tagBDSMSeduction at Belinda's House Ch. 01

Seduction at Belinda's House Ch. 01


A sequel to 'Seduction at the Old Gaol'...


It was a few years later and Belinda and James were now living together. It was late on a sunny Friday afternoon and James had spent the day working from home.

"Hi darling, I've finished," his smiling voice flowed freely through the intercom.

There was a short delay as Belinda's bare feet skipped across the kitchen and retrieved her intercom from underneath a pile of washing.

"Are you sure?" she asked teasingly, looking out at the late afternoon sun shining in across the courtyard. She was still warm from her run and her damp white sports top and black yoga pants were sticking to her body.

"It is nice outside?" he asked.

Belinda giggled into the intercom, "Oh it's beautiful and sunny out here."

Belinda leaned against the kitchen island, her long dark hair tied up in an untidy bun, her face glowing, her lips almost touching the small intercom. She felt hot in the early evening sunlight, her legs aching pleasantly from her exertion.

"So how was your day?" she purred.

"Very productive, almost closed that deal. And yours?"

"Always good."

"So back to my first question," James reminded her.

"You didn't ask me one."

She could hear him sighing.

"Can you let me out please?"


Their new home had once been a police station and had been converted into a house by the previous owners. It was a beautiful building, set in large grounds and had many of its original features intact.

Along one wall of the courtyard were the old cells; two heavy steel doors, each fitted with heavy bolts top and bottom and a large keyhole halfway up. By mutual agreement they had converted one of the cells into James's study, a windowless stone prison which now contained a desk with computer screens. It also contained an update version of the old toilet.

The heavy steel door had been locked since Belinda pushed the bolts across at just after 7am that morning. She had also taken the large silver key, which had spent the day zipped into the pocket of her yoga pants, bobbing behind her every step of the way.

"Be patient darling," she whispered into the intercom.

"You're going to switch me off aren't you."

"Aha," she giggled, "Any last words to the outside world?"

"Bel you've..."

Click. "Too late darling," she breathed into the silence of the warm evening.

She wriggled back on to the dinner table, her damp yoga pants leaving a trail of perspiration, and pushed the small intercom inside the front of her pants. Its small speaker was touching her clit as she switched it back on?

"Bel? Belinda are you there?"

She loved her life with James especially on days like these. His deep voice was sending thrills through her body. She felt like a Princess, adored by the only guy that mattered. She clicked him off again and freed the warm intercom from its tight prison. James would be next.

Belinda stripped off her sweat drenched running top, yoga pants and underwear and threw them into the washing machine. She then slid into her pale blue bikini that once again stretched to hold her round butt, and pulled a pair of old denim shorts over the top. She brushed her long dark hair and pulled it into a neat ponytail and applied the subtlest of make up to her large brown eyes.

She checked how her breasts were sitting in the skimpy bikini before bouncing up to the steel door. She unhooked and opened the hatch to reveal the small steel mesh observation window set into the heavy steelwork. James eyes appeared immediately, gazing at her through the mesh.

"Wow it really looks beautiful outside," James breathed.

His nose was pushed up against the mesh, taking in both Belinda's scent and the smell of the summer afternoon. For a few seconds she just watched his slow breathing, his dilated eyes and panting lips before leaning forward and provocatively placing her lips against the mesh.

"I told you it was beautiful out here..."

"I can see that," James moaned in aroused frustration, his gaze dropping to Belinda's breasts.

James himself had been naked all day. Belinda had locked him up immediately after their love making, giving him no time to dress. His fingers were now instinctively pushing against the closely knit mesh desperate to touch her body.

"Frustrating, isn't it," Belinda purred, "And it's so easy to unlock these bolts... if you're this side of the door." Her shorts were pushing rhythmically against the steel.

James struck the door with his palms, sending vibrations through the thick metal. The sight of Belinda after so many hours alone in the cell had made him aroused and his hard cock was now resting conspicuously against the cell door.

"Let me out before I come without you," James panted.

Belinda stuffed her hands into the back pockets of her denim shorts and whistled quietly as she looked around the courtyard.

"Umm, just to add a little anticipation, I put your key in the pocket of my yoga pants."

"Don't you always?"

"Yeah but this time I've put them in the washing machine."

