tagRomanceSeducing the Neighbor Girl Ch. 06

Seducing the Neighbor Girl Ch. 06


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Chapter 6 -- Graduation Day

The morning of Paige's graduation day she put on the black dress and underwear she had worn the first night we slept with each other. "I'm thinking about going commando." she told me.

"What's that?" I asked.

"You know, no underwear."

"I always called it freeballing."

Paige laughed. "I don't think I could call it that."

"I suppose not."

A few minutes later, she looked almost ready to leave. "I have a better idea. Quick, get your pants off." I had no idea where this was going but I liked the direction. I took my pants off. "Sit on the sofa." she commanded.

She kneeled in front of me and sucked me to full hardness. She climbed on to my lap and lifted her dress. She was commando. Paige lowered her freshly shaved pussy over my cock until I was all the way in. She instructed me, "We don't have a lot of time so don't worry about me. Just cum as quickly as you can."

I played with her ass and tits and we kissed as she urgently bounced on me. It took about five minutes to cum. Paige came too. "That was great." she said a little flushed looking. "Now, I can sit through the ceremony with your cum dripping into my panties." she smiled.

After she put her underwear on and was ready to go she inquired, "Can you go one more round? I want to taste you on my mouth while I'm speaking."

"You are insatiable."

"I know, but this is too naughty to pass up. I want to have you in my mouth and knickers while I'm up there." she got on her knees in front of me and had my dick out. "Be as quick as you can. We need leave."

She blew me hard. She was fucking me with her mouth. She looked great on her knees in her dress. It reminded me of when she sucked me off before our first night of sex.

"I cumming," I warned her. Paige pulled back so that only the tip was in her mouth. She looked in my eyes while she coaxed cum onto her tongue. The eye contact was amazing. It was as if our souls were connecting at that moment. When I was done, she dropped my cock and swished the cum around her mouth before swallowing, then she licked me clean.

There was a knock at the door. Paige answered while I fixed my pants. It was her mom. "You two need to stop messing around so we can get going." she told Paige. Did she know what we were doing? "Paul, are you coming?" She had to be screwing with us, but I wasn't sure. Maybe it was my imagination.


Her dad drove the four of us to graduation. Paige and I sat in the back together holding hands. Her mom looked at our hands and smiled at us. She reached across and held 'Dads' hand.

Paige whispered in my ear, "My knickers are really squishy." She kissed my cheek. "Thanks."

We parted at the high school parking lot. She ran off to some staging area, the rest of us went to the stands. The ceremony was being held in the high school football stadium. I sat next to Doreen (Paige's mom) while we waited. Doreen looked great. She was an image of what Paige may look like in twenty years. She was beautiful and petite just like Paige and looked closer to 30 than the 40 she was. To be fair, I should be saying Paige was beautiful just like her mom. She talked to me about my work, where I went to school, my parents. When I told her they had both passed away, she said she was sorry and dropped talking about me. She switched to talking about Paige, safer territory.

I noticed when she talked about Paige and I she kept using double entendres. It was too often to be accidental and she had a mischievous glint in her eyes. At first, I didn't know what to make of it, but then I started to guess she was intentionally trying to make me squirm in discomfort. She was playing a game to pass the time. I couldn't decide if she was evil or fun. Maybe both. It looked like she and Paige shared that trait too, liking to cause awkward moments for their loved ones. I was doing okay so she shifted the conversation to her and her husband Craig.

"I miss having Paige in the house, but it is nice having the house to ourselves too. Not having to worry about what we do where. It's like we're newlyweds again." Okay, this conversation was getting uncomfortable and I had nowhere to run. I was trapped by Paige's mom. She seemed delighted she finally had my skin crawling, but she didn't stop. She had to push just one more step. "In fact, I enjoyed our new freedom just this morning." She wiggled her bottom on the bench. I had the distinct feeling Paige wasn't the only woman in her family who was sitting through the ceremony in 'squishy knickers'.

I was contemplating whether I could survive a leap from the stands when graduation finally started. I silently thanked God. Paige came out looking beautiful in her gown. As she passed by, she blew me a kiss. During the ceremony, I was stunned when I realized she was the valedictorian.

