tagLesbian SexSeducing the Babysitter: Redux Ch. 02

Seducing the Babysitter: Redux Ch. 02


As Jamie relaxed catching her breath, Katherine lay astride her, kissing her neck, her face, whispering, "So Jamie, how did you like having me lick your little pussy? Tasting your first pussy? Did you like that baby? She didn't want to respond, to acknowledge the very thing she vowed not to do just last night - what she had done... succumb to Kat's advances.

"Answer me, did you like your first experience with a woman," she pressed looking Jamie squarely in the eyes as she lay on top of her.

"Yes, I did. I didn't think I would but I did," she said resigning that Kat would keep it up until she answered.

"We knew you would. You liked licking Taylor's little pussy didn't you? You liked tasting that sweet cunt of hers?" Kat purred.

There was no use in denying it, she had. She liked it a lot. "Yes, I liked doing it. It's fucking crazy that I even did it but yes." Jamie acknowledged.

"That's good baby," she said as she rolled off the naked girl. "Eating that delicious snatch of yours has me horny too. Why don't you put that little tongue of yours to work on me like you did my girlfriend? Show me how good a little cunt lapper you can be," she urged as she lay on her back

Jamie didn't need to be pressed as she slid up on all fours and positioned herself between Kat's outstretched legs, each foot squarely resting against the cool grey rock, as Jamie stared at the shaved cunt, already glistening with Kat's love juice. Jamie drove her tongue down and let it gently graze the edges of her smooth fold as Kat moaned.

"That's it baby, lick my pussy, I love having my pussy licked, especially by a straight girl. I love having straight girls do me for the first time," she moaned as Jamie probed between her pussy lips spreading them with her finger to dive her face deeper into her warm slit.

'Oh fuck, is this really happening? Am I really doing this' Jamie thought to herself.

As she was licking Kat's juicy snatch, she felt Taylor move behind her and snake her tongue into her pussy from behind. Taylor then slid under her and began feasting on Jamie's pussy, working her fingers into her moist canal, fucking her with her fingers. Jamie felt herself involuntarily pushing down driving, impaling herself on Taylor's fingers as her tongue toyed with Jamie's clit.

"I think you like lesbian sex baby," Kat groaned as she ran her fingers through Jamie's thick brown hair. "You liked having me direct you a while ago, telling you what to do didn't you? I think you're like Taylor, you like having a dominant woman do naughty things to you don't you baby?" Jamie just groaned at the mere suggestion. She knew deep down Katherine was right. She loved giving into the girl. She didn't want to admit it but she was submissive and she knew it.

"I think deep down you want to be my little sex slave. Is that what you want? You want to spend the rest of the weekend servicing me. You want me to be your mistress? Is that what you want?"

Jamie didn't respond but she moved her ass up and down on Taylor's fingers, now pushing deeper and deeper in her hungry cunt. Her tongue slid back and forth through Kat's slit, stopping to suck on her clit which seemed to grow inside her mouth. She wanted to swallow Kat's pussy whole, consume it. She felt like her body was on fire, each time Kat said "lesbian" or "cunt lapper" it felt like she was throwing gas on that fire.

"Answer me bitch! You want to be my slave for the weekend, doing everything I command you to do. You want to be my little cunt?" Katherine barked.

"I don't know, I don't know," Jamie almost cried out as she pulled away from Katherine's pussy. Her face looked anguished, torn between what she wanted and desired and what she knew she shouldn't be doing.

Katherine saw the look on her face and knew she was at a breaking point, "It's okay baby," Katherine said as she swiped a lock of hair behind her hair, holding her face in her hands. "No one has to know. It can be our secret. Your chance to explore a part of yourself... and on Sunday you can go back to your boyfriend, the old Jamie if you like, and we'll never talk about it again. What happens up here stays here... you understand," she asked looking into Jamie's ice blue eyes.

"You promise? Just this weekend? You promise no one will tell, Dave... any body?" she pleaded.

"I promise baby," Kat assured her. "I want you to let go. Let go completely. Just give in and accept yourself... just these next couple of days."

Jamie leaned down and kissed Katherine on the lips. Their soft lips moving together as Jamie pushed her soft pink tongue into Kat's mouth. All the while Taylor continued to fuck Jamie with her fingers as they sawed in and out of her slick cunt with Taylor stopping only to lick and suck on the woman's clit. Jamie felt another wave rushing through her body as she collapsed completely on Katherine, cumming for the fourth time that afternoon.

Later the girls dressed and headed back down the mountain just as the sun was beginning to set. As the three entered the house, Katherine turned to Jamie and held her fast. "There are some ground rules we need to set as my little cunt lapper. First you will be naked for the rest of the weekend as I always want to have free access to that little pussy of yours. Next, I want you and Taylor to take a shower and she is to shave you. I want you completely smooth. You will also be given an enema, cleaned out completely because before the evening is done, I'm going to fuck that tight little ass of yours."

"You and your boyfriend have anal sex?" Katherine quizzed.

"We did in high school but it hurt and we never tried it again," Jamie responded.

"Well, I love fucking a woman's ass and after Taylor here fucks you, I'm going to have that sweet little ass," Kat went on.

"Another thing, you will deny me nothing. You will do anything I ask. For the rest of the weekend, your body belongs completely to me. I own it. Do you understand?" Kat demanded.

"Yes mam," Jamie shot back, her head hung in submission. Kat loved it already.

Just as Kat required, the girls headed back to the shower where Taylor washed Jamie's long brown hair and then shaved the pubic hair from around her pussy as well as the little bit around her ass. She rubbed her fingers all over her bare skin and took her face sliding it over the girl's naked crotch just to ensure it was smooth.

The ultimate indignation for Jamie was having the enema administered and having to empty her bowels in front of Taylor who was busying herself with the shower.

