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Seducing The Professor



Dr. Jensen's eyes were focused on the paper on his desk. He was grading homework assignments from a business class that he taught at a prominent University. A subtle sweet aroma interrupted his thoughts. He glanced up to see a female student standing in front of his desk. He had not even heard her come in. He recognized her from his 2:00 class. His class had over 60 students, which he barely knew, but she stood out because of her striking beauty. She was tall and slender, with jet black hair that seemed to glow even though it was dark as night. Her smooth soft complexion was natural and refreshing. She had caught his eye many times during class.

As she stood in front of him in a slinky dress that hugged her curves nicely, his eyes could not help but do a quick up and down scan of her body. The clingy black dress was much shorter than her typical eloquent style. It was so short that it made Dr. Jensen imagine, just for a second, how great it would be to get a glimpse of her panties underneath. His cock stirred at the thought.

Without realizing it, his eyes rested on her cleavage for a quick second or maybe even two. The top of her black lace bra purposely peaked over the edge of her dress, adding an element of naughtiness to her visit. Her breasts were pushed together tightly into firm mounds that were much larger than Dr. Jensen ever imagined. In class she dressed in a sophisticated and conservative style, which always impressed Dr. Jensen. He was quickly warming up to her more provocative style. She was clearly overdressed for a visit to her professor's office, but that didn't seem to cross Dr. Jensen's mind.

Dr. Jensen's observations and erotic thoughts occurred all in a matter of a few seconds, but it was enough for Julie to pick up on them. In just those few seconds, she knew he was mesmerized by her. She could see it in his eyes and his subconscious expressions. She smiled to herself, knowing that soon he would belong to her.

Dr Jensen managed to pull his eyes away from her cleavage. "Hello, may I help you," he asked.

"Yes, Dr. Jenson, my name is Julie Barnes and I seem to be having some trouble in your class."

Dr. Jenson noticed an unusual confidence in her voice. Typically students in distress are nervous and a bit meek when they ask for help. He understood their meekness. After all, his credentials were impressive and he was a prominent professor at the University and well known in the community. He took pride in his stature. Julie's confidence subtly challenged his authority, but he found it added to her sexiness.

"One minute Julie. Let me take a look at your file," said Dr. Jenson.

Julie watched patiently as Dr. Jenson clicked his mouse several times and punched a few keys on the computer. His eyes scanned the computer screen as he clicked a few more times. She could tell he was scanning over her work.

Julie moved around his desk and looked over his shoulders at the screen. Dr. Jensen was surprised at her boldness. His desk was a symbol of authority. No student had ever crossed that line. It was inappropriate for Julie to be standing behind him. Dr. Jensen knew he should stop her advancement, but her beauty and confidence caused him to hesitate. Her perfume surrounded him and put him at ease. Julie gently placed her hands on his shoulders and innocently asked "Not very impressive, is it?"

Dr. Jensen tilted his head up toward her voice. Her breasts and bra were inches from his face. Quickly, he turned back to the screen, but the image of her breasts remained in his brain. He desperately wanted to look back again. It took all his will power to stay focused.

Dr Jensen struggled to get his thoughts together. "Ah..well...Julie. It's...ah...it's still early in the semester. You have time to improve. With a little hard work you can probably pull out a B or C."

Julie lightly squeezed his shoulders and leaned toward his ear. In a soft seductive voice she said, "I was thinking of something a little different doctor."

Dr Jensen was certain he felt her lips brush his cheeks. His cock stirred again. Perhaps his mind was just running wild. He tried not to react. He stared at the computer screen as she continued.

"I though maybe, we could come up with an arrangement where I do a little less work, and get an A." Julie rubbed his shoulders.

Her intentions were clear. Dr. Jensen was stunned. He had fantasized about a situation like this, many times but it was all just fantasy. For a moment Dr. Jensen considered the possibility. He became aroused from the fantasies that flashed through his mind. Deep down he wanted it, but he knew it was wrong. In an unconvincing tone he replied, "Julie, I can't do that. It's not right."

Julie's hands remained on Dr. Jensen's shoulders and he made no effort to distance himself from her. After a purposeful pause, she removed her hands and slowly walked to the front of his desk. Dr. Jensen sighed with relief and a bit of disappointment. He was glad she did not push further, although he thought she gave in to easy.