"She wanted it to be a surprise."

"She never mentioned it."

"But you must have seen her writing the speech."

"I guess so. I thought she was doing homework." I thought about her saying she wanted to taste me while she was speaking. It was coming together.

Paige's speech was themed on not forgetting to enjoy the 'little things' along the path of life. She threw in a line about always remembering to "love your neighbor". I heard some of her friends in the class laugh and hoot at the line. I think I heard Lauren shout, "You go girl."

Doreen nudged me with her shoulder and said, "She's talking about you." As though I needed help figuring it out. I heard Paige's dad Craig laughing at the line too.

At the end of the speech, Paige blew me another kiss before returning to her seat. Doreen nudged me again.

After the graduation, we mingled and took pictures with the other grads before heading back to my house for the grad party. Of course, Paige got her party. I would have never said no, but I let her 'earn' the party anyway. We had her family, friends, and their families over. Everyone was having a good time.

30 minutes after we started the party, Rory showed up. He aroused the interest of several of the girls but Lauren was on him instantly. She dragged him off by the hand to meet her parents. The other girl's eyes followed him with a look of envy. Paige's friend Ashley, a tall slender blond, actually came over and asked if I had invited someone for her to meet. I had not invited my friends. I didn't think that the 'Beauty and the Geek' fairytale was going to work for them all.

"It seems like my friends are looking to find a diamond in the rough to polish up, like I did." Paige said to me.

"You polished me up?" I asked.

"It's a work in progress." She brushed at my shoulder like there was something on it. "Don't worry, I'm not going to polish you too much. You know I like it when you're rough with me."

"Paige did you really cook this? It's delicious." said Paige's mom Doreen. She was standing just behind Paige holding an egg roll. She must have heard what Paige said. Paige turned red, muttered something about checking the oven, and ran away. "Craig said you were teaching her to cook." Doreen said to me.

"Yeah, she's getting the hang of it." I responded. Doreen had changed into a loose summer dress with a one piece bathing suit on under it. Her shoulder length brown hair had an amber sheen to it in the sun. She was smiling brightly in amusement for having just embarrassed Paige. She was back to playing her game. I least I wasn't the target yet.

"I was never good for anything around the kitchen." Doreen confessed. I was guessing she must be good around some other room to keep a happy marriage. She changed the topic to what she really wanted to discuss with me. "Have you talked to Paige about college?"

"No." I had not broached the topic. Honestly, it scared me. I was not going to let Paige get away, but I would not prevent her from going to school either. It was a dilemma I didn't want to deal with.

"Please don't let it go too much longer. She needs to figure out what she will do. I figure her old plans are all trashed after meeting you." She saw me flinch at her use of the word 'trashed'. She quickly tried to assure me that she meant well. "Don't take me wrong, I'm glad she met you. I didn't think much of her heading off east to that women's college anyway." This was new information to me. I didn't think highly of it either. "We can conspire to keep her here. Not much of a conspiracy though. I've never seen her so happy. I don't think she'll move away from you."

"I hope not. I couldn't stand it."

"You two remind me of when Craig and I met. So in love, so dedicated to each other. By the way, Craig always liked you. He was just a little worried about Paige getting herself into trouble by jumping head first, too quickly into a relationship. They have that same pig-headed personality, so when he showed a little reluctance, she got her hackles up and neither would give an inch. Neither will ever admit they were both wrong. Had one of them been a little easier going, there would have been no fight about you at all."

"She is a little stubborn." I agreed.

"Just pick your battles. Paige will make it worth your while." I suspected she was back her game of unsettling me. "I'm sure she already does." She kept eyeing me to see if she had made things uncomfortable yet. I was a little afraid of how far she would push this game if I didn't break. Would she start talking about grand kids next? Luckily, she let it go for now. "Can you get someone to go in the pool? I want to swim, but I don't want to be the first one to be flashing a bathing suit and getting wet." I immediately imagined her in her bathing suit. That did it; I was uncomfortable with the conversation. I decided to make a break for it. Doreen looked delighted she 'won' her game. This family was going to be interesting.

"I'll see what I can do." I went to look for Paige. I saw Rory walking out of the house. I asked him how he was doing.

