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Seducing Sheena



I am Natasha. In 1999, I was a young, 19-year-old spoilt brat, working in a multinational company as a front office receptionist. The only reason I got the job was that the HR guy liked my boobs and I agreed to go out on a date with him.

Sheena worked in the accounts department of the company. She was not very beautiful but had a body to die for, especially her ass. It wasn't too big, not too small, two perfect globes that had the right amount of jiggle. A narrow waist and firm juicy boobs. I had never experienced same sex crush/love/sex, but whenever I saw that ass, my mouth would start watering and I found myself biting my lips. Even though she had a great body, she never flaunted it. On the contrary, she dressed very conservatively in traditional Indian dress called salwar-kurti (long shirt and pants).

Whenever we passed each other in the office corridors, we exchanged a smile. If I got lucky on any day, we would pass each other at the door and the pervert in me would always try and graze past her ass. It was a soft, wonderful experience that took my hand to the peak of her first buttock and dropped it right into the crevice and back to the peak of her other buttock. I would cherish that touch for the rest of the day and when things got out of control, I would go to the bathroom to relieve the tension throbbing between my legs. Being conservative and nice, she never suspected my ill intentions.

One day I was working on my nails, as required by any desk-candy front desk personnel, I overheard Sheena's conversation with the boss. She wanted a loan for a family emergency, and he declined it stating company policy.

Sheena came from a lower middle-class family and was the eldest of three siblings. Her father had abandoned his family years ago. She and her mother worked hard to put the younger siblings through college. I had a lot of respect for her. Despite, not having any of the luxuries of life that I did and took them for granted, she had achieved a lot more than I could ever.

As she came out of the boss's office I saw her teary eyes. I went up to her and said, "Sheena, I am sorry I overheard your conversation with the boss. Can I please offer to lend you the amount? You can pay me back whenever you can."

I was careful in phrasing my words, since I didn't want to hurt her self-respect. She said she would let me know by evening.

I waited all day hoping she would come back with a "Yes." That would make me feel better as a person, and would also help develop a bond with my crush. At 5 o'clock as everyone was leaving, she was waiting for me outside the office. She said she would accept my help. I gave her a hug and enjoyed the feel of her breasts pressing up against mine. The next day I gave her the money.

"Thanks Natasha, I will return it next month," she said.

I loved the gratitude and sincerity in her voice.

I smiled and said, "No problem."

After that, we became good friends and I never missed a chance to hug her. The hugging was good, but the best part was when I would play that over and over in my mind, the sensation of her boobs pressing against mine drove me crazy. As we hugged, I would always hold her small waist. Sometimes on cold days I could feel her erect nipples. I loved the sensation. Sheena probably didn't share the feeling I did, but I didn't care.

The next month, she returned the money and was very thankful and I dismissed it saying

"If you want to be friends, then do away with this over thanking and formalities. "

We both laughed.

One day as we were having our afternoon coffee I said, "Hey, my parents are going to be away this Saturday, why don't you come over. We will have a girls' night."

She seemed a little hesitant, but then agreed. I couldn't wait for Saturday, I was preparing to make a bold move.

Finally, the day came. I didn't know if she had any such "tendencies" but, I tried to seduce her anyway. Even though my legs are always shaved and clean. That day, I put in extra effort. Dressed in my short black skirt and a tank top from which, my boobs were about to fall. Yes, I dressed up like a slut. I picked her up from her home. She was wearing a white salwar-kurta. It was a tight fitting one which accentuated every curve if her body. I could see her cleavage. On the way we talked about everything we could think of; office gossip, friends, boyfriends, everything. From time to time she would look at my legs. I guess it made her a little uncomfortable since she had never seen me in such clothes.

We got to my home, and I could see she was surprised upon seeing how rich my family was. We went to our room and I crashed on the bed and gestured saying,

"come to daddy baby."

She playfully threw a pillow at me, and we both laughed. If only she knew that I really meant it. "Are you that tired, even though we came by car? Girl you should travel by bus sometime," she said.

"Why? Do you think my legs can't take it?" I said, lifting my legs up and showing my sexy legs as my skirt slid down a little. She looked at them and for a moment and felt conscious about my exhibitionism. I knew I had sexy legs and decided to use them. Running my hands down the leg again, I said

"So... you think I am weak and can't take the bus?"

