tagIncest/TabooSeducing Rob

Seducing Rob

byKelly W.©

Rob came home from school a little earlier than expected this afternoon. I guess it was just too beautiful a day for him to spend another hour studying frogs in biology. I had my closet door open and was using the full length mirror inside the closet to check out one of my new swim suits. When he walked by my room, I was looking over my shoulder at my ass in the mirror which caused me to stick out my ass in the most provocative way. From the door to my room, Rob had the greatest view. "Checking yourself out, Sis?" he taunted.

After I settled down from his startling hello, I looked at him and suddenly had an idea. "What's the look for?" he asked.

"Do you have the ability to be mature about something?" Oh no! He started to leave. I keep forgetting how much he hates being reminded that I'm 13 months older. "No, wait! Sorry about that. It's just that this could be embarrassing. I'm going to the beach tomorrow and I want to look good. I was wondering if you could give me a guy's opinion on some of my new suits?" I showed him the bag of new swim wear I had just bought.

"Sure, if you want. Who're ya trying to impress?"

"Never mind...just take a seat," and I motioned to my swivel desk chair.

After he sat down and spun around to face me, I did a little twirl and said, "This is the first one."

"If you really want my opinion, you'll have to go a little slower." The first one was a wet-look tank-suit with high cut hips. It still covered a decent amount of my butt (depending, I guess, on your definition of decent).

The top was a pretty low scoop-cut and showed the tops of my breasts nicely.

"How's this?" I replied and put my hands behind my neck, pointing my elbows to the ceiling. In that position I gave him a very slow turn with an occasional swaying of my hips. I think he almost lost it right then, I heard him clear his throat and saw him sit up straight to pay more attention.

"Well?" I said to break the silence.

"Uh...very nice. You look great. I don't have anything to compare it to yet, but very nice."

"Ok then, turn around." I saw the shock in his eyes that I wasn't asking him to leave while I changed. He obediently turned around, though, probably didn't want to risk my changing my mind! Little did he know that I had a plan all laid out for him this afternoon. I had left my closet door open just right so that he could see me in the full-length mirror behind the door. I pretended not to notice the door, the mirror, or his stare as I slowly undressed.

First I reached for the silver strap over one shoulder and pulled it down, exposing one perfect breast fully to his view. Then I repeated this motion with the other side and in a second or two I dropped the suit to the floor.

This wasn't the first time Rob had seen me naked, he had been barging in on my showers for years for one made-up reason or another. But somehow this was different and my body responded to the thoughts I was having of purposely stripping for my brother.

I lingered there naked for a moment and held up the next suit, also a one piece. Then I began to put it on. When I had finished, I told him to turn around. "This one's a little different. The sides are adjustable like this," and I hooked my fingers in the sides by my hips and pulled up. "I can leave the sides down and look respectable or I can tie them up like this and go daring." With that I pulled the strings and tied the suit up above my hips.

I couldn't wait to spin in this one because judging by what was left covered in front (not much), he was going to love the back. The top of this one also had straps over the shoulders, but plunged down in front below my breasts and just was tacked together every few inches.

"Is Mom going to let you wear something like that?" he asked. Just as he asked I lifted my arms again and went into my slow spin again.

"She doesn't even have to know. Right?"

"Not from me...not if I get a show like this once in a while!" Then I was halfway around and he was looking at my ass, barely covered, "Wow, that looks great!" Then I stopped and lowered my hands to my hips, sticking my ass out a little more as I turned my head to look at myself over my shoulder.

"You know," I said, "this one can be real naughty back there. Tell me if this is too much." Then I reached down and stuck my fingers a little inside the fabric and, while pulling up, I fed the fabric into my butt. This left my butt totally exposed to him with just my crack filled with the fabric.

"Oh my god, Lynn! You can't be serious? Would you really wear it like that?"

"Well, probably not, I just thought you'd appreciate the style since you were enjoying my butt! I didn't know you enjoyed butts so much! I thought you were always staring at breasts."

"I like every aspect of the female body, but you've got a great ass. Well, I definitely like this suit better, but you can't wear it like that out in public, just leave a little covered or you'll be causing accidents!"