"Freaking out. Lauren introduced me to her parents. I've never had that happen before. She is a dream come true. A gorgeous dream come true. I keep waiting to wake up."

Lauren walked up from behind and held his hand. "I feel the same way handsome." she kissed him on the cheek. He looked a little sheepish having been overheard talking about her. "Let's go meet my friends now. I want to make them jealous."

Rory shrugged at me as she dragged him away.

I found Paige in the kitchen. "I see you escaped my mom." She said as was shaking her head. "I would say she means well, but sometimes I'm not sure about that. How is Rory doing?"

"It looks like Lauren is having fun showing him off to your friends."

"I bet you a dollar they're married and she's knocked up before we are."

I was speechless.

"What? You think we will beat them to it?"

Still speechless.

She smiled. "We could challenge them to a race."

"You are too much. Let's just enjoy being in love for now. Then we can enjoy being married later, and then we can enjoy having kids and the rest."

"Is that a proposal?"

"We will talk later high school girl. Is it important to you that we get married right away? You know, we are going to do these things. Let's just let them happen at their own pace."

"I know. I don't really want to rush into marriage and kids. It's just too much fun messing with you." I wondered if she could see this was exactly what her mom liked to do. Mess with people.

I decided to change subjects, "Your mom wants to swim, but she wants someone else to go first."

"Dear god, just what I need, all my friend's dads gawking and walking around with hardons for my mom. Probably you too." I was too silent so Paige started make assumptions. "You want to see her half naked, don't you."

"No." This was getting weird. Her mom was hot but I wasn't allowing myself to look at her that way.

Paige got a wicked smile, "Then you'll be pretending I'm her while we do it tonight."

"You have issues. Serious issues." I let her know.

"Yes I do." she started to giggle. "Do you want me to borrow some of her clothes?"

"Borrow some of your dads stuff while you're at it, so I can pretend I'm him doing her."

Paige was laughing. "That's so wrong."

"Paige, is there a reason why you are so crazy jealous all the time?"

"Did Lauren tell you something?"

"No." There was definitely something lying under the surface here. Albeit, not very far under the surface.

"I just love you so much. I'd die if you left me. Or if you cheated."

"I can't imagine loving anyone but you. I don't know what your last boyfriend did to you. Just know, I won't hurt you."

"Lauren told you something. What did she say?"

"Just that she was happy that you found someone that will treat you better than the last guy did."

Paige kissed me. "Sorry I'm such a basket case."

I put my arms around her. "At least you're a cute basket case." I offered.

She moved away from me, smirked and said. "The next hardon you get better be because of me." She walked out into the backyard stripped down to her bikini. As the sun was setting outside, I watched her gorgeous ass sway over to where her mom was standing. "This is a perfect evening for a swim." She told her mom.

Her mom replied, "I hope it's not too cold."

"I made Paul raise the temperature of the pool so that we could swim at night." She looked at me and winked.

I joined them in the pool. It wasn't long before everyone went in.

Paige kept brushing my cock with her hand or ass under the water. I think her mom pushed Paige into me a few times. She would laugh every time Paige teased me. At one point, when it was dark out, Paige had a hand down my pants holding my dick. I was going to explode.

When we got out of the pool, I grabbed Paige and told her, "You need to wash the chlorine out of your hair now." I saw her mom flash me a knowing smile.

We went to our master bathroom. I locked the door, turned on the shower, and shoved her in. Before she could turn I had my shorts off, I pulled the bikini to the side and was pushing my dick into her depths. She had to put her hands against the wall to keep from being rammed through it. I grabbed a tit in each hand through the bikini.

A short time later when I was ready to cum, I pulled out and forced her to her knees into facing me. I shot several extra large loads onto her chest. The first spurt went high and hit her in the mouth.

She smiled up at me with cum hanging off her chin and dripping down her bikini covered tits. "Wow! That was a lot. It kept coming and coming. I need to get my mom in a bathing suit more often."

"No, that was all because of you."

"Ahhh thanks. You say the sweetest things."

We both started to laugh.

We cleaned up and rejoined the party.

I was looking around for Rory, I realized he and Lauren both seemed to be missing in action. I decided not to keep looking for them. Later when I did find him, he was in a daze. "Having fun?" I asked.

