tagLesbian SexSeducing the Babysitter

Seducing the Babysitter


My wife and I volunteered recently to keep our niece and nephew as my brother and his wife took a much needed vacation. Ann and I have thought about having kids, so the week would make us more aware of what we might be getting into. The kids, ages three and five, spent the better part of each day at a local day school. Our job was to keep them at night until John and Beth returned on Sunday.

Ann and I were invited to a company party celebrating landing a big new client for my firm. Given the economy these days and the thought any of us could be out of a job in the blink of an eye, everyone at the office was ecstatic with the additional business. Ann works out at a local fitness center and had noticed a bulletin board outside the men and women's locker rooms that was filled with apartments for rent, folks looking for employment, and a few who posted they did babysitting on the side. As we needed a sitter for Friday night, Ann looked over the notices and spied one advertising a local twenty-one year old college student who was looking to baby sit for additional spending money. Ann called and asked her to meet up the next day at the gym to discuss watching the kids.

Given we did not use the services of local babysitters and most of the couples in our neighborhood have much younger kids, Ann was cautious in just who might be invited into our home to watch after Beth's children. The potential sitter, Katherine, met Ann after classes and the two spent a great deal of time chatting during their routines. After grabbing quick showers, Ann headed home confident that Katherine fit the bill just fine.

I was already dressed when the front door bell rang. I opened it to meet a smiling young blonde. Katherine was adorable. There was a slight chill to the air so she had on a light jacket and a college sweat shirt with skin tight jeans on her lean frame. I invited her in and smelled a faint wift of Tommy Girl perfume that Ann used to wear when she was much younger. I took her jacket and noticed how well she filled out her jeans which, in accordance to some of the fashions these days, were thread bare in a few logistical places offering a tease of flesh on the thigh and knee.

Ann walked into the kitchen looking gorgeous in a burgundy dress she had purchased for just this occasion. She told Katherine, whom she had already begun calling Kat at her urging, to help herself to the house. "We're liable to be somewhat late. There's food in the fridge, snacks and if you want and you can pour yourself a glass of wine and watch a DVD if you like," she said grabbing her coat. "Just don't over do it," Ann added with a smile as we all said our goodbyes.

While the company went all out in drinks, appetizers, and entertainment Ann and I felt the party was a little lame. We exchanged pleasantries with the office staff and listened to the CEO give his ten minute spiel on how great this was for our organization. But lately office parties, which were once highly entertaining for us both, did little to capture our sense of excitement. Over the last couple of years we both had begun to explore a darker side of ourselves that we never knew previously existed.

Just two years ago we were both pretty naïve when it came to sex having spent nearly all of our sexual experience with each other. Now we were both confirmed bisexuals who tended to enjoy being submissive. I was the first who branched out when I was seduced by another man. I had never given any serious thought to sex with another guy and had often enjoyed the jokes made about gays. Now I found that I enjoyed going down on a guy or having a nice hard cock in my ass.

Reluctantly, I introduced Ann to the lifestyle and she never looked back. I was concerned how she would react, but we found we both enjoyed a variety of sex in our lives. Initially Ann's introduction was being submissive to a black man named Mark that I had met through the Internet. Mark spent the better part of the year dominating us both and introducing us to many of his friends and playmates that often used us to satisfy their sexual desires.

We had both submitted to him when Mark had us "marked" as his property by having my nipples pierced and my wife tattooed. I was shocked when she submitted to having a Chinese symbol for slave tattooed onto her right breast and a tribal tattoo on her lower back. Particularly since she was fair skinned and had never mentioned the idea of getting a tattoo. What really floored me was the bold black letters saying "Mark's Cock Slut" just above her shaved pussy. The permanent markings left no doubt that we would never turn back to the prim and proper lifestyle we had once led.

While we still get together every once and a while with Mark and his friends, recently we've been attending swinger parties with other couples. Ann particularly likes getting together with other women and is still inclined to take the more submissive role. It is no wonder then that we both felt the office gathering was Dullesville. We left after making sure we had made the appropriate rounds and went for a late night drink at a nearby club. We enjoyed a couple of dances together as we glanced around the room at other couples, both of us wondering if there were any potential escapades we might find before the end of the evening. After a few drinks and no real luck in surveying the surroundings, Ann suggested we head home. She drew closer, biting on my ear as she declared she wanted to feel a nice hard cock in her pussy. I felt Ann's hand glide over my crotch stopping to cup my goods in her hand under the table. Needing no further encouragement, I called our waitress over and quickly paid the tab.