Both girls took turns soaping each other down, rubbing their bodies together as they enjoyed the warm water. After the shower, Taylor dried first Jamie then herself as they stepped away from the bathroom and into the bedroom where Katherine waited with camera in hand.

"I'm going to fuck you now Jamie. I'm going to be your first woman," Taylor smiled as she reached into a drawer from the dresser and pulled out a strapon.

"Help her Jamie. Help her put it on," Kat urged. As Jamie bent down on her knees, fastening the straps, she heard the click of the camera again, capturing the moments. She hoped Katherine was completely honest when she said she would erase the images. It would kill her if the photos ever became public.

"Suck her cock slut," Katherine barked. "I want to see what you do with your boyfriend."

Jamie stared at the large 9" inch rubber dong which hung from Taylor's waist as she bent down and kissed the head.

"Suck it bitch," Kat urged.

Jamie allowed her pouting lips to cover the cockhead and then moved her head back and forth as Taylor fucked her face. Jamie slurped on the cock, gagging every so often as Taylor drove it too far.

"That's enough," Katherine intoned. "Fuck her. Fuck that straight pussy. Take her Taylor. Turn her into your little lesbian dyke," Kat chided as Taylor pulled Jamie up and pushed her gently onto the bed.

Kat handed her some lube that she used to coat both the cock and Jamie's already slick twat as she spread her legs waiting for that moment when Taylor would take her for the first time. When she would give her pussy to another woman.

Katherine moved around capturing each and every moment as Taylor positioned the head against Jamie's now hairless cunt and moved into her a little at the time. Jamie initially moaned and jumped a little as more and more of the fat cock slid into her tight pussy.

"Oh, that's so nice," Kat moaned as she focused the camera on the cock as it moved back and forth in the hairless twat, "Fuck her Taylor, take that bitch, show her how a woman fucks another woman. Show her why we don't need any dick, fuck her."

Taylor pushed Jamie's legs back, holding onto her legs at her ankles as she drove the cock in deeper and deeper, "You like that Jamie? You like me fucking you?"

"Ooooh Yea, it feels so good, I love it," Jamie moaned. "Fuck me, take me," she urged. Taylor moved down to lie on top of Jamie as the brunette wrapped her legs around her new lover. The two kissed as their mouths moved together, their breasts sliding against each other. Taylor could feel Jamie's hard nubs as they pressed into her soft flesh.

Taylor had wanted this moment ever since Jamie walked into the store. Now here she was making love to Jamie, showing her how only another woman could make her feel.

Jamie looked over to see Katherine sliding a harness of her own up her tanned legs. It was a much smaller cock attached to the harness. It appeared no more than five inches and not nearly as thick as she coated it with lube.

Seconds later she had Taylor flip Jamie up on top as she traded positions with Taylor now flat on her back making Jamie's ass available to Kat's cock. While much smaller and thinner, Jamie still braced for the intruder, remembering her first time with Dave.

Kat lubed the girl up, sliding her finger into her hole, probing gently, slowly with her finger and then two to allow Jamie to get used to the feeling. As Jamie seemed to relax and push back on her fingers, Kat removed them and inserted the head of the cock, easing it ever so gently into her back door.

Jamie groaned as the cocks filled both of her holes. "That's right, take it, fuck that cock," Kat barked as Jamie now moved her ass in rhythm with both Taylor and Kat who pumped their cocks into her hungry holes. "You fucking slut. That's what you are now, a fucking slut. A little lesbian slut,"

Kat kept on as Jamie grunted "uh uh uh UH" with each thrust to her ass.

The cock in her ass was a bit uncomfortable at first but with each thrust, she felt a warm rush. The more Kat fucked her, the more she liked it, until it was Jamie pushing her ass back into the cock. She loved the feeling in her ass, she wanted more of it. She wanted Kat to fuck her harder, faster!

Jamie moaned at Kat's words. It turned her on so much to be used like this. She had never dreamed she would ever have two people fucking her at the same time much less two lesbian dykes but here she was on her hands and knees getting drilled by two women with strapons and what's more she loved it.

Kat's thighs slapped at Jamie's ass as the girl's tits swung back and forth. "Fucking dyke, you little whore, take that cock, take it. Your ass belongs to me bitch. You belong to me now. Mine to do with as I please. I'm gonna fuck you all night. Make you lick our pussies until your mouth's sore," Kat barked.

Jamie had never felt this way before. She loved being owned, being used by these women. Being called a dyke, a bitch, a lesbian only made her that much more excited as Kat slapped the girl's ass leaving a hand print. Jamie only moaned as Kat slapped again and again until her ass was crimson red but Jamie never cried out, never complained. Finally the girl could hold back no longer as she shrieked in ecstasy as wave after wave overtook her causing her to go limp and collapse on Taylor's nude sweaty body.

Kat pulled out of her ass as Jamie rolled over exhausted on the bed.

Katherine left the bedroom as the remaining two lovers lay on the bed, both of their chests heaving up and down. She went into the bathroom and cleaned the rubber dildo, setting it aside as she went into the kitchen and made herself a vodka and grapefruit juice.

She had been watching TV for perhaps an hour before Jamie came in and knelt at Katherine's feet. She lay her head on Kat's thighs, her fingers tracing her mistress's smooth leg. "Thank you mistress for your patience with me. For showing me what it was like to enjoy lesbian sex. This has been the best day of my life," Jamie added as she placed gentle kisses on Kat's thighs. Then moving up she slid between Kat's legs as her mistress parted them, allowing her access.

Jamie kissed her way up until she was licking her mistress's delicious pussy. Stroking Jamie's hair, Kat knew that Jamie's training had just begun. And she hadn't even had to tell Jamie to call her mistress.

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