Seducing the Neighbor Girl


"You don't say!" I cheered.

"Yes, I do say!"

"What happened next?" I asked

But he dropped his act. I was disappointed. I was enjoying the recital.

He looked around like he was suddenly afraid someone may overhear, and whispered, "I ah... we did it. Then we slept together in my bed. When we woke up in the morning she wanted to do it again." He was grinning like it was Christmas.

I was happy for him. He's been trying to get Heidi out on a date for months. I had written it off as a lost cause.

"I'm glad it worked out. Have you talked to her?" I asked

"I called Sunday afternoon to make sure she got home okay."

"Well played."

"She wants to go out again tomorrow." Brad was so giddy he was bouncing.

"Do I need to be available as 'wingman'?" I checked.

"No, she wants to see me 'one on one'. Sorry bro, you're on your own. How was Reba?"

"Fine." I answered. He looked disappointed I didn't share more.

"You two looked like you might screw on the table before you left. Did you guys make back to her place before you banged each other's brains out?" he sniggered.

"We didn't go all the way, just fooled around a bit." I lied, without really lying.

"Really? Too bad. I guess I owe you then." he commiserated.

"Just invite me to the wedding."

"Deal. You can be my best man."


When I got home from work Monday, I felt compelled to call Reba. She was happy to hear from me. I was worried she would want a relationship and I didn't want to have to let her down. We talked for five droll minutes before she broke the news on me, "Look Paul, it was fun, really fun, and we have to do it again, but I know you don't want anything serious and that's fine."

"No, I don't want anything serious." I was relieved, but still felt a little guilty.

We wrapped up the phone conversation but not before she made me agree we could be 'friends with benefits'. And her oral skills could be a huge benefit. Believe me.

Just as I hung up the phone, I saw Paige shaking out a towel on a lounge chair on the patio. I went out to say hello.

"Isn't it a bit late to lay out Paige?" I asked.

"Yeah, but I just got home from studying. And there's still sun."

"I'm going to eat dinner. Do you mind if I sit out here so that we can talk?"

"No. That would be cool Mr. D."

I retorted, "Okay little miss P."

She smiled at me.

I sat eating and watching her lay out. She really was hot. There was no way around it. Her body was perfect, highlighted shoulder length chocolate brown hair with bronze and blond streaks, perky tits, athletically trim waist, firm ass, slender arms, slender legs. Her only fault may have been her height; a short 5 foot zero. She was proportionately tiny, probably 90 pounds or less. I imagined the acrobatics I could do with her tiny body in the bedroom.

We talk about trivial things, but the conversation flowed very naturally and was enjoyable. Paige was very witty and smart. She stayed past sunset. She reluctantly left when she got cold and I was sad to see her leave.

The next day she came over, we repeated the performance except this time I had a plate of food for her; she joined me for dinner.

After her first bite, "This is good." She seemed surprised and took another bite. "Really good."

"Can you cook?" I asked.

"Not like this."

"Pop tarts?" I inquired.

"That and jelly beans." She goofed.

"Sounds delicious. You cook next time. I'll bring some juice boxes."

Again, being together felt right. I couldn't remember the last time I enjoyed someone's company this much. This became our daily routine when I got home from work.


Wednesday came and Brad came by to visit after work. He was overflowing with news of Heidi, his new 'girlfriend'. They went out, had fun, had sex. Based on what I could gather she was a big fan of receiving head but not giving. Brad was happy though he loved to go down.

"We should have a party here." Brad suggested.

It seemed like I was always trying to not have parties at my house. "Yeah, like the last sausage festival."

"But now I have Heidi to invite her friends."

"Okay, this is pathetic." I was not convinced.

"Why have this house if you aren't going to entertain."

"That's your best argument yet, even if it only so that you can find another way to get laid."

"And what wrong with that? May you can get laid too?"

"Now that is a good excuse in itself really. You should have led with it instead. Okay, when is our party?" I conceded.

"How about Friday?"

I briefly wondered how it would go over if I invited Paige as my date. Right on queue Paige appeared on the patio she started to lay out in the sun.

"Who the hell is that?" Brad asked with his tongue wagging.

"Hey, stop ogling my future wife." I kidded.

"What is she, like twelve?" Brad stabbed at me.

