The following story took place in the mid 1980's. The people involved were born in the depression years and raised in a very conservative manner. During their mating and early marriage years Elvis and the Beatles emerged along with rock stars in satin pants, bra-less women, availability of hard core porn, swap parties and a generally permissive society.

Most of these events evolved during their "married with children" lives. They entered this time warp as very straight and sexually unsophisticated people and emerged from it as their children left home; to look around and see a new and different erotic world. Now still virile and strong and with more free time available, the cork was pulled from the bottle and the sex genie emerged in many delightful forms.

Marg and her husband Nels lay on their sides teasing and tempting each other with words and touches. Marg's upper leg was raised over Nels hip deliciously spreading her pussy; her nipples brushing his chest; his cock between her legs. This was a new form of foreplay that allowed time to allow passions and lust to build instead of their more usual headlong rush to orgasm. They had discovered that talking about their secret fantasies and experiences during this foreplay, formerly taboo talk between them; could arouse them to a new level of pleasure.

After years of total fidelity they could now talk about engaging in sex with others. This usually centered on their group of friends with whom they partied on a weekly basis. All were in the same age and social bracket; their children no longer living at home. The parties were becoming increasingly daring and experimental. They played adult games and some were making references about swapping partners.

This night however Marg had a little different story to tell. She whispered, "I was bad today, do you want to hear what I did?"

She felt his immediate excitement, a surge in his knob as it rubbed her slit.

"This afternoon, Don (their son) came over for a swim and brought Johnny and Malcolm along. Malcolm has always seemed very shy but I have also noticed how he watches and sneaks peeks at my ass and tits. I brought some snacks out for them and Malcolm could barely keep his eyes off me. I let him have a good look. I was wearing my terry-cloth shorts and halter top and felt very horny."

"After I returned to the kitchen he continued watching me through the window. I locked eyes with him just to let him know that I could read his thoughts. Don and Johnny got up and left in the car for some reason but Malcolm stayed and soon came into the kitchen and asked for a drink. I gave him a good show, bending and showing my tits and butt. My slit was wet at the thought of what I was doing to him."

Nels was breathing in short gasps, his hands caressing her cheeks, pulling them apart as he forced his knob into her slit.

"Then what happened," he said in a strangled voice.

Marg did not respond right away, but moved her hips back and forth, massaging his knob in her slit. He groaned a little.

"I could see he was hard, his cock was showing under the swim suit. I moved in front of him so that I could watch outside in case the boys returned. He was staring down at my breasts; my nipples were erect and poking through the soft cloth of my halter top. I looked up at him and ran the palm of my hand along his cock. He gasped my name but he did not move away as I stroked and rubbed his cock."

Nels rolled her to her back; her legs coming up around him and he drove his cock deep into her. His body tensed as he murmured "Damn baby, what happened next?"

Margaret almost lost it, the vivid memory of stroking Malcolm's cock at the same time she was being fucked by Nels was almost too much to take. But she calmed herself again and relaxed while Nels slowed his pace wanting to hear more.

Marg continued, "I pulled out the band of his swim suit and slipped my hand inside. His cock was sticking up along his belly and I ran my hand down the bottom of it, oh God. I traced a finger around the ridge of his big knob. I could feel it stiffen even more. My pussy was so wet at the thought of how it might feel in me. I just had to see it."

Nels moaned loudly, digging his knees into the bed as he began to fuck her desperately, his hands under her butt, pinching and squeezing her cheeks as he ground away in her. "Was he big?"

Margaret hesitated, "Yes."

Nels fucked furiously and then, "Big as me?"

A longer hesitation as her heart pounded at this combination of erotic thought and physical sensation, "Yes, he was huge".

Nels was inflamed with the mental image of his wife's hand around a hard young cock while he was screwing her. They fucked madly again before slowing down. He wanted to hear more and she wanted to tell him.

"He didn't move as I pulled his trunks down until his big cock sprung free, I couldn't take my eyes off of it. He moaned my name "Mrs. Holden." I had no idea where this was going but I couldn't stop."

"I moved to his side and rubbed my tits against his chest and grabbed the base of his cock with one hand and stroked it with the other. I couldn't get my fingers around his cock it was so thick. It was wild, I was so horny, I thought about what it would feel like to have that big cock spreading my slit, God baby. Fuck me, fuck me!"