As we started to pull in the driveway, Ann reminded me we had no cereal for the kids in the morning. "We need milk too and you might as well pick up some beer for your games tomorrow," she said reminding me of the Saturday football games that would capture most of my day. "When you get back, I'll be ready for you. Don't be long," she chided grabbing once more at my crotch as she opened her door sliding out leaving my dick beginning to swell in my pants.

Ann let herself in through the garage trying to be quiet not wanting to wake the kids. She stepped into the kitchen and heard voices coming from the lower den. When she heard my voice in the background over other voices she knew that Katherine had found our stash of home movies. It would later dawn on us that I had been viewing a DVD and left it in the player. Initially Ann wondered what Kat must be thinking of us both – what had she already seen? The DVD's were loaded with swinger parties, both of us pleasuring other couples, submitting to others – black, white, male, female. Ann could not imagine what Katherine must be wondering.

As she turned the corner, she detected soft sighs rise above the audio on our hi-def set. The lights were low but Ann saw Kat's jeans lying haphazardly on the floor. Rounding the couch, Kat's eyes were closed as she had one hand buried under her lacey pink thong as another rummaged under her sweat shirt. Ann knew she should announce her entrance. Perhaps retreat giving the young girl a chance to recover. But her already randy mood and seeing this delectable flesh in front of her, she knew she wanted to take her. Ann thought just a second before she softly said, "Kat...I see you're enjoying our movies."

Katherine was startled and grabbed anxiously at the afghan that had been draped across the couch. The look of horror was evident as she searched madly at where she had discarded her jeans. "It's okay baby. That's what the movies are for...to relax...it's a natural thing. I didn't mean to interrupt."

"I...uh...I'm so sorry. I wasn't...I mean I didn't go though your stuff. This disc was in there and I guess I hit play and...."

Ann again reassured her. "Kat, I'm not upset. As a matter of fact, I'm rather horny too. Do you mind some company?" Without waiting for a reply Ann slid down on the couch with a short distance between the two. Ann dropped the shoes off her feet and tucked them under her as she settled back on the couch. "That's a party we went to a couple of weeks back," Ann replied as Kat's eyes once again fixed on the screen.

"You mean you were there," the question dripping in surprise.

"More than there baby, that guy with his back to you fucking the brunette is Larry," retorted Ann.

Kat's eyes widened as she watched the screen. While you couldn't see my face, my dick was sliding in and out of the brunette with her legs draped over my shoulders. As the brunette thrust back another guy crawled over, tilted her head and brought her mouth to his engorged dick.

Kat had released her tight grip on the afghan. While it still covered much of her tight frame, a portion of her thigh was visible as it hung over her leg.

Ann saw the nearly empty wine glass on the table and wondered if Kat had enough to loosen her inhibitions. "So, you said you have a boyfriend right?" Kat's head nodded slowly up and down and she continued to stare at the screen. "I take it the two of you do have sex?" Ann continued.

"Yea, I mean nothing like that," Kat added. "He's the only guy I've ever been with. I dated guys in high school but I never let anyone have sex with me until Danny."

"He's a really lucky guy," Ann assured her as she made a bold move to reach over and touch her finger to the exposed thigh that peaked out under the afghan. Kat's eyes were immediately drawn to the touch but didn't shy away. Seeing Kat was not afraid of her, Ann continued her advance. "I noticed in the gym how firm you are," she continued as her finger traced circles on Kat's soft thigh. "You're a really pretty girl."

Kat seemed to blush slightly just before her eyes took on saucer shaped proportion as she fixed hard on the screen before her. It was no mistaking. There on the video was Ann sliding between another woman's legs. The woman wrapping her fingers in Ann's blond hair as her tongue lapped at her wet pussy. "Do you find that shocking Kat," Ann inquired softly as she felt the girl stiffen under her touch.