Julie of course was just toying with Dr. Jensen. She was a tigress enjoying the thrill of the hunt. She knew how close he was to breaking. She knew a soft kiss and a few seductive words would send him over the edge but she had a much different plan for Dr. Jensen.

Julie sat down in the chair in front of his desk. Her sexiness still dominated the small office. The bottom of her dress seemed to disappear behind her long legs. Dr. Jensen had a nice view of her shapely legs and tight thighs. Julie smirked devilishly. "Well Dr. J. I'm surprised to see that suddenly you have morals. I have something here that might change your mind."

The morals comment confused Dr. Jensen. He was not sure where Julie was going with that thought. Julie reached into a small leather case and produced a red file folder. She slid it over the desk to Dr. Jensen. He opened the folder and his heart skipped a beat when he saw the picture inside. It was a picture of him having dinner with a woman. The picture alone was innocent. However, if one were to dig into the situation itself, the innocence would quickly disappear. Dr. Jensen wondered how much Julie knew. He was a nervous wreck, but he remained cool and composed in front of Julie.

"It's just a picture of me having dinner with a friend. How is that supposed to change my mind," asked Dr. Jensen.

Julie sat back in the chair and smiled knowingly. She purposely used his first name, as a symbol of her growing power over him. Dramatically she said, "Now James, we both know the she is not JUST a friend. In fact she's not really a friend at all, is she?"

Dr. Jensen nervously shifted in his chair. His mind was churning, trying to figure out how to respond to Julie. Julie stood, leaned forward, put both her hands on his desk and looked straight into his eyes. "She's nothing more than a call girl, a high priced hooker or....ahh... how do you say it? A whore."

Julie raised her voice on the last word with an accusing tone. James flinched at the fierce description and averted his eyes away from her. He preferred to describe Cindy as an escort. She was classy and intelligent. Despite the facts that were out in the open, James held onto his denial.

In a surprised tone he asked, "A call girl? Really? I didn't know that. Are you sure?"

Julie laughed amusingly and sat back down in the chair. James had a quick glimpse of her panties as she sat back and crossed her legs. This time he was too panicked to become aroused at the sight. He watched as Julie reached back into her leather case and pulled out a notebook. "Let's see," she said as she flipped open the cover. Her eyes focused on the paper. "Payments made from James Jensen to Cindy Carson. In February there was a $500 and a $1,000 payment; April $1,500, and June another $500."

Julie flipped the page and a few pictures fell out. Acting surprised she said, "Oh, here's a few more pictures you might be interested in. I guess they fell out of the folder." She tossed them on his desk.

By now James knew he was busted. He glanced at the pictures on his desk and blushed at the sight of him naked with Cindy. He did not bother to look through them all. It was obvious Julie had done her research. "How did you get all this information?"

"That's not important. What matters is that I have it. Last time I checked, prostitution was illegal. I'm sure all this will go over well with the University," she said sarcastically.

Defeated, James said, "O.k., I'll do it. I'll make sure you pass."

"An 'A' James. I don't want to just pass. I want an 'A.'"

"That will be hard to justify," responded Dr Jensen, still trying to hold onto some control.

"Well, you certainly had no problem bending the rules for your personal life. Unless you want to be exposed, I suggest you find a way to make it happen."

"Ok. You've got an 'A'," said Dr Jensen. His eyes stared down at the desk in complete defeat.

Julie remained seated and in no rush to leave. James knew it wasn't over. He sensed that things were just beginning between him and Julie. "There's more isn't there," inquired James.

"Of course. Do you think I would let you off that easy?"

"What else do you want," asked James, expecting her to insist on a large black mail payment to keep her quiet.

"You may want to close your door before I tell you."

Julie could have easily reached over and pushed the office door shut, but it was obvious that she expected James to get up and come around to shut the door. As he walked to the door he began to prepare himself for a negotiation of dollars. He was thinking how much he would be willing to pay to keep her quiet. James shut the door and started to walk back to his desk.

Julie stopped him. "That's far enough James. Turn around and drop your pants."