Marg's head bounced against the headboard as Nels banged her. Then they slowed once more to long slow stroking.

Marg continued, "I wanted to go down on him but it was too late. He was starting to shake and his knees were bending and I knew he was coming. I moved in behind him and untied my halter and crushed my bare tits against his back. Reaching around him I grabbed his cock in both hands. He began to fuck my hands until he blew his load."

Marg cried out as she began her orgasm and Nels body jerked spasmodically as he erupted. He collapsed down on her, her pussy still trembling and convulsing, milking his cock as it began to soften before squeezing it out of her slit.

He rolled off of her to his side. She lay there with legs still spread and tits splayed each side of her body; eyes closed in exhaustion. She was a little nervous. She had been more detailed than she had planned to be.

But he said, "God that was hot. Did you think of fucking him?"

Margaret said, "Hmm yes, and I was imagining it was him fucking me just now and not you. I preferred not to do him without you knowing, but baby, if he had decided to fuck me, I doubt I could have or would have wanted to stop him. That was probably why I jerked him off."

Nels said, "Damn that was exciting, and it sure makes for good fucking between us!" They both laughed.

Marg moved closer to her husband, kissing him on the neck while her hands stroked him. She whispered, "Do you want me to fuck him?"

Nels did not respond immediately. This was a giant step in their relationship. There had been a time not too long ago when his wife would not have even used the word "fuck".

Finally he said, "Not yet baby. Let's play this along a bit and see where it goes. Take him to another level, but no pussy for him yet."

Marg's nipples tightened at the words.

A few nights later Marg stood drying herself with a soft towel after a long relaxing bath. She looked at herself in the mirror. She was pleased with her appearance. She had a few stretch marks but thought her body was quite presentable. She lifted her breasts up and smiled.

She pulled on a short white robe, fixed her hair and returned to the bedroom. Nels lay on the bed watching her as she approached, smiling at the new confidence she exuded. She was a beautiful woman. She bent and kissed him. His hand slipped inside the robe and fastened on a breast, his fingers rolling the nipple. She smiled and said, "Time for the phone call."

She sat on the bed with her back to the head-board and legs stretched in front of her as she dialed a number. A pause, "Hmmm hello Malcolm, thanks for being there."

There was a little polite exchange between them and then she told him she was putting him on speaker phone because she was going to be busy with her hands.

She and Nels had often carried out their version of phone sex while he was away on business and she had quite enjoyed it. Now she was about to practice it on this seemingly shy young man in the presence of her horny husband.

"Did you enjoy our little encounter the other day? I was terribly excited and probably did more than I should. You seemed to enjoy my efforts. I certainly had fun, did you?"

"Oh Mrs. Holden, you know I did. I have been thinking of nothing else since it happened and how beautiful you looked, and how good you felt."

"Malcolm, it might be nicer if you called me Maggie when we chat like this. I was surprised that you did not touch me; you just sort of settled back and let me play. My nipples were hard. Did you notice? God, wish you were here to suck them right now."

"Ah God Maggie, I wanted to feel and suck them but I was afraid to do anything that might stop you."

Marg purred, "I just had a hot bath and am naked; my fingers are pulling my nipples and imagining that they are your fingers. Would love to feel your lips take each of them and lick and suck on them. Can you taste them Malcolm?"

Nels moved beside his wife now and lifted a tit to his mouth.

Marg closed her eyes as her nipple disappeared into his mouth.

From Malcolm, "Ah God Maggie, fuck yes I want to suck them".

"Did you not think of touching my pussy? I was so horny stroking your cock, my pussy was throbbing and my slit wet. I probably would have come with you if you had slipped your hand into my panties."

There was a groan from Malcolm, followed by the sound of him jerking his cock which heightened the arousal of both Marg and Nels.

"I did something special for you tonight. I shaved my pussy and fashioned a bikini cut. I was thinking of you as I trimmed away. I used a safety razor to make it smooth. First a little gel to soften the hairs, then cleared each side of my slit. I am looking at it now with my legs spread wide and running a finger along the side of my wet slit. I wish you could see it."

