The music wafted through the hall, gyrating from the tables across the open dance floor to the ears and mind and body of Lena. The Dark nightclub was full that night as Lena danced all alone. Bodies were all around her, moving, touching her heated skin, brushing past her moving form. Some would even dance before her, moving with her, but still she danced alone.

Her eyes closed to the world, she let her body move to the music. She didn't know what band played, what music moved her, she only cared that she danced. Swaying in perfect time to the beat, her hips twisted and coiled, her knees bent and straightened, her chest heaved and shook. Her arms were everywhere and nowhere, moving as the music dictated. She was in ecstasy, lost in this dark place, free to let herself become one with the sounds. She loved this place, these dark people with their own agendas that both desired and demanded of her.

She felt a stirring from deep within, a moistening of her cunt as she moved. Someone would take her home this night. She usually let some guy take her home when she came to The Dark; this night was a certainty. But that was later. For now, she had to move.

As Lena danced, she was aware of so many eyes upon her, lusting, wanting. But she was oblivious to the specific set of dark eyes that watched her from the fringes of the dance floor. Away from the thick crowd, Jason stalked the floors in search of his prey. He had come to The Dark, much like Lena had, for a purpose. He sought a prize, a creature to feed his consuming hunger. Not just any girl would do; he needed something special, something worthy of his chase, a prey he could savor and delight upon. From the moment that he entered the club, he knew she was the one, and became his prey from that moment on.

She was more exotic than any other of the creatures that roamed this place. There was something about her, something more, something at once untouchable and so very accessible. His eyes soaked in her form as he slowly circled the floor. Knee high leather boots, spiked with three-inch heels, covered the creamy skin of her lower legs. A black vinyl skirt did little to hide even the bottom of her ass cheek, and as she swayed and curled, it was all too apparent that she wore no panties. Her flawless thighs, milk white, were open and inviting to all that would look. A blood red shirt covered with a black leather vest was opened to the middle of her chest, her full breasts swelled out from the tight material. Her neck was long and smooth, leading to a pale face with sharp, pixie-like features, all framed by short, raven-black hair. Dark eyes, closed to the light, gleamed with an inner fire when she tempted those around her with a quick glance. She was special, so beautiful, so ripe for the taking. Jason circled ever closer to his prey. He would have her this night; a night like no other. Perhaps she would be able to quench his thirst.

He moved through the crowd with ease and stopped before this creature. Others around him, petty, small things, gave him dark looks as he dared to do what they could not command themselves to do. Watching her, breathing her heated scent, he began to move. Slowly at first, to his own rhythm, then with more passion, more feeling, as he let the music take him, and his moves mirrored hers.

Someone was dancing with her; Lena could sense him. Even though he never once touched her, his presence pushed down upon her body. She slowly opened her eyes and looked into his dark face. He was pleasing to look upon, dressed in a suit of black, his skin pale in contrast. And he moved like no man she had ever seen. She moved closer, not touching, not needing to touch. Electricity filled the thin air between them as they moved their bodies like one mind, gyrating, twisting, turning, and thrusting. They never stopped, never spoke, never took a single notice of those around them as Jason captured this lovely creature with his eyes, his body, his heat, his passion.

It was a short walk to Jason's apartment. They never spoke the entire way, never asked each other's names, but continued to move, continued to explore each other, never touching.

He led her up the steps to the large studio apartment. The windows were draped in thick, black curtains, blocking out both light and sound. Jason slowly made his way around the room, lighting candles as he did, until at last the entire area was glowing in a dancing, pale light. Lena looked about the massive room with shining eyes. It was divided neatly into separate sections; a small kitchen area, a living area, a massive four-poster bed complete with canopy, and a large section that captured all of her attention. It was filled with strange and exotic apparatus, from chairs and tables complete with belts and straps, to racks of whips and tools of torture and pain. She licked her lips as she scanned over the vast collection.

Jason moved in behind and captured her arms behind her back. She turned her head to him as their lips met in a lingering kiss. Their tongues melded and twined as they explored each other's mouths. She didn't resist as he released her arms and wrapped himself around her. One hand worked at the buttons of her vest and shirt, while the other roamed down her body and crept under her short skirt. She spread her legs to allow him access to her wet pussy. Lena moaned and swayed, leaning back against his strong form, as his fingers pushed passed her swollen lips and worked their way up inside her.

