Seducing the Neighbor Girl


There was three microsecond pause. "Ive ur * 2"

I sighed and dialed her number and she answered.

"So, why?" I asked her at once.

"Why what?"

"Why did you take the shirt."

"It was weird being your house naked."

"More weird than my backyard?"

"Touché. You're not getting it back you know. I'm sleeping in it now."

I sat there staring at the phone. Wondering what to say.

She continued, "I like the way it smells. It's like you are here with me."

"Creepy. Cute, but still creepy. And kind of a one sided arrangement."

"Oh no, we traded. Check under your pillow."

I reached under and found the postage stamp size bikini bottoms I had slid my hand into earlier. It looked more like an eye patch than a bathing suit. I didn't need to bring to my nose to know they smelled like her. They were clearly marked by her scent.

"Hello?" Paige called out.

"Sorry, I got distracted. I found them."

"Do I need a hand check." She inquired. I could hear the smile on her voice.

"Maybe later."

"It's okay. I was distracting myself when you called."

She was definitely throwing me off. "You should have come back today so we could pick up where we left off."

"I wanted to, but my mom dragged me off shopping. I tried to tell her I'd rather stay home but it was hard to justify without telling her I really wanted to sneak off to make out with the neighbor some more."

"You missed dinner too."

"That was the worst part. You know I've only been using you for your good food."

"Missing dinner was worse than missing out on the other possibilities?"

"Yes. But the other thing is a very close second."

"Okay, I'm going to sleep. Enjoy the shirt. Good night Paige."

"Good night Mr. D."

"You know, little miss P, you can call me Paul."



"Paul. I like saying that. Good Night Paul."

"Good night Paige."


The next few days we ate dinner together, we kissed a little, we felt each other up a little, we viciously battled each other on the game console (we played video games for blood), but not much else happened. She always had to get back home.

Then one night I did not see Paige, so I called. "I haven't seen you around."

"Oh sorry I lost track of time. I have a term paper due this week."

I was happy she wasn't avoiding me. "Oh, sounds cool."

"You know what would be cool? You could help me with it..."

My eyeballs flew out of my head and bounced around the room like those rubber super-balls. It was a nightmare or a flashback to high school. I was actually reliving it.

"What the hell was that sound?" She asked. I guess I didn't conceal myself very well. "Are you okay?"

"No. I just choked on my soup."

"You're eating soup?"

"No. What is the paper on?" Don't you dare volunteer us, I warned the little head in my pants. Although, he did deserve some credit for letting the girls (and by extension Paige) into the backyard.

"It's a report on Macbeth."

"Thank god." I accidentally said out loud. I couldn't be of any help.


I didn't want to tell her my anxiety about being used for homework. "A smart girl like you should be able to knock that out no problem." Was all I could come up with.

"Yeah, but it still sucks. Do you miss me? Is that why you called?"

"Yes. We had a nice routine going."

"Ahhh, I see. You miss my girls." She must be referring to her boobs I guessed.

"My boy certainly does."

"That's not really fair you know. I haven't met him yet. Not the way you've met my girls."

"But you saw my chest first."

"Not the same."

"Don't pretend that you don't like to look at it."

"Okay, but even if I concede this ridiculous point, which I don't, you did look in my pants." She reminded me.

"Fair is fair, next time you are over, I'll see if I can arrange something."

"On my way now. Meet me at the back door."

I laughed at her joking. Her dry, hyperbolic style of humor was great. I was grinning until I heard doors opening and closing in the background on her phone. The wind blowing across the receiver. Her shoes on concrete. "Are you really coming over?"

"Fuck yeah. I'm not missing this opportunity" A second later "Ooh I can see in the windows when it's dark out. Can you see me?"

I could. She was the pretty brunette in my backyard waving at me with a phone to her ear.

I opened the door. And closed the window shades.

"Well?" she looked at me expectantly. She crossed arms under her tits framing them nicely.

