day when I was looking for a pair of used panties belonging to mom to masturbate with.

Dad is a big man, he stands at 6' 4" and is built like a fucking tank hence his nickname, "The Tank," which he got at college and is often out for weeks at a time as he is a long distance driver. So there are times that mom and I are left for two or even three weeks at a time if dad has to go to Europe. And as there was a trip coming up that was taking dad to Europe, would I finally find the courage to try to seduce mom while he was gone?

I knew that mom got very frustrated when dad was gone on these long hauls as she loved fucking almost every day when dad was home. When he wasn't she would use her collection of toys to try and keep herself satisfied until the Tank was home again. So my plan involved hiding her toys to make her more willing to comply when I tried to fuck her. Mom was a sweet innocent wife when she had been royally fucked by dad; but I wanted her as horny as hell to turn her into a cock starved slut that would beg me to fuck her silly.

Sure I had lots of girlfriends who I took my frustrations out on after hearing mom and dad and one of their fucking sessions, which usually lasted a good couple of hours into the early hours of the morning. But it was always moms face that would pop up in my mind as I fucked my latest girlfriend no matter how much I tried not to think of her. Which is why I had a lot of girlfriends trying to get mom off my mind, but it would never work. Mom was the M I L F!!!

Dad had been gone since Sunday on his long haul to Europe so mom and me were on our own for a couple of weeks. I had woken late on Wednesday morning; as I had been out till the small hours of the night before with one of my girlfriends. By the time I had gotten up and opened the shades, the sun was high in the sky so it must have been about lunch time; and I noticed that mom was out back by the pool sunbathing in the smallest string bikini I have ever seen her in.

When I looked over at Ray's, I noticed he was peering over the fence at mom while she lay there in her own little world listening to music on her mini CD player as she lay there. I must have stood there for a good ten minutes watching Ray watch my mom; when he must have gotten the feeling someone was watching him and he beat a retreat back in his kitchen door and out of sight. After watching this, I began to get more naughty thoughts in my head that involve my best mate Ray.

Ray was 19 and a year older than me and about the same height as Lilly. He was also built like my dad but not quite as big. Ray's dad had died about 3 years ago so he lived with his mom and was an only child. Now Ray's mom, Sally, was one hell of a beauty herself and had all the men drooling over her; especially during the summer months when she would show a lot of flesh. She would wear a lot of crop tops and short skirts and knew she had every guy from our street drooling over her ,and sure did wiggle her cute ass when she was out. Ray's mom was named Marie and had short black hair, about 36C boobs, slim with long slender legs and stood about 5' 11" and a real cute ass. She was also a M I L F that not only I, but the whole damned male population of our town would love to fuck.

It was Ray who had put the idea into my head of fucking my mom as much as it was mine. He had told me how his mom had been so frustrated since his dad died and how he came to blackmailing her into fucking him. Which when I caught him watching mom over the fence gave me the perfect idea of me getting to fuck my own mom. Mom had been looking for her toys to give herself a good fucking with ever since dad had gone 4 days ago and later that afternoon I could here mom searching her room yet again for them.

"Where the hell are they, I know I had them in this fucking drawer!"

I heard her say to herself as I stood outside her bedroom door listening to her with a wicked grin on my face.

Later on that night it was the same thing again, mom searching for her toys to get some relief and not being able to find them. As I stood outside her bedroom door which was cracked open enough for me to look in but not be seen as the bed faced side on to the door. Mom gave up looking for her toys again and lay on the bed and finger fucked herself to orgasm. As I watched her, I could see she kept her pussy neatly trimmed which looked very inviting as did her engorged clit and full pussy lips. As mom finger fucked herself I stood watching from the bedroom door jerking my cock which was about 8 1/2" long.

As mom came for the second time over her fingers, I shot my load over the bedroom door. I knew she had to not only be missing dad but missing her toys too. After I cleaned my spunk off the door with the toilet roll I had brought with me I made my way back to my own room as mom covered herself with her sheet and went to sleep. As I lay there in my bed, I remembered back to watching mom sliding her fingers over her full lips, running her fingers all the way down to her asshole, and all the way back up to her clit very slowly to begin with then a little faster while she strummed her clit with her other hand and came with an orgasm that ripped through her body until she went limp a few moments later.

Mom also loved to suck cock and was a good little cock sucker; she could deep throat my dad who was about and inch longer than myself with not too much of a problem. The few times I watched them mom always swallowed his cum when dad shot his load in her mouth, and it looked like she enjoyed the taste of it too. She also loved being fucked in the ass, and I know dad loved fucking her ass as he would always tell her so after he came deep inside her. Mom would lay there with her ass in the air and her chest on the bed with a huge smile on her face as dad's spunk would leek out her ass and run down her pussy and down the inside of her thighs.

Again I slept till mid morning waking up and find dried cum on my fingers from the night before; as I remembered mom finger fucking herself and had jerked off and fallen asleep. As I got up and opened my shades there was mom again laying by the pool topping up her suntan, but this time she was topless. And as I looked over at my friend's place there he was again peering over the fence looking at my mom's bare breasts with a lustful look in his eyes as he drooled at the sight of my mom and her big bare boobs.

