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Seducing the Virgin


You may have read Virgin Summer, but this is my, Julie Strain's side of the story. I hope it keeps you up, just to think about it. I know it does for me, and just think, you have only read these stories, I have been the one to experience it, and yes, it was as good as it described in Virgin Summer, chapters 1-10, and I would like to thank writer, 101 for giving me the inspiration to write it for you.

The Porn scene in America had gotten stale. It had gotten to the point where I was just expected to take of my bra and panties, and flash my titties and tush for the camera, while sighing, and moaning and groaning while men with big dicks and perfect skin and teeth had their wicked way, while we writhed around for five minutes, until sweat drenched, we collapsed and screamed at the point of simultaneous, mutual orgasm. This wasn't real life, not the way I experienced it at least, I didn't go in for that screaming anyway, and I sometimes liked to keep myself covered up.

A new vitamin had just been launched on the scene, which claimed to increase sex drive by up to 500%, and allow anyone who took it to go for hours, when before they would just last for minutes, or in the case of men, seconds. The only place where it was legal to test it was in Britain, where some loophole made that the case. Myself, and some friends who felt the same, Nikki Fritz, Tera Patrick, Kerri Windsor, wanted to test out this new vitamin. I was to shoot a real life porn film in England, where I would go out to seduce as many men, or women, as possible, to check whether this new product really worked. I told my husband Kevin Eastman, that me and the girls were going on holiday to London, and would be away for roughly 3 weeks, but I would phone him once we were there.

Myself and the girls had hired some brand new houses that were being built on a new housing estate near to Birmingham. We loaded my most seductive clothes, and bondage and fetish equipment, various camera's, some CCTV cameras, and every type of equipment, and chartered a plane across the Atlantic. Our production company paid for the whole trip, as long as we returned with some dynamite footage for the company to sell. I didn't want Kevin to find out, but this was the only way in which we could go on the trip, all expenses paid. For me, I hoped it would be a final fling, before old age stopped me being attractive. I am fast approaching forty, and once you hit the big 4-0, you are deemed as being unattractive in this industry, but now I felt sexier, and more comfortable in my own skin than I did when I was in my mid twenties.

The journey was uneventful, and as we landed in London, we hired a car, and headed for Birmingham, where we quickly found the estate, and the four houses we had hired. I was to live in house number one, which had been furnished already. There was a massive double bed in the bedroom, and a massive, well concealed garden. The house was on the end, so that we only had one set of neighbours, where Nikki Fritz lived. The other houses were spy houses, where the girls could watch people going from house to house, to let me know when a likely victim for the vitamins was going to come calling.

We set up the house so that we get catch all of the action. I had decided that I wanted a camera in with me, and we set up a CCTV Camera in every room, just so they were there, but so that they could be easily forgotten, and not noticed by people who didn't know they were there. I set up my bondage equipment, my whips and chains, in the basement. I watered the garden so that it would look healthy, if we ever ventured outside. Nikki and the girls set up an editing suite in the attic of the house next door, where they could film anything that happened. I had a shower and went to bed, anticipating what the following day held for me.

The following day saw bright sunshine, and not a cloud in the sky. I looked out of the window, after getting dressed, and watched as an older man went from door to door. I heard the phone ring, it was Nikki.

'Julie' she said, 'Do you want to do this one?'

I looked out of the window, and saw that although he was older than I would have liked, he was still fit. I said I would have him, but only the once, unless he was an outstanding lover. Our houses were all separated, so I knew that only myself, this man, and the girls would know what was going on. I ran upstairs, and quickly threw of my clothes, and went down wearing the skimpiest briefs and bra I could find. The black material matched my more than ample cleavage, as I went downstairs to open the door.

'Hello' I said as I gazed at the man. He was tall, maybe 6 foot, and well built, yes, I thought, I will have him, as I invited him in. I turned around, letting him savour my buttocks, I let him through to the hall, and into the lounge. I asked him if he wanted a drink. He said yes, so I made us both a coffee, and slipped some of the vitamins in. He introduced himself as Phillip, who lived at number 40. He had just moved in, and wandered if I knew the area at all.