There were more frantic sounds from Malcolm.

"What are you doing? Do you have your cock out? Is it hard Malcolm? Are you thinking of putting it in my pussy?"

Nels moved down and stretched out between Marg's legs, his mouth kissed her inner thigh from the knee up towards her pussy. Marg's fingers made little circles around her clit.

Finally from Malcolm, "I am so fucking hard and jerking myself off."

Nels mouth was just brushing Marg's pussy; she could feel his hot breath as her fingers continued to circle her clit, now spreading her slit for his tongue. She arched her back and pushed her pussy towards his mouth. Her voice now strained, "Malcolm, would you like to taste my pussy."

Nels tongue flicked out and rimmed her lightly; her tiny inner lips flared open in the shape of an "O" and trembled in anticipation like a flower in a breeze. Nels tongue tip poked into the "O" and Margaret moaned loudly.

"Malcolm, answer me, would you like to taste my pussy? Have you ever gone down on a woman? Ah damn, Malcolm!" Marg struggled as Nels pressed his tongue flat on her clit and rubbed it. But there were only groans and grunts from Malcolm and the sound of him hammering his cock.

Nels was between her legs on his knees the knob of his cock rubbing her wet slit. He fucked her with half his cock like a dip stick measuring oil in a car. Margaret arched her back up to pull it all in her while sliding to her back. She clamped her legs around his back. The only sound became the slapping of their bellies until they came.

The silence was now broken by heavy breathing from each end.

"Malcolm, are you still there, I am sorry that I lost it just then, I had to come. I had three fingers right up my pussy."

In a strangled voice, "Oh boy Maggie, I just come too, I have thought of nothing else but you since that day."

A pause, "Malcolm," Nels pushed up a bit from her and their eyes met and locked, "would you like to fuck me?"

Malcolm whispered "yes, I want to fuck you."

He smiled to himself. It was working again. In the past year he had fucked several married ladies in this age group. He was polite, acted innocent of life in general, managed to get close to them at critical times and surrendered to them when they made their move. His hard body and large cock no doubt added something to his attractiveness.

Later that week Marg was sipping wine beside the pool with her best friend Liz. She and Marg were largely responsible for the increasing amount of erotic play at their house parties. Both had become fascinated with the possibility of swinging and had introduced most of the games aimed at promoting unfettered sex.

Liz was a tall willowy small breasted woman. She was a strawberry blond with very white freckled skin and exuded sex. She had designs on Nels and if nothing else came of the parties she and Marg hoped they could at least get to swap husbands.

Marg related her experiences of the last few weeks and sensed Liz's arousal as the story unfolded. She recounted how she had asked Malcolm if he wanted to fuck her as she lay beside her husband.

Liz was squirming and hot when she said, "You crazy woman! Have you decided whether you are going to fuck him?"

Marg took a deep breath and said, "I already have."

"My God, tell me was it good? Where and when did you do it? Does Nels know? Were you nervous when he fucked you?"

Marg shuddered and smiled, "Ah fuck it was wild and Nels knew all about it, that was the best part. He fucked me in our bedroom. We secretly taped it so Nels could watch me get laid. He and I have been playing it and fucking our brains out ever since. We might go blind soon. Do you want to see the clip?"

There was no need for Liz to answer but she gasped, "Damn yes, I want to see it".

They raced into the house with Marg as desperate to watch it again as she was to show Liz. She had become a bit of a narcissist. They settled on a couch side by side in front of the TV.

The clip started with Marg in a robe leading Malcolm to the side of the bed. "We were both nervous, but I asked him to sit down on the bed."

Marg dropped her robe to the floor and stood totally naked in front of Malcolm. She leaned ahead placing her hands on his shoulders. Her breasts dangled in his face. His hands were on her hips and then slipped around behind to her cheeks. He went right after her and licked underneath her tits while rubbing his rough cheeks against the soft skin.

Liz reacted immediately to his onslaught and said, "He doesn't look too inexperienced to me."

Margaret said, "He was very good and turned me totally on with his nipple play and look at his fingers now in my pussy. He was gentle and busy on the clit, and then rubbed my cunt lips together and then stroked the lips. Look at that big thick finger working its way into me. I almost come right there and believe me I still wanted to be fucked. He was good."