"Ok, turn around again. One more one-piece, then two bikini's." When he turned around, I noticed out of the side of my eye (in the mirror) that he had to adjust "himself"-apparently his jeans were getting tighter. Then, he looked up and was once again treated to the show in the mirror. The next suit was all white and almost see-through because I had cut out the liners from the breast, crotch and backsides. It, too, had little ties at the hip for adjustability, but only had little strings over the shoulder tying behind my neck. "All done."

When I turned back around, Rob must have noticed just how see-through the suit really was because he was staring at my breasts. There was no missing the dark circles of my nipples showing through. I was still adjusting my 'hip-strings' to a provocative-but-still-decent level as he studied my breasts and erect nipples. He didn't notice me look up at him as I was finishing. "Do they look that good?" I asked as I then cupped a breast in each hand.

"Oh...uh...sorry...you're the one that asked me to check you out." He then had to cross his legs because his manhood was definitely responding to my holding my breasts like that.

"Don't apologize, I didn't say I was mad or anything. I just saw you staring and its actually kinda a compliment. I guess you do like breasts after all!

Ready?" Then I raised my arms and got into my starting pose.

"Yup." My twirl got slower each time and I definitely was making the motions sexier as I stuck my ass out towards him and swayed my hips. As I turned, I noticed myself in the mirror and saw how thin this material was without the liner because I could definitely make out my ass crack inside the suit and as I came around, there was a darkening at my crotch. I'm not sure what was turning me on more, the sight of myself being so sexy in the mirror or the knowledge that my brother was completely turned on by me. I was moving towards auto-pilot with hormones increasingly taking over. Then I asked for his opinion and he almost choked clearing his throat again.

"It's fantastic, but you can't be thinking of wearing it to the beach are you?" When I nodded, he continued, "It's practically see through now, which I don't mind-you are the sexiest thing I've ever seen-but if you get wet, there'll be nothing left to the imagination!"

"Oh, that. I thought it would look better without the breast and crotch liners because my tanned skin stuck out so much in the areas without the liner so I cut them out. Do you really think it would be see through if I went in the water?" I knew full well it would be, but I sensed an opportunity to up the stakes in my show.

"Don't believe me--check it out for yourself. Go jump in the shower." After looking at him for a moment I turned and left, telling him to stay put. I jumped under the water just long enough for a couple of spins and then turned it off.

"Oh my god...you're right!" I said as I came down the hall towards the bedroom. I had grabbed a towel and was drying myself as I came in but, while this saved the floor from drips, it did nothing to change the fabric back to opaque. It was completely see-through which was my goal. I was looking down at myself and running my hands up and down the front. I took in my whole body from my hard nipples with dark circles of pleasure to my pussy with a light coating of curly pubic hair. I turned my head to look at my butt and arched my torso in the process which served to stretch out my torso for him and made me look more delicious. "Oh I bet you'll like this," I said as I turned around to show him my butt in its almost naked glory.

"I think I've died and gone to heaven," he replied softly. I turned back around and was experimenting with the fabric. I grabbed it and pulled it away from my breasts and let it fall back into place. As soon as it did, the fabric again became see-through and my nipples came into full view.

"Your right, I can't wear this at all. You 'guys' would like it way too much!" Then I looked up at him and noticed him staring trance-like at my nipples again and couldn't help taunting him. I reached up and cupped both breasts in my hands, pinching the nipples and said, "Boy, they really must look good. You know, if you stare like that much longer your eyeballs are going to fall out! Well turn around, I have two more to go."

He started to and then stopped. He looked me in the eyes and asked, "Do I have too?"

I brought my hands to my hips and looked at him with my best mock look of disgust. "Typical guy!" I blurted in case the look wasn't enough.

"That's what you asked for isn't it? A typical guy?"

Then I let my face transform and my look became as seductive as I could muster. I didn't bother answering either of his questions, but after a long pause I raised my hands to the string tied behind my neck. I slowly pulled the knot open and let the strings drop to my chest. Then I brought my hands down to my breasts and, sliding my hand down, rolled the fabric of the suit off my breasts. Somehow revealing myself to him intentionally was so much more arousing than all the sneak peeks I had let him achieve on his own (both today and over the last few years).

