tagRomanceSeducing the Neighbor Girl Ch. 04

Seducing the Neighbor Girl Ch. 04


This chapter was originally part of chapter 3, but it was getting long. So, this is just a continuation of that chapter. It picks up the following morning.


Chapter 4 - Paige Tells Her Parents

Paige's dad freaked but her mom defended us dating. Kind of backwards from what Paige expected. Daddy was trying to protect his little girl. It seemed to me Mom was looking at it from Paige's prospective. When Paige's mother and father had met they were 20 and 25 respectively. This was the foundation of her mom's argument. And then she threw in the fact I was a responsible home owner with a decent career on top for good measure.

I stayed clear as Paige had requested and let things play out. I figured there would be plenty of time to come to terms with them in the future.

That night Paige came over for dinner. She used the front door for the first time. When I answered the door she was looking very happy (and gorgeous) in her fitted t-shirt and tight cutoff jean shorts despite the heavy confrontation with her father earlier. We sat at the table as I went to get the food. She recounted how her father forbade her from seeing me.

"But you are here now." I pointed out.

"He backed off a little. My mom really stood up for you. I think she sees you as a good catch for me."

"What did you say?"

"I told them I wanted to keep seeing you because the sex is mind blowing." She joked.

I just stared at her.

"I think he will come around."

After dinner we tried to murder each other on the gaming system. Lots of kissing too.

As Paige was starting to leave she caught me staring at her cute ass for the thousandth time that night. It looked so good in those shorts. "Have you developed a new obsession?" She asked smiling coyly.

"It's not really a new one." I responded. "You just look extra delicious today."

She bent over and placed her elbows on the dining table. "Is that better?" It was. Her little heart shaped ass was too desirable. When I stood in stunned silence, she started to wag it back and forth. As usual she knew exactly how to get me so hot that I would attack with lust.

I kneeled behind her stoking her legs from ankle to high inner thigh with my hands. At the same time I kissed the exposed lower halves of her butt cheeks. Paige whimpered.

I reached around and unfastened the button and zipper on her shorts. She stood upright to help me get them off. I didn't waste time, I took her underwear off in the same motion.

I put a hand on her back to push her into her bent position. It didn't take any force she was headed that way anyhow.

I spread her cheeks and began licking at her pussy. When she was really wet a moment later I stood up dropped my pants and tried to force my cock in. She was still tight so I had to feed a little in and hump in and out before forcing more in. She laid making grunts and groans.

It took several trials before I was all the way in. On the last shove Paige cried out. "Oh god, so deep".

I looked down at her beautiful ass and her tiny body being speared by my thickness. It took a lot to maintain my composure and not cum instantly.

I began to saw in and out. Every Time I bottomed out she would yelp. I grabbed her hips and started to pump with fury. Her individual yelps merged into a long stuttering "ahhhh" sound. When I came, she coached me, "Yeah, give it to me." I staggered back and collapsed in a chair. Paige laid flat on the table panting.

After a minute she turned her face to me and said, "You always feel big and long, but dear god, you touched me in places I didn't know I had. You reach into my core."

I still was trying to recover and had no witty reply.


As the whole week progressed, she came over for dinner, stayed for a while to cuddle and went home. Well, went home most nights.

Sunday about ten minutes after she arrived the doorbell chimed.

It was her dad. He just looked at me and said nothing.

I politely invited him in, led him to the dinner table and offered him a seat across from his daughter.

I excused myself and left two very tense family members at the table. I returned with a platter of braised ribs and an extra plate for the unexpected guest. The tension was so tightly wound I thought either Paige or her father would explode any second but they just sat looking at each other. I wondered if they were waiting for me to get settled before starting the fireworks show.

When everyone sat motionless, I decided to just keep playing host. I wasn't sure what to say, so I said nothing. I picked up Paige's plate and put food on it. Next, I did the same with 'Dad's' plate. They seemed to ignore me. This was getting just plain weird. But in his defense, I had never just learned that my daughter was being sexed up by the neighbor, so maybe this was normal for the circumstances.