I sat there drinking the coffee. I stared into his soft brown eyes, and noticed that he wore no wedding ring. Good, at least he will be cheating on no wife, I thought. It was bad enough that I was even contemplating doing this to Kevin, when I felt a sudden rush, as the effect of the tablet kicked in.

I felt a rivulet of sweat run down my back, as I looked at Phillip, he was red in the face, and wore a vacant expression. He looked at me, and went to leave, saying he was sorry for disturbing me while I was getting dressed. I looked at his crotch, and could see his erection in his trousers. I knew that if I didn't relieve his erection for him, he would have to do it himself. Before I knew what was going on, I had my tongue down his throat, and was stroking the hair on his head. My hand went down, through the buttons on his shirt, ripping the thin material. My hands went down to his waist, and slowly stroked his erection through the material of his trousers.

I heard him murmer, as his lips moved from my lips to my neck, to my breasts. Expertly, he undid my bra, as I felt his warm lips and tongue caress my nipples to the point of hardness. I gasped as his hands moved down my back, over my buttocks, and to my vagina. I gasped as he expertly removed the thin black material from my ass, until all I wore was my necklace and my watch.

'I want you so much' he said, as he stared into my eyes. I quickly undid his trousers, feeling the warmth of his penis, as it stood there, stiff, erect and proud. I felt my mouth on it, as I slowly sucked him of. My other hand carressed his buttocks, grasping his back, as he thrust into my mouth. I stopped, and moved up to his lips, kissing him passionately, as he pushed me back to the floor. I though he was going to fill me then, when he stopped and his own mouth went down to my pussy. I gasped as his large tongue filled my pussy. I let out sigh after sigh as the tablets, and Phillip helped me to my first orgasm on British Soil. As the sensations died away, I noticed Philip's huge erection, bulging between his legs.

'Follow me' I said as I lead him upstairs to the bedroom. He looked at all of the mirrors on the wall, and looked at the CCTV Camera. He looked at me, and then back at the camera again. He studied my breasts, and my face, and looked at my breasts again.

'Forgive me for being forward, but you are Julie Strain, aren't you?'

'Yes' I replied.

'Don't worry, one of our neighbour's has lent me a couple of your films. Temptress II and Illicit Dreams III. I have just started a film studies course, and we are doing b-movies now, that's only how I know who you are, other than carnally, of course' he said, laughing.

'Oh, do you mind if we make love once more, for the camera's' I asked, knowing I was pushing my luck.

'You try stopping me' he replied. I climbed unto the bed, as I felt his strong hands falling against my ass, making me wince in the discomfort he had just caused me.

He lay on his back, his massive erection towering over his stomach. I leant into kiss him again. I slowly jiggled my way down his erection, until he filled me completely. I started rocking backwards and forwards on his penis, as I felt his hands rove over my back, my breasts, my face, as we gently kissed each other. As our activity carried on, I leaned back to look at the camera, the first waves of pleasure washing through me. Phillip withdrew himself suddenly, and pushed me over until I was on my back staring at the camera. He quickly re-inserted himself, as my legs locked around his back, he violently sucked on my breasts, as his own action continued to take me higher. I let out scream after scream, as the force of my orgasm sucked all of the juice from Philip. He let out groan after groan with each release of his seed into my body.

I opened my eyes, and saw him above me, the force of his exertions having taken a lot from him. I looked at him and smiled, thanking him for the two orgasms he had let me have to his one.

'Julie it was my pleasure. Now, can you tell me what you are filming, and what you put in our coffee'

I told him the whole story. He offered to help us with the videoing, if I would do a favour for him. One of his neighbours, who had leant him the tapes of her, would give anything to do lose his virginity to a vixen like Julie. We thought of a plan to get the neighbour over, so that there would be something decent on the film.

I led Philip downstairs, and showed him the rest of the house. There was the bondage room. The huge bathroom with the mirrored floors, walls and ceiling. The garden. I even showed him the video room, with Nikki and the rest of the girls. They all teased Phillip for what he had just done.

I only needed to know whether I was still attractive enough to warrant the attentions of an eighteen year old virgin, when he called in in two days.

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