"Yeah, but I'm saving myself for her." Brad's eyes were like saucers. "No, no, she's eighteen, she has the new car she got from her daddy for her birthday to prove it."

Brad just stared at me, then her, then me, then her, then me. He was giving me motion sickness.

"Let's go out and say hi." I suggested. Mostly to let her know she had a larger viewing audience than normal. Shit, I didn't think about her being here when Brad had invited himself over. I wondered if she would still stay for dinner.

We went out and I made introductions. Paige was extremely cold and biting with him. She obviously didn't like the intrusion on our 'together' time.

"So, you come over often?" Brad asked.

"Sometimes." She offered. "We don't have a pool at my house." It didn't help her case that she was reading a book.

"Right, the pool." Brad answered he was definitely checking her out.

She leveled a burning glare at him. My sweet little angel was trying to destroy my best friend with her laser vision, it seemed.

"Brad and I are going into town after we eat. You can have dinner with us if you like."

The second she shifted her attention to me her face and voice be warm and welcoming. "Okay Mr. D." I don't know why I said the next thing. I coolly said, "You know, I've been forgetting to collect the pool use fee, we need to settle up later."

She smiled. "Of course." She pulled a shirt down over her bikini to provide some protection from Brad's wandering eyes and came inside the house.

The three of us ate dinner together. It mostly consisted of Paige giving Brad the evil eye and him discussing Friday party plans. I ignored him best I could and trying to hold a conversation with Paige, but it wasn't working. Brad was commanding too much of my attention.

Paige went home and Brad and I went and met some friends at a billiard bar. Between stories about how wonderful Heidi was he would rib me about my high school goddess.


Later that night Reba called to see if she could come to the party. It was obvious she hoping for some time with me.

"Brad said he is throwing a party at your place Friday. Can I come over?"

"Okay, if you'd like to." God this was awkward.

"Yes, I'd like to." She was short with me, waiting for me to say more.

"Okay I'll see you here then."

We finished the conversation. She was so shallow it was a turnoff, even with the prospect of a repeat performance of her sword swallowing routine.

After I hung up, I wished I could talk to Paige. She held up her end of a conversation much more effectively.


Thursday Paige stopped by and wanted assurance that Brad wasn't coming over before coming in. We ate and had a good time. She was much better to be around than Reba.

After dinner, she saw that I had been playing a first person shooter on the gaming console. "Oh, I love that one. Do you want to try and take me one on one? I'm pretty good." She winked at me.

I had no doubt I would enjoy taking her one on one. "I'm game. I just hope I'm not too much for you to handle."

"Bring it." She smiled with a glint in her eyes.

We played the game and she wasn't kidding, she was good. I held back at first and got my clock cleaned. I found out that I had to try damn hard just to keep up. It turned out we both had a competitive streak a mile wide when it came to games. In short order we were both playing like our lives depended on it cursing at each other and talking smack. She ended up with a few more kills than me mostly due to my slow start. At least that's what I tell myself.

Well after it was dark out we said our goodbyes and she left promising me a rematch and that she would go easier on me next time.


Friday came and there were lots of people in my house. We barbequed, drank, swam, had bad, meaningless conversations. It was worse than the sausage festival last time I had a party, at least that night we had a video game tournament on the big screen. These were Heidi's friends so them being shallow and pretentious people went without saying, at least my dorky nerd buddies knew who they were.

Reba kept draping herself on me. Just after sunset, Reba asked "How about we find a private place so I can have you to myself." I was tempted by the offer, getting head is a hard thing to turn away, but I didn't want her, there was someone else on my mind. I felt almost like I was cheating. Cheating on a high school girl I wasn't in a relationship with.

I declined, went to my room and locked the door. I should have invited Paige to the party.

Saturday morning I emerged for my bedroom to find Brad and Heidi cleaning my house. They told me that pretty much the minute I had gone to bed so had they. Apparently Brad and Heidi fucked the night away. Did they really need my house to do that? Brad and Heidi thought it was great. I guess there was something to humping under someone else's roof I didn't understand.

Everyone else, whom I didn't really know, had already left. We cleaned the house and ate lunch. Then Brad and Heidi took off.