His other hand finally freed both her vest and shirt and he pulled them both off her shoulders and let them drop to the floor. He sucked and nibbled at her neck as his hands kneaded her full tits. She continued to sway, purring softly from her throat. He reached down and unzipped the side of her skirt, ripping it away and tossing it from them. She was in pure ecstasy as his hands worked over her naked flesh, rubbing her tits, stroking her pussy, caressing her ass as they moved in a gentle, rocking dance.

Without warning, Jason suddenly thrust her forward. She landed front first against a table that was erected vertically. Before she could react he was on her, pinning her to the table as he forced her wrists over her head into the leather bindings that were attached to the wooden surface. She struggled and tried to kick as he fastened her legs, wide apart, in similar shackles. With a cold face, he twisted her head and made her look at him as he shoved a ball gag into her open mouth and secured it around her head. Her eyes were livid, more with anger than fear as he disappeared from her vision. She twisted and pulled at her binds, but it was useless.

He let her stay like that for sometime before he appeared again. He had changed into a body suit of black leather, a full mask covering all of his face except his eyes and mouth. The only other part of him that was exposed was his hard cock, erect some 9 inches through a hole in the suit. She looked at him with a burning anger in her eyes. He reached out and grabbed one of her ass cheeks in his gloved hand and squeezed it. Letting go he brought his open palm slapping into the delicate cheek with a loud crack. Lena jumped as much as the binds would allow her and squeaked into the gag.

Jason walked over to the rack of toys and selected one of the devices. He brought it back over to her and held in front of her eyes for her inspection. It was a vibrator, nothing too large, with a series of leather straps attached to it. He moved behind her, and starting at the back of her neck, gentle dragged the dildo down her spin. She shivered in delight as he rubbed it between her ass cheek, rubbing it passed her anus, and worked it to her pussy. Slowly, he teased her cunt lips with the tool, rubbing around the wet opening of her hole, pushing it against her swollen clit. She moaned and squirmed, trying to force herself down on the dildo, but Jason continued his teasing actions. Finally, ever so slowly, he aimed it at the opening of her cunt, and eased the dildo inside. Without slowing or pausing he pushed 6 inches of it inside of her. She moaned into the gag as her itching pussy was at last filled with something. Jason hooked the series of straps around her hips and waist, holding the tool inside her, and then turned it on.

The vibrations attacked her instantly. Jason stood back and watched as Lena moaned and writhed. She spread her hips as far apart as she could as began forcing her clit against the hard wood of the table. She rocked her body up and down, thrusting her hips into the table's surface. For long, aching minutes she worked herself as best she could. Jason could hear her scream in throes of orgasm as her body tightened against the pleasure that coursed through her. Leaving the vibrator on inside her, he pulled another tool off the rack and returned to her.

He held the short riding crop in a firm grip. Lena continued to squirm under the administrations of the dildo, but could still feel Jason trace outlines across her back with the edge of the crop. He brought the crop down and rubbed it between her ass cheeks, gently stimulating her anus. She pushed back against it, but Jason pulled it away. Without warning, he brought the crop crashing down on her left ass cheek. She shrieked into the ball gag as he slapped down on the other cheek, leaving brilliant red welts. He cracked it down again, and again. With each strike, she rubbed her clit up against table, shrieking into her gag, getting closer and closer to her next orgasm. She howled in ecstasy as waves of pleasure coursed through her. Jason looked down and saw that one of his strikes had cut her. A small trickle of blood rolled down her ass. He scooped it up with his finger and brought it to his lips. Savoring the salty flavor, he licked his lips and dropped to his knees. His lips locked around the open wound as he sucked at the blood hungrily. Lena was lost in her own world, unaware of what he was doing.

He stood behind her and pulled at a lever on the table. The table split in two, hinged at her waist, and crashed down until she was fully bent over. He ripped the vibrator from her pussy, causing her moan in sorrow. But the sorrow turned to lust as Jason replaced it with his own cock. He buried himself to the hilt in one painful thrust. Lena grunted and winced, loving every second of it. He grabbed her by the hips and thrust into her like a wild animal. Over and over he assaulted her as she wiggled her ass against him. The walls of her cunt grabbed his cock like a vise as she came again. Forcing himself in as far as he could go, Jason came deep inside her, pumping load after load of semen into her abused pussy. He slumped forward on top of her, burying his face in his hair. He licked at her neck and started to bite down, but caught himself. No, this wasn't over yet. Not the way she was still wiggling against him. Such a wonderful creature. As his cock slowly deflated, he pulled out of her, leaving a trail of semen and vaginal juices to flow down her thighs. He reached down and undid her leg binds, doing to the same to the arms before he dropped himself into one of the high backed chairs.