"You've caught me cold here. I wouldn't be very impressive at the moment. But if you took your shirt off..." but just the thought of her tits was getting my engine started. "Oh wait, I think it's coming around. You will join me right?"

"Depends. If I like what I see, maybe."

I decided to change things up. Increase my odds of getting her naked quickly. I walked over to her and started to tug at her shirt

She stepped back. "What are you doing? It's your clothes that are supposed to come off."

"I think we should each unwrap our own presents." I started to lift her shirt.

She signed and started to unbutton my dress shirt pushing it off my shoulders to the floor. I pulled hers over her head.

She pulled my undershirt off. She paused and ran her hands over my bare chest.

"See, you do like it." I teased.

"Yeah, Yeah." She started to undo my belt. Then the front of my slacks. She pulled them down and I stepped out.

I got her pants off. We were both in our underwear. Me in my boxers, her in semi-transparent white lace demicup bra and matching tight boy shorts. She looked better than an underwear model in a catalog. A very hot, erotic model.

"Do you always wear underwear like that?"

"Yeah why?" She thought it was no big deal.

"Wait." I ordered. I started to drag her to another room.

"What now?" She was annoyed. I took her through the house to the rec room I built. It had its own back door off the side of the patio.

"Let's skinny dip." I always wanted to but never had a partner before.

She just shrugged her shoulders. "Okay."

I unsnapped her bra and pulled it off her arms. She kneeled down and pulled down my boxers. The elastic pulled my member down, when my hardness sprung back up it hit her in the nose. She squealed, leaned back on her heels and stared at it big eyed. She just looked rubbing some of my pre-cum off of her nose. I stepped out of the shorts and stood still and waited for her to get her fill.

"So, do you like what you see? Can I take yours off now?" She silently nodded. I pulled her to her feet but her eye's didn't break contact with my dick. I slid her panties to the floor and she stepped out of them.

My god she was the hottest girl I had ever seen naked, magazines and videos included. And she was here for me.

I turned and picked up two terrycloth robes. She pouted, "We're getting dressed now?"

"Not yet." I made sure all of the sensor lights were shutoff in the yard so that we would not be unexpectedly exposed and led her out to the patio.

We walked out to the pool. I dropped the robes in a chair near the pool and stepped into the shallow end. With me on the top step and her outside the pool we were nearly the same height. I turned and kissed her. A deep passionate kiss. I put my arms around her and pull us together so that we touched lips to thighs. She put her arms around my neck and I groped her ass. I felt a spark between us this was better than any other kiss before somehow. When I pulled back she was fevered looking and breathless. I stepped back to a lower step and she stepped into the water.

"Holy Fuck! That's cold." She spat.

"Shhhh, your parents will hear you."

"No, they're out to dinner late. We should hear their car if they get back. But the water is too cold."

"You'll get used to it. Besides I'll keep you warm." I retreated deeper into the water. I dragged a very reluctant girl with me. She jumped into my arms wrapping her legs around me to avoid the water. I had a naked women wrapped tightly around me. As I descended into the water she just gripped tighter.

Once we were both up to our necks I put my lips against hers. Her hard nipples smashed into my chest. She clung extra tight for warmth she wrapped he legs around me and we kissed with our tongues dancing in each other's mouths. I placed my hands under her ass and lifted her up so I could suckle on the lovely flesh of her chest. I sank my fingers into her slit. I had two fingers in and I was probing around looking for the right spot.

She clutched my shoulders and started making cute mewing kitten noises. Very cute. I lowered her back into a kiss. A frenzied Kiss. I kept my two fingers working in her pussy. It was a very tight fit. She constricted her legs around me and wriggled her ass on my hands grunting into my mouth. She getting off. When I perceived her climaxing ceased, I broke the kiss. Fingers still in but not moving.

"This is great but I'm freezing to death. Let's go back inside. Please." She pleaded.