James could not believe his ears. He was not prepared for that response. He turned around speechless and shocked.

"You heard me," said Julie sternly. "Drop your pants. You've been a naughty boy and you need to be punished. I think a good old spanking is in order."

Dr. Jensen looked at the young student sitting in front of him. There was sexiness in the way Julie called him a naughty boy. Her perfume was intoxicating. A strange arousal was stirring in Dr. Jensen. He could easily see himself bending over to take his punishment from this goddess. Wild domination fantasies stirred in his mind. Yet at the same time he could not believe what she was asking him to do. It was silly, even ridiculous. He was a grown man. He was not supposed to be punished like a child. She was his student and almost half his age. She could not be the one who punished him.

Dr. Jensen blushed with embarrassment at his predicament. His voice was weak and unsure. "Uh, Julie...uh..you're not serious are you? This is going a bit too far don't you think?"

"You have two choices. Start obeying me right now and take your punishment like a man or sit back down and watch me walk out the door. If I walk, then I suggest you don't show your face on campus next week when the school paper comes out. I'm sure your story and pictures will make the front page. The way I see it, you either obey me or you lose your job, your career, and your reputation. What's in going to be?"

James was backed into a corner with no windows. He felt helpless. He wanted to protest and try to argue his way out, but he knew it was useless. Julie held all the right cards. "I will obey you," he said.

"Good, then drop your pants."

James undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. Julie's eyes stared at his white boxer shorts. "Underwear also," she ordered firmly.

James slid is underwear down to his ankles. Julie sat up straight in her chair and patted her legs. "Come lay across my legs."

James felt silly and humiliated as he lay across her legs. His authority, his power, and his manliness all vanished when he laid across the young girls legs. Strangely his arousal continued to grow. His cock rested on her warm legs. The mere contact with this beautiful and confident goddess was enough to excite him. His submissive and vulnerable position awoke erotic emotions deep within him. James struggled to keep his cock from reacting to these emotions.

Julie on the other hand, was enjoying the situation. To see Dr. Jensen, her professor, crumble and fall right before her was thrilling. The pictures and information she had certainly helped, but she knew that her sexuality and feminine power weakened and controlled him. Her pussy grew wetter and hotter each time he faltered and fell deeper into her web. He was hers now. Hers to play with, toy with, and to control.

Julie gently rubbed her hands over his ass. "Mmmm. Very nice. You have such a firm ass. It's going to be fun spanking it."

Julie's voice was soft and sensual. She was sending confusing signals to James. Was she teasing him or was he being punished? James could no longer control his cock. It slowly began to swell and grow beneath him. He was embarrassed and ashamed for not being able to control his arousal. He felt his swelling cock push against Julie's legs and he knew his secret was out.

Julie immediately commented. "Somebody's being a really naughty boy aren't they?"

James struggled to find the right words to respond. "Sorry. I can't help it. I'm not sure why."

Julie continued to rub his ass. Her hands slid toward the bottom of his ass. She allowed her finger to lightly graze his balls, sending chills through his body. "I guess you have no control over your little cock now do you? Such a bad boy."

Julie slapped his ass with her hand. The quick hit was not hard but it startled James. Julie giggled and rubbed his ass again. "That's what got you in this predicament isn't it? A hard cock that you couldn't control."

James remained quiet. Julie slapped his ass again. This time it was a hard slap. "Answer me!"

James natural reaction was to defend himself. Before he could finish his sentence, Julie spanked him again with three quick firm slaps. "Don't argue with me. The answer is yes Mistress!" She slapped him one last time to emphasize the point. "Say it!"

"Yes mistress," replied James.

Julie went back to rubbing his ass. His ass was getting hot from the spanking. Julie's soft rubbing was soothing and arousing. Julie made him lift his ass slightly so she could reach under him and grab his cock. Her hand gently stroked and rubbed his hard cock.

"James, I know this is all confusing to you right now. Here you are lying across one of your student's lap being punished. It's a little embarrassing isn't it?"

"Yes," replied James.

Julie squeezed his cock firmly and reprimanded him, "You will address me as mistress from now on, understand?"

"Yes Mistress."

