tagLesbian SexSeducing Sonja

Seducing Sonja


Goddamnit! How do they always manage to make the lectures room colder than the outside, Penny looked around the large dark room, spying out several radiators hidden along the walls, covered in so much dust that it looked they hadn't been touched since they first built this place. Typical she thought. Disregarding the thought and wrapping her arms around herself, she turned her attention to the students occupying the numerous seats, most of them were wearing something vaguely warm clothes, a die hard few were trying to wear clothes so cool that that might end up as icicles as the day wore on, a few smart ones were still wearing their thick outside coats. As her eyes roamed around the room they finally came to rest on one particular student sitting a few rows in front, they always came to rest on this particular one; her hair was red, dark and light, it shifted beautifully as she moved in her seat. Her skin was soft and gorgeously white, like alabaster, but full of the glow of someone with life, the curves of her body weren't hidden by the warm clothes she was wearing, and the long skirt she wore sat enticingly on her crossed legs.

Penny pondered thoughtfully as she watched the girl, wondering if her nipple were as hard and cold as her own, as she thought this, she reached up and felt them through her top, a sudden rush going through her body, and almost without realising began to rub them, send more jolts of electric pleasure up her spine, just as her fingers began to clasp them, pinching them slightly someone elbowed her in the side and jolted her out of her fantasy.

"Hey babe, I know you're clearly enjoying yourself there, but I think others might start getting a little jealous if you start moaning a bit louder." Her friends Joyce looked at her, her eyes shining mischievously, that ever present smile on her friend's lips. Penny blushed and removed her hands, wrapping them around herself again.

"I was moaning?" She could feel her cheeks beginning to burn, Joyce nodded.

"A little, I thought I might stop you before people couldn't here the lecture any more." Joyce's smile turned into a wide grin now as Penny tried to become a turtle, withdrawing into the scarf around her neck, "So let me guess what got you started in dreamworld, your little crush over there?' Joyce's head jerked in the direction of the red haired girl. Penny nodded but said nothing.

"You badly need to ask her out. Promise to ask her out after this lecture or I will shout it out right now, you know I will." Penny blanched, if there was one thing Joyce was not, it was afraid of being publicly embarrassed, once a year she would climb the roof of the city hall and start singing to the passers by; she was completely tone deaf, but she was so confident that it had now become a town tradition.

"Fine! Fine I will, I promise!" Penny hissed hurriedly as Joyce begin to open her mouth, satisfied her friend sat back into the chair, "You are such a bitch sometimes" Penny said, although it was hard to keep the smile off her face too.

"You love it."


The lights turned, and the professor at the podium bade them a good day, there was a chorus of yawns and stretching of frozen limbs as many of the students awoke from their half-sleep and began filing towards the door. Some had gathered in pockets of social meetings, while others went to talk to the professor about his lecture, plainly riveted by what they had heard. Penny looked down the stairs a few feet from her and saw the red haired student making her way out the door, as they got out into the crisp afternoon air Penny turned and looked to her friend, a pleading look on her face, Joyce smiled and held up a hand as if she had an idea, when suddenly she reached forward and pushed Penny forward, sending her flying into the red haired one, both of them now sprawled on the ground, in a hole as students tried to get past without tripping over them, or as Penny noticed later, without offering to help.

"Oh god! I'm so sorry, I must have...tripped," She said lamely, shooting a dirty look at Joyce who grinned and just puckered her lips jokingly, "Here let me help with your things, I'm so sorry again." The girl smiled at her and Penny felt her heart skip a beat at that beautiful smile, stunned for a moment that she forgot she was helping to pick up the floor strewn books.

"It's really no problem, it's not like you did it on purpose, and I should be able to walk myself to the emergency room from here." Putting the last book back in the bag they slowly stood up together, the red haired girl brushing hair out her eyes, Penny mirrored the action with her own blonde hair.

"I'm Penny, I really hope you're ok."

"Hi, my name is Sonja." She held out a hand with beautifully manicured red nails on it, Penny took it and felt a rush of warmth flow down between her thighs as she held the soft hand in hers.

"Sonja. Umm, listen to make up for this we were just going to head to to the café around the corner, Ronso's, to meet some friends for some lunch, do you want to join us?" Sonja smiled another radiant smile.