I pulled my fingers out but kept my hands under her. I carried her to the concrete set her down and put her robe on her. I put my robe on and led her back to the house. I had installed bathroom with a shower in the rec room for the guests who used the pool and wanted to change or clean off after.

I led her to the shower and adjusted the water until it was hot. Once it was up to temp, I pulled Paige's robe off her body and discarded my own. I pushed her into the tiny shower stall. There was a small seat I the back of the stall and the remaining space was barely big enough for one person. Two people need to touch to share it. I went to my knees between her feet and attacked her clit with my tongue. She didn't expect the assault. She screamed, but grabbed my head with both hands and wouldn't release me.

I usually like to tease a little bit first but tonight I went right in after her clit. Her juices flowed freely. When I inserted my two fingers into her tight wet hole and roughly dragged at her g-spot, she almost immediately started to buck. Then it happened. The damn broke and she squirted about a hundred gallons of cum in my face. That was a first for me. I felt a pride in my accomplishment.

"Oh god. I'm so sorry. Mr. D." She looked at me in horror as she collapsed like a rag doll onto the shower seat.

"Don't be sorry. You just came. Extra hard. That's was the idea." It was, wasn't it?

"Yeah, but is that supposed to happen?"

"Only to really lucky girls. At least we are in the shower." I stood up. On the seat she was eye level with my hard on, who was starting to feel left out of the party.

Paige reached out a pumped it slowly. I put my legs on either side of her knees and moved my dick close to her face. I rubbed my hand tenderly along the side of her face.

She looked up at me. "I don't normally do this kind of thing you know. I'm a good girl. I tell the boys no."

I clearly looked disappointed.

"I tell boys no. But you're my man." She clarified.

I heard her say 'my man' and I liked the sound of it. "You don't have to if you don't want to." I allowed.

"I want to. I want to make you mine; I want to make you happy. It's just that I don't know how to do this part. I'm afraid I won't be good enough for you."

"Just do what seems natural. I'll coach from there."

She tentatively licked the tip then the sides. She pumped a bit with her hand. She looked up into my eyes opened up and took her first mouthful of cock ever.

It was beautiful. The most beautiful thing I ever saw.

She sucked on the end moving her hand on the lower half. She held her hand still and bobbed her head on the top half. She alternated between these two techniques. A short while later I was getting close.

I let her know, "I'm going cum."

She looked up uncertain of what to do.

"Just aim for your tits."

I shot a large stream into her cleavage. Then another and another and another. She was a beautiful mess.

"Was I as good as super tramp?" God, was Reba still on her mind?

"Much better."

"You stink at lying. I'll get better. I promise. Just let me practice on you. I'll make you forget she ever existed"

"Already happened. Please don't talk about her again."

After rinsing Paige, I shut off the water and toweled her off. Then I suggested, "Let's get to bed"

"I have to get home. I've been gone too long already."

"First, I have something to give you." We walked naked hand in hand to my bedroom.

I pulled her into the closet and waved my hand toward the rack of T-shirts. "You need a new one."

"Really!" she bounced with glee. "I almost took this one last time." She went straight for one that said 'I get turned on by big ideas'. It had a side picture of a light switch in the up position. There was a feminine hand with one finger extended stroking the underside of the switch with her finger tip. The proportioning was all wrong. The switch was much bigger than the mystery ladies finger. I had gotten it at a work conference but for some reason I only wore it for house work.

She held to her face "Oh and it smells like you. The other shirt is losing its touch."

"Maybe you can rotate them. I could wash and wear them occasionally."

"Or we could just sleep together every night and I can stop worrying about wearing shirts to bed."

"Does your dad own a shotgun?"

"Yes. Two actually. Why?" She put on a dear in the headlights look.

"You play a dingy too well."

"I better leave before I end up staying the night."

She put on her new shirt and her pants. She started to leave.

"What about the rest of your clothes?"

"Use them to amuse yourself." She said as she left.

I was hooked and we both knew it. Shit, I was worshipping a popular high school girl. Only this time I was going to get some.

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