Belinda hid behind her sunglasses, protecting herself from James' devastatingly sexy eyes as she stepped back from the door.

"So until they finish washing you'll just have to watch and wait," she teased, unbuttoning her denim shorts and easing them down over her hips.

She turned to let James admire her blue bikini bottoms that barely covered her shapely round butt and then walked slowly and provocatively towards the small swimming pool at the far side of the courtyard. She would never wear such provocative clothing in public, but in the privacy of their secluded courtyard she could feel sexy and be herself.

"Come and join me darling," she called.

James grabbed his cock and came within seconds, "At least your bikini is free to enjoy the sun," he called wistfully.

"Some of it can," Belinda replied without turning around, her fingers demonstrating how far the material had pulled between her cheeks.

"It has more freedom than me."

Belinda stopped and turned around, "Don't worry darling, when I unlock you from the cell you're going straight between my legs too."

"Fuck, it's too sexy to watch," he moaned.

Belinda's hips turned and rocked as she walked back to the cell and flicked a switch on the wall outside. Immediately James computer and all the lights went out. She placed her painted lips by the grille and ran her tongue full circle.

"Don't watch then darling," she whispered as she closed the grille leaving James in pitch darkness inside.

'No I need to see you,' he panted, dropping to the floor of his cell.

Belinda was now sitting on the edge of the pool and dangling her feet in the blue water. She slipped into the water and glided back and forth before returning to the side. She was more than ready for James's touch and she looked wishfully at the locked cell door. James could create such ambivalent feelings in her; she wanted to control him and also for his body to control her.

She climbed out and dried her body and her hair and meandered back towards the cell door that neither of them could open. James was peering under the door through the narrowest of cracks, watching with excitement as Belinda's bare feet with her red painted toenails approached. He then watched with disappointment as they stopped for only a minute and then kept walking.

Belinda checked the washing machine, which was now just starting to spin. She dropped the towel from around her waist, jumped up and sat on top of the trembling appliance. She spread her legs to amplify the feeling and placed her hands between her legs to channel the vibrations into the front of her blue bikini. She was already so close and cried out loudly in pleasure, knowing that no one would ever hear her.

She sat on the machine as it slowed and stopped, and in the ensuing silence she felt liberated. She had never felt this free about her sexuality. Before meeting James sexual pleasure had seemed almost taboo, but now it was her right to enjoy.

Belinda could now hear James calling her and muted thuds as he pushed his body against the locked cell door. She loved that sounds as it was a sign of how desperate his strong body wanted her.

She heard a click from beneath her and looked down between her legs to see the 'door lock' light turn off. She now had access to the cell key, but she also had access to the 'spin' button. James's desire would be reaching fever pitch with the image of her bikini body spinning through his mind. Belinda laughed out loud at the thought.

Her legs were still spread and all ten of her fingers were inside the front of her bikini. Even though she knew she was alone, she looked around tentatively as she pushed 'spin'. The 'door lock' light turned on once more and the machine started to judder.

Belinda was breathless as she finally opened the washing machine and hunted for her yoga pants. She freed the key from its Lycra and spandex prison and bounced back to the cell. She drew back the bolts and turned the freshly washed key in the lock.

"I thought you'd forgotten me," James said, shielding his eyes from the light that streamed in behind his bikini clad jailer. He wrapped his muscled arms around Belinda's waist, "And this bikini has been having too much fun," he breathed as he slid it over her hips and down to her feet.

James took Belinda's hand and led her over to the daybed. He sat astride her naked, trembling body and looked up at the setting sun.


An hour later and James and Belinda were still entangled on the daybed, sill breathing heavily from their exertions and laughing.

"I told you I'm going out with Kate tonight," Belinda exclaimed.

"Oh yeah," James replied, "Can I come?"

"To a girls' night?" she asked exasperatedly, "No, but you can help me shower."


After a long shower, Belinda dressed in a short flared blue patterned dress. Given its plunging neckline and its tendency to ride up and reveal her underwear whenever she turned, she usually reserved the dress for James.

"You sure I can't come?" James asked, "I haven't seen Kate for ages."

The three of them had played games at the gaol, but now Belinda liked to keep James on a much shorter leash. She buckled up her high blue heels and strode back to the bed where her naked lover still seemed to be hopelessly entangled in the sheets.