I paused with the suit now on my hips and my hands poised to push it down.

He noticed the pause and looked up at me. I just smiled slightly looking back at him and softly said, "Well...I guess there's no turning back now."

He had no idea how much meaning there was hidden in those words. Then I pushed the suit past my hips and dropped it to the floor revealing myself fully to him. I then picked up the towel and briefly finish drying myself off.

He didn't take his eyes off me as I slowly put on the first bikini. This one was neon green and was made more like a workout outfit than a bathing suit.

The top pulled on over my head and I tried to go real slow as I reached over my head with the bikini. I turned around as I bent over to put the bottoms on. They had a sexy cut, but were still almost two inches wide over the hips. Without a word I stood up and started my slowest and sexiest spin yet.

Rob told me at this point that, as much as he liked the other suits, he was a sucker for any outfit (swim suit or not) that bared my stomach-and the more the better he told me.

"Well, you'll like the next one then. It's cut so low in front, I'm not sure I can even wear it without shaving a little." After a pause during which he just stared at my body, I broke in, "Ready for the next one?"

Uh...sorry, yeah...go ahead." I reached for the fabric beneath my breasts and started to pull, then stopped.

"You know, this is totally unfair. You've seen me naked so many times, mostly by being a peeping Tom, and I've never seen you. If I'm going to do stripteases for you and let you stare at me like you've been, then you should be naked too! It's only fair." I lowered my hands to my hips and waited for his response. He looked totally stunned. I knew he was sportin' the biggest hard-on I'd ever seen.

"You've gotta be kiddin', Sis! You want me to strip for you? There's no way."

"What do you think I just did for you? And by all appearances you seemed to enjoy it too. It's only fair. And don't try to use that bulge in your pants as an excuse either. If I caused it, I should be allowed to see it. I think if we're going to continue, this has to be fair." Then I sat down on the edge of my bed and folded my arms in front of me. He was in shock at this point. "Come on get up!" I urged.

He seemed to just obey without thinking and stood up to undress. I had dreamt many times of being naked with Rob. This was incredibly arousing. He had pulled his tee-shirt off and was unzipping his jeans when he stopped and noticed how I stared at every motion he made. He slowed it down a little for me, but as he pulled his jeans and underpants down, his cock snapped up and hit his stomach. "I can't believe I'm doing this," he moaned. "Wow, I can't believe it's so big, Rob! Is it that way just because of me?"

I was staring at his erection as I spoke.

"Uh, yeah, I guess so." He sat back down on the chair and tried to get comfortable being naked in front of his big sister.

I was staring at him in the eyes at this point, maintaining incredibly intense eye contact as I got up and moved back over to where I had been changing. Then I reached up and, as if to bring his attention to my breasts, gave them a squeeze before lowering my hands to the edge of the fabric and pulled it over my head. I could tell even before I pulled off the top that my nipples were hard as little stones sitting on top of my perfectly proportioned breasts.

After the suit had passed my head, I gave my long hair a shake and moved my hands down my torso, again passing them over my breasts and nipples, to the top of the fabric at my hips. I hooked my thumbs inside the suit and began inching it down. Almost as if it was a struggle, I wiggled my hips from side to side. I went especially slow as my sweet little pussy came into his view.

The thought of what I had said about shaving a little off came into my head as he watched me lower the suit. I daydreamed of him lathering me up and doing me the favor himself. I dropped the suit to the floor and stepped out.

Then, instead of picking up the last suit, I went into my pose and did several slow turns for him. Neither one of us questioned the fact that I hadn't put on the next suit yet, he just seemed to enjoy the show. I swayed my hips and ran my hands all up and down and all over my body. When I came back around the last time, I broke the silence.

"Have you ever done that thinking about me before?" At first he didn't notice what I meant, then it struck him. He had gone into a trance and begun slowly stroking himself at some point during my show. He stopped suddenly and pulled his hand away. "No, don't stop because of me. I think it really looks sexy seeing you do that. And when I realize you're thinking about me while you do it, it makes me a little crazy myself."