As Ray watched my mom I picked up the digi-cam and made my way downstairs and out the kitchen door. I needed to do more than just watch my mom I was needing to fuck her. As I passed Ray I handed him the digi-cam as I made my way to stand beside my mom. Ray moved further down the fence so he could get some real good pictures of what was about to unfold between a mother and son.

As my mom lay their topless I stood next to her staring at her almost naked body; as she dozed on her towel, my cock began to rise causing a tent in my boxers.

"Nice tan you have there mom."

I said as she began to wake up and look at me behind shaded eyes.

As she sat up and took her sunglasses off she could see the bulge in the front of her son's boxers; she licked her lips and a lustful smile came over her mouth. I didn't hide the fact that mom's body was turning me on as she saw my hard on grow in my shorts. Her head was level with my crotch and mom couldn't take her eyes off the front of my boxers as my cock grew larger and larger until it popped out the hole in the front of my shorts.

Mom sat there transfixed as I stood with my hard on sticking out the front of my shorts; as Ray clicked away with the camera. As I stood there, I could see mom taking in the rest of my naked body as she noticed the tightness of my upper torso. Yeah I was built like my dad but he was older and my body was harder and tighter than my father's.

Mom being modest covered her tits with her right arm as I stood there admiring her ample charms; as her eyes stayed glued to my now throbbing member. Mom soon began to move her arm back and forward over her nipples which were standing out proud and her breathing began to increase the more she stared at my dick and rubbed her now aching nipples with both hands as I stood there smirking. All the while Ray un-noticed by mom was getting some good pictures.

"You like what you see mom?"

I asked as some pre-cum dribbled out the end of my cock.

She blushed not being able to find the words as her mouth fell open as if she wanted to say something. She wanted to say "Yes" to her son; but the word would just not leave her lips; as she knows it would be so wrong to just reach out and take her son's cock in her hand; and then devour it whole into her mouth. A moment later mom got up and pulled her towel up to cover her boobs and walked into the house as her heart almost jumped out of her mouth it was beating so fast.

I watched as she walked from the poolside up to the house wiggling her ass as she went knowing full well I was watching her. As she got to the kitchen door she looked back over her shoulder at me and then disappeared through the door.

"Did you see the look on her face, she wants you."

Ray said with a huge smile on his face.

"I think we have enough pictures here to convince your mom to let you fuck her." Said Ray as he held the camera up.

It was then that I noticed Ray's mom Sally at her bedroom window out the corner of my eye. She was massaging her tits as she watched me standing there butt naked sporting a huge hard on. I just stood there as if I hadn't seen her and began to jerk off. I saw my mom's curtain moved so I knew she was at her window watching me, which if possible made my cock even harder.

Ray noticed his mom at the window too and took some pictures as she stood there massaging her breasts and pulling on her nipples. He was smiling to himself proud that his friend had finally put the move on his mom. Ray then walked up the garden and into the house leaving me standing there jerking off for these to hot ladies at their windows.

I lay down where mom had been only a few minutes ago as Sally watched me jerking off in plain view of her as she absent-mindedly tweaked her nipples with one had as the other hand slid into her tiny bikini bottoms and on to her pussy. Both women now had their eyes fixed on my cock as I jerked off faster and faster until I shot my load into the air as they both finger fucked there cunts and brought themselves to orgasm at the same time as I did.

As I lay there next to the pool with my cum over my belly, I thought of what the next few days were going to bring me as I lay there naked topping up my own tan. About thirty minutes later I took a dip in the pool then dried myself with the towel. Wrapping the towel around my waist, I walked into the house got dressed and went over to Ray's to check out the pictures he had taken. Over the next couple of days Ray and I chose the best pictures he had taken on the digi-cam of both our mom's as we plotted on how we would blackmail our mom's into letting us not only fuck them but fuck each other's mom too.

It had been a ten days now since I took my mom's sex toys and she was now climbing the walls as she couldn't get the satisfaction she needed with her fingers as she did with her toys. It was now time for me to set things into motion and finally get to fuck my mom's brains out.

I had been walking around the house in nothing more than my boxer shorts letting my mom see the bulge of my cock in my shorts. Whenever I would walk into the room my mom was in it was as if she was mesmerized by the tent in the crotch of my boxers. She would watch my cock as it bounced in front of me hidden by only the thin material of my shorts as I walked about the house. She was growing more and more cock-hungry without the aide of her toys; to the point where I could see her body quiver as she rubbed her twitching cunt against the couch or as her panties rubbed against her throbbing pussy.

I waited until she was out sunbathing again next to the pool which was about half way through the following week. I had brought one of her toys outside with me. A vibrator, the smallest one she has and intended to give herself an ass fucking with it. It was four inches long and one inch wide in diameter and I guessed she used this one on her clit or even to fuck her ass with. It was easy for me to tuck away and hide it until I was ready to use it on mom.