"Huh?" he was usually sharper than this. "Oh, yeah."

"Where's Lauren?"

"Washing up." I didn't want to know what or why she needed to wash. "She is something else. I'm not sure why she likes me but, wow, I'm glad she does."

Lauren walked up looking a bit bedazzled herself. She had that 'I-just-got-laid' look. She said to him, "Hey Ambassador, my parents are going home now, can you give me a lift later."

"Of course honey." Honey? I suspected Paige was right about the married and knocked up thing.

"You know, I haven't been to your place yet." she said to him. He raised his eyebrows. Paige was definitely right.

I said, "Well, I'll catch up with you later." I left them together.

After Paige's parents said goodbye I was glancing at them as they walked away. Just before they were out of sight, I saw her dad smack her mom's ass playfully. She jumped a bit then grabbed his hand and urgently dragged him home.

All of the parents and girls with boyfriends went home, the single girls stayed a little longer. The girls mostly talked about school related things and boys. I went inside to watch TV and leave them alone.


Later at bedtime, Paige told me, "Since I am living with you now, my friends will be hanging out at your house. They are already planning a slumber party."

"Really?" The image of scantily clad ladies having a pillow fight entered my mind.

"No. We are a little old for that."

"Thank goodness." The image was still in my head.

"There will be some late nights though. Will your friends be hanging around?"

"Guys don't do that as much. We usually go out and besides they all live in the city. But if your friends are always here, they may start looking for excuses to stop by."

"We want to enjoy out last summer together before we head off to college."

"About college. Where are you going?"

"I'm not ready to talk about it now. I'm figuring it out still."

"Okay. We need to talk soon though." I looked and sounded concerned.

"Let me brighten your spirits. Tonight you deserve something special for putting on my party. I'll let you pretend I'm my mom if that does it for you." She leaned down and sucked on my dick for a moment then said, "I think her tits are bigger. Do you like her ass? You like nice asses, right. She has a cute one."

"Please stop talking about her. I want to fool around with my woman. I want my hot little 18 year old."

She looked at me doe eyed, "Will you teach me how to love?"

"God yes." I couldn't think of anything I'd rather do.

She switched fantasies, "Do you want me to earn that 'A' in math. I'm sorry I missed the test. I will do 'anything' to make up the grade."

"That's good too." I liked the idea of teacher-student role playing too.

However, she switched again, "I put the kids to bed Mr. D, do you need my babysitting skills for anything else."

Pretending to bang the babysitter could be fun, "Let's save that for later."

"Name your fantasy. Naughty secretary, mistress, desperate fashion model, casting couch, sexy neighbor high school girl... I will do anything for you."

"Tonight I want to make you into a real woman, teach you to love."

She changed her persona to an innocent girl with a shy voice, "Okay, but you need to be gentle, it's my first time."

I rolled her onto her back.

"Is it going to hurt?" She asked in a timid way.

"I promise you'll like it."

I nibbled, licked, and kissed at her mouth, then her jaw and neck. I moved my mouth to her fingers and slowly nibbled my way up to her shoulder before moving to her other arm. I planned on kissing, licking, or nibbling every inch of her body. I spent several minutes on each arm. Paige continuously made appreciative "mmmm" sounds.

After bathing her arms in affection, I moved to her feet. I gave attention to her right leg as I worked my way from her toes to her hip. I switched legs and repeated the process. When I got back to her hip, I noticed that fluid was flowing freely from her pussy.

I gave the same nibbles and kisses to her shoulders and worked my way down to her stomach avoiding her nipples. When I reached the shaved area above her pussy, I gave the smooth skin a long lick. "ooooooooh", she sung out.

I rolled her onto her stomach. I repeated the entire process starting at her ears and neck. She shuddered and squealed while I toy with her ears. I kissed and licked her shoulders, sides, and back. She was squirming around and moaning.

When I got to her ass, I skipped over it and went back down to her toes. I gave the backs of her legs the same treatment I had given the front. She moaned and shook time to time. When I got to her ass, I kissed and licked every part of it. She ground her hips into the bed. I looked between her thighs. Her pussy was drooling into a huge puddle on the sheets.

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