Today she took her time dressing. There was good reason, exciting reasons, for each and every detail. The dress she chose was raw silk in pale pink with a scalloped scoop neckline, it certainly didn’t hide her ample bosom. In fact it was probably the most daring dress she’d ever worn in her life. The thigh high stockings were a nude shade so they would not distract from her dress and accessories. The simple gold necklace and earrings would make the outfit just right, enhancing her look not detracting from anything. Her undergarments were chosen with care as well. The boutique downtown had so many lovely offerings she had trouble resisting and she didn’t resist. The pink satin lacy bra and panty set caught her eye and the woman there agreed, they looked wonderful with the dress; she’d brought the dress with her so the look would be flawless. She wanted everything to be perfect for this day.

Today she was going to seduce him. She had planned this for what seemed like months and today was the day. She had never, ever done anything like this in her life. She was always the proper lady, many times holding herself back, but not now. Now was a turning point in her life. She’d thought so long about it, struggled actually, and when she found the courage to live as she wanted, there would be nothing holding her back. She would always be a lady but today she would be a woman too. This was her time to live!

Nicola sat in front of the mirror just looking; she was pretty, attractive would be more fitting. An unusual look that was appealing and lovely. Her hair was the color of honey, it was thick, soft and shiny; she’d always had beautiful hair it was part of what made her look interesting. Her eyes had a glimmer and two shades of blue that reflected light with a sparkle. As she applied her makeup she was pleased with what she saw; that confidence gave her face smile. With each stoke of the brush she felt the excitement growing. As she applied her soft pink lipstick it gave her lips a shimmer and she smiled at that too. Her eyes only needed a bit of shadow and a touch of liner, she never over applied makeup she used it as it was meant, to enhance natural beauty.

She pulled her hair back in a clip that gave her face a soft frame, she let some strands fall loosely, softening the look more. She was pleased and she didn’t hide that from herself, shamelessly pleased she thought. Next she would dress. She had all her garments laid out on her bed, ready just as she was ready for this day. As she put on the bra and panties she began to feel incredibly sensual, unlike she’d ever felt before. Next the stockings, mmmm silky smooth she thought, feeling the sensuality increase to feeling sexy even. Covering each leg heightened her excitement more. Slipping into the dress she reached to zip it up behind her, she always loved dresses and wore them often, but never this kind of dress. The shoes were simple, the color of the dress and finished her look. Adding her jewelry and she gazed into the full-length mirror; her eyes were looking at a person she’d never before seen. The thrill was amazing and she stood taller and felt absolutely beautiful. She was ready! Nervous, no, anxious to begin she thought.

Nicola had prepared well. She chose a wine she knew he enjoyed and packed some crackers, cheese and fruit. The carrier was ready, a soft bag held her goodies, her treats for him. She headed out the door on the way to her new life.

John’s office wasn’t far from her home. They had known each other for years and they had always had a lovely friendship. Lately she felt there had been a change within each of them. A tension of sorts seemed to develop. The looks between them became more personal, the information they shared more intimate. The knowing looks and smiles as if they were indeed a couple. They had dinner together at least a few nights a week and it was always so pleasant. She enjoyed his company very much as he did hers. It was comfortable, with the exception of this new pull she felt.

John was an attorney and had a private practice. When she planned this day she called his assistant to schedule an appointment. She wanted the last one of his day, saying she had an issue arise that she needed to discuss with him. None the wiser the assistant confirmed the appointment for Friday at four o’clock. She would be ready, she knew that; but would John?

Making the turn into his parking lot of the small house that served as his office she felt a sudden urge to turn around. No, no, she was going to do this, had to do this. Boosting her courage one last time she stepped out of the car with her bag of treasures and walked to the front door. June was there to greet her and asked her to take a seat for just a moment that John was expecting her but was on the phone. Damn, the butterflies in her stomach were making themselves known too well. The wait seemed an eternity.

John’s office door opened and he emerged with a smile, he had seen her name on the schedule and was a bit surprised but delighted. She hadn’t mentioned anything to him the other night at dinner. John just about stopped in his tracks when he saw Nicola for the first time; he became aroused immediately and hoped the growing bulge in his trousers wouldn’t embarrass him. Trying to appear collected Nicola stood to greet John with a kiss on the cheek, as was their custom now.

“Nicola, how great to see you! Please come in, I was surprised to see you’d made an appointment, we could have discussed whatever it is the other night.” He was ushering her into his office while watching her every move. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, all of her.

“Thank you John, its nice to see you too.” Was all she said and once in the office she placed her bag on the credenza near the wet bar he had built.

His office was large and masculine. The walls were light oak and gave a light and airy feel to the room. The furniture was strong looking; a large mahogany desk off to the corner gave plenty of room for his sitting area. The black leather sectional took one corner of the room with an Oriental rug and wooden coffee table. The office was him completely, it was clear he had decorated it.

Nicola had become so nervous in John’s company and he could sense that, as he too was feeling something in the air, as well as his pants. Damn, he was becoming more aroused by the moment and he certainly did not want to embarrass Nicola. He respected her immensely, he admired her too, what a lady always. Her mind never failed to amaze him but it was her heart that John thought of with wonder. Her kindness to everyone, the care and concern she showed to all she met. Truly a friend to him and he did not want to do anything that may jeopardize that now. He was willing his arousal to retreat but having no success; she was stunning to him, and right here in his office. He moved to behind his desk hoping to hide his physical reaction.