"I'd like that very much." The three of them then turned to walk down the quad, to the university entrance gates. Penny looked to her side at the beautiful woman walking with her and then turned to Joyce and then mouthed the words Thank you....you bitch.

It was a cold winter afternoon, some snow that hadn't finished melting still lay in drifts on the pavement. The sun was shining in the cloudless sky, making everything seem brighter than usual, but the air was still crisp and cold, bringing a red tinge to cheeks.

As the three women stepped into the crowded café a wave of hot air assaulted them and caused them to immediately shed their coats in an effort to avoid melting in the heat, looking around for a second in order to find their expecting friends, Penny looked over at Sonja, enjoying being able to look at her fully now, instead of behind while she was sat down, she was few inches shorter than herself, which was saying a lot since Penny was also slightly less than average height, but her figure was still breathtaking, her breasts large and full, though hidden away from sight by the thick shirt she was wearing, however a small pendant hanging from a necklace hung invitingly between them, Penny looked down further, wishing that she could runs her hands all over Sonja's hips and butt; but she was once again shaken from her revelry by Joyce, exclaiming that she had seen their friends. Penny sighed inwardly but looked towards the table where her friend now pointed. At a small table in a crowded corner sat two guys and another girl, who waved happily at them, signalling them to come over.

Joyce walked over quickly and slightly too eagerly, leaving Penny and Joyce to linger back as they walked slowly to the table, as they walked up Penny saw her friend talking to the others, who looked back at her conspiratorially, the others grinned and began shuffling around in the seats, leaving the bench that sat against the wall noticeably free for several people, which means now everyone already knew why Sonja was here.

"Over here babe, we've got some seats free." Shouted Joyce above the crowd. Penny blushed and looked over at the red haired Sonja, who was smiling amiably at her friends. Joyce ushered them into one side of the bench, it was big enough to comfortably fit two, but there were no other chairs so the three of them sat squashed together; where Penny noticed acutely that Sonja's hand had to grip Penny's thigh for stability as she sat down, and then stayed there as they tried to get more comfortable.

"Everyone, this is Sonja, Penny just made friends with her by colliding with her outside the lecture hall. Sonja, this is Pete, Alastair and Julie." She said pointing at each one in turn who greeted the stunning newcomer with glee, "So where's Gary?" It was Alastair who spoke up, he had long brown hair that he tied up into a ponytail in contrast to Pete and the absent Gary who both had short blonde hair, all 3 she knew were quite attractive to women, even Penny had to admit they were all handsome.

"He's finishing up his class, he'll be here in a few minutes." Pete then stood up take take everyone's orders for drinks and vanished into the crowd.

As they waited and talked, Penny found herself stroking her fingertips lightly along Sonja's skirt, barely brushing the material, though she didn't know if the other woman had felt it. She was extremely friendly and had turned to talk to Penny several times, her face lighting up each time she asked Penny a question, apparently enamoured by every answer.

After a few minutes of casual chatting another man, tall enough to stand out from the crowd by at least a head walked into the café and looked over at them, smiling with the red cheeked face of everyone who had spent time outside. The tall man walked over and looked around and over the group of friends.

"So couldn't find me a seat, huh?" He grinned as Joyce pretended to scold him, telling him to just sit down next to them, on the already overcrowded bench.

"I don't think there's enough space for us all on here." Sonja spoke up. So this was her plan all along was it, you crafty mink. Penny cleared her throat as her libido sent words to her lips with an idea that perhaps Sonja could just sit on her lap. Penny could feel her face getting red as she said but instead Sonja nodded and smiled eagerly, moving to sit across Penny's legs.

"Much more comfortable, I think." Sonja exclaimed, looking down at Penny and winking. As they waited for their food to arrive now, Penny found herself becoming confident approaching the red haired beauty that sat in her lap, reaching up and placing her hand in Sonja's lap, expecting some firm but gentle removal, but instead was greeted by a grateful look and hand her hand covered by the soft red nailed hand of Sonja and then moved up to be nestled in the skirt at Sonja's crotch, where it stayed.

When the food arrived, Penny felt a little dismayed that she'd now have to move her, but then was struck by another idea, perhaps drunk on the success of her last idea, or so aroused at having a hot woman in her lap she said quietly, and as sensuously as she could to Sonja.

