Seducing the Neighbor Girl Ch. 07


She sucked me off. She used various styles she had observed. I told her when she would do something I liked. When I was ready to cum she leaned back and held her mouth open like a porn girl. I bathed her face in cum.

"Was that good for you?" Paige wanted to know.

"Yes, you are always great. But honestly, I liked the style you had come up with on your own and I prefer when you swallow. Nothing is better than when I'm looking in your eyes while you are swallowing. I get lost in your soul when it happens."

"Goody! I like that better too. It's so intimate. This was just messy."

"Let's hit the showers."

I scrubbed her head to toe. The washing was more sensual than sexual. She hummed to herself the whole time. I shut off the water when I was done washing her. She started to pout at me because I had not gotten her off yet.

I grabbed the towel and dried her then myself. I laid her on top of the covers and started to massage her body. "I should rub you down. You played so hard tonight."

As part of the massage, I separated her legs and rubbed her pussy. "Oh Coach! I think I have a pulled muscle right there." I put two fingers in and started to pump in and out. "You almost have the right spot." I bent down and licked her clit while feeling around inside her. I licked until she bucked and screamed in climax.

"Did I get the right spot?"

"Almost, you need to get a little deeper." She reached over and grabbed my cock in her hand. "Use your tool to massage my insides." I climbed on top of her and pushed inside. "Yes, right there." I pushed in and out slowly but she grabbed my hips in her hands and wanted it faster. We came together. I filled her with cum and rolled off.


While we laid next to each other cuddling, Paige said, "Let's go play some video games." It was still early so I agreed.

We put some clothes on. I wore a pair of pajama pants and a white undershirt and Paige put on a transparent baby doll teddy and see-though panties. This was her 'I'm-going-to-win-by-distraction' outfit. She tried this often and it worked often. Sometimes I would let my hardon poke out of my pants in retaliation. However, I found licking her ear worked much better when trying to keep her from being able to focus. That technique often resulted in unfinished games though. Sometimes she would just drop the controller and tackle me in a fit of passion.

Just as we were getting ready to play Paige said, "I hope Helen can get me into school. What should I major in? I'm second guessing the Literature major."

"Oh shit!" All of her sexual distractions with that damn volleyball outfit, I had forgotten the first thing I had planned to tell her when I got home.


"She called me earlier."


"And what? I just said she called earlier." I was having fun torturing her. Usually it was the other way around. I was enjoying the rare opportunity. "We talked. It was nice to hear from her."

"You are not funny, spill it." I just looked at Paige. "I swear I will beat the information out of you if you don't start talking now."

"You are..." Paige started to smile while I paused. "in."

Paige screamed and kissed me. "You are the greatest! I need to tell my parents." She started to run for the front door.

"Wait!" I yelled. As her hand was on the doorknob, I caught up with her. I wrapped her in a hug from behind to keep her in the house and cupped her pussy in my hand. I told her, "You are a little exposed." I played with her panty covered opening with my finger to emphasize the word 'exposed'.

"Oh." She ran off to the bedroom I waited by the door. She came running back in one of my t-shirts and a pair of sweats. "Let's go! Move it!" She yelled. I opened the door and she ran to her parents' house. I ran after her. She went straight in like someone who lived there.

She told them the whole story of what happen including many unnecessary details like how she thought Helen was an old girlfriend. She spoke so fast, even I couldn't follow and I knew the story. Her parents stared in confusion.

Her mom, Doreen, looked at me and pointed at her ring finger with a questioning look. She thought Paige was incoherent because I had proposed! I hoped Paige would be this excited when I did. I mouthed "not yet." Doreen pouted so show her disappointment.

I announced for everyone's benefit, "Paige got into State."

"Oh that's good." Paige's dad, Craig, said. He let out a heavy sign. "I thought you were trying to tell us you were pregnant or something." Doreen punched his arm rally hard. "What?" he said to Doreen.

"Paul used his connections to get me in." Paige gloated while she held my hand and smiled at me.

I briefly explained knowing the department heads, but left out the sad parts about my parents. I told them, "It was her transcripts that got her in. It turns out being a valedictorian is worth something after all. I just got her records in the right hands."

Paige pressed up to my side. I could feel the texture of the teddy underneath. "Don't be so modest." She said. "They did it because they all love you and want to see you happy." Paige started to tell the story with her too many elaborate details over again but slower so her parent knew what she was saying this time. I think it was verbatim from last time.

Halfway through, I motioned for Doreen to join me on the side. I said in a low voice, "Since the conspiracy to keep her here for college is complete, I need you to help me conspire again."

"Yes?" Doreen bounced with excitement. She knew what I wanted before I even started.

*** *** ***

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