"I've never seen two women together...and I never imagined you..." Kat trailed off before Ann interrupted. "That I would like women?" Ann replied. "I like men and women baby. Don't get me wrong, I like the feel of a nice hard cock but sometimes there's nothing like the touch of another woman," Ann continued. "So you've never even thought about it?" Kat looked over before retuning her gaze back to the screen as Ann slid her fingers in the woman's wet cunt, her face buried in her pussy.

Ann decided to press her luck as she slowly lifted the afghan exposing Kat's bare legs. Kat seemed to tense and press harder into the couch but made no effort to recover herself. Ann continued her advance as she slid her hand lightly over her leg, gliding softly from her knee to her hip. "I can make you feel great baby. I'd like to make you feel like you never have before," Ann said softly seeing Kat close her eyes and relax before her touch. "Would you like me to stop? I won't do anything you don't want me to do" Ann stated as she watched Kat slowly open her eyes fixing on her soft gaze.

"I don't know. I've never done anything like this. I don't know what to do," Katherine said quietly.

"You just lay back and let me do the work. I promise you'll love it," Ann reassured. Ann leaned over and softly pressed her lips to Kat's trembling neck. Her hand continued to slightly touch the inside of her thighs working their way up to Kat's little pussy. She touched the mound feeling the dampness which had already formed on Kat's fold. Ann kissed her neck again, gently sucking before moving across her face to her pouty lips. Kat's lips trembled as Ann planted a soft kiss, and then another, before she pressed harder.

Her tongue danced on her lips and gently, then more forcefully pushing Kat's lips apart until her tongue entered her hot mouth. When Ann felt Kat's tongue, she ran her tongue over and then under it while gently pushing a finger into Kat's wet pussy. She felt Kat's legs widen given her more access as she rubbed her thumb in the soft patch of golden hair just above her clit.

Ann knew she had her prize as Katherine began to meet Ann's tongue with hers and she felt Kat's pussy push back against Ann's fingers which explored her young pussy. Kat groaned as Ann rubbed her thumb over her clit, sliding her fingers in and out of her moist cunt. Ann withdrew her fingers and brought them between their mouths. Kat opened her eyes slightly as she realized the juices she was tasting with Ann came from her own pussy. "Damn baby," Ann cooed. "You are so wet and you taste so good. I've got to have some of that. Can I eat you baby? Can I go down on that hot little pussy of yours?" Ann didn't wait on a reply as she heard Kat continue to groan under Ann's assault.

Ann slid down and off the couch until crouched on her knees, she planted kisses on Kat's thighs before gently kissing the folds of Kat's pussy. She smelled fresh and her juices were already trickling down the crack of her ass. Ann lapped them up before sliding her tongue through the folds of her hot pussy, stopping to tease her clit with her tongue. She pulled her lips apart with her fingers and buried her face deep into the coed's hot box. Kat groaned and grabbed Ann's head, wrapping her fingers in her hair as she pushed her twat harder into Ann's face.

Ann could tell Kat was close to cumming as her thighs pressed hard into the sides of her face. She reached up with both hands and found Kat's. Kat and Ann intertwined their fingers as their hand's clasped tightly together. Kat's body began to shake as she cried out, "oh my gawd......oh gosh...fuck.....,"she cried out as her orgasm wracked her body. It seemed to go on forever until finally she relaxed limp on the couch. Ann removed her mouth from Kat's pussy, planting one soft kiss on her glistening lips before she slid up Kat's body. He pressed her lips softly on Kat's as she retuned the kiss this time with no hesitation. As Ann pulled back they looked into each other's eyes before Kat whispered, "I never imagined it could be that good."

Ann rolled over onto the couch with Kat's head resting on her shoulder. Ann rubbed her soft blond tresses, resting her chin on her head as Kat retreated in her arms. Kat broke the embrace looking up at Ann. "I want to do you. You'll have to show me but I want to do to you what you just did," Kat looked up almost pleading.

"I'd like that...you sure baby?" Ann asked.

"Absolutely, that was awesome," Kat replied in an eager tone.

"Okay, let me slip off this dress and why don't you take off that shirt. I'd love to get a look at those breasts of yours," Ann said.

Kat looking a little dejected, began to pull the sweatshirt over her head. "They're sort of small." Kat reached behind her back and unclasped her bra letting it fall to her lap. She started to cover her titties but thought better and let Ann gaze on her chest.