Julie released her grip slightly. "Good boy. Now I know your feeling embarrassed and humiliated. You're obviously aroused as well. It's all so confusing to you but I understand."

Julie started stroking his cock again. Light gentle strokes that caused him to breathe deep with pleasure but kept him from getting too aroused. "You have a lot to learn James. Your arousal is a clear sign of your desire to submit to me. It is an indication that you are meant to serve and obey a beautiful woman like myself. It's the natural order of things James and it is the way things will be. You are the student now and I am the teacher. You are my slave and I am your Mistress, your Goddess. That is the way things are and there is nothing you can do to change it."

Julie's words were taking James on a mental journey into submissiveness. His mind was processing the thoughts. She was keeping him in an aroused state of mind that was hypnotic. The more she stroked his cock the more he seemed to agree with her logic. He was under her control and he knew it. Knowing that he had to obey her in order to save his career, allowed him to accept his position as her inferior. He did not have to question his ego or societies pressure to be the man in control. All of this did not matter because he was being blackmailed. On a subconscious level James was glad for the blackmail because it gave him an excuse to give into his dark fantasies. The power exchange was electrifying.

Julie reached into the same bag that held the naughty pictures and pulled at a round leather paddle. She waved it in front of James' face. He thought it looked like an oversized ping pong paddle. "It's time to start your punishment James. First kiss my paddle and beg me to discipline you so that you can be a better man."

James ass was already slightly red. He almost commented to Julie that he thought his punishment already had begun but he wisely decided to remain quiet and obey her. He kissed the paddle and begged, "Please discipline me Mistress Julie and teach me to be a better man."

"Very good slave. Now I am going to spank you for all your bad behavior. After each spanking I expect you to apologize for your bad behavior and tell me that you will not do it again. Understand?"

"Yes Mistress," replied James nervously.

Mistress Julie raised the paddle high above his ass. James tensed in anticipation of the slap. Mistress Julie announced, "This is for illegally paying for sex." She slapped his ass 3 times with the paddle. The slaps were not too hard. His humility was hurt more than his ass.

James responded, "I am sorry Mistress Julie. I will not do it again."

"This is for being an embarrassment to the University." The paddle came down a little harder on this round of slaps.

"I am sorry Mistress Julie. I will not be an embarrassment to the University again."

Julie continued reprimanding and spanking him for all the things he did wrong. He was condescending to women, he challenged her authority, he tried to negotiate her grade down, and he did not offer her a chair when she first entered his office. The list went on and on. James never realized he did so much wrong.

While she spanked him, she kept one hand wrapped around his cock. Each slap of the paddle caused a startling reaction from his body. His ass flinched forward, his cock pushed into her half closed fist. Her paddle left bursts of pain, her fist generated sparks of pleasure, and her words mentally assaulted him. The pleasure, pain, and domination pushed him further into submission.

When she was done disciplining James he could feel the heat from his glowing red ass. He was also on the verge of an orgasm. Being dominated stirred up pleasures within him that he never knew existed. A few more spanks and James was sure he would have made a mess all over Julie's legs. He was glad she stopped; not because he couldn't take the pain, but because he could not control the pleasure. He knew she would not be pleased if he spurted all over her hand and legs.

Next Julie ordered James to remove the rest of his clothes and kneel before her. She stood and slowly circled her slave in an inspecting manner. She ordered, "Hands behind your head! Eyes down!"

Julie stood in front of her slave, enjoying how his eyes focused on the tip of her shoes. "Kneeling at my feet is your proper place slave. It is the way things are now and you will accept it. Close your eyes," ordered Julie.

James closed his eyes. He heard Julie moving around and then he felt something being pulled over his head and face. He quickly realized it was her panties. The smell of her sex was strong. Inhaling her scent, excited him and caused his cock to twitch. It was a thrill to have the young woman's panties pressed against nose and face. James imagined her pussy pressing against the same damp fabric that now hugged his nose and mouth.

Mistress Julie squatted down behind James. She reached around and cupped her hand over his nose and mouth, pressing the crotch of her panties over his face and trapping in her wonderful smells and scents. She leaned close to his ear and seductively whispered, "Take a deep breath. Smell my pussy James."

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