"You know, if you fed me, I wouldn't have to move my hand." Sonja giggled in a way that made Penny's nipples harden almost instantly.

"Sure thing, whatever you want." Picking up a fork and carefully ladening a forkful of food she preceded to feed Penny her lunch, accompanied by each forkful of food Sonja looked into Penny's eyes with pride. It wasn't until the end of the meal that Penny's ears began to burn, noticing that the immediate surroundings had become very quiet; looking around were the rest of their friends, grinning jovially.

"So," Asked Alastair, "Are you enjoying your lunch?" Everyone laughed at this, including Sonja. Penny, now feeling like she couldn't be harmed by anything at the moment, replied calmly.

"A lot more than you are, I'm sure" Then moving her hand from between Sonja's thighs cupped her face and brought it gently down to her own, looking into her eyes, her lips a hairs breadth away, the anticipation was palpable, the world around them seemed to melt away into nothingness as they sat there, their lips so close to meeting. Penny then closed the gap and kissed Sonja, feeling her full soft lips against her own, delighting in the sensation, reaching up with her other hand, cupping Sonja's face as their kiss deepened, her lips parting sightly as her tongue slide out gently, meeting Sonja's as they danced, massaging the other one, unaware of the world passing around them.

Penny could feel Sonja's large breasts pressing against hers, not sure whether Sonja could feel her nipples, but still enjoying the pressure. Their kissed lingered on, Penny's arousal growing, her pussy now becoming moist as she felt Sonja's nails trailing up and down her back, through her hair. Eventually the world came back, swimming into a view through a haze of arousal, the edges of her vision slightly blurry. She managed to break away from looking into Sonja's face and gazed around the table where now the rest of the group were looking slightly stunned at them, except for Joyce, who was looking very pleased with herself.

"So yes, I am enjoying my lunch thanks."


They held hands on their way back to Penny's apartment, which, she thought was a very innocent gesture since as they had left the café, Sonja had turned and whispered into her ear,

"Please, lets go back to your place, I want you to have me." So now they walked eagerly along in the cold air, Sonja pressed close against Penny as she led the way. Finding their way into the apartment building, ever closer to the apartment that was quite close, but now seemed an eternity away, they finally reached door to Penny's apartment, Sonja's eyes were now shining with lust. The door swung inwards and they strode purposefully in, it didn't take long once they had closed the door for them to begin to strip off the heavier clothing that had kept them warm outside, now Penny was left with her jeans and a thin long sleeve shirt, whilst Sonja was left with only her long skirt and a lacy bra to cover herself. They embraced each other, their hands running over each others skin as they tried to soak in the other's warmth, their mouths exploring each other, Penny broke the kiss, leaving a trail of small kisses down Sonja's jawline and down the nape of her neck, as she did Sonja leaned forward and took her earlobe in her mouth and began to nibble it playfully, sending a shiver of pleasure down Penny's spine.

They moved in a slow turning dance, until the arrived at the couch in the middle of the living room, Penny placed her hands against the small of Sonja's back, pressing against against it to gently but firmly push her down on to the couch, Penny got a rush for a second looking at the girl now lying prone on her couch, half undressed, eager for her touch; Penny climbed over and straddled Sonja's hips, leaning down and kissing Sonja deeply, reaching up with one hand and undoing the buttons that held her own shirt closed, breaking the kiss once more she leaned back up, shrugging her shoulders back to let the shirt slide off, leaving just a sports bra covering her breasts, yearning to be pleasured, grabbing the bottom of the bra she pulled it over her head, throwing it to one side, smiling as she heard Sonja gasp.

"Nipple rings?" Penny nodded and cupped both of her breasts running her thumbs along the piercings.

"Do you like them?"

"Oh yes Miss." The words brought Penny back into the world and she looked sharply down.

"Miss?" For the first time since meeting her, Sonja blushed.

"I'm sorry, I've just been watching you for a while in class and you're so strong and beautiful, I haven't felt it often, but I just feel the need to please you. Does that make you feel weird?" It was jarring to suddenly hear it, to say the least, but as she thought about it a thrill went through her body, she pulled on her nipple rings, letting her nipples harden with arousal.

"No," She finally replied, "I think I'd like it if you kept calling me that." Sonja beamed happily.