There was a long silence as he digested what I said. I moved to the bed and sat on the edge and then repeated my question, "Have you ever done that thinking about me before?" All he could muster was a nod. "After you saw me coming out of the shower those times?"

"Every time," he responded truthfully.

"Really, Rob, I don't mind you doing it, I kinda liked watching you do it.

It makes me want to as well."

"Lynn, this is crazy. Do you realize what we're doing here?" he finally spoke up.

"Yes I do, and I also know that I'm just as horny as you right now, and I'm dying to get myself off too." Then he looked up at me and noticed that I had leaned back on my headboard and was caressing my breasts and drawing circles around my nipples with my finger tips.

"What are you saying?" he asked.

"What I'm saying is why don't you lie down here and finish what you were starting, while I do the same for myself. I don't know about you, but I'm so horny right now, I'm going to do it whether you stay or not." I paused and then added, "and having you stare at me like that is what's turning me on in the first place, so I'd rather you stay."

He didn't say anything when he got up and laid down next to me on the bed. I laid back as well and began squeezing and pinching myself more urgently.

Seeing this he joined in and began stroking his cock again as he watched my hands cover, squeeze, pinch and tease my nipples and breasts.

I saw him start again and spoke up in a somewhat heated breath, "No...wait...lets each do it separately. I want to be able to watch you."

"I'm sorry, Sis, I'm just about ready to bust a nut right now, I don't think I could wait if I wanted to," he seemed to be speaking the truth.

"Ok, you go first." Then I turned around so that my head was down by his cock and my pussy was up near his face. I didn't really wait, though, I picked up one of my legs and began caressing my pussy right in front of his face while I watched him jerk off. The view I was getting was a first for me. I had fooled around with my boyfriends, of course, but I had never seen a fully erect cock up this close never mind one being worked the way Rob was working his. Then he warned me to stay back a bit because he was about to get off.

I don't know what came over me next. Instead of backing away to avoid the stream of sticky cum, I pushed his hand away and took over, pumping with more urgency than he had been. Then, I practically swallowed him whole when his cock started pulsing. I had never done that before and I couldn't believe I was letting him cum in my mouth. The feeling was incredible, though. I kept pumping with my hand while I sucked with my mouth. I think I swallowed every bit of cum he gave me, and then kept on sucking on his cock because I wanted to make sure he stayed hard.

I turned around and looked at him and said, "I'm sorry, I've just always wanted to try that. I hope you didn't mind my not asking."

"You've got to be kidding! Mind? Lynn, that was the greatest thing that's ever happened to me. That was so incredible. It's the first time I've ever cum in anything but my hand."

"Are you a virgin?" I asked.

"Yeah, I guess, but if you tell anyone I'll..."

"Oh stop, I won't say anything. I think we're moving past that kind of stuff now."

"Are you?" he asked back.

"Well, kinda, I guess so," I said. He looked a little confused.

"What in the world does that mean?" He asked.

"Secret, right?" I responded.

"Of course."

"Well, I've never gone all the way with a guy so that makes me a virgin, right?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"But, I've been with a girl and we did everything you could imagine, so maybe I'm not. I'm not sure if that counts. Don't get me wrong, I'm not gay or anything, we've just fooled around some to relieve stress."

"Oh my god, Lynn! Who? Kathy?" As he asked I felt his cock twitched several times (my hand had found its way back to it).

"You like that idea, huh? You guys are all the same. Don't you dare tell her I told you, but, yes, it's Kathy. She and I have been making love for years.

It really started as just comparing how we were changing as we went through puberty. Eventually we were comparing how our new bodies reacted to touch-our own and each others. It just grew from there." His cock was definitely reacting while I told him of my escapades, and I felt every reaction.

"I can't believe you," I blurted. "You're turned on by that aren't you?" He was silent. "Aren't you?" I repeated. Then he just nodded (as before). "Tell me what your little perverted mind is thinking about."

"Lynn, I can't," he protested. Then I gave his cock a few good strokes and repeated the question. "I guess I was thinking of what it would be like if both of you were here today. Seeing you both naked, seeing you touch her and seeing her touch you."

"Anything else?" I continued.

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