tagLesbian SexSeducing the Nanny Ch. 02

Seducing the Nanny Ch. 02


The divorce between Erica Raines and her now ex husband Jack was finalized three days ago.

Because Jack seduced Kat Munroe, their children's nineteen year old nanny, and got her pregnant, Erica got full custody of the kids, the house, and half of their stocks and bonds. She also got most of the money in their savings.

Jack moved himself and his girlfriend into a small, but nice apartment across town. He was ordered to pay child support, and was given visitation rights every other weekend starting in two weeks.

Erica took the divorce hard. When she first met Kat, she saw the same things in Kat that her ex had seen. She wanted to run her fingers through the girl's long, red hair, and kiss every freckle on Kat's pretty face and sexy body.

The thought of burying her tongue in Kat's virginal pussy ran through Erica's mind on more than one occasion.

However, unlike Jack, Erica wasn't willing to throw away her marriage so she could take the girl to bed.


Three days have passed since the divorce was finalized.

It is a Thursday afternoon, and Erica and her mother, June are sitting on the couch, trying to find a new nanny for the kids, so Erica can go back to work in eleven days.

She tried to hire an older woman this time, but the frustrated brunette soon discovered that women who are over thirty, and are qualified to take care of the kids, have no desire to live in someone else's home.

Erica needs a live in nanny because she frequently has to leave town for days at a time. She has to go out of town for her company, so she is desperate. She has to find a nanny in the next ten days, or she won't be able to leave.

As Erica stares at the list of candidates the private employment agency sent over, she groans with frustration. "There are twenty names on this list, and there isn't a single candidate over the age of twenty," She tells her mother.

"Erica, I know your last nanny left you feeling gun shy," June replies. "But you're going to have to get over your fear and hire a younger woman. Otherwise you'll lose your job."

"Are you sure you don't want to move in with me?"

June shakes her head. "Honey, I'm your mother and I love you with all my heart. I love my grandchildren more than anything. But I've raised all the kids I care to. Besides, I have a charitable foundation to run. I can take some time off to help out, but I can't be a full time baby sitter and run the charity at the same time."

Erica gives her mother a pleading look. "Maybe you can babysit part time."

June pats her daughter's hand. "I tell you what I'll do. Tomorrow is the first day of summer vacation. I was planning to take a vacation in a few weeks. However, I will put my assistant in charge and keep Bobby and Trina at my house until next weekend. That way you'll have plenty of time to find a suitable replacement."

"Mom, I appreciate the offer, but my problem is I really don't want to hire another teenager. They are unreliable, and they're easily seduced by lecherous husbands who can't keep their packages in their pants."

June laughs. "Not all teenage girls can be seduced by handsome and charming older men. Besides, you're divorced now, so you don't have to worry about another nineteen year old girl stealing your husband. You've got to forget about the age thing, and find someone with a good work record that you feel you can trust with your children."

Erica thinks about the video footage of her cheating ex screwing their nanny. She can still see the girl's freckled legs wrapped around Jack's hips as he fucked her. "I don't know if I can ever trust anyone again after Kat. I still can't believe she let Jack get into her panties."

"Erica, the girl is nineteen. Your ex is very good at sweet talking young women. That's how you wound up married to him in the first place. Let's face facts. The problem was never the nanny. Jack was going to try and screw any young woman you brought into the house. The man can't help himself."

Erica outs out a long sigh. "I know he would have. Still, if he was going to fuck her, you'd think he'd at least wear a condom?"

June gives her daughter a firm gaze. "I'm going to let you in on a little secret that you should already know. Some men hate condoms with a passion. They feel that condoms reduce their sensitivity during intercourse. Besides, some men love playing Russian roulette with women's eggs. They don't care that they could ruin some eighteen year old girl's life. They love firing baby makers into a woman's womb to see if she winds up pregnant."

"Russian roulette requires the player to place one bullet in a revolver before pulling the trigger. Men fire millions of sperm cells when they ejaculate. They are playing with fully loaded guns. It isn't a matter of if they are going to knock some girl up; it's a matter of when. It didn't take Jack very long to put a bun in Kat's oven, that's for sure."

June lays her hand on her upset daughter's shoulder. "Sweetie, you've got to let that go."