After I made my own plate, I started to eat. I nudged Paige and she began to eat. She suddenly got vocal, almost orgasmic sounding.

"Mmmmm, this is good. You never cease to amaze me. Dad, try some."

He reluctantly took a mouthful. His face went to a state of shock. "This is good. Really good."

I thought it was normal, average cooking personally. My mom's cooking had been much better. I thought back to the first time Paige ate with me and had the same response. Were the expectations of my bachelor culinary skills just so low that when I provided normal food it was a grand surprise?

I think 'Dad' recognized my confused expression because then he explained, "Paige's mom is a terrible cook. We have never had a home cooked meal nearly this good. Sometimes I think she's trying to poison us."

Paige snickered. "Like the baked potatoes that one time." Her dad started to laugh too.

That seemed to break down the wall of tension. We ate in silence but a much more comfortable silence.

After cleaning his plate, he pushed back his chair and said "Now I understand why Paige has been sneaking over for dinner. I may start sneaking over with her."

I was happy things were looking better so I offered a tour of the house, which he accepted. He offered comments like "very nice" or "good job" as we looked at the various improvements and refurbishments. My favorite was when I showed him the rec room. It had a large flat screen on the wall and gaming system was paused in the middle of a first person shooter game. For that he gave me a "you damn kids" remark. It wasn't biting though, more kidding.

Last, I unthinkingly showed him the master bedroom. It had my clothes and Paige's lying about from the last night's escapades. Her feminine underwear was very obvious on the foot of the bed near the door. Worse, the room had a distinct aroma of sex.

Ah shit. He had to have known what was going on, but he didn't need it rubbed in his face. His jaw tightened. He turned from the room. I guess he should have saved his "you damn kids" comment from earlier for now. Instead he settled for, "I'll leave you two to yourselves. Paige will you be late?"

Paige looked at me like she was looking for support. I tried to seem responsible by offering, "We won't be too late. We have school and work tomorrow."

Apparently, she didn't think much of what I was saying. She looked mad at me. "I will see you tomorrow." I thought she was brushing me off and going home. Damn, I blew it. However, she said good bye to her dad and closed the door behind him.

"Let's get you showered and tucked into bed for your big day tomorrow." She was rather sarcastic. "What was that?"

"What was what?" I wondered.

"Don't kiss up to my dad and don't treat me like I'm a child." She was definitely mad.

"Whoa. I was just trying to be respectful. This has been hard for him." Now I was shouting.

"Hard for him?! Now you're taking his side?! He's the one who put me through hell over you. You're supposed to be on my side!"

"This isn't about sides. I'm just trying to be polite and do the right thing."

"Well you can 'do the right thing' by yourself then." and she walked out of the front door and slammed it behind her. Part of me wanted to follow her and drag her back. For better or worse (probably worse) my petty side won out. I wanted to be right. Make her come back on her own.

I tried to call her later but she didn't take my call.


Work sucked the next day. I couldn't wait to get home to try and straighten things out with Paige. When Brad stopped by to talk, I was not in the mood.

Brad started with, "Dude, missed you this weekend, but how could anyone blame you with Paige around. All the guys were talking about when they met her. How hot, smart, funny she is. You are a lucky guy."

"Yeah she is great." I mustered. Now I was feeling worse.

"Is she really in high school? Because it didn't seem like it."

"Yes, for a couple more months."

"You two are pretty serious, huh."

"Dude, I really do love her."

"That's cool. Tina told me you guys hung at Gilmore's. And that Paige told her that she loved you." Brad punched me in the arm as an atta-boy. Was he trying to torture me with reminders of how lucky I was to have Paige? "Reba heard. She's pissed. She threw something at my head when I went to pick up Heidi. That bitch is psycho. What did you ever see in her?"

I smiled. Finally something to laugh at.

Brad finally tired of tormenting me reminders of how much I liked Paige. He went back to work.

