Seducing the Babysitter Ch. 02


Katherine sank to her knees with her elbows on the couch as my wife continued her assault licking her pussy and probing her ass with her fingers and tongue. Kat took gently licks before settling her face into her pussy. The brown muff tickled her nose but she slid her tongue in the fold and probed her clit.

"That's right baby. Lick my pussy. Suck on my clit. Show me what a good little lesbian slut you are. You like licking pussy don't cha' baby? I knew you would and I'm gonna' let you have all the pussy you can eat. Do I taste good like that stuff..."

Kat nodded but realized Lisa was looking for a response. She demanded a response. "Yes, mam. I love licking your pussy. Your pussy tastes so good." Katherine wasn't lying. She did love the taste of Lisa's pussy just as she had enjoyed licking Ann last week. Why had she resisted? Licking and sucking on Lisa's pussy seemed the most natural thing in the world. Nothing she had ever done made her happier. It made her feel good to be lapping at Lisa's cunt, licking up her juices. Yes, she knew it. She was a lesbian. She wanted to be a lesbian. She wanted to be Lisa's lesbian.

Lisa could already feel her orgasm building. Maybe it was turning a straight girl into a dyke. Maybe the little coed was just doing that good of a job. Whatever the reason, she could feel the familiar churning inside that let her know she was seconds away from an orgasm. Kat too was reaching a climax as Ann slurped loudly on her juicy pussy.

Within seconds both women began to loudly signal their release as Lisa grasped the blonde by her long tresses wrapping her fingers in her hair. Katherine tuned her head slightly and whimpered before she slowly moved her head back to lick again at the sweet nectar which poured from Lisa's pussy.

Katherine collapsed on the floor and rolled over on her back as Lisa got up off the couch and walked down the hallway to the back bedroom. Ann crawled over and gently moved her lips to Katherine's. Katherine kissed her back as they both kissed in soft gentle pecks. Ann could taste Lisa on Kat's lips. She raised up and pulled her top over her head exposing her braless breast. Ann's nipples were already hard likely from the excitement which permeated the air. She leaned down and drew Kat's lips to her breast who took the tit hungrily in her mouth.

Kat sucked and mouthed Ann's breast as she reached up and guided more and more of the soft flesh into her mouth. Ann moaned as Kat pulled gently on her nipple with her teeth. "Oh baby, you learn're gonna be so good at this," Ann moaned as Katherine grew more enthusiastic with Ann's response.

Without being prodded Kat reached into the waistband of my wife's pants, snaking her hand under the elastic of her panties. I could tell by my wife's low groans that Kat's fingers had found their target. Within minutes Kat was pushing Ann's pants and panties down in one motion. Ann raised her ass off the floor as the garments settled at her ankles and she kicked them free. She parted her legs as Katherine's mouth sought Ann's and her fingers plunged deep into wet pussy. Katherine raised her wet fingers to their mouths as they both kissed the fingers soaked in Ann's wet pussy juice.

I looked up to see Lisa leaning in the doorway, her black strapon cock hanging at her waist. She looked on approvingly as Katherine lay on top of my wife. Her fingers plunging in and out of Ann's pussy as they kissed passionately on the floor. Ann opened her eyes to see Lisa standing at the doorway.

"So I see you two didn't wait for me," Lisa smiled. "Look here pet. Look what I have for you," Lisa said as she held up the black cock dangling between her legs. "Ann loves my cock. You want me to fuck you with it too."

"Yes, I would love for you to fuck me," Katherine replied without hesitation. Her eyes wide in astonishment looking at the black member.

"You sure you wouldn't want the real thing? Maybe Larry over there to fuck you with his little dick?"

"No, I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your dick inside me," Katherine retorted.

Lisa looked over at me and smiled. Again taking satisfaction knowing that two of the women I had made love to preferred her to me. "Crawl over here," she instructed her new pet. Kat crawled over and kneeled before her mistress. "I think there's still something between us," as Lisa looked down. Katherine looked puzzled and then glanced over at the little gold bracelet on her wrist. She reached over and unclasped it and handed it to Lisa. Lisa took it and dropped it behind her on the floor. Whatever hold Danny had was gone.