"I know I do." Erica lets out a heavy sigh. "I'll call Jack and tell him to pick the kids up at your place next week. I'll use this weekend to arrange interviews with these prospective nannies, and I'll see if I can find a nanny before I leave town in eleven days." As she stares at the list, she mutters, "I'm not hiring a cheerleader this time, that's for sure."

June laughs. "You were the captain of your high school cheerleading squad."

"So Jack has knocked up two cheerleaders in his lifetime," Erica seethes.

"Let it go. For the most part, he's out of your life now. Just be glad Jack didn't give you an STD."

"So am I. Did you know he was screwing high priced call girls when he went out of town on business?"

"Yes, and that's why I'm glad you got yourself tested for Aids and other STDs after you left him." Judy looks at her empty coffee cup. "I could use another cup of coffee. Do you want a refill?"

"Yes please," Erica replies.

The fifty five year old woman grabs their coffee cups, and stands. "I will refill the coffee cups, while you try to whittle that list down to four or five possible nannies."

As June heads to the kitchen, Erica scans the first page of the list. "Sometimes I think I'd have been better off if I'd continued to date women after Sarah and I broke up," she mutters.

Sarah Lerner, Erica's Principles of Financial Accounting professor was Erica's first lover.

They secretly dated during the first half of Erica's freshman year in college.

The professor was the sexiest woman Erica had ever met in her life.

Erica masturbated while fantasizing about Sarah for years after they were forced to stop seeing one another.

The woman taught Erica so much about handling her finances. She also taught her how to make love to a woman.

Erica still remembers her time with Professor Lerner as if it had happened this morning, instead of fifteen years ago. She lets her imagination drift back to that brief, but exciting romance with the sexy, older woman.


It is Erica's first day of class, and she is running down the hall. "I am going to be so late," she exclaims. "I can't believe that stupid alarm clock didn't go off."

She rounds the corner to the hall that leads to her class, and literally runs into the back of a woman. She grabs the woman to keep her from falling to the floor. "I'm so sorry," Erica exclaims.

The well dressed woman regains her composure and turns to face the worried student. She gives Erica a playful smile. "There's a reason why you shouldn't run in the halls. And I'm pretty sure this is why."

"Yes Ma'am, but the alarm on my clock apparently doesn't work, and now I'm late for Professor Lerner's class," Erica replies to the pretty woman, who appears to be in her mid thirties. "I was running because I was told she's a real stickler for being on time. I also heard she's a demanding bitch who hates excuses, so please accept my apology, and let me go before I wind up in trouble on my first day of class."

"So, you need to get to class before you wind up in hot water with Professor Lerner, right?"

"Yes Ma'am," Erica impatiently replies.

The middle aged woman laughs. "First of all, you've been misinformed about Professor Lerner. Professor Silvia Liner, the physics professor, is the demanding bitch, not Professor Sarah Lerner. Secondly, you don't have to call me Ma'am. As for tardiness, you're not the only one late for class. Professor Lerner is late as well." The beautiful woman leans close to the tardy girl and whispers. "Therefore, if you make it to my class before I do, you are not late."

Erica's expression reveals her shock. "You're Professor Lerner? I apologize for calling..."

Sarah Lerner interrupts the girl before she can complete her apology. "You need to hurry and get to class before you're late."

"Yes Ma'am, I mean Professor Lerner. I promise this won't happen again. And I'm sorry I called you a bitch."

The gorgeous professor gives Erica a seductive smile. "Don't worry about it. Just get to class."

Erica bursts past her professor, runs down the hall, and bolts into the classroom. "I can't believe I called the woman a bitch to her face," she mutters. As she enters the classroom she thinks about her Principles of Financial Accounting professor. "Wow, she's nothing like I was told she'd be."

As Erica finds a seat, Professor Lerner enters the classroom. Erica looks the older woman over, as she sits her briefcase on her desk. 'Wow, I hadn't noticed just how beautiful she is,' the student thinks to herself. 'Professor Lerner is smoking hot. She's got amazing legs.'

The eighteen year old shakes her head. 'What is wrong with me? I shouldn't be having these kinds of thoughts about my female professor.'