When I got home I called Paige. She did not answer. I knew she was home so I went over. Her father opened the door. We regarded each other silently for a second and he waved me in.

I heard Paige yell, "Tell him to go away".

"You know, when you decided to date my teenage daughter. You decided to date my 'teenage' daughter." he put extra emphasis on the word teenage. "Probably my fault for spoiling her. She can be stubborn." he pointed toward her room. "If you want her, go get her." I'm glad he didn't say you made your bed now go sleep in it. That would have been a little creepy.

I found her in her room wearing sweats with red, puffy eyes. She looked like shit.

"Go away."

"I am sorry I talked down to you like a child."


"And what?" That was all the apology my pride could stomach.

"What about the other stuff you said. Taking my dad's side"

"I am not sorry about that."

She threw a tissue box at me. "Come back when you are."

I blew a fuse. I didn't yell, but I did grab her arms and hold her face in front of mine. "Listen you little brat. I love you, but stop acting twelve."

I let go of her and she buried her face in her pillow.

I had enough "I'm going home. If you can act your age, I really want you to come over. I miss you."

I went home, sat down and picked at my dinner waiting to see if she would come over. If she didn't show, I guess I would have to think of plan B, which would likely involve flowers and maybe a little more contrition. Just about the time I was ready to give up on her and start researching florists, Paige tapped on the backdoor.

When I opened she jumped into my arms, kissing me. When she pulled away from the kiss, "I hate you." She gasped at me. She kissed me again. "Why did you have to make me love you so much?"

"I love you too."

She looked at my dinner. "You're lucky my mom can't cook. I might have starved if I didn't decide to forgive you." I cocked up an eyebrow. "Okay, I'm sorry for being a brat."

"And I'm sorry for not taking your side. We should always be on the same side. And I'm sorry for having too much pride to admit I was wrong." I pointed at the table. "Do you want a plate?" She indicated she did.

"My dad gave me so much shit after you left. He made me feel terrible. He wanted me to come back to you. He practically threw me out of the house. Weird considering he wanted me to stop seeing you until yesterday." she took a bite "Mmm, I think he wanted to come with me to be fed again."

"Hurry up and eat." I said. "We need to get tucked into bed soon. It's a school day tomorrow."

Paige stuck out her tongue at me.

That night Paige and I went to bed early. We kissed and cuddled for several minutes. Most of our sexual encounters up until now had been animalistic and lust filled. This time it was slow and sensuous.

I licked and nibbled at every inch of her body. When I was moving up her legs she asked for me to lick at the back of her knees. Apparently, she still had my long past encounter with Reba on her mind at some level. She enjoyed it for a few minutes but then seemed to grow bored, so I moved on towards her sex. I teased her labia and avoided her clit. She kept moving and telling to knock it off and get to the point. I was enjoying torturing her too much to give in to her wishes. After another minute of not stimulating her clit, she gave out a frustrated growl and started fingering it herself.

I sat up to watch her masturbate, but she yelled at me, "Get back in there you bastard. Don't leave me hanging like this."

I smiled at her violent style of wantonness, it was an odd combination, but obeyed her wishes. It turns out it is a little hard to give cunnilingus while you are smiling like an idiot. I gave her my best effort at stimulating her like she wanted. When she climaxed I kept going and she begged me to stop.

"Go, stop, you sure are confusing." I teased her. The glare she gave me was painful. I moved up between her thighs and started to ease my member into her very tight womb. We ground together slowly.

I rolled her on top of me and watched her tiny body writhe on my pelvis. I filled my hands with her boobs and tweaked her nipples. She ground herself to another orgasm before I reached mine. After we both finished, she laid on me. We kissed lightly.

"As soon as school lets out I want you to move in for good." I told her.

She smiled, "Okay, but we need to talk about a few other things too. There's my graduation party you are throwing and about college."

I thought about her leaving for college. That would be unbearable. Things to be dealt with later... We fell asleep together.


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