"Lucky Katie," James smiled, admiring Belinda's legs that seemed to go up forever.

Belinda knew what he was thinking and maybe he was right. A dress that made her feel so sexy, Kate and too much wine was a dangerous mix. Maybe that was why she liked Kate so much, there always seemed to be a sense of taboo.

James pulled on some black boxers and followed Belinda downstairs and out into the small courtyard where the sun had just set. Once there, he grabbed her around the waist and starting kissing her lips.

"You know what I do to you when you're in this mood?" Belinda panted with a teasing smile on her parted lips.

James was in two minds; he wanted to spend the evening without Belinda, but if that wasn't possible then maybe being her prisoner was the next best option. He kissed her once more on the lips before walking into the second cell, that was made up as a snug with sofa and television, and pulled the door closed behind him.

"I shouldn't be late," Belinda called, "Assuming Kate doesn't do anything crazy."

Just then Belinda's phone range and she pinned it between her head and her shoulder as she tightened the straps on her shoes. 'What? Okay. Just leaving.'

"Got to go darling," she called.

Now multi tasking, Belinda used her shoe to casually push the lower bolt across while simultaneously hanging up her phone and dropping it into her handbag. She then hurried out, totteringly precariously on her heels.

"Belinda?" James cried, his face peering out of the small grille.

"Bye darling," she called as she turned smoothly on her heels. Once again her short dress lifted up to reveal skimpy white underwear. Again her white panties appeared to be enjoying greater freedom than him and as they followed her across the courtyard. James felt strangely jealous as Belinda's dress settled back down, hiding her panties beneath.

He heard the front door slam and lock, feeling almost cheated by how little effort the brunette had put into his incarceration. She'd only secured the cell with one bolt. She hadn't even taken the key that was still hanging in the keyhole. Not that it mattered as there was no way he could escape from the cell until she returned from her night with the crazy Irish blonde and pushed back the bolt.


Belinda parked her car and clipped quickly up the stairs to Kate's small apartment. She walked in through the unlocked door to see her friend lying semi-naked in the middle of the lounge, her hands and feet handcuffed 'hog cuffed' style behind her back.

"Kate, you crazy bitch," Belinda cried as she locked the front door and put down her bag and bottle of wine.

"Thought this would make you hurry," Kate smiled, looking up at Belinda's legs.

"You mustn't do this when no one's here!"

Belinda crouched down and stroked her friend's thick blonde hair, as always a little concerned about her friend's sense of self preservation.

"Where are the keys?" Belinda asked.

"Not telling you."

"I don't want to unlock you sweetie," Belinda said, prodding Kate with her pointed heel, "I'm just going to confiscate them."

"You don't trust me with the key?" Kate seemed pleased and nodded towards her bed.

Belinda stood up and stepped over the manacles woman and retrieved the single handcuff key from under the sheets. She then sat down on the floor in front of the manacled woman with her legs apart and her thighs just out of reach of Kate's lips.

"I thought you wanted to go out tonight?" Belinda said.

Kate wasn't listening, focusing only on wriggling closer to Belinda's underwear. Sensing that Kate wasn't listening to her, Belinda pushed the handcuff key into a small gap between the wooden floorboards, gripped it between her red painted fingers and turned. The key's small tooth was no match for Belinda's fingers and immediately sheared off. She now had Kate's attention.

"Bel, that's my only key!" Kate cried, more concerned that she could no longer play with her cuffs rather than the fact that she was currently double locked inside them.

Despite her concern, Kate had managed to wriggle closer to her friend and was breathing deeply, her warm breathe only heightening the tingling sensation between Belinda's legs.

"Well, play these games on your own and it's only a matter of time until someone fucks you over," Belinda breathed as Kate's trembling lips finally came to rest on the front of her silk lingerie.

"You can fuck me," Kate panted as she kissed Belinda and then tried to slip her tongue inside her white underwear.

Then without warning, Belinda swung her hips forward and locked her thighs around Kate's neck, forcing the hog cuffed blonde on to her side. Belinda then grabbed the nearby vibrator and tucked it inside the front of Kate's panties.

"Oh fuck!" Kate cried as she tried to shake her sex toy out from between her legs.