"I asked you earlier tonight. Now I'm asking you again. What are you?" Lisa asked matter of factly.

Kat didn't hesitate, "I'm a lesbian. I'm a lesbian slut." Seeing Lisa's approval she continued. "I love eating pussy. I love eating your pussy and I want you to fuck me."

"I will, but if I fuck you, you belong to me and only me. No more little college boys. You're my little lesbian and you will eat my pussy when I ask you. I will take you anywhere and anytime I like. Tomorrow, we're going to take you down to my girlfriend's parlor and we're gonna wax that little pussy of yours because you're a little slut. And I think we're going to shorten that hair of yours while we're at it."

Katherine glanced to the side and saw your long blonde tresses which fell on her shoulder. "Don't worry pet. We're not gonna' cut it off. Just style it up a bit. But if I did want to shave it off I would. Is that understood?" Kat looked at her and then nodded her head. "Now who do you belong to?"

Kat didn't hesitate, "You. I belong to you. My pussy is yours."

"That's right and from now on I want you over at my house every weekend. And when you get there I want you naked. You got a roommate right?" Kat nodded her head. Lisa chuckled at the thought of what her little roommate was going to think. "What's her name?"

"Taylor," Kat answered.

"Well, Taylor might be spending a great deal of weekends and weeknights with a room of her own. "Okay, if you're ready to be mine, turn around on all fours." Kat turned and stuck her ass up in the air and rested her head on the floor. Lisa moved behind her and positioned her cock at the entrance to Kat's pussy.

Ann moved around so that her pussy was inches from Kat's face as Kat eagerly began to lick Ann's pussy. The coed groaned as the dick slid into her hot hole. Lisa moved back and forth as she fucked the little blonde.

"You my little lesbian baby?," Lisa cooed. "Yea, I'm your lesbian. I love you fucking me. I want you to always fuck me?" Kat answered"

"Whose pussy is this?" she continued "Your pussy belongs to you. I belong to you...." Kat moaned.

"Is your roommate pretty baby? Is Taylor pretty?" Lisa inquired in choppy breaths. "Yea" came Katherine's guttural response. "Yea, she's very pretty."

"Maybe Taylor needs to be a lesbian. What do you think? Would she make a good little lesbian?" continued Lisa.

"She's...she's got a boyfriend..." Kat trailed off as Lisa continued to push her cock deep into her pussy.

Lisa chuckled as she slowed and ground the cock into Kat's pussy. "Good. That's even better. You can demonstrate how much you love me. What a good little slut you are by making your little roommate a lesbian too. I'd like that." Lisa reached around and rubbed Katherine's clit...rubbing it quickly with her fingers.

The three women were going at it on the floor as I sat in a chair with my pants around my ankles. I gently spit in my hand lubricating my fist as I rubbed the head of my dick and stroked up and down. I had witnessed Lisa take a straight girl and turn her in her submissive little dyke girlfriend. While I hadn't been there the first time my wife and she got together, I knew first hand how she did it. While Ann was not about to leave me, there was no doubt in my mind she preferred the soft touch of a woman to our lovemaking.

As Lisa slammed Kat's pussy Ann convulsed into a loud orgasm. I shot my load onto my stomach as the hot come splattered across my belly. Katherine screamed out as her fingers clawed the carpet, Lisa pounding her pussy, her hips slapping the cute little coed's ass.

When I returned from the bathroom after cleaning up, the women had finished dressing. Rather Lisa and Ann had dressed. Lisa had instructed Kat to tell her roommate she was staying over with a friend and then to go get in the car. To show her complete submission, Kat was told to walk out the house and wait in the car nude. There was no reason to dress as she planned to keep the coed naked for rest of the weekend. Lisa decided to call her girlfriend from the hair salon over to her house tomorrow. Instead of going out, they would give Kat a wax and new hair style there.

Knowing Lisa the way I do, I was certain her friend was another dyke. I suspected Kat's weekend was just beginning.

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