"Nonsense, they're beautiful," Ann reassured. So firm and those nipples. Damn I could suck on these nipples all day......and I think I will." Ann bent her head down and took a breast in her hand and guided a hard little nipple to her mouth. Kat sighed and pushed her chest forward as Ann licked and gently pulled on Kat's nipple with her teeth.

"Okay, remember, it's my turn," Kat sounded off pulling the nipple from Ann's devouring mouth. "I'm gonna eat my first pussy." Ann felt a sense of excitement hearing Kat's determined voice knowing that she had introduced the college coed to lesbian love. The shy young girl who minutes ago had only had sex with one guy had a woman go down on her and now she was now going to sample her first pussy.

Ann unzipped her dress and let it fall to her feet. Kat's eyes widened when she saw that Ann wore nothing under the dress. Her breasts were much larger and she had a tattoo. Kat's gaze followed her body from the piercing in her belly button to the shaved pussy meeting at Ann's thighs. She noticed too the tat just above her crotch –"Mark's Cock Slut". She knew my name wasn't Mark but figured that explanation could come later. Ann sat down in a chair with her ass barely hanging over the edge. "Okay, my little pet. Come get your first taste of another woman."

Kat crawled between Ann's legs and began a trail of kisses from her knees to her crotch. She sat up briefly to admire the belly piercing as she bent over and placed a soft kiss an Ann's stomach. She stuck her tongue out and pushed it into Ann's belly button. Swiping her tongue and tracing light circles on her stomach. She moved down and looked at Ann's pussy. She had never seen a pussy this close. She had often looked down at her's and had once closely examined it in a mirror. On many occasions she had watched her roommate change clothes and often the two of them ran round the dorm room in the buff but neither had made a play at the other. She wondered briefly what her roommate would think now if she knew she was going down on another woman.

Kat kissed Ann's pussy as she ran her fingers through Kat's soft tresses. She took a tentative lick along the folds before closing her mouth over Ann's outside lips which protruded slightly. Ann's soft sighs told Kat that she was indeed doing a good job as she pushed her tongue into Ann's hot canal. She was surprised by the sweet taste and worked harder to lap up the juices which seeped from her juicy cunt. Kat marveled at how soft and smooth her pussy seemed. There was no trace of hair anywhere on her lips or her ass. She was completely bare. While Kat and her roommate Jan often trimmed their twats, they both had a patch of hair. Ann's was the first completely bald pussy she had ever seen.

In the meantime, Ann pulled at her own nipples, pinching them between her thumb and finger as Kat buried her face between her legs. "You like my little pussy?" Ann inquired as Kat continued her assault.

"Oh yes, I do. Your pussy's so good. I love eating your pussy," Kat moaned into Ann's hot box. ""Use your fingers baby. Stick your finger in my pussy," Ann instructed as her avid pupil took one, then two fingers and pushed into her cunt. Kat repositioned and sat flush on the floor as she plunged her fingers into Ann using a third before her whole hand was moving in and out of Ann's box.

"That's right baby. Fuck me, Fuck me with your hand. Suck my little clit."

Kat continued her assault as she sucked on the hard little clit. Ann's juices coated Kat's hands and face as she bucked wildly.

As I entered the kitchen I recognized immediately the familiar groans coming from the den. I had seen Kat's car still in the drive and knew whatever was going on included them both. While I was not shocked at the scene before me, I was surprised that in such short order, my wife had seduced the babysitter and was now enjoying their lesbian tryst.

I stood watching from the kitchen the naked coed between my wife's legs, lapping her pussy with wild abandon. I wondered to myself if perhaps the two of them had gotten together before. Perhaps at the gym. That's why she asked Kat to baby sit.

My wife opened her eyes and saw me standing there watching her pleasure mount. "Hey baby...look what I found...", Ann said in a soft sigh. Kat started to turn but Ann held her firmly between her legs. She felt Kat tense up. It was if she was awakening to a dream, realizing what was dream and what was reality. "Come here baby and let me suck on that cock of yours while Kat eats my pussy."

I walked over removing my coat, slipping off my shoes and shirt. I tugged at my belt and then unzipped my trousers letting them fall to my ankles. I could see Kat taking baby licks at Ann's pussy with her eyes fixed to my boxers as I pulled them down and stepped out of them. My cock had already begun to harden watching Kat devouring Ann's cunt.

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