"Thank you Miss." Penny smiled back and leaned down to kiss Sonja again, this time as she broke the kiss, she moved her chest up, letting her breasts come level with Sonja's face; she eagerly responded, taking one nipple in her warm mouth, flicking it with her tongue, biting the nipple with her teeth, Penny gasped and dug her nails into the arm of the couch where she balanced. Penny felt Sonja reach up and run her nails up her own stomach, scratching them along the underside of her breasts, while her mouth still kissed and licked one nipple, one hand taking the other and running around it in teasingly slow circles. Penny felt a soft sigh escape her lips as Sonja's ministrations began to send more and more jolts of pleasure deep into her body, and then gave a small moan as she felt her pussy becoming wet with need.

Pushing up against the couch, she knelt back up again, shivering with pleasure as the air now felt cool against her hard nipples, sending another small shiver through her, looking down at Sonja she saw her licking her lips seductively, her eyes pleading for me.

"Take your bra off." Sonja, smiled widely, reaching under her body and undoing the clasp, manoeuvring her arms to slide off the bra so that it fell to the floor with Sonja still lying on the couch. Penny's breath caught in her chest, Sonja's breasts were as perfect as she had imagined, round and full with large nipples just begging to be kissed. Penny grinned as she now took her turn, lowering her head until her lips came in contact with Sonja's breasts, biting and nipping them, moving in smaller and smaller circles, taking her time, carefully avoiding her nipples, smiling to herself each time she got close and then moved to kiss another part of her breast, listening to Sonja gasp and moan softly as she teased her. Penny tensed with excitement for what she was about to do as she kissed up towards the meeting of Sonja's collar, as she got there, listening to Sonja's provoking whimpers she then began to kiss slowly downwards.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt. Penny looked up startled and Sonja blushed.

"My cell phone Miss, I'm sorry, it's not important." She tried to sound calmed but her eyes urged her on pleadingly. Penny lowered her head again to where she had left off, kissing her solar plexus now, loving the feel of Sonja's soft breasts pressing against her face, taking her time as she intoxicated herself on Sonja's scent, moving slowly down.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt. Sonja looked a little concerned now and Penny frowned slightly.

"Would you like to get that?"

"No Miss, I'm sure it's nothing." Returning once more to her indulgently slow kisses Penny began moving further down, it seemed like a glorious eternity as she kissed her way down Sonja's stomach, nibbling and biting her soft skin when she felt playful, as she got to Sonja's belly button she kissed and nibbled her again, smiling to herself as she heard a giggle.

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt. Sonja looked pained as she struggled with staying where she was and answering her phone, giving her another kiss and then sitting up she nodded to the coat that held the offending phone.

"Go ahead."

"Thank you. I'm sorry Miss." Walking deftly across the floor to her phone Penny despite her disappointment couldn't help but admire Sonja's hips sway from side to side, accentuating her ass, "Hello? Sonja speaking. Really? Isn't there anyone else available? Are you sure, I'm a bit busy at the moment. All right, I'll come in," At this she turned away and hissed into the phone, though Penny still managed to catch the words, "But you owe me so big for this." With that she closed the phone then walked back demurely to the couch, sitting down next to Penny.

"It's ok," Penny said before Sonja had a chance to speak, "If whoever that was needs you so badly then you have to go." Sonja smiled weakly.

"I am sorry Miss, but the usual girl can't do her shift and there's no one else. How about we have dinner on Friday and then I promise I will make it up to you." Her eyes glinted as she winked at this and Penny felt herself smiling despite herself. Leaning in and cupping Sonja's face Penny kissed her softly, and then became a bit more enthusiastic, as she felt Sonja responded she reminded herself that Sonja had to go and pulled back.

"You better go before I hold you up." With that Sonja dressed quickly, scribbling her phone number down a piece of paper and handing it to Penny, giving her a final kiss before vanishing out the door. Penny sat down with a sigh and looked around the empty sadly empty apartment, then something caught her eye, looking down she saw Sonja had left her bra neatly folded on the couch; Penny grinned, opening her legs as she began to imagine the red haired beauty that wanted to be hers, her hand tracing her wet pussy lips, looking down at the bra again she sighed with pleasure, settling back against the couch, her fingers finding her clit. It was going to be an interesting couple of days.

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