Belinda rolled her hips back, forcing Kate on to her front with the vibrator now pinned beneath her desperate manacled body. Belinda tightened her thighs until Kate was struggling for air and then watched as her friend enjoyed an uncontrollable orgasm.

"Take it out, please!" Kate begged, her big eyes looking up desperately from between Belinda's tightly locked thighs.

"I think it likes it in there," Belinda said as she cross her ankles and squeezed.

Kate was now shaking, her moans and gentle sobs muffled as she kissed Belinda's panties in the hope of earning her release. Belinda only squeezed more tightly as Kate climaxed again.

"This time you're lucky it's just me," Belinda said as she unwrapped her legs and switched off the vibrator.

Kate's slim pale body was still trembling. Her slim shoulders still forced back, her shoulder blades showing. Her red underwear pulled up between her cheeks by her struggle against the vibrator.

"Bel, I've got no key!" she sniffed.

"Yeah, that sucks."

"Fuck Bel, I'm the one whose hog cuffed!"

Belinda freed Kate's hair from its ponytail and let it fall around the chained girl's face. Belinda giggled as her prisoner tried to peer through her own hair to watch as Belinda slid closer and rested Kate's head gently on her inner thigh.

"Fuck, what I am going to do with you Katie," Belinda sighed as she gently massaged her friend's shoulders.


It was now late and both women were still lying on the white rug. Kate was still securely hog cuffed and it was only thanks to her fit and flexible body that she wasn't aching.

"I have to go Katie," Belinda sighed, kissing Kate's cheek.

"You can't leave me like this!" Kate cried, hopeful that her predicament would force Belinda to stay a little longer.

"Not my fault you locked yourself inside keyless cuffs..."

"I had a key when I locked myself in," Kate cried in frustration, her beautiful blue eyes damp as she rattled her inescapable chains, "You broke it!"

Belinda stood up, her smooth legs towering above her helpless friend, and pulled a large bunch of keys out of her handbag. She crouched down above Kate's head and searched for the right key.

"Yeah!" Kate cried as Belinda unlocked the handcuffs that had held the blonde's wrists all evening, "Let's go clubbing!"

"When was the last time you slept?" Belinda asked.

"I don't need to sleep," Kate giggled.

Belinda shook her head as she dropped her keys back into her handbag, "Exactly. That's your foot cuffs are staying on."

"No, No!" Kate cried as she tried to stop Belinda leaving, but only managed to trip on her foot cuffs and fall back down on to the rug.

"Really short!" Kate repeated, looking up at Belinda's dress.

"Bit like the chain between your feet!"

"Bitch!" Kate moaned.

"Get some rest sweetie," Belinda replied as she stepped over Kate's prone body and left the flat.


James jumped as he heard Belinda's nineteen year old daughter walk into the courtyard. Shit, Sophie had said she was staying over with friends. He turned off the television, but it was too late, Sophie was already peering in through the small observation grille.

"Hi James," the girl grinned.

"Sophie?" James replied nervously as he walked up to the other side of the grille.

Sophie was as tall as her mum, but slimmer. She knew about her mum's fascination with jails and the games she played with James. The games were cool, in fact everything about her mum's good looking partner was cool, including the fact that he was now the wrong side of a locked cell.

"Sophie you shouldn't be out in that dress at this time of night!"

'Okay, not everything about him was cool' she corrected herself as she looked down at her tight black cocktail dress that barely covered her butt, disappointed by James's disapproval.

"Has she gone out and left you in there?" Sophie asked with growing interest.

"She must have been held up somewhere," James replied, embarrassed that Sophie had caught him in the cell, "Just pull back that bolt, will you sweetie?"

"Yeah right," the young woman replied nonchalantly as she played with her chestnut coloured hair.


"My dress is too short to bend down and undo the bolt, sorry," she replied as she flicked the switch cutting off power to the cell, "Opps."

Her brown eyes reminded him of her mother and he watched as they started to soften and smile as they peered back in through the gloom of the cell.

"My dress is too short and you and mum are kinky... I guess no one's perfect," Sophie replied mischievously.

Enjoying her unaccustomed power, Sophie grinned as she slid home the second bolt and then placed her fingers around the large key hanging from the keyhole.

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