June places the cups of coffee on the coffee table, and sits next to her daughter. "Are you making any progress?"

Erica glances up at her mom. "I'm sorry, did you say something?"

"I said have you chosen any names yet?"

Erica realizes that other than the first page, she hasn't even looked at the list while her mom was in the kitchen. "No, I haven't made any decisions yet."

"So, you do plan to let me keep the kids for a week while you search for a nanny?"

"Yes Mom. Let's face it; I won't get anything done with them here. Besides, they love staying with you."

"Then I will take them with me once they get home from school."

Erica glances at her watch. "I told their teacher that I was going to pick them up since it's the last school day of the year. The kids will be out of school in fifteen minutes. So, I'd better leave if I'm going to pick them up in time."

"I'll pick up the children. You work on your list. And try to get past the first page."

"I will Mom."

June grabs her purse from beside the sofa and heads to school.

Erica's thoughts once again drift to college, and her first lover.


Erica has been working hard to keep her grades up for the past six weeks. The pretty eighteen year old is beginning to feel like she's being overloaded with her lessons.

It is a Friday night, and the girls in her dorm have decided to hang out at a nearby college bar.

Lindsay, Erica's roommate grabs her small purse as she heads for the door. "Are you sure you don't want to come with us?"

"No," Erica replies. "I'm not much of a drinker. Besides, I don't have a fake ID, so I wouldn't be able to get in anyway."

"You should talk to Ben Randal. He makes really good fake IDs."

"I'll have to do that sometime. As for tonight, I think I'll just spend the evening watching television."

"Suit yourself." Lindsay strolls out of their dorm room.

Erica picks up the remote and turns on the television.

Unfortunately because it's a Friday night, there isn't anything on worth watching.

Erica turns off the TV and decides to walk around campus. She starts to change, but decides that since it is still warm, her T shirt, and satin shorts are enough.

She walks through campus, looking at the various buildings. She loves the design of the old buildings. As she reaches the east end faculty parking area, she spots Professor Lerner leaving the building where her classroom is located. She takes in the sight of the beautiful, older woman.

Sarah Lerner is an amazingly beautiful woman. She is tall, and has a figure that draws attention to everyone who comes near her. Her shoulder length auburn hair surrounds her lovely face like a picture frame. She wears dresses that are almost considered conservative, but still manage to make the thirty five year old woman look sexy as hell. Her custom made outfits are specifically designed to show off her amazing curves, and long legs. The four inch heels she wears make her long legs look even longer. She even discusses the importance of dress in the workplace during her lectures.

"Remember, you are not going to get ahead in the world of finance if no one notices you," she frequently says. "If you look successful, people will believe you are successful."

Erica has begun to look at her professor differently since she first met the woman.

Professor Lerner is nothing like she was described. She is sexy, and vibrant. She oozes charm and charisma. And she has a smile that can stop traffic. Many of her students are infatuated with the woman.

Erica has definitely developed a crush on her amazing professor. Although she wouldn't dream of starting a romance with her, or any woman, she is still infatuated with the sexy professor. However, Erica has heard stories about Professor Lerner that give her pause.

There is a rumor floating around campus that Professor Lerner seduces a different female student every year. Rumor has it she turns them into her lesbian sex slaves. The wild rumor also says that Professor Lerner frequently takes a student home with her, ties her to her bed, and then has sex with her all weekend.

Crazier still, is the rumor that Professor Lerner is a lesbian vampire who seduces girls, fucks them for days, and then drains them of all their blood.

Of course, no one has ever actually seen her behaving inappropriately with a student. No student has ever come forward to make accusations against the woman either. And no female students have been found dead with vampire bites on their necks either.

Erica personally doesn't believe the rumors. She can't imagine Professor Lerner as some lesbian cougar who is on the prowl for college coeds. She thinks the vampire rumor is completely ridiculous. Erica believes the rumors were started because Professor Lerner looks like a glamorous actress from the nineteen forties.

Just because Professor Lerner is a sexy woman, who has never married, it doesn't mean she's a lesbian cougar hunting for students to seduce.

Still, every time the woman gazes at Erica, the girl feels like Professor Lerner is undressing her with her eyes.

Erica always chalks those feelings up to the wild rumors, combined with her over active imagination.