"That's not the reason Natasha. I know you are strong enough to stand through the journey but may not be ready to stand the creepy guys who are trying to touch you in every which place," she said.

"Oh...so someone has been feeling up our Sheena in places huh?" I said, and started teasing her by touching her all over her body and little squeeze to her ass. We both laughed and ended up with our arms around each other.

"So, what do you do when they touch you?" I asked

By this time Sheena was feeling more relaxed and she said, "depends" with a wink.

"Depends on?" I asked.

She went on, " If it is some creepy guy, I give him an angry look and move away."

"And if he is a handsome hunk?"

"Well it's not so much about handsome, but if the guy seems harmless then I will feign ignorance as he is rubbing his hard dick against my butt and sometimes there is this one guy who will try to line up his dick right in between my buttocks."

We both laughed.

"You mean like this?" I said, as I put my fingers in the crevice between her buttocks.

"Mmmm..," she replied.

"Who can blame them. You have the sexiest ass I have ever seen," I said and pulled her kurti (shirt) up, touching her buttocks. To my surprise, I noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties. She didn't object or show any uneasy feeling. Emboldened, I continued to feel her ass. I gently began squeezing her ass. It was supple and had a certain amount of firmness to it. I started squeezing each buttock at a time and each time let my fingers slide closer to her asshole. At that point, my juices started flowing.

I asked softly "are you having fun...?" not being specific if I was asking about the ass massage, or in general.

She just smiled. To hide the juices flowing from my pussy down my thighs, I sat down on the bed leaning against a pillow with my legs stretched out. She sat down beside me.

"You have a very beautiful ass sheena," I said.

"You have the sexiest thighs I have ever seen," she complimented.

"You are just saying that," I said even though I knew very well that she was being honest. Since I had put on short skirt that day I noticed that all day she was staring at my thighs trying very hard not to be noticed.

"No, I swear Natasha," she said, looking at my thighs, but a little hesitant to touch them.

Squeezing my thighs, I said "what is so special about them, I don't think they are all that great." "Girl..just look at them. They are so milky white, so delicate, muscular, yet so soft," She immediately replied.

She was now pressing and feeling my thighs. Her touch sent shudders through my body.

"So, guys would be interested in say...touching them?" I asked, with a parched throat.

"Guys? These will get even the girls excited. They would be all over them touching and kissing them." she said.

She was getting excited. I could clearly see it in her eyes.

"How...how would they kiss them?" I asked with a wink.

She planted a soft one on my knee. It felt sooo good, I was clutching the pillow against which my back was leaning. An "mmm" escaped my mouth. Sheena continued to kiss further on my thighs. My eyes were closed.

I felt butterflies in my stomach and wanted to say aloud, "fuck me sheena...fuck me."

Sheena proceeded to kiss. She parted my thighs and touched my soaking wet panties. They were soaked in my juices. She gently planted a kiss on my wet pussy over my panties. She put her hands under my butt. I raised myself up, and she pulled my panties out. She gently touched my pussy lips. She inserted her middle finger in it and started gently finger fucking me. I was matching her motion with my hips.

She threw her hair back, that were covering her face, and looked at me. Her big eyes had naughtiness in them. She moved slowly closer to my pussy and smelled it. She gently flicked her tongue and started licking my nibbling on my clit. I could hold it no longer. she went back to work on my cunt. she parted the pussy lips with her fingers and gently licked the clit. I was going to explode. I wanted so bad to hold her hair and push her cute face into my pussy. She started licking it gently at first and then the tongue started darting in and out of the pussy. I was moving my pelvis to match the motion of her tongue like a slut. Her hands wandered up in to my shirt and found my nipples after mercilessly pushing my bra up. With her hands squeezing my pink nipples and her tongue stroking long and deep patterns on my pussy i could take it no longer, I came and said it out loud, "FUCK ME SHEEENAA...."

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by Anonymous02/05/19

lesbian nancy

I loved your story and got wet betwen my legs. I have a friend I'd love to do that with, but I'm not brave enough to start.

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by shang4009/24/18


Inspiring friend to touch kiss and then lick pussy is very hot. In hostel a friend of mine ignited me and we made gay love. Jejee sucked my cock and me his. First cock in my mouth.

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by Anonymous08/11/18

Make this a series?

I’d love to read more of this. It gets me extremely wet but not to climax

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