Nicola did not sit in one of the chairs surrounding his desk, instead she took a seat on couch and asked John to sit with her, and she needed to speak with him about something personal. ‘Now what do I do’, John was thinking, his hard on had only grown despite his efforts to remain unaffected. Nicola was waiting and watching him with interest, he had never seen this look in her eye and he was curious. John was able to move with some grace and sat somewhat facing Nicola. She took a deep breath and hoped she’d get the words out, she almost wished she’d not done this but that was fear talking, not her heart. It was her heart she needed to listen to and as she let that breath out she summons the courage.

“John I have come here today to discuss a very personal and intimate matter with you. I just am having some difficulty getting to the point.” She was almost talking to her hands at that point.

“Is there something wrong Nicola? Please tell me, you have me a bit worried.” He was concerned and his voice conveyed that feeling.

“Oh, no John, nothing is wrong. Its’ just hard to say the words I so much want to say to you. Give me just a moment, I’ve brought something with me, perhaps that will help me.” Nicola rose and moved to the credenza where she had placed her bag. John once again followed her every step, her every move and yes, again he felt that arousal. ‘Why now?’ he was thinking.

When he saw her pour the wine and move back towards him he thought he would burst through his trousers and this he could not hide. As Nicola approached she noticed him shift on the couch and then saw the reason why. She handed him his glass of wine and took a seat just a bit closer to him on the couch. She needed to be able to reach out and touch him if she was to be able to do this. She needed to feel his hand on hers, to feel a reassurance that he was feeling the same. They were silent for a few moments and sipped their wine. It was John that broke the silence.

“You look beautiful Nicola. Are you going someplace special after our meeting?” He was hoping she would never leave this office unless it was with him.

“No, actually John, I dressed for you today. I came here for you.” She was feeling more courage with each word. “ John I have sensed a change between the two of us lately, a rather interesting and nice change.” She placed her glass on the table and reached for his hand.

John quickly took her hand, held it gently in his then lifted it to his lips and kissed her hand ever so sweetly. He was looking directly into her eyes when he spoke to her.

“Ah Nicola. How I have wanted to say those words to you for some time. I never wanted to harm our friendship though, you mean too much to me to lose you. I was willing to deny my feelings for you to keep you in my life.” It was out and now John was able to let out a deep breath.

It was John that moved next, he stood, still holding her hand in his and pulling gently for her to stand with him. They walked to the stereo and he let the music fill the room and asked her to dance with him. He didn’t wait for an answer as he took her into his arms and moved with her to the music. They danced and moved closer to each other, he was sure now she could feel his erection and he wasn’t sorry any more, he wanted her and he wanted her to know that. Pulling her closer their eyes met, her lips parted expectantly and he placed his upon hers. Tender, slowly showing her his feelings for her. His lips were so soft against hers and she opened her mouth to him and felt his tongue enter her mouth, a soft moan escaped her mouth and she pressed harder against him and his mouth. They were no longer dancing to the music but they were dancing to their feelings now released. Their kiss grew deeper and more passionate. His hands no longer could just hold her they needed to feel her.

With each passing moment their kiss became more, it became their voice. It was saying what both had wanted to say for so long. Their mouths were joined as one as they explored and devoured one another. The passion was taking over any thought but wanting more. He slid this hand to her back and slowly and deliberately unzipped her dress and as he reached the bottom of the zipper he pulled from their kiss and his eyes searched hers for the answer to the unspoken question. Her reply was to let her dress fall from her shoulders exposing her bra. His eyes took her in and a smile crossed his lips as his hands moved to touch her, tracing the bra around her breasts. They were looking into each other’s eyes knowingly. She let her dress fall to the floor now. Here she was almost naked in front of him and feeling all at once the rightness of this day.

He took her hand to allow her to step out of the dress now a puddle on the floor. He couldn’t keep his hands off her now, he needed to touch her and feel her. His hand caressed her neck and moved down to her breasts again, only this time he didn’t trace with his fingers, he took one breast in his hand and cupped it sending a shiver through her body that he could feel too. Her hands moved to his cheek caressing softly before moving to his neck to loosen his tie. She was fumbling a little now and his hand reached for hers to help.

“Yes, Nicola, help me please” His voice was husky with passion. Together they removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt.

Nicola removed his shirt and ran her hands on his chest moving lower and to release his under shirt out of his pants; she pulled it up and over his head letting it fall to the floor with her dress. Her hands couldn’t get enough of him now and they wandered over his chest again feeling everywhere. When her hands moved lower to his belt he looked at him as if to ask him as well. His eyes said ‘oh yes’ and she undid his pants and began to lower them over his hips. Moving slowly but with a sureness she had never felt before.

His pants lay on the floor with the other clothing and each stood facing each other in only their under garments, both taking in the sight of the other. Two friends were becoming lovers. The mood was delicious to them and as they moved closer again they kissed with a hunger they had for each other for so long. He moved her to the leather couch and placed himself above her, kissing her deeply, never wanting to stop, never wanting to leave her. And she never wanting to leave him.

“Darling this is the appointment I’ve been waiting for far too long.”

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