Liz whispered, "God he is a madman at your tits."

Malcolm's mouth moved down her belly and kissed her hips and then her bush, sliding one hand up between her legs to part them.

"I asked him to taste my slit."

Malcolm held her hips steady as Margaret raised one foot up on the bed to spread her cunt open. He bent his head down to lick and suck her pussy.

"Ah my God" said Liz.

Both women were now lying back in a corner of the couch, legs spread in front of them caressing their own nipples and pussies while their eyes remained fastened on the TV.

Malcolm stood and removed his tee shirt. Marg sat on the edge of the bed and unzipped his shorts pulling them to the floor along with his undershorts.

Liz cried out, "God Marg he is huge, don't tell me he could get that in your pussy!"

"I knew it would be a challenge but I had thought of nothing else since I jerked him off a few weeks ago."

Marg rubbed her cheeks on the big cock while holding it in her hand. She kissed and stroked it and licked it like a cob of corn. She slapped it on her tongue before closing her lips around the knob. One hand went to his balls lifting them and caressing them, squeezing them gently. At her touch Malcolm grabbed her head and tried to sink his cock down her throat.

"He tried to fuck my mouth, he was too big for that, so I quickly pulled off of it and stood up."

Both ladies now had their fingers in their slits, massaging their clits slowly and deliciously as they watched Malcolm lay back on the bed. His big cock was slightly bent and jutting up above his belly. The only sound in the room was the breathing of two enthralled women.

Marg whispered, "I wanted to mount him from above so that I could take control."

Liz choked out, "Jesus baby, were you frightened at all? Were you nervous? You look determined."

"All I knew was that I wanted to feel that in me, and that I wanted to get fucked, there was nothing else on my mind".

Marg mounted Malcolm with her knees planted on each side of his torso. She hovered over the end of his cock moving her hips as she slowly lowered down on him. She used her hand to rub the big knob in her slit and began to take it in her. He rubbed her clit with his thumb. She began to fuck the knob slowly and then more actively. She settled down and most of his cock disappeared.

"I asked him not to move but to let me get it in before he started fucking. But I could feel his shaft throbbing in me and I knew I would not have much time".

Liz was moaning now with three fingers right up her pussy. She removed them and pulled her panties off to be totally naked from the waist down.

Marg followed suit and quickly pulled her panties off as well. It could not get any more erotic than this; two friends watching a video of one of them being laid by a young stud.

Malcolm's cock was totally buried now in Marg's pussy as she leaned ahead and braced herself with her hands on his shoulders. Her tits dangled in front of his face. He made short upward jabs each time Marg settled down on him.

Marg said, "At this point I had almost all of him in me and I was more relaxed. I was ready now for more and began to fuck him with longer strokes. It felt so good with that big knob scouring all sides of my hole."

Liz could not take her eyes off of the TV. Malcolm grabbed Marg at the hips to hold her and he began to drive his cock up into her. She was just holding onto him as her tits bounced in all directions.

Malcolm flipped her to her back and was on top of her between her legs and pounding her pussy relentlessly. Marg's legs were now extended up around his hips. His muscular butt strained as he took full control of matters. They both came with neither able to sustain the furious action. Their bodies jerked and thrashed for seconds before he collapsed down on her.

In a choked voice Liz said, "God baby, that was wild, how did you feel after that?"

Marg was still fingering herself "I was exhausted. My pussy was numb and he was still slow fucking me. I was wondering who had seduced who. He was certainly quite expert for a young man. He was not finished and within seconds his cock hardened and he began to lengthen his stroke."

They watched in total fascination as the young stallion began to regain his composure with long slow strokes. He paused to rub his knob in her slit and then thrust it back in her now fully available cunt. He lifted himself to his knees and then raised one of Marg's legs to his shoulder and turned her to her side. There was a clear view of her pussy with cum oozing out around his cock.

"I didn't know what he was doing. I presumed he would pull out after he came and that he was just enjoying the last few strokes. But his cock was getting harder and swelling up in my pussy like a dog's cock. His eyes bored into mine. There were no words but I could read his mind, "I'm going to fuck you again." I just let him use me, I loved it".

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