Lena slowly pushed herself upright and removed the gag. She rubbed her jaw to work the stiffness out of her mouth. She smiled at Jason and purred quietly. Walking around him, she wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him on the mask. Her tongue snaked out, lapping at his lips as she guided his right arm into the strap that was located on the chair arm. He started to resist, but her persistence paid off as he finally gave way and she locked his arm in place. The left arm took more work as he fought back against her uncertainly. He had never been in any of his own toys before. She finally locked it into place and wasted no time in clamping his legs to the chair. She reached around the high back of the chair and found the head strap. Smiling wickedly, she secured his forehead to the back of the chair, leaving him all but immobile.

She leaned in close, licked the side of his mask and grinned down at him. She walked over the rack and inspected his collection of toys and tools. She ran her hand along many of the instruments, picking some up from time to time, only to replace them again. Her hand lingered on an ornately crafted knife with an ivory handle. It was a true work of art. Fingering the tip of the blade, she sauntered back over to the helpless Jason.

Much the same as Jason had done with the riding crop, Lena now traced patterns along his chest with the blade. She brought it down his stomach and raked it across his cock. The soft organ twitched at the touch. She smiled as she cut a large gash into the chest of his leather suit. She picked up a nearby candle and stared into the flickering flame. Jason's eyes widened, maybe in fear, Lena thought with glee. She circled the candle before his face, watching his eyes following the flame and he fought against his restraints. The chair had been crafted all too well. She tilted the candle, letting the wax drip onto his suit as she brought he flame closer and closer to the exposed flesh. She stared into his eyes as he growled in pain, the flame of the candle caressing his skin. His hands clenched into tight fists, but he refused to scream out. He bit into his lip, causing a small trickle of blood to smear around his mouth. His tongue slowly snaked out and licked it clean. Holding to the flame to his flesh, she waited until the smell of burning flesh filled her nostrils before pulling it back. She bent down and licked at the seared skin, tasting the burned flesh.

Moving the candle lower she held it over his vulnerable cock and tilted her head. His eyes widened as a playful smirk crossed her lips. The candle turned on its side spilling the hot wax onto his shaft. A strange, powerful gurgle escaped his throat, followed by a growl of fury. Lena placed the candle back and rubbed at the hardening wax. Gripping his soft cock in her hand, she began to slowly pump up and down its length. It hardened much faster than she would have thought possible considering the trauma she had just exposed it to. She was quite impressed, even awed.

Lena straddled his waist and sat down on his lap. She closed in and licked and kissed at his lips, building up pace and passion, excited by the pain and pleasure she had just delivered. Raising her hips, she straightened his cock and plunged her pussy down upon it with one quick thrust. She bit at his lips and mouth as she began to bounce on his hard dick. Jason relaxed and closed his eyes, the pain of the fire slowly ebbing away. Her cunt felt incredible on his dick as she road him wildly. The tight walls of her pussy flexed and gripped with each plunge. Jason felt his balls begin to tighten. Soon, it would be all over. This creature would certainly satisfy him like no other.

Lena let out a scream as she halted her bouncing and thrust her tits into his face. Her body twitched and shivered for long moments before she raised herself, letting him slip out of her. Jason watched her, confused, almost ready to beg her for sexual release. She got down on her knees before him and took his slimy cock in his mouth, licking her own juices from his shaft as she swallowed inch after inch of his cock. A moan echoed from Jason's lips as he felt more pleasure than he ever had before. Her cunt was sweet, but nothing compared to the skill of her mouth as she milked at his dick. She sucked and swallowed, bobbing with a quick, even focus, never slowing, never pausing to catch her breath or take time to lick his shaft. She wanted it all in her mouth. His hands flexed and his ass and legs tightened as his balls emptied into her sucking mouth.

Lena felt the first spurt of his cum hit the back of her throat and she swallowed, sucking all the harder. Glob after glob of cum filled her mouth as she sucked at the delicious fluid. When his cock finally began to soften, and the cum had run dry, Lena reluctantly let him fall out of her mouth. She watched his softening cock flop down on his thigh.

Breathing heavily, Jason waited to be untied so that he could finish this incredible night properly, the way he had planned to. But when he looked down, Lena simply sat between his legs, looking at him with a blank expression. His eyes narrowed, daring her to release him. She started to smile, her lips splitting apart to reveal her teeth.

Jason stared in horror at the four, long fangs that suddenly filled the front of her mouth. She shrugged at him and locked her mouth around his flaccid cock. He screamed his final scream as her fangs sank into his penis, sucking the lifeblood from his body. Yes, it was a night like no other.

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