Later I made dinner and sat at the patio table to eat, hoping Paige would show up. She was nowhere to be seen. Emotionally, I felt like shit. Reba was willing but I wanted more than just a willing partner.

When I was finished eating Paige finally showed up. She was wearing skin tight blue jeans and light green turtleneck sweater. She was looking sexy as hell even though she wasn't showing much skin. Maybe more sexy than usual.

My spirits lifted when I saw her, but she looked a little blue.

"Some party you had." She feigned a smile.

"It sucked." She looked at me curiously, I continued, "I'm not having a party like that again."

After a long pause, Paige went straight to the point. "So what, is that girl like your girlfriend now?" it seemed like Paige wasn't just asking, she needed to know. Was she jealous? And, how did she know about Reba?

"No, just a friend." Was Reba even a friend? Sadly, I didn't think so.

"You two looked like more than friends."

I was mortified. "You saw us?"

"So what, you're like friends with benefits."

"She offered, but I declined."

"She just offered to do you. Like, out of nowhere?"

"There is a little history. We went out once before, but it didn't work out. I don't want see her again, I wish she could take a hint."

Paige's icy mood shifted into something a little more agitated. She looked like she was ready to fight someone.

"That tramp isn't good enough for you anyway." Paige blurted. She was definitely jealous. "You could do so much better. She was so brainless and plain looking." Paige must have been spying on us. "What did you ever see in that stupid whore anyway? Does she like give good head or something?" She stopped and looked at me. She was waiting for me to say something.

I just sat there looking like a dolt, that question was rhetorical wasn't it?

Quietly Paige answered for herself. "That's it, huh. I hit the nail on the head. Pun intended." But her venom came back, "Well you could still do a whole lot better than that cock sucking windbag. That tart. Bitch..." Definitely jealous.

I had a feeling that the string of insults would continue as long as I would sit and listen. As entertaining as that would have been to hear, I preferred to move the discussion along.

I leaned forward across the table, looked deep into her eyes and reach out to her hands with mine. "Well, I'd like to do better. Any suggestions?" My tone was imploring her to help me.

Paige leaned forward, leveled her eyes and met my gaze. She spoke a little breathlessly. "You should find yourself a little hotty that will be so good to you that she will make you forget that other girl ever existed." It was clear who she thought that hotty should be.

"I would want to make sure my little miss perfect would have such a good time she would never want to leave."

"I would like that." Paige's eyes got a little bigger and she grinned like an idiot. "Any girl would" she tried to cover.

I realized Paige, my high schooler, was the only girl I wanted to talk to, even given this screwed up conversation.

"I'm about to have dessert. Would you like to join me inside?" I asked.

"I'd love to 'join with you' inside." But then her parents called out her named "Shit. Rain check. I'll see you later."


Sunday morning I staggered toward the kitchen. Paige was already in the backyard. What time was it? Couldn't be much past 9.

I switched directions and joined her on the patio and we regarded each other. She was wearing the briefest bathing suit I could imagine. I had yet to see the same bikini twice. How many did she have?

"For payments past due." She said. She shed her top. She didn't look at me while she sat there. Her eyes focused on her toes, she looked scared. She had just stepped way outside her comfort zone it seemed. It occurred to me that I was not there in person before. I wondered if she was doing this because she thought I needed the extra enticement.

I stood and stared for a few minutes.

"I'm going to bring my coffee out here and sit with you." She looked a little troubled but just stayed rigid topless. "I'll be right back." I promised "Don't you dare move a stitch."

I was inside pouring coffee when Paige shot inside the backdoor closed it and she was leaning against the wall with her bare chest heaving breathlessly. "What the hell is Marty doing here?" She asked.

"Marty, who the hell is Marty?" I looked out and saw the pool boy skimming leaves. "Oh yeah, the Stevens kid. He cleans my pool on Sundays." I said nonchalantly. "Sorry, I forgot. Did he see you?"

"No, I heard him coming. How long until he leaves?"

"Ten minutes or so. Oh! I need to pay him today."

I grabbed a few bills from my wallet. Paige was blocking the back door still dressed for her 'booby tribute show'. I noticed she had on a G-string thong. The material in the front was so small it scarcely covered her folds down below. Not a hair to be seen.