As I came out the kitchen door I saw Ray at his usual place over the fence with the digi-cam in hand, and I nodded to him so he knew to be ready to get some great pictures of what was about to happen. As I walked over to mom she looked in my direction her eyes running over my near naked body. I stood next to her the same way as I did before with her face level with my hardening cock. Mom just sat there staring at my straining cock as it tried to burst out of my shorts not able to speak as her tongue moved across her lips. I knew she must have been thinking about me and I was tired of waiting on her just bursting into my room and jumping my bones.

I knew she must have been needing a big hard cock up her cunt as I had heard her the past few nights trying to get herself off with her fingers and even a candle which I found under her pillow when she was out one day. As I knelt down beside her I could smell her sex she was in heat and would probably have used anything she could have got her hands on. As I pulled her four inch toy out a huge smile came over her face. She gasped on realizing who it was that had taken her toys and looked at me pleadingly.

" This is what you want isn't it mom?"

I asked as I smiled at her.

All she could do was open her mouth but nothing came out and she just nodded her head. I knew I had her and that she would do anything I asked of her. She was mine now, my slut mom.

"You've grown quite horny without dad being around, huh? You need cock don't you?"

She nodded as I turned on the vibe then let out a moan but then shook her head.

"No, give it to me."

She said half moaning at me.

"No. I'll give you what you want, what you need. I'll give that pretty little pussy of yours all the cock it can handle."

She moaned again as she shook her head.

I knew the shaking meant nothing, she was at the point of no return. I moved the toy across her nipples and her body bucked.

"Tell me you want it Mom."

She shook her head so I took the toy way causing a disappointed groan to come from her.

"Don't fuck with me Mom. You know you want this toy, you know you want this cock of mine. You've not been able to quit staring at it. So, be a good girl, and tell me what you want."

I said with a lustful grin on my face

She licked her lips, her eyes opening wide as she looked from the toy to my cock.

"I want the toy"

She cried out.

"What else Mom? What else do you want?"

I asked her again.

"I want your cock."

She said with a painful look across her face.

She knew it was so wrong but she knew her body could not handle not having a cock inside her anymore.

"What do you want with it?" I teased.

"Please, don't." She said.

I moved my hand down to the waistband of my pants and pulled them down to just under my balls as she let out a long low moan. I looked at the toy and then smiled wickedly. I took the toy and moved it across my cock causing it to jump as the vibration from the toy caused my cock to pulse.

"Oh fuck."

She whispered as I looked her directly in the eyes.

"Feels good. I never would have thought, no wonder you like these things." I stated.

"Please put it on me." She whispered to me again.

"Put what on you?" I asked.

"That!" She said pointing to the toy.

"You haven't answered my question yet." I laughed

She let out a small frustrated growl before speaking again.

"I want to do everything." She said.

"With what?" I asked her.

"Your cock." She answered.

I enjoyed the way she blushed as she was almost begging me as I moved the toy to her pussy. Though, only running it over the material of her bathing suit, driving her almost to the point of insanity. I wasn't going to allow her to cum just yet. As I took her to the brink of orgasm I pulled the vibe away from her, stood up and about turned and walked back in the house by which time Ray had already gone and was giving his mom the fucking of her life.

My mom was desperate to cum, she needed to have my cock inside her right now. She began to beg for it as she followed after me into the house. She was becoming a cock hungry slut, my cock hungry slut and we both knew it. I made her wait until the following day which would be the day that we were both going to fuck my mom. But Ray was to have a little surprise for me that day too.

The next morning I awoke about 10am and as I looked out my bedroom window mom was again laying by the pool but this time she was totally naked. I look to see if Ray was by the fence but there was no sign of him. A couple of minutes later there I was by the kitchen door with a raging hard on trying to burst through my shorts. This was it I was finally going to fuck my mom come hell or high water.

As I walked out towards my mom laying there snoozing my legs began to tremble. Was I going to be actually able to fuck my mom or would I chicken out after all the planning that had gone into this? Then I heard the gate on the fence between ours and Ray's open and shut and I knew then there was no turning back now this was it. I was going to get my mom in to such a state of arousal that when Ray appeared in front of us mom would not give a shit who it was. But just in case things didn't go according to plan there was the envelope with all the pictures of mom and I in his hand.

As I got within about two feet of mom she shaded her eyes from the sunshine and raised her sunglasses and looked at me from my feet up. She lingered at my crotch area which was sporting a huge bulge in my shorts and then on up to look me straight in the eye.

"So are you finally going to fuck me or are you just going to tease me again?" She asked me.

"I want to fffffuck you mom." I stuttered.

"Well mister I think you should take me inside unless you want the whole neighbourhood hearing me scream."

She said with a wicked smile on her face.

With that she got up and as she walked by me gave my throbbing member a little squeeze which made some pre-cum ooze out the end of my cock and wet the front of my shorts. By the time mom reached the kitchen door I was right behind her totally naked having thrown my boxers into the pool. As mom stepped inside the door I pushed her over the kitchen table and spread her legs with my feet. This was it I was going to fuck my mom, the woman of so many jerk off sessions over the past couple of years.

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