As Professor Lerner reaches her car, she spots Erica. She gives the girl a disarming smile that seems to hypnotize her.

The pretty teenager walks toward her professor. "Good evening Professor Lerner."

"Good evening Erica. Why aren't you out partying with your friends?"

Erica shrugs. "My roommate and some of the other girls are on their way to a college hangout, but I'm not quite old enough to get inside."

The lovely woman gives Erica a mischievous smile. "I take it you haven't gotten a fake ID from Ben Randal yet?"

"How did you know about Ben Randal?" Erica asks.

"Please, everyone knows about Ben and his fake IDs. The only reason he hasn't been expelled is he's never been caught."

"I guess the reason I don't have a fake ID is I'm just not much of a drinker. I like an occasional glass of wine, but I'm really not into drinking until I'm falling down drunk."

Professor Lerner's eyes rake over the young woman's body. "What type of wine do you enjoy drinking? Do you prefer vintage wine, or are you into the cheap stuff?"

"I like an occasional glass of good wine. My parents let me drink wine at home. They would rather have me drink at home, than drink with my friends. And my Dad doesn't believe in drinking cheap wine. He says if it doesn't come with a cork, it isn't worth drinking."

"Your father sounds like he enjoys the finer things in life."

"He does. I have to admit that I've found several delicious vintages of wine that come with a screw on cap, but don't tell my Dad I said that."

"I promise not to say a word." Professor Lerner steps closer to her student. "May I ask what you have planned for this evening?"

"I don't have any plans. I've finally finished my thesis for Professor Harper's class, so I don't have any papers to write. I was going to watch television, but there's nothing on worth watching, so I thought I'd take a walk, and maybe find something to do."

Professor Lerner lowers her voice. "Erica, I don't make it a habit of inviting students over to my house, but since neither of us has any plans, I was hoping you might join me for a cup of coffee. This way we can keep one another company." A disarming smile reappears on the woman's face.

Erica feels her heart skip a beat as she gazes at that inviting smile. "Yes," she replies. "I'd love to join you for coffee."

"Then shall we go?" Professor Lerner walks around to the passenger side of her car and unlocks the door.

Erica follows her teacher. She can't help but take in the sight of the woman's sexy body.

An image of Professor Lerner dressed like a lesbian vampire pops into Erica's mind.

The flustered student forces the image out of her mind.

Professor Lerner holds the door open for her student.

After Erica enters the car, the sexy professor closes the passenger door.

Professor Lerner then walks around to the driver's side of her car.

'What am I doing?' Erica asks herself as Professor Lerner climbs into the car. 'I've heard the rumors. Everyone says Professor Lerner is always on the hunt for freshmen girls to seduce.' The nervous girl shoves the thought aside. 'No, they are just unsubstantiated rumors. Professor Lerner has never been brought before the review board. And no one has ever stepped forward to press charges. And I certainly don't believe she's a vampire. Besides, I like the woman. She's really nice.' However, deep down, Erica knows she's beginning to like her professor in a way that she shouldn't. She had the same type feelings for her ninth grade history teacher, Miss Livingston.

Miss Livingston, however never returned Erica's feelings.

Professor Lerner seems to go out of her way to subtly flirt with Erica.

'Am I making a mistake?' Erica asks herself as they pull out of the parking lot. 'No, we're just having coffee. Besides, I'm sure Professor Lerner isn't flirting with me. She's just a very nice person.'


Erica's eyes glaze over as she thinks about her college romance with Sarah Lerner. She has yet to look at the names on the list.

The front door bursts open, and her children bound into the house.

Trina hugs her mother. "Mom, Grandma says we get to spend next week with her."

Erica looks at her kids. "Yes you do, honey.

"Yes," Bobby excitedly exclaims.

June enters the house. "Alright, gather some clean clothes, and we will head to my house."

The kids bolt for their bedrooms.

Erica starts to stand. "I'd better help them, or Bobby will forget socks, underwear, and his toothbrush."

"You help Bobby. I'll take care of Trina."

Both mother and daughter head to the kids bedrooms. Within ten minutes the kids' bags are packed, and they are loaded into June's car.

Erica gazes into the back seat. "Listen to your Grandmother while you're at her place."

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