I watched my hand move as if it was controlled by someone else. She stood frozen from when I walked up. I reached out and placed the back of my fingers just below her belly button. My hand moved down and went inside her very brief swim suit bottoms. I pulled it out a little looking inside. I could see the top of her slit. Smooth. She must have just shaved. I slid the money into her G-string and took my hands away. "Why don't you go pay him for me, like this."

"I don't think so." She was trembling.

"You could probably convince him to split the money with you." She just looked coldly at me. I pulled the G-sting open again, looked inside again, and withdrew my deposit. I could smell her musty scent this time, she must have been getting a little turned on. I kept my hand inside and gripped the material. I used her bikini bottoms as a leash of sorts. I led her away from the door and into the house. She followed very obediently.

"Where are you taking me?" She sounded very optimistic.

"Away from the door. Unless you want him to see you."

"No, this is better." She sounded disappointed.

I went out and Martin had something in his hands. It was Paige's bikini top. Ah shit.

"What-cha got there?" I asked.

He held it up for me to see. I took it from him. "Probably one of Paige's friends. I let them use the pool while I was out last weekend." I sort of lied. "I'll give it to her."

Marty seemed awestruck. That's right kid just get a house with a pool and you too could live the dream. Not really though. Marty was a geeky freshman. He really had no chance with the girls, especially Paige's friends. I paid Marty and watched him leave. Poor kid.

On my way back in I saw Paige's bag by the lounge chair. I stuffed the bikini top in it and noticed her phone. I went inside with the bag and did not see her. I quickly took out her phone and called my cell. I hung up immediately and put the phone away. "Paige?" I called out.

She stepped from the hall, "This place is awesome! I can't believe it's the same house. You did a great job." She gushed. I notice what she was wearing. Her tour route apparently had a stop in my closet and she had taken a t-shirt as a souvenir, it went down to her mid thighs. 'Big Tuna Adventure' the shirt promised. I got it during a fishing vacation in Baja. It worked for her much better than me. I landed a 130 pounder on that trip. I smiled at the 90 pounder was working on landing right now.

I walked very close to her, toe to toe, and she looked straight up into my eyes expectantly. I lifted her bag up to her between our bodies purposely brushing the valley between her tits with my hand.

"I rescued your dignity from Marty." I showed her the bikini top and told her about the conversation that had occurred between him and me, letting her in on the cover story. I patted her ass and told her, "Your secret remains safe with me."

She wrapped her arms around me in a hug and mashed her globes against my sternum. My hand was wonderfully trapped in her cleavage. I dropped the bag and kicked it to the side. I wiggled my hand around to cop a feel of one tit while my other hand gripped her firm ass.

"My savior", she said into my chest.

My dick started to prod her stomach. She tilted her head back closed her eyes and pursed her lips. I leaned down and kissed her on the mouth.

At the moment this encounter was about to turn that corner I wanted to reach, inopportunity knocked at the front door. I awkwardly walk her over to the front door her arms still around me, mine hands still groping her, and through the peep hole I saw Martin Stevens.

I told her "I think I should answer." Paige gave me a quick peck on the lips, turned grabbed her bag and ran out the back of the house for safety before I could suggest the bedroom would make an excellent hiding place. Under the covers of my bed, even better.

It turned out I had grossly overpaid Marty. And bless his honest heart he brought back the fifty dollar bill that had slipped in with his pay. It was hard to be too mad at him for breaking up my conquest but I would rather he had just pocketed the money in this case. I thanked him while inwardly cursing him.

I went back and cooked breakfast. While I was eating I kept an eye on the patio but the little vixen did not return. I picked up my cell and transferred the missed call I had made from her phone to my contacts list. I named it Big Tuna. That put a smile on my face.

Paige never showed back up, so later that night, when I was settling in for bed, I texted her, "Why did you steal my shirt?"

"???", was the reply.

"This morning. My big tuna shirt." I reminded her.

"Mr D?"

I wondered, "Who else could it be? Did you go on a shirt stealing spree after you left or something?"

"omg howd u gt my *" She replied almost instantly.

Crap, what did it mean? I was no good at text lingo. 45 seconds later I figure out she wanted to know 'How did I get her number?'

I typed out in long hand, "You left your phone in the yard with that excuse of a bikini top this morning." Maybe she would